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TEQUILA SUNRISE - Danger Zone (2017)

TEQUILA SUNRISE - Danger Zone (2017) full

Released via Perris Records "Danger Zone" is the international debut CD by TEQUILA SUNRISE, a melodic hard rock combo hailing from Madrid, Spain.
Founded at the beginning of the decade by session musicians, the band aim is re-create the US sounds of the genre from the late '80s / early '90s also spiced with timeless classic rock from all eras.

Tequila Sunrise mention many names as influences, and you can hear 'em all on each track from "Danger Zone".
As example; 'Day By Day' brings to mind Mr. Big or the excellent band from their same country: Guru. 'My Way or the Highway' has an anthemic punch with some Dokken on it, while 'Stay on the Wild Side' has a Van Halen feel all over, an obvious influence on both Tequila Sunrise guitarists.

Vocalist Jorge Cortés has a vocal timbre which reminds me Ted Poley at places, as happens on the highly melodic and slightly AORish 'Coming Home'. Title track 'Danger Zone' adds more hard rock groove, then there's a little heavy-funky on the fun 'She'.
Tequila Sunrise mentioned as inspiration as well the more commercial side of Norwegians TNT, and you can hear it in 'Risk It All', one of my favorites here.
Another pick for me is 'Bad Side of Love' a semi-ballad / midtempo very well arranged and performed, and the melodic hard rock of 'Carry On' with some Danger Danger on it.

TEQUILA SUNRISE - Danger Zone (2017) inside

Yeah, on "Danger Zone", Tequila Sunrise show the influences under their sleeve since the first note, but who doesn't? And if it is classic US Melodic Hard Rock, I'm in.
The songs are very well composed & arranged and all are skilled musicians. Perhaps production - in fact, the mix - needed a finer touch, but this don't distract from the quality of the songs.
Check the bands mentioned above as influence, if you like them you'll enjoy Tequila Sunrise's "Danger Zone" from start to finish.
Strongly Recommended.

01 - Day by Day
02 - My Way or the Highway
03 - Bad Side of Love
04 - Stay on the Wild Side
05 - Danger Zone
06 - Coming Home
07 - She
08 - Carry On
09 - Risk It All
10 - Fallen Angels

Jorge Cortés - Lead Vocals
Ramón Blein - Guitar
Cecilio Sánchez-Robles - Guitar
Jesús Acosta - Bass
Rubén Santos - Drums



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