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MAVERICK (AUS) - Firebird (2017)

MAVERICK (AUS) - Firebird (2017) full

"Firebird" is the powerhouse debut from MAVERICK, a young 4-piece custom built hot-rod hard rock band all chrome, denim and whiskey breath hailing from the space between the ocean and the desert in Perth, Western Australia.
Not to be confused with the melodic hard rockers from Northern Ireland with the same name, this Aussie combo mention as influence the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top and Mountain among others but I also hear some Rival Sons, Cry Of Love, Montrose, Blackfoot, etc, resulting into a more groovin' and and rockin' sound.

From the very first held note and crashing riff Maverick evoke similar memories, of course not as potent as those formative memories which are always coloured by the march of time, but there’s that same tingle, that same sense of anticipation there.
Indeed opener 'Free' is a song that perfectly captures that bluesy hard rock classic sound with swagger, heavy on soul and feel.

'Break Me' that follows will keep you listening: built on a huge groove and great riff and exploring as it does life’s eternal themes this is Soul Food for the ears. It’s heavier, harder and might even make you think of Rival Sons; it’s that well-constructed it oozes confidence and attitude.

If there’s a moment here when you know Maverick has nailed it, it has to be on 'Obsession'. It may not be the stand out track on the album but it shows an understanding of the essence of what made '70s classic rock so completely captivating that you’ll swear these guys had to have lived through it. Big, bold, loud and then thrown back to the bones with that ambling guitar and screams. It’s monumental rock built to defy, styles, changing trends and time itself.

MAVERICK (AUS) - Firebird (2017) disc

'Black Voodoo' has that hard act to follow, but brings on the melody and groove: again there’s some really fiery guitar and vocals, a real treat for the ears.
As is next track 'Silent Scream' – a song that manages to capture a lot of what makes this album great: and up-tempo swampy boogie that injects a lot more heavy blues mojo along with the driving refrain.

'Great Northern Highway' has, again, a huge groove and stomp that just picks you up and carries you along for the ride.
'The Road' hits with a driving riff and has an almost Cry Of Love feel, a great band that seem to share Maverick’s DNA. The last song 'Tonight We Die' underlines a fine album and closes proceedings with a mellower moment seeped in lush keys and background vocals. It might just be the finest song here, and be warned it will move you whether you want to or not.

MAVERICK (AUS) - Firebird (2017) back

Maverick's certainly has nailed the classic rock / hard rock sound & style on their short, and at the same time, tremendously effective debut album.
At only eight tracks "Firebird" is seemingly made for vinyl LP and simpler times, but in those eight tracks there is so much depth and warmth and patina that you will lose yourself. This is a great ‘record’. This is music you don’t just listen to, you experience it.
Highly Recommended

01 - Free
02 - Break Me
03 - Obsession
04 - Black Voodoo
05 - Silent Scream
06 - Great Northern Highway
07 - The Road
08 - Tonight We Die

Craig Jovanovic - Vocals, Guitar
Mark De Vattimo - Guitar, Vocals
Simon Hallett- Bass, Vocals
Nick Dudman - Drums, Vocals
thanks to Mark Rockpit



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