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Friday, March 22, 2013

LOVE.MIGHT.KILL - 10 Mighty Killers (2013)

LOVE.MIGHT.KILL - 10 Mighty Killers (2013) mp3 download


Shortly after the release of their 2nd full length album '2 Big 2 Fail', German / Italian rockers LOVE.MIGHT.KILL and their label Massacre Records are presenting "10 Mighty Killers".
This is a compilation including ten cuts from their last two albums, with the ones taken from the first featuring a new mix and the backing tracks re-recorded by new keyboard player Sascha Onnen.

Love.Might.Kill blurs the lines between melodic hard rock and melodic metal, resulting in a modern sounding European Hard Rock product with an edge.
"10 Mighty Killers" features ten really impactful tracks where songwriting, playing, production and mix by Markus Teske (Saga, Vanden Plas) are second to none.
Love.Might.Kill is a combo that rapidly is gaining a strong fan base all over the world. Not surprising judging the quality in their delivery.
Crank it to 10.

01 - XTC
02 - Pretty Little Mess
03 - Restless Heart
04 - Caught in a Dream
05 - Burn The Night
06 - Home
07 - Too Big To Fail
08 - Tomorrow Never Comes
09 - Brace for Impact
10 - The One

Jan Manenti – lead & backing vocals
Michael Ehre - drums, percussion
Stefan Ellerhorst - guitars
Christian Stover – guitars
Jogi Sweers – bass
Sascha Onnen - keyboards



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

LOVE.MIGHT.KILL - 2 Big 2 Fail (2012)

LOVE.MIGHT.KILL - 2 Big 2 Fail (2012)


Coming right out of nowhere, Germans LOVE.MIGHT.KILL really made an impact last year with their Brace For Impact debut album.
On the heels of being named Gamma Ray's new drummer, founder Michael Ehre (ex- Firewind, Uli Jon Roth, Metallium) delivers his second Love.Might.Kill album "2 Big 2 Fail".
Much like the debut album, Love.Might.Kill blurs the lines between melodic hard rock and melodic metal, but basically this is a fabulous Euro hard rock CD.

There are some changes in the band as the addition of keyboardist Sascha Onnen, made them a sextet, and now the main songwriting isn't only done by Ehre and Italian singer Jan Manenti but from more or less the entire band.
The sound in "2 Big 2 Fail" is more dynamic and varied than the debut. One could actually say that they sound larger, or maybe bigger than they did on Brace for Impact.

Love.Might.Kill efficiently blends powerful, compact edgy melodic overtones with traditional hard rock grooves in many songs.
After the intro "Save My Soul", the catchy "XTC" (check the video) rocks with a meaty riff and thunderous drums. The keyboards are supporting noticeably in the background, even dueling with the guitar during the solo. The chorus (as on most of the tracks) are just to die for and the voice of Jan is just perfect for this style.
Other straight hard rock sounding tracks are the commercial "Restless Heart", where the band directly goes Melodic Hard Rock, and the bouncing and melodious "The Great Escape".

Then "The One" has a classic hard rock, even latent blues undercurrent that may remind mid-period Whitesnake, a song where the keyboards gain notorious protagonism again. The bridge and chorus are great.
The band hardens the proceedings on the Euro metalized "Burn the Night" and "We Fall", both powerful but always focused in melody.
Love.Might.Kill can also deliver songs more akin to rock/metal anthems with "Home" which recalls Black Sabbath Tony Martin era, really well arranged and performed.
One of the definitive winners is title track "Too Big To Fail", a semi-midtempo melodic hard rock tune which starts slowly with a sweet guitar intro and then the perfectly harmonized vocals go increscendo to a killer chorus. During the middle section this track even reaches AOR proportions.

"2 Big 2 Fail" is simply one of the best hard rock releases of the year.
I know that many will say this has been heard before and blah blah, but the true is LOVE.MIGHT.KILL sounds, write and performs music in this genre much better than many 'big names' of the actual scene.
Just check the title track for example and then tell me.
Great playing, solid songwriting and excellent production.
Need I say more?

01. Save My Soul
02. XTC
03. Burn The Night
04. The One
05. Restless Heart
06. Home
07. The Great Escape
08. Too Big To Fail
09. We Fall
10. The Big Screen Pleasure (And Pain)
11. Alone
12. The Perfect Mistake

Jan Manenti – lead & backing vocals
Michael Ehre - drums, percussion
Stefan Ellerhorst - guitars
Christian Stover – guitars
Jogi Sweers – bass
Sascha Onnen - keyboards



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LOVE.MIGHT.KILL - Brace For Impact (2011)

LOVE.MIGHT.KILL - Brace For Impact (2011)

"Brace For Impact" is the debut album from German / Italian band Love.Might.Kill.

The big name in this act is former Metalium / Firewind / Uli Jon Roth, drummer Michael Ehré, though don't let his presence fool you.

Love.Might.Kill plays heavy rock, but definitely not in the same atomic-thunder way of the aforementioned bands. They're focused in melodies than power, sounding on many tracks definitely modern melodic hard rock.

The line-up is completed by experienced musicians; Christian Stöver and Stefan Ellerhorst are the german guitar-twin-duo of the early nineties hard rock band Crossroads.

But the real find is italian vocalist Jan Manenti. He has a powerful soaring voice with bags of class and a lot of oomph.

Opener "Tomorrow Never Comes" is a really good starter that shows what is to be expected on the album. This a monster hard rocker featuring heavy guitar riffing combined with melodic vocals and groovy drumming. A dynamic song adorned with subtle keyboards.

"Calm Before The Storm" is one of the heavier tracks on the album, a crushing fast tempo in the '80s Helloween style with an impressive guitar work.

"Pretty Little Mess" is one of the highlights. Classic hard rock influenced by Whitesnake with a modern sound and production. Excellent vocals and melody.

If you like Black Sabbath's Tony Martin-era, you will love "Caught In A Dream". Dense guitars and epic chorus, and a very good retro keyboard solo included.

Title track "Brace For Impact" is another good hard rocker, with a groovy atmosphere that reminds you Rainbow/DIO, and Whitesnake during the pre-chorus.

"We Are The Weak" has a very eighties vibe, a midtempo rocker with catchy chorus, a melodic guitar solo and haunting vocals.

The double drum attack of "Down To Nowhere" and specially the vocal part bring to mind Masterplan of Allen-Lande works.

"Pray To Your God" is a commercial yet lyrically dark tune, with clean guitars and orchestrated keys, followed by the pretty generic hard rocker "Reach Out".

The disc ends with the dynamic "Will Love Remain", a song with lots of variations and interesting lyrics about the mankind destroying themselves by killing the planet step by step.

"Brace For Impact" is an impressive debut album, dynamically varied and very well produced & recorded.

Love.Might.Kill is on the end side of the traditional melodic hard rock genre, blending their music with classic heavy sounds influenced by the '80s, but modern and fresh.

They have a great vocalist who carries the songs with his splendid pipes giving them another dimension. The guitars are sharp and precise accompanied by a groovy rhythm section.

With a clean and crisp production by Ehré and an excellent mix by Markus Teske (Saga, Vanden Plas), Love.Might.Kill has delivered a more than interesting heavy-rock album that deserves to be listened.

01 - Tomorrow Never Comes

02 - Calm Before The Storm

03 - Pretty Little Mess

04 - Caught In A Dream

05 - Through The Dawn

06 - Brace For Impact

07 - We Are The Weak

08 - Down To Nowhere

09 - Pray To Your God

10 - Reach Out

11 - The Answer

12 - Will Love Remain

Jan Manenti – Vocals

Christian Stöver – Guitars

Stefan Ellerhorst – Guitars

Jogi Sweers – Bass

Michael Ehré – Drums

??? – Keyboards



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