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BLOW - When I'm Gone (2016-2017)

BLOW - When I'm Gone (2016-2017)) full
HERE Real CD, no missing tracks

Coming straight from Australian sweating pubs, BLOW are a veteran 5-piece presenting their latest release "When I'm Gone". The album was published at the end of past year, but it's effectively available on physical CD now.

Establishing themselves into the local scene around 2005 in Sydney, since then Blow have been rocking every venue with their classy brand of melodious rock n' roll.
On March 10, Blow released their 2nd single ‘When I’m Gone’ from their new album of the same title, through MGM Distribution. A couple months ago their first single ‘It’s a Start’ was met with a great response, climbing to respectable heights on radio indie charts after receiving airplay on both local and overseas stations.

Legendary music producer, Steve James, mixed & produced the album after falling in love with the demo tracks. The respect James retains as a producer in the recording industry is second to none: ARIA Producer of the Year in 2000, he has worked with international artists including The Jam, Sex Pistols, Cold Chisel, Paul Young, The Angels and many more.
He has provided a vital sound to the record with all instruments being clearly audible.

"When I'm Gone" is all about timeless classic rock, in fact '80s inspired radio-friendly melodic (hard) rock with strong guitar riffs and sweet vocals.
There's many influences under the sleeve, I hear some mid-Eighties Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Jimmy Barnes, Billy Squier, etc. minus the bombast and all done with an earthy, warm analog-like production.
Sure, it's not new, not cutting edge but it is of a quality you don’t hear every day.

Opener ‘It’s a Start’ may be the most instant hit here but this is a confident album, well played and as I said, with the songs to back it up.
‘Goodbye’ lay a cool groove, but it’s one of many winners along with the likes of ‘Narrow Minds’; ‘When I’m Gone’ and the bluesier closing handful led by the impressive ‘Doctor’.

"When I'm Gone" is a lovely collection of catchy melodic hard rockers that 30 years ago would be catching far more ears than they are likely to do today; maybe even bothering the upper notches of the charts.
Back to 2017 and if you’re a fan like us of that timeless rockin' melodies then this is definitely an independent release to check out. Be aware there's a distorted sound / missing tracks version floating the net.
Strongly Recommended

01 - It's A Start
02 - Goodbye
03 - Are You Ready
04 - Narrow Minds
05 - Getaway
06 - When I'm Gone
07 - Broken Heart
08 - Doctor
09 - Take Me Away
10 - Fly

Tony Townsend (Vocals)
Claude Poffandi (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Robert Poffandi (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Lou Amato (Bass)
Curtis Martin (Drums)



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