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COVERED CALL (Goran Edman) - Impact [full retail]

COVERED CALL (Goran Edman) - Impact [full retail] full

Swedes COVERED CALL debut from 2009 featuring Thomas Vikström on vocals was an enjoyable disc receiving some really solid reviews and a promising future for the band. For album number two "Impact" on AOR Heaven Records the group assembled by guitarist Morgan Rosenquist added to the line-up a couple of permanent renowned new members: bassist Andy Loos (ex Lion’s Share, Glory) and no-other than the great Goran Edman at the mic.

From the first musical note on "Impact" you can hear that Covered Call has improved on everything: whether if it comes to band sound, songwriting or production. All is deliciously clear, polished and really well mixed by Lars Chriss of Lion's Share, who also performs a guest guitar solo on the excellent Saxon cover "Hold On".

The game here is pure Scandi Melodic Rock / AOR with a classic feel and a modern updated sound.
"Impact" starts with really strong song material: "Lorriane", "When The Lights Are Out" and the blissful "Think About Old Times" are amazing compositions which should please every Melodic Rock fan with their catchiness, tight musicianship and beautiful harmonies.
In these moments Covered Call don't need to hide from the 'top dogs' W.E.T, I assure you.

COVERED CALL (Goran Edman) - Impact [full retail] booklet

The following "Look Into Your Mind" and the rocking version of Saxon's "Hold On" are also very well-crafted tracks with stunning choruses. It's just fun to listen to those great guitar lines, Edman's superb vocals and the beautiful keys in the background. The keyboardist (who also adds some nice Hammond at places) is not credited but deserves a pat on the back as his work add 'that' extra topping to the music.

What surprises me is you won't find a real ballad on this CD. Even the last song "Last Goodbye" is a rocker with Edman’s style reminding me a little of Brian Howe, as the song itself has that Howe-era Bad Company feel with very good harmony vocals.

COVERED CALL (Goran Edman) - Impact [full retail] back

In their second effort "Impact" Covered Call delivers a very good piece of Melodic Rock heaven with a clear production, solid instrumentation and some truly stunning songs.
There's a positive energy in the songlist, with sweet melodies and the voice of Edman shining bright throughout these 11 tracks.
The hooks and the really melodious lines are on top as needed in this kind of music, surrounding your ears with all instruments being perfectly heard thanks to the careful mix.
A mandatory listen for every Melodic Rock / AOR fan out there.

01. Lorraine
02. When The Lights Are Out
03. Think About All Times
04. Look Into Your Mind
05. Hold On
06. Make A Wish
07. Nothing Lasts Forever
08. Wake Up
09. When I’m Gone
10. Live It Up
11. Last Goodbye

Goran Edman - Lead Vocals
Joel Carlsson - Guitars
Morgan Rosenquist - Guitars
Andy Loos - Bass
Ronny Svanströmer - Drums
Lars Chriss - guest Guitar solo



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