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SIC VIKKI - Streetside Picasso [reissue 2017]

SIC VIKKI - Streetside Picasso [reissue 2017] full

K-tel International AG in association with band leader Richard Cox are reissuing for the first time global, the first two SIC VIKKI albums. "Streetside Picasso" is their second, originally appeared in 1995.

If you are a veteran Melodic Rock / AOR aficionado, you should know Sic Vikki. Hailing from the Philadelphia area, Sic Vikki took the US East Coast by storm with incendiary shows and released the superb debut Kiss Me In French in the early '90s, but the band origins date from several years before.
The middle-Nineties were not the best era for a band of this ilk, but Sic Vikki, again with the help of talented Steve Plunkett (Autograph) co-writing and producing, managed to release this, their second record "Streetside Picasso".

At the time of this new album, Sic Vikki / Rich Cox not only recruited new guitar / bass players, but also had a different musical approach from the debut. The keyboards are gone, and more acoustic atmospheres and harmonics added to the core.
Many fans of the bombastic debut album resulted disappointed with "Streetside Picasso", but this is the natural evolution for Sic Vikki, and a very good one.

You know, the first abum was recorded between 1991-92 when melodic hard rock still was at its prime, additionally, most of the songs were written in the second half of the '80s.
By the time "Streetside Picasso" was conceived, Sic Vikki evolved into a more mature sound with acoustics into the mix and a bit of AOR / MOR on it.

Think Tesla on acoustics, Tyketto, Firehouse, etc. And we have some really good songs on offer here such as 'That Was Now And This Is Then', 'Side of the Moon', 'Crushin Velvet', 'Let My Heart Do The Talkin', title track and opener 'From My Window', a song that if you give the proper, repeated listen, will stick in your head for days.
A very welcomed reissue from Sic Vikki, a band that despite its US origin their albums never were released in America before.
Strongly Recommended

01 - From My Window
02 - Streetside Picasso
03 - That Was Now And This Is Then
04 - Crushin' Velvet
05 - Let's Live For Today
06 - Thursday Nights
07 - Let My Heart Do The Talkin'
08 - Side Of The Moon
09 - Freedom
10 - Seduction

Rich Cox - vocals, guitar
Steve Salter - drums, percussion
Eric Azvolinski - guitar
Joe Bello - bass



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