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COUNT'S 77 - Soul Transfusion (2017)

COUNT'S 77 - Soul Transfusion (2017) full

COUNT'S 77, the hard rock band from Las Vegas fronted by lead singer Danny “Count” Koker - star of History’s hit TV series Counting Cars - got their "Soul Transfusion" new album released via Shrapnel Records today, March 10th.

With musical roots as diverse as Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Foghat, The Allman Brothers and Led Zeppelin, Count's 77 stands poised to be one of American leaders of the new classic rock revival. ''Count'' Koker, the charismatic frontman, was singing long before he came into international fame as owner of Count's Kustoms, his Las Vegas hot rod/chopper shop.
The band is completed by experienced musicians, such as talented Tommy Paris, known internationally for nearly 25 years as the lead singer of platinum rockers Britny Fox, but here in Count's 77 he's at charge of keyboards and backing vocals.

"Soul Transfusion" begins with the track “Summer of ‘77”, a classic rocker written as a musical remembrance of days gone by. In this case, lead singer Danny Kroker sings of the musical highlights of yesteryear that helped to shape the tastes of the members of the band.
Mixed with a musical style that would have been right at home on Power Rock radio formats in the '80s, “Summer of ‘77” features a strong, driving pace to the beat of the song. The vocals from Koker and the powerful guitar solo from guitarist Stoney Curtis help make the song very strong and catchy.

COUNT'S 77 - Soul Transfusion (2017) inside

The new release from Las Vegas’ Count’s 77 continues with the song “Hard Rock Band”. Like the title suggests, it pays tribute to all those who continue to create music in the same style as those bands that are now grouped into the Classic Rock radio format.
The band adds classic Hammond B3 organ to the cool “Do You Feel Me” with some Deep Purple on it yet much more melodic, I found title track “Soul Transfusion” similar to Uriah Heep's trippy era, then "Heebie Jeebies" brings to mind Enuff Z'Nuff.
"Evil You Could Do" provides a refreshing slow bluesy tone, the catchy "Weight of the World" rocks with melody, while the ZZ Top influence is obvious on the fun "Sin City Boogie Man".

Through the album’s eleven tracks, "Soul Transfusion" from Count’s 77 makes good use of musical influences that range from classic rock to traditional hard rock. All feels very melodic with a very 'classy analog', organic sound.
A nice slice of good ole Rock and Roll.

01 - Summer Of '77
02 - Hard Rock Band
03 - Do You Feel Me?
04 - My Detroit
05 - Soul Transfusion
06 - Evil You Could Do
07 - Heebie Jeebies
08 - Weight of the World
09 - Sin City Boogie Man
10 - Low Baller
11 - Find My Way Home

Danny “Count” Koker - vocals
Stoney Curtis, John Zito - guitars
Tommy Paris - keyboards, backing vocals
Barry Barnes - bass
Paul Disibio - drums


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