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IT - We're All In This Together (2017)

IT - We're All In This Together (2017) full

London based progressive outfit IT will not be the most prolific band in the world - this "We're All In This Together" is their second album in 14 years - but for sure they take the time to create some oustanding music.

Musically "We're All In This Together" is an interesting prog brew, which ranges from the strong guitar presence spiced with stark electronics of opener 'Power', to the more lush soundscapes of 'Born Into Debt' – think latter day Marillion – while 'The Working Man' almost melds the two together.
Indeed, IT is British sounding Neo-Prog, or Melodic Prog if you want.

Their music is essentially melodic, then harmonious notably in the vocal arrangements and guitar lines. The keyboards move between atmospheric, airy, to swirling and dynamic. The rhythm section lays down a steady groove, reminding us that even the most eclectic or technical progressive music must rock.

Arrangements move and twist more in a desire to draw you in with accessibility and interest, rather than challenge or surprise you with compositional misdirection.
Fundamentally, that's what makes IT's music and this album works so well. That and the guitar solos that follow in the perfect English prog tradition with a modern set-up sound.

There is, despite the fact that this is a mighty and weighty prog work, an impressive brevity here. 'The Working Man' boasts fine but understated guitar, together with some elaborated backing vocals – but still does it in less than five minutes.
When it does feel the need to stretch itself it does so for effect, not because it thinks it should. 'The Path Of Least Resistance' – the longest track here by some way – is a slow builder of an epic filled with interesting lyrics. It's a superb composition.

As it goes on – and the cinematic 'Down The Hatch' is a real highlight – all concludes with the rabble rousing 'Revolution' which positively crackles with electricity, as well as wrapping itself a genuinely heavy hook.

IT - We're All In This Together (2017)  inside

In this World there's time and a place for all different type of music, and sometimes brainless rock n' roll hits the spot. “We’re All In This Together” most definitely isn’t that.
Instead it's clever, challenging and very, very good melodic progressive rock indeed.

01 - Power
02 - Born into Debt
03 - The Working Man
04 - Last Chance
05 - Gamble the Dream
06 - Voices
07 - The Path of Least Resistance
08 - House
09 - Down the Hatch
10 - Revolution

Nick Jackson - Guitar, Vocals
Andy Rowberry - Lead Guitar
James Hawkins - Bass
Ryan McCaffrey - Keyboards
Will Chism - Drums



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