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DEEP PURPLE - InFinite [Japan Ltd. Edition SHM-CD + CD] + iTunes bonus (2017)

DEEP PURPLE - InFinite [Japan Ltd. Edition SHM-CD + CD] + iTunes bonus (2017) full

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers DEEP PURPLE are releasing "InFinite" tomorrow, available on various formats. This Japanese Limited Edition on SHM-CD is fabulous, including a bonus disc. The iTunes version features an exclusive bonus.

Starting out with the ‘quasi-religious computer voice’ of ‘Time For Bedlam’ you’re immediately plunged into recognisable ‘Purple’ territory, its all there from Gillan’s distinctive croon to the keyboard and guitar breaks that punctuate this swaggering rocker. It’s as good a place as any to start and certainly does capture the sound that many fans will be looking for.
‘Hip Boots’ which follows is a rather direct bluesy rocker augmented by that distinctive Hammond sound. It’s a fun song, nice and direct and like a lot of recent material gives both Airey and Morse plenty of space to move around and get noticed, while Paice and Glover just keep it all going.

The glorious ‘All I Got It You’ is one of my favorites, a track that manages to capture vintage sounds and past glories, then ‘One Night in Vegas’ has an assured, almost funky groove going on. It’s one of those stories of a late night in the City of Sin, and rolls beautifully forward as Gillan recounts his tale.
‘The Surprising’ slips languidly into your speakers, its a dreamy, almost trancelike musing until two minutes in when the keys and drums fire up and we take a progressive ‘day trip’.
‘Johnny’s Band’ is more direct and guitar led, the tale of ‘Johnny Jones and his band’ and their rise to success and fall. There’s a real vintage feel about this one and its bluesy thrust that after the expansive ‘The Surprising’ is a nice juxtaposition.

The album rounds out with two further originals and a classic cover.
‘On Top of the World’, is another blues-infused story from Gillan, whilst ‘Birds of Prey’ has a little of the opener ‘Time For Bedlam’ about it, there’s that swagger, that vintage Deep Purple sound and fine performances by all.
The final word goes to a cover of the 47 year of ‘Roadhouse Blues’ by The Doors, it’s one of those landmarks songs, one of the greats in Rock’s pantheon and also one of those songs that’s deceptively simple in structure but so easy to get wrong. Deep Purple play it with a relatively straight bat, and seem to be having a lot of fun doing so. It’s a surprisingly great way to round out what has to be Purple’s finest hour in many a year.

DEEP PURPLE - InFinite [Japan Ltd. Edition SHM-CD + CD](2017) back

"InFinite" definitely won’t disappoint fans of classic Purple.
It’s a feast of wanton organ and quasi-classical keyboard curlicues, bolstering bass from Roger Glover and percussive surges courtesy of Paice. Steve Morse is effective as always, rounding a super-solid instrumental work.
Gillan, meanwhile, is in grand over-the-top form, trying a little too hard, perhaps, to keep up with the heavy metal kids, effing and blinding throughout.
Rocking, at places progressive, and with that classic Deep Purple atmosphere, "InFinite" is a great one. And the sound in this Japanese SHM-CD is terrific.

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Victor Entertainment ~ VIZP-149
インフィニット ・ D E E P   P U R P L E

InFinite SHM-CD:
01. Time for Bedlam
02. Hip Boots
03. All I Got is You
04. One Night in Vegas
05. Get Me Outta Here
06. The Surprising
07. Johnny's Band
08. On Top of the World
09. Birds of Prey
10. Roadhouse Blues

Bonus Disc:
01 - Time For Bedlam
02 - Paradise Bar (Non Album Track)
03 - Uncommon Man (Prev. Unreleased Instrumental Version)
04 - Hip Boots (Rehearsal, Ian Paice's Recording)

iTunes Bonus;
14 - Strange Kind of Woman (Live in Aalborg)

Ian Paice – drums
Ian Gillan – lead vocals
Roger Glover – bass
Steve Morse – guitar, vocals
Don Airey – keyboards



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