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JUNKYARD DRIVE - Sin & Tonic (2017)

JUNKYARD DRIVE - Sin & Tonic (2017) full

Who's said rock n roll is dead? JUNKYARD DRIVE, a new band from Copenhagen, Denmark formed by very young musicians refute that; their terrific debut "Sin & Tonic" released today is killer 10-track CD inspired by the classic, timeless RnR / hard rock sounds.
Welcome to Junkyard Drive, the new Kings of Danish Sleazy Hard Rock.

"Sin & Tonic" saw production and mixing of talented Soren Andersen, widely known from his work with bands such as Mike Tramp, Glenn Hughes or the recent Electric Guitars album featured here on the blog.
He has captured Junkyard Drive's young energy, fire and vitality into this collection with a great vibrancy.

This album is fantastic from start to finish. It is not so much a throwback to ’80s sleazy as it is a reflection of some of the bands doing great work in the early twenty-teens…. Think Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar or King Lizard. But the influences range from Guns N’ Roses to Whitesnake.
“If You Wanna Rock Me” is the perfect lead off track to this album. It tells me everything I need to know about what to expect — dirty, grimy hard rock with some great vocals and solid guitar lines.

“Bone Dry Jessie” is a powerhouse, again with a well-rounded mix of vocal, guitar, and rhythm section involvement. After two tracks, it seems these guys know what they’re doing and what they want to accomplish.
The first single from this album “Drama Queen” really speaks to what the band is all about. Sure, it has elements of old school Guns N’ Roses but also newer elements from Crashdïet or Santa Cruz.
“Natural High” is more early ’80s Whitesnake. It took me a few listens to get into it, but it’s growing on me in a big way. What a wicked intro on “Take It All”, and its chorus rocks greatly.

The cowbell comes out for “B.A.D.”, as does the great riffs and energy. This one is a pretty good party tune with a sing-along chorus: “It’s good to be bad.” Not overly original, but sounds great. The “Danger Zone” shuffle is groovy. These guys know how to write hooks.
“Stone Cold Lady” is another interesting track, offering a mix of both rhythmic plodding and a double time bass drum. The slower tempo does not detract from the intensity of this track. Then arrives the power ballad with “Geordie”, heavy on acoustic guitars and focused on the strong vocals provided by Kris.

JUNKYARD DRIVE - Sin & Tonic (2017) inside

And, just when I expect the final song to be filler, I’m presented with “Slave To Technology” which rocks its ass off. A wicked thumper and perfect way to end an overall fantastic collection on a high note.

On the first run through of "Sin & Tonic", my initial reaction remains the same after several plays. This is a great sleazy hard rock album, keeping the torch in that sub-genre ragingly aflame. Thundering bass lines, thumping drum beat, clean, clear and not overstretched vocals all paired with some wicked soloing work.

This is exactly the kind of album I remember rushing home from school to spin on vinyl. Most of the 10 selections come in at around the four-minute mark, give or take and are dripping sleaze as advertised.
Junkyard Drive is an amazingly talented young bunch, and while still is very early this 2017, I'm sure "Sin & Tonic" will come in as a real contender 'top 10 debut album' lists this year.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - If You Wanna Rock Me
02 - Bone Dry Jessie
03 - Drama Queen
04 - Natural High
05 - Take It All
06 - B.A.D.
07 - Danger Zone
08 - Stone Cold Lady
09 - Geordie
10 - Slave to Technology

Kris – lead vocals
Birk – lead guitar, back-up vocals
Benjamin – rhythm guitar, back-up vocals
Mikkel – bass
Claus – drums, cowbell



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