Monday, April 3, 2017

SHAKRA - Life Tales: The Ballads (2017)

SHAKRA - Life Tales: The Ballads (2017) full

Swiss melodic hard rockers SHAKRA have just released "Life Tales : The Ballads", a limited edition CD comprising the band's most celebrated ballads / midtempo tunes, only available in Switzerland and Germany.

Since Shakra debuted in 1998 with their self-titled album, the band has released eleven studio albums and toured all over the world.
In addition to their solid brand of melodic hard rock with a classy European feel, Shakra are known for their keen to compose opulent power ballads. Often compared to Gotthard, Shakra's style in the balladry side is much more melodious.

The band defined "Life Tales : The Ballads" as 'the ultimate HeartRock album', and while there's their more slow, power ballad tunes we find as well solid midtempo rockers.
Alongside the more recent ballads such as 'Love Will Find A Way' (Infected, 2007) and 'Life's What You Need' appeared in their last studio album, it's great to see included old tunes like 'Take My Hand' (Power Ride, 2001), 'I Will Be There' (from 2003's Rising), or the terrific 'Immortal' (Fall, 2005).

SHAKRA - Life Tales: The Ballads (2017) inside

You can't go wrong with a power ballads album, and Shakra has curated a stupendous collection in "Life Tales : The Ballads".
Highly Recommended

01. I Will Be There
02. Anything
03. Love Will Find A Way
04. Why
05. Acheron's Way
06. Hopeless
07. Immortal
08. Anybody Out There
09. Life's What You Need
10. When I See You
11. Wonderful Life
12. I've Got To Hold On
13. Too Good To Be True
14. I Do It My Way
15. And Life Begins
16. Take My Hand

Vocals: Mark Fox
Guitar: Thom Blunier
Guitar: Thomas Muster
Bass: Dominik Pfister
Drums: Roger Tanner



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