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KXM - Scatterbrain (2017)

KXM - Scatterbrain (2017) full

"Scatterbrain" the title of the sophomore album from the super-group KMX featuring guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob), drummer Ray Luzier (KoRn), and King's X front-man dUg Pinnick. This is the follow up album to their highly successful 2014 self-titled debut release which landed at #31 on the Billboard Top 200, and two days before its release, "Scatterbrain" is Amazon's best seller in the hard rock category.

Here is a recipe for an awesome rock album; first, take three uniquely talented musicians and put them in a studio together. Next, let them jam and explore their common love of music. Finally, let a wizard mix up this super chunky song stew packed with all sorts of savory flavors.
The result is "Scatterbrain", by KXM.

Apparently the group spent just 10 days together jamming at the Steakhouse studio in North Hollywood, California. As with many of the great albums in history,"Scatterbrain" is the result of letting phenomenal musicians create music on the spot as the tape deck rolls.
This record packs in 13 hard rocking tunes showcasing the band’s combined imagination and virtuosity.

A throbbing vibrato bar drop punches up into a heavy and chaotic riff as the title track of 'Scatterbrain' kicks the album into gear. The odd time signature and brilliant drum riffs of Ray Luzier combined with George Lynch’s nifty riff give this tune its progressive metal undertones. The pace shifts during the lead break with George playing a passionate blues-infused solo that reminds you of what a wonderful musician this man is.

One thing that I’ve always loved about King’s X is the voice of dUg Pinnick and the wonderful harmonies they have employed in their music. 'Breakout' and 'Big Sky Country'give dUg a vehicle to express himself and his distinctive voice in both the lead and harmonies. Ray is solid and emotive in his drumming on these songs, keeping his playing nailed tight and deep within them. Once again, the guitar solos by George Lynch are superb. His guitar effortlessly sings and fills each song with color.

KXM - Scatterbrain (2017) disc

On 'Calypso' and 'Not A Single Word', the band explores tribal drums, Latin motifs, and even a bit of reggae rhythms. All the while, the music remains firmly rooted in hard rock with KXM’s own unmistakable delivery. You can imagine these guys in the studio having a ball burning through these tunes. This is music that raises the hairs on your arm and invigorates your being.

'Stand' is an exotic dreamer starting out with a trippy guitar riff that floats on top of a syncopated rhythm. The bass makes this song a winner as the low rumble lies in wait during the first half of the song only to pounce during the extended bridge. The twisted and sinewy guitar solo is understated and unnerving.

The CD closes with a bluesy lullaby called 'Angel'. The lazy drift of this song is beautifully rendered in echoes. Ray and dUg keep things simple and relaxed. The soulful vocals ease you gently down. There is a Hendrix vibe flowing in George’s playing. Instead of soaring on top of the song, he simply accents the dreamy quality of the song. Once it finishes, its time to flip back to track one for another round.

KXM - Scatterbrain (2017) inside

On ‘Scatterbrain’, KXM gives you the gift of powerful, energetic, and kick-ass Rock music.
These gifted musicians exude the fun and exhilaration of making music. They bring this passion to life over the course of the album. Their tight and dynamic performance speaks volumes about the beauty of three friends jamming together and letting the tape roll.
Lynch / Luzier/ Pinnick (or KXM) are creating here some of most original, interesting rockin' stuff you'll hear in ages.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Scatterbrain
02 - Breakout
03 - Big Sky Country
04 - Calypso
05 - Not a Single Word
06 - Obsession
07 - Noises in The Sky
08 - Panic Attack
09 - It's Never Enough
10 - True Deceivers
11 - Stand
12 - Together
13 - Angel

Doug Pinnick (King's X): Vocals, Bass
George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob): Guitars
Ray Luzier (Korn): Drums

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