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ACCEPT - Accept [Platinum Edition remastered +1] (2017)

ACCEPT - Accept [Platinum Edition remastered +1] (2017) full

AFM Records has just released updated, remastered versions of German metal legends ACCEPT early albums (including bonus tracks) in a series titled 'Platinum Edition'.
The self-titled "Accept" started all, with its amazing 'razor' cover artwork and full speedy rockers.

This album is their first studio effort and has been described by Wolf Hoffman (main guitar player and major songwriter for the band) as a collection of songs they had been playing over the years recorded into album form.
Appeared at the end of the Seventies, "Accept" is in fact, now in perspective, more Euro hard rock from the era than metal.

The NWOBHM was bursting out of Britain and the continent would not be immune to this sea change in the deft use of power chords. In this period, Accept's debut contains some of the best of what the genre had to offer at this point - a shrieking frontman in Udo Dirkschneider and a talented frets man in Wolf Hoffmann.
Much of Accept's early sound indubitably owes more than a passing nod to fellow countryman Scorpions who had been plugging their trade for most of the decade before Accept committed themselves to wax.

ACCEPT - Accept [Platinum Edition remastered +1] (2017) photo

"Lady Lou", "Tired of Me" and "Sounds of War" capture the true spirit of the classic metal madness that was to come, while mid-tempo or milder tracks "Take Him in My Heart" and "Glad to Be Alone" showed some diversity of sound.
Bassists Peter Baltes made vocal contributions on several of the early Accept records and while he usually sings the slower stuff he does scream along with Udo in "Sounds".

After so many years, "Accept" sounds like a charming showcase of an era when 'denim & leather' was the rule, it's raw 'n easy and while it may have scared some moms, nowadays it's a cool piece of vintage classic rock.
A very nice remastered reissue to re-discover Accept's origins, unheard by many.

01 - Lady Lou
02 - Tired of Me
03 - Seawinds
04 - Take Him in My Heart
05 - Sounds of War
06 - Free Me Now
07 - Glad to Be Alone
08 - That's Rock'n'roll
09 - Helldriver
10 - Street Fighter
11 - The Early Years of Accept (CD only Bonus Track)

Udo Dirkschneider: Vocals
Peter Baltes: Bass, Vocals
Wolf Hoffman: Lead Guitar
Jörg Fischer: Guitar
Frank Friedrich: Drums


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