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SIC VIKKI - Kiss Me In French [reissue 2017]

SIC VIKKI - Kiss Me In French [reissue 2017] full

K-tel International AG in association with band leader Richard Cox are reissuing for the first time global, the first two SIC VIKKI albums. "Kiss Me In French" is their bombastic debut CD, regarded as one of the best Melodic Hard Rock records appeared during the Nineties.

Produced by talented Steve Plunkett (Autograph vocalist) who also co-wrote most the songs, "Kiss Me In French" (1993) is perhaps the last great Melodic Hard Rock albums released in North America during the '90s.

Take the best of Danger Danger, Warrant, Winger, Kane Roberts (and of course, Autograph) and put it into the mix with a top notch polished production and you have "Kiss Me In French".

Anthems arrive with title track 'Kiss Me In French' and 'Tough Enough', then 'Baby Talks Dirty' moves into the Autograph party-like catchiness. There's a classy hair metal power ballad in 'You Make Me Bleed', and if you need harmony vocals / gang choruses galore check 'Tie Me Up'.

For a midtempo killer AOR 'Her Body Compliments The Beat' offers a sexy rhythm, and things are spiced close to hard rock with 'I Don't Want Nobody But Yours'.
'Stop Breakin' My Broken Heart' has some early Bon Jovi complete with keyboards, then 'Cry' is that classic kind of acoustically filled melodic rocker part ballad which close the album.

"Kiss Me In French" has become some kind of cult classic and deservedly so. It's plenty of catchy melodic rock / hook-driven hair metal / AOR songs, excellent vocals and an out of this world production sound.
Indeed, this is one the best produced records in the genre's history with that glossy, big, bombastic uber-polished treatment akin Bad English, Damn Yankees, Wall Of Silence... you know what I mean.
A very welcomed reissue from Sic Vikki, a band that despite its US origin their albums never were released in America before.
A MUST HAVE in your melodic rock collection.

01 - Kiss Me In French
02 - Tough Enough
03 - Baby Talks Dirty
04 - You Make Me Bleed
05 - Tie Me Up
06 - Her Body Compliments The Beat
07 - I Don't Want No Body But Yours
08 - Damage Is Done
09 - Stop Breakin' My Broken Heart
10 - Cry

Rich Kox - lead vocals, guitar
Bobby Enloe - lead guitar
Pat Schumaker - bass
Tony Annunziata - keyboards
Steve Salter - drums



JacenSolo2001 Tuesday, April 11, 2017  

So, is this remastered? I keep comparing it to the older release, and sometimes I think it sounds different, sometimes not.
Thanks for the post, either way!

0dayrox Tuesday, April 11, 2017  

Not remastered, just reissued and available in America for the first time. Agree with you, a couple of tracks sound slightly different from my Japanese Edition.

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