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PRAYING MANTIS - Metalmorphosis [Japan Edition +6] Out Of Print

PRAYING MANTIS - Metalmorphosis [Japan Edition +6] Out Of Print - full

After the recent post here of PRAYING MANTIS' classic album Time Tells No Lies in its remastered form, one of you asked for this "Metalmorphosis", the EP released by the band to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their debut Time Tells No Lies. It was a limited edition disc featuring 5 classic Praying Mantis songs re-recorded in 2010 by the current band line-up.
But exclusively for the Japanese market, "Metalmorphosis" was in fact a full length album including 6 additional tracks plus a completely different artwork.

The EP release of "Metalmorphosis" included three songs from that classic Time Tells No Lies (“Children of the Earth,” “Lovers to the Grave” and “Panic in the Streets”) as well as the song “Praying Mantis” from the band’s first single, and the track “Captured City” that only appeared on the original NWOBHM compilation Metal For Muthas.

PRAYING MANTIS - Metalmorphosis [Japan Edition +6] Out Of Print - booklet

This Japanese version adds the awesome "Running For Tomorrow", "Beads Of Ebony" and "Flirting With Suicide" from that mythical first album, while "Time Slipping Away", "Can't See The Angels" and " Borderline" are taken from their excellent record 'Predator In Disguise'.

All these stupendous songs were re-recorded with today's modern technology by Praying Mantis in a slightly more polished & melodic form, but still retaining that vital and spirited attitude when they were a hungry young outfit.
The vocals in particular stand out, as it is somewhat surprising (in a good way) to hear Mike Freeland, who delivered such a polished performance on the band’s 2009 album Sanctuary, get into the stomping hard rock of “Praying Mantis” and the otherworldly metallic “Captured City.”

PRAYING MANTIS - Metalmorphosis [Japan Edition +6] Out Of Print - back

It’s always a risky business when long-running acts decide to revisit their classic material, but in this case "Metalmorphosis" sounds exactly like what it was intended to be – a celebration of the band’s history and a testimony to the staying power of a band that has withstood what seems like countless changes in lineups, labels and musical fads.
This "Metalmorphosis" Japanese Edition is collectors piece, out of print, a must for every Melodic Hard Rock fan out there.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

メタルモルフォーシズ ~ 30周年記念アルバム

01 - Time Slipping Away [Japan bonus track]
02 - Running For Tomorrow [Japan bonus track]
03 - Children Of The Earth
04 - Can't See The Angels [Japan bonus track]
05 - Beads Of Ebony [Japan bonus track]
06 - Captured City
07 - Lovers To The Grave
08 - Panic In The Streets
09 - Praying Mantis
10 - Flirting With Suicide [Japan bonus track]
11 - Borderline [Japan bonus track]

Chris Troy - lead vocals, bass
Tino Troy - guitar, vocals
Andy Burgess - guitar
Benjy Reid - drums
Mike Freeland - lead vocals

Out Of Print


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