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EDU FALASCHI - Ballads (2017)

EDU FALASCHI - Ballads (2017) full

"Ballads" is the just released new solo album by Brazilian born EDU FALASCHI, best known for his work as lead singer and songwriter with prog metallers Angra and currently Almah, which started as a side project featuring a number of guest musicians and is now his main and only band.

"Ballads" is a compendium of all the slow, balladistic songs Falaschi composed during his 25-year career, including his early years in bands such as Symbols and Mitrium.
The great and surprisingly thing here is that most of these songs we re-recorded with a power ballad / melodic hard rock approach, both in arrangements & production sound.

There's excellent midtempo, quite AORish tunes in 'Bleeding Heart' and 'Wishing Well', both with a strong Journey feel, 'Forgotten Land' (featuring a terrific vocal work) reminds me of Mastedon (Elefante brothers band), while 'Primitive Chaos' has some Hugo in the vocal phrasing.

Other tracks are pretty more uptempo than ballads, such as the wonderfully arranged melodic rocker 'Breathe' akin Last Autumn's Dream, the quite epic 'Heroes of Sand', or 'Breaking Ties' where Falaschi sings ala Sebastian Bach and the guitar solo soars.
Another strong one is 'Shade of My Soul' with an overall feeling in the Axel Rudi Pell vein.

EDU FALASCHI - Ballads (2017) inside

A highly respected vocalist worldwide - and deservedly so - Edu Falaschi is a superb performer able to sing a metal track or the most delicate piano ballad, and the man is a clever and skilled arranger / producer as well.
Here in "Ballads" Falaschi opted for a classic melodic hard rock power ballad style, and most of these tracks are stupendous. There's melodic rock, some AOR moments, acoustic versions... something for everyone.
Very Recommended

01 - Bleeding Heart
02 - Warm Wind
03 - Wishing Well
04 - Forgotten Land
05 - Heroes of Sand
06 - Primitive Chaos
07 - Lease of Life
08 - Breathe
09 - Almah
10 - Breaking Ties
11 - Farewell
12 - Late Night in 85'
13 - All I Am
14 - Shade of My Soul
15 - When and Why
16 - As Sweet as Your Smile (Demo) [bonus track]

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