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SEAN WEBSTER BAND - Leave Your Heart At The Door (2017)

SEAN WEBSTER BAND - Leave Your Heart At The Door (2017) full

A highly respected guitarist in the UK scene, Sean Webster has been sculpting his career in the blues / classic rock world for almost 25 years, since picking up the guitar at the age of 14. "Leave Your Heart At The Door" is Webster's 6th and latest album with his SEAN WEBSTER BAND, a soulful record with a superb production sound.

His debut album in 2004 secured Webster his first recording contract and showcased his fine guitar playing. His influences are wide and varied but include Gary Moore, Mark Knopfler and especially Eric Clapton. His vocals have been described as amongst the best on the current music scene, drawing comparisons with Joe Cocker and Jonny Lang.
"Leave Your Heart At The Door" is the next step for Sean, a finely tuned piece of work formed straight from the heart that further demonstrates his masterful use of musical phrasing whilst at the same time showing his ability to bare his soul through a gut-wrenching and often tear-jerking vocal delivery.

The album opens with the smashing midtempo rocker 'Give Me The Truth', where at once you can taste Sean's soulful vocals and his elegant guitar tone. Also Dutch keyboard wizard Bob Fridzema left his mark on the album with some stupendous Wurlitzer / Hammond ivory all over.
Webster grab you ears from the first note in the haunting ballad 'Wait Another Day'. At this kind of songs Sean is at its best, very emotional. Joel Purkess on drums and Greg Smith on bass provide the steady rhythm, and Webster put the icing on the cake with a very clean solo on his Gibson. Great song.

'Broken Man' is a bluesy midtempo nicely following its predecessor. Fridzema is explicitly present at the Hammond B3 and gives the song a tasteful extra touch. Another plus is the catchy chorus. The ripping 'You Got To Know' offers a driving groove and the virtuoso playing of Bob and Sean provide great keyboard / guitar fireworks.

SEAN WEBSTER BAND - Leave Your Heart At The Door (2017) inside

For me one of the best songs on the album, the charming slow blues of 'Start Again' is a seven-minute gem plenty of passionate vocals and some amazing guitar work ala Gary Moore.
The band venture to a slightly poppy mood with the melodic 'Hands Of Time', filled with sweet keyboards and happy verses.

'Silence Echoes In My Heart' is a slow burner with a pure bluesy heart, then the melodic and flowing 'You Can Say' provides a fresh breeze and gives the album the drive it needs at that moment.
'I Don't Wanna Talk About It' is a grand duet with between Sean and Dutch vocalist Loan Krebbers. Their voices fit perfectly together and spark emotion, there's a great chorus and Webster's guitar work is again a pure pleasure to listen to.
Sean Webster Band closes the album with the only cover, which music enthusiasts will immediately recognize; 'Til Summer Comes Around', done some time ago by Keith Urban who had a great hit with this wonderful song. The band's version is calm, deep, and with some 'smoke in the air' feel.

SEAN WEBSTER BAND - Leave Your Heart At The Door (2017) back

"Leave Your Heart At The Door" is a delicate, finely crafted bluesy classic rock album. It's full of great playing and sweet vocals, wrapped by a very good production.
The album was recorded at the Superfly Studios in Nottinghamshire, produced by Webster himself and sent to talented Jon Astley at "Close to the Edge" for mastering. Astley has mastered / mixed albums for just about everyone including The Who, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Toto and countless more.
A very good slice of timeless classy rock music.

01 - Give Me the Truth
02 - Wait Another Day
03 - Broken Man
04 - You Got to Know
05 - Start Again
06 - Hands of Time
07 - Silence Echoes In My Heart
08 - You Can Say
09 - Leave Your Heart at the Door
10 - I Don't Wanna Talk About It
11 - 'Til Summer Comes Around

Sean Webster - vocals, guitars
Greg Smith - bass
Joel Purkess - drums
Bob Fridzema - keyboards
Loan Krebbers - guest vocals



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