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TREAT - The Road More Or Less Traveled (2017)

TREAT - The Road More Or Less Traveled (2017) full

"The Road More Or Less Traveled" is the new live CD / DVD / Blu-ray by melodic hard rock greats TREAT recorded last year at the Frontiers Rock Festival, the annual concert event organized by the recording label, Frontiers Records. This saw Treat playing hot on the heels of the release of their latest studio album, the terrific Ghost Of Graceland.

First, the sound recording is fabulous, with every player and instrument coming through crisp and clear. More importantly, Treat's performance is superb, with excellent musicianship as usual and helped by H.E.A.T keyboardist Jona Tee taking the place of Patrik Appelgren for this exclusive performance.
Being on the Ghost of Graceland Tour, Treat pulls five from their latest album: the title cut, which starts the show, and also 'Better The Devil You Know', a killer take on 'Non Stop Madness', 'Do Your Own Stunts', and 'Endangered'.
From Coup De Grace they drop 'We Own The Night', 'Papertiger' and 'Roar', two of my favorite Treat songs, and then for one of two encore songs, Skies Of Mongolia.

After these, Treat reaches back to their past for their most prominent singles: 1985's 'Get You On The Run (Scratch & Bite)', 1987's 'World Of Promises' (from their classic Dreamhunter) the second encore song, and 1989's 'Ready For The Taking', 'Conspiracy', and 'Gimme One More Night (Organized Crime).
Of course in a 14 song set you’ll never please everyone, but the best of the new and classy Treat are here, delivered in a truly sparkling form.

Some may argue that "The Road More Or Less Traveled" is too much, I mean, too much polished for a live album, but folks, this recording is just awesome.
One of the things I love about the Treat sound is their vocal harmonies, which sound amazing live. The lead vocals come out pristine, the guitars sharp (there's not a single distracting noise all over the record) and the drum sound is a blast.

Treat's "The Road More Or Less Traveled" is absolutely essential for fans of the band and also pretty much a must for anyone keen to start an acquaintance with one of Sweden’s more endearing and enduring Melodic Hard Rock bands ever to set foot on a stage.
Highly Recommended

01. Ghost of Graceland
02. Better the Devil You Know
03. Nonstop Madness
04. Ready for the Taking
05. Papertiger
06. Do Your Own Stunts
07. Endangered
08. Gimme One More Night
09. We Own the Night
10. Roar
11. Get You on the Run
12. Conspiracy
13. Skies of Mongolia
14. World of Promises

Robert Ernlund: Lead vocals
Anders Wikström: Guitars, vocals
Pontus Egberg: Bass, vocals
Jamie Borger: Drums
Jona Tee: Keyboards



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