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JURAYA - Open Secrets (2009)

JURAYA - Open Secrets (2009) full

After the recent exclusive JURAYA feature here on the blog, one of you asked for their two previous albums not easy to find, especially this, Juraya's full length debut "Open Secrets".
This Swiss band has been around the block for many years, with all members honing their musical talents in other bands such as Up in Smoke, Aladdin, Change, Atlantis Airport, Tuff Stuff and Melrose.

Each musician in Juraya contributes different experiences and skills, gained from multiple concerts and international tours. Juraya has played as supporting act for the likes of Rick Springfield, Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Michael Schenker (Scorpions, UFO), Saga, The Sweet, Uriah Heep, Krokus and many others.

Opener 'Secrets Of Love' is an excellent presentation card for Juraya, showcasing their stylized brand of melodic rock with clear, melodious instrumentation and classy vocals.
Next, 'Free' brings to mind Michael Voss' very first band Casanova (love the chorus), then 'Times of Desire' adds a bit of funky catchiness to its melodic line.
There's a great power ballad in 'Stand Alone', the band feels like early Terra Nova on 'Mystery', while 'Pictures' is a killer dynamic melodic rocker recalling Last Autumn's Dream.

'Just In Time' and 'Tinseltown' shows Juraya's melodic hard rock side, driven by hot guitar riffs and muscular verses. 'Tears Away' is a sweet midtempo with some Scandinavian touches, whilst 'Dance' is a palatable slow midtempo AOR tune including acoustics (I found a little Tyketto here), and again, that unique '80s feel.
A title song 'SummerSong" says it all; this is a summertime-ready feel-good number catchy as Hell, and this CD version of the album includes a hidden track, the instrumental version of 'Secrets Of Love' where you can test how good these guys are.

JURAYA - Open Secrets (2009) back

"Open Secrets" is a very, very enjoyable European Melodic Rock full length debut by Juraya, sounding like a band who have been together for decades and this would be already their 4th, 5th record.
"Open Secrets" has become really hard to find on CD. Avoid the digital version as there was problems with it (cuts and distortion), this physical CD is the one to get.
Highly Recommended

01 - Secrets Of Love
02 - Free
03 - Times of Desire
04 - Stand Alone
05 - Mystery
06 - Pictures
07 - Just in Time
08 - Tears Away
09 - Tinseltown
10 - Dance
11 - Summersong
hidden track:
12 - Secrets Of Love (Instrumental)

Peter Urfer: vocals
Gian Carlos Monn: guitars, keyboards
Jurg Bill: bass
Thomas Waelti: drums

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