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JOURNEY - Raised On Radio [Blu-Spec CD2] [mini-LP Limited Release] (2013) Out of Print

JOURNEY - Raised On Radio [Blu-Spec CD2] [mini-LP Limited Release] (2013) Out of Print full

Sony Music Japan has started a 2017 low-priced Blu-Spec CD2 reissue on some JOURNEY classic albums, all out of print on this high quality format. Strangely "Raised On Radio" is not included into the campaign, and some of you asked for this Blu-Spec CD2 / DSD remastering, as said, out of print now.

Journey's ninth new studio album "Raised On Radio" found the group reduced to a trio of guitarist Neal Schon, singer Steve Perry, and keyboard player Jonathan Cain. They lost their regular rhythm section, but to be honest, Journey only needed these 3 members who provided the songwriting, arrangements, and in short, the band's appeal.

JOURNEY - Raised On Radio [Blu-Spec CD2] [mini-LP Limited Release] (2013) Out of Print
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According to times (released in the mid '80s") "Raised On Radio" has a glossy production and a melodic, accessible radio friendly approach like never before.
Schon's guitar still cut through the fat keyboard chords, and Perry's fluid tenor still gave the songs an airy, melodic charm. All of that was good for sales of two million copies and five chart singles, four of which made the Top 40 and one of which, "Be Good to Yourself," reached the Top 10.
That didn't match the seven-million-selling number 1 Escape, but it confirmed that Journey's music had a large audience right to the (temporary) end of its career.

JOURNEY - Raised On Radio [Blu-Spec CD2] [mini-LP Limited Release] (2013) Out of Print
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This Japanese Blu-Spec CD2 / DSD remastering sound million bucks, including as bonus tracks the 'Video Mix' of 'Girl Can't Help It' and 'I'll Be Alright Without You', which if you ask me, especially the former, are better than the originals. It was a mini-LP / carboard sleeve edition replicating the original LP artwork.
The more, pure US AOR album from Journey, "Raised On Radio" is ESSENTIAL in your collection.

Columbia / Sony Japan ~ SICP-30141

01 - Girl Can't Help It
02 - Positive Touch
03 - Suzanne
04 - Be Good To Yourself
05 - Once You Love Somebody
06 - Happy To Give
07 - Raised On Radio
08 - I'll Be Alright Without You
09 - It Could Have Been You
10 - The Eyes Of A Woman
11 - Why Can't This Night Go On Forever
12 - Girl Can't Help It (Video Mix)
13 - I'll Be Alright Without You (Video Mix)

Steve Perry - lead vocals
Neal Schon - guitars, backing vocals, keyboards, guitar synth
Jonathan Cain - keyboards, backing vocals
additional musicians:
Randy Jackson - bass, backing vocals
Larrie Londin - drums, percussion
Bob Glaub - bass on tracks 2, 10 and 11
Steve Smith - drums on tracks 2, 10 and 11
Mike Baird - drums on tracks 12 and 13
Dan Hull - saxophone on tracks 2 and 7, harp on track 7
Steve Minkins - percussion on track 3



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