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ACCEPT - Breaker [Platinum Edition remastered +2] (2017)

ACCEPT - Breaker [Platinum Edition remastered +2] (2017) full

AFM Records has just released updated, remastered versions of German metal legends ACCEPT early albums (including bonus tracks) in a series titled 'Platinum Edition'.
"Breaker" was the first Accept album engineered by Michael Wagener, the man who shaped their sound for world-wide success.

Recorded at Delta Studios in Wilster, Germany over the cold Winter months of December 1980 through January 1981, they would forge the songs that would make up "Breaker".
Released on March 16, 1981, this cult classic album was one of the ones to pave the way for the band as it was Accept’s groundbreaker in terms of them finding their sound, the sound that would take them to full notoriety with their follow up efforts.

"Breaker" also got the attention of the metal fans enough to get them a spot opening up for Judas Priest on part of their World Wide Blitz tour in 1981. This would be the first time that the band would get to play outside of Europe.
The first track to start it off is “Starlight.” The song literally winds its way up to full blast, then Dirkschneider rips in with his Heavy Metal rasp. It is a fast and furious song with strong dueling guitars soloing frantically away.
Next up is the title track, “Breaker.” It is the shortest song on the album, but with an even faster pace than the first song. This song easily defines Accept’s role in the Speed Metal sub-genre.

“Run If You Can” has a repetitive energy to it. Dirkschneider digs to deep places to deliver the lyrics, with serious dueling guitars and strong double base throughout. Then comes the longest running song on this album, “Can’t Stand the Night”, a midtempo semi-ballad.
But ending side one is the high energy and aggressive “Son of a Bitch.” The title of the song speaks to its explicit lyrics and has Dirkschneider yelling and growling angrily at times throughout the song.
“Burning” kicks in with strumming guitars floating over the heavy beat that carries the song the rest of the way through. More hard rocking than metal, the next song, “Feelings,” has deep, thick drums and bass to hold the track on the ground while Dirkschneider belts out his vocals.

Next is the song on the record that has the most commercial feel, “Midnight Highway.” It is a fast, fun party song, but still rocks hard and treats fans to a nice dueling guitar solo towards the end of it. This is also the first track to feature Baltes on vocals during the bridge of the song.
Follower “Breaking Up Again” has Baltes doing all the vocals on it. It's an acoustic ballad, a classic song in this time period for a metal band. Though mostly acoustic, the drums and electric guitars kick in with a very mellow guitar solo in the midway part of the song. It serves the listener up with beautiful guitar playing along with perfect drums and bass to accompany them.

ACCEPT - Breaker [Platinum Edition remastered +2] (2017) back

Kicking it back up to full gear is the final track on the album, “Down and Out.” Starting off with heavy-hitting drums, Dirkschneider takes over and this album ends on a high, metal rampage, complete with classic screaming guitar solos by Hoffmann and Fischer.
The bonuses are incendiary live takes on title track "Breaker" and "Midnight Highway", far heavier than the studio versions.

"Breaker" album cover art depicts a young woman who looks like she is ready to step into a Discotheque, but is somehow subjected to the Heavy Metal sound of Accept’s new album. She is seen open-mouthed, with barbed wire piercing through her head via her ears. A typical, fun artwork from the era.
"Breaker" still remains to be an adored piece of classic metal history by Accept fans more than thirty years later.

01 - Starlight
02 - Breaker
03 - Run If You Can
04 - Can't Stand the Night
05 - Son of a Bitch
06 - Burning
07 - Feelings
08 - Midnight Highway
09 - Breaking up Again
10 - Down and Out
11 - Breaker (Live) [CD only]
12 - Midnight Highway (Live) [CD only]

Udo Dirkschneider – lead and backing vocals
Wolf Hoffmann – guitar
Jörg Fischer – guitar
Peter Baltes – bass, lead and backing vocals
Stefan Kaufmann – drums, backing vocals



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