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CHANGE OF HEART - Continuum [2016 reissue +1]

CHANGE OF HEART - Continuum [2016 reissue +1] full

CHANGE OF HEART's new album is without a doubt one of the best CD's of the year, and alongside its release the band recording label has reissued their second (out of print) album "Continuum", including the hard to find original Japanese bonus track.

"Continuum" was Change Of Hearts' second album and for many, it's regarded as their best combining the AOR waves of their debut and adding a catchy Melodic Rock feel.
To get this more 'rocking' approach the band band worked with Kenny Kaos (Pokerface, Distance) to record a twelve track album that was laden with hooks and melodies galore.

After the smooth, short instrumental intro 'Call to Prayer', we have 'Blinded' is one of the most infectious melodic rockers the band have recorded driven by sharp AOR guitars. 'Don't Wanna Be Lonely' is a huge melodic anthem with a monster hook which reminds me Danger Danger
'Love Got In The Way' is a very classy Heartland-style moody AOR ballad, then 'You Can't Hide' is one of my picks for song of the album. A ballad of sorts, but uptempo and very emotional with a killer vocal and extra vocal hooks to add that extra power to the song in the vein of Strangeways.

'Call Of The Wild' is a more keyboard driven mid-tempo track with a couple of lead guitar breaks and a slightly rockier chorus. 'Take Me For A Ride' is a very '80s AOR track, typical British style with another huge chorus.

'Hand On My Heart' starts laid back with a nice acoustic guitar/piano feel, but the chorus take the song to another level, then 'Mysteries' is a mid-paced happy rocker with equal guitar and keyboard parts. There is just something about this track that reminds me of mid '80s Survivor.

Easily one of the best Melodic Rock / AOR albums appeared in the first half of the last decade, Change Of Heart's "Continuum" is primo mid-80s style commercial AOR with an equal mix of keyboards, guitars and glorious vocals / choruses.
Don't miss this reissue including the excellent original bonus track '(When Are You) Coming Home'.

01 - Call to Prayer
02 - Blinded
03 - Don't Wanna Be Lonely
04 - When Love Gets in the Way
05 - You Can't Hide
06 - Call of the Wild
07 - Take Me for a Ride
08 - Hands on Heart
09 - Say That You Want Me
10 - Love on the Line
11 - Run from the Storm
12 - Mysteries
13 - (When Are You) Coming Home [original Japan bonus]

Alan Clark: lead vocals
John Footit: guitars
Dave Chapman: keyboards, vocals
Gary Howe: bass
Trevor Hart: drums



Tuesday, November 29, 2016

THREE LANE ROAD - Three Lane Road (2016)

THREE LANE ROAD - Three Lane Road (2016) full

Based in Dallas, Texas, and started as a studio project by vocalist / guitarist Wayne Brito, THREE LANE ROAD has evolved into a full band doing live shows in the area currently promoting their self-titled debut, already having shared stages with the likes of Joe Lynn Turner and Junkyard to name some.

Three Lane Road plays classic melodic hard rock, influenced by the middle / late '80s scene. Looking at the band press photo, this may not come as a surprise. These guys aren't some twenty-something hipsters.
Also main songwriter, Brito probably has all the original records from the bands that influences the Three Lane Road sound, like Bon Jovi, Dokken or Journey, to name a few.
More specifically to the Three Lane Road style, being composed by a guitarist, the songs are very guitar-forward. Riffs rule the roost, and you can count on a flurry soaring guitar solos throughout.
Also, with the vocals, the twin guitar parts form the essential harmony in every song. Brito is a fine vocalist, singing clean and melodic with some '80s passion.

All these things are wrapped up in the proper amount of hard rock groove and melody, plus nice hooks in both lyrics and arrangement. The result is a fine package of songs.
There's Dokken-esque riffs on 'I Want', some Bon Jovi in 'I'll Fly With You' and 'Dreams', more groove in 'Strange Way', then a very mid-Eighties feel with 'Times of Our Lives' (perhaps a bit Journey influence).

THREE LANE ROAD - Three Lane Road (2016) inside

Three Lane Road is a time capsule to the Eighties through some really cool songs and melodies. As said, there's lots of riffs and a good rhythm section, and Brito's voice is fine despite some production flaws.
But the 'indie' status of the record, with its imperfections, is part of the charm here, as 'Three Lane Road' feels like a lost '80s private release.
Fun stuff!

01 - I Want
02 - I'll Fly with You
03 - Strange Way
04 - Times of Our Lives
05 - Dreams
06 - Lift Me Up
07 - Everything
08 - Now
09 - Say to Me

Wayne Brito - Vocals, Guitars
Alan Davis - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Steve Musket - Bass
Chuck Geisel - Drums



STOLEN RHODES - Bend With The Wind (2016)

STOLEN RHODES - Bend With The Wind (2016) full

"Bend With The Wind" is the new album from Philadelphia, US rockers STOLEN RHODES. With more than 250 shows per year plus festivals, they opened for iconic artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Drivin’ N Cryin’ and Molly Hatchet, and are ready to tour all over Europe where, guess it, they are more popular than in their homeland.

Most bands have an amusing anecdote to tell whenever someone asks them about their name. In the case of Philadelphia quartet Stolen Rhodes, they have two.
"We had a Rhodes keyboard that was stolen from our singer earlier in his music career," explains Kevin Cunningham, the band's lead guitarist. And the other story? "The band may have commandeered a Rhodes at some point from an undisclosed location," he sheepishly admits.
But despite the band's sound include a strong keyboard presence, Stolen Rhodes is basically guitar driven, polished classic rock.

Stolen Rhodes' songs easily could have existed in the late Seventies; there are lots of stadium infectious melodies, rousing choruses and juicy guitar solos. Obvious influences include Bad Company and the Allman Brothers, but also some The Answer and a pinch of Blackfoot's groove.
In January 2016, Stolen Rhodes returned to the studio to record this "Bend With The Wind". Tracked at Dylanava Studios outside of Philadelphia with the assistance of producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Silvertide) and mastered by legendary Ted Jensen (The Eagles, Foreigner, Ratt), the album includes several songs the group has road tested over the years, with a few that were written right in the studio.

While Stolen Rhodes' songs wear their old-school influences proudly, the band is definitely not a nostalgia act. The group - and the updated production - manages to sound modern and fresh, the result of its seasoned musicianship.

The up-tempo melodic trio of 'Sunshine Prophet,' 'Nowhere Fast' and 'Good Time Charlie' (with some early The Answer on it) provide the band's more rocking material, while things slow down with the mellow 'Devil from Above', the sweet acoustically filled 'Save Me' or the bluesy 'Get on Board'.
'Rosalita (Come out Tonight)' has a fun groove and vibe that wraps the bands attitude into a cool rocker including vintage keys and sax that demonstrates another facet of the band's ability & diversity, and keeps them from being pigeonholed to any one genre.

STOLEN RHODES - Bend With The Wind (2016) back

Very polished and organic, Stolen Rodes' "Bend With The Wind" is another proof Classic Rock isn't dead in America. This young band blends several influences resulting in an assorted collection of songs very well arranged, played and produced.
Really enjoyable

01 - Sunshine Prophet
02 - Good Time Charlie
03 - Devil from Above
04 - Preacherman
05 - Save Me
06 - Nowhere Fast
07 - Get on Board
08 - Makin' Money
09 - So Long
10 - Rosalita (Come out Tonight)

Kevin Cunningham (guitar)
Jack Zaferes (bass)
Matt Pillion (vocals, guitar, keys, saxophone)
Chris James (drums)



ENBOUND - The Blackened Heart (2016)

ENBOUND - The Blackened Heart (2016) full

"The Blackened Heart", the new album by ENBOUND is a little tricky. The dark cover artwork and its title makes you think of a death metal affair but let me tell you the music packed inside is a terrific slice of melodic stuff.
It's also tricky because the lead vocalist is going by the name of Lee Hunter, but in fact it's the pseudonym of Lars Safsund, the superb frontman from Swedish AOR genius Work Of Art.

So, despite of being put on the power metal tag, "The Blackened Heart" is a highly melodic metal album with a strong classic style from the genre wrapped by a modern production and some kind of melodic hard rock vocals.
Lars Safsund is showing his diversity with more 'attack' in his vocals, and let me tell you it perfectly fits to Enbound's heavier sound than his own Work Of Art.
This man is an ace, and his vocal work on "The Blackened Heart" are one of the highlights of the CD.

To begin with, ‘Feel My Flame’ has got to be in the running for best melodic metal song of the year. It is a superb piece of music full of punch, emotion and the chorus is nothing short of a killer hook-laden masterpiece. Hunter / Safsund vocals are superb, displaying an impressive range. I challenge anyone to listen once and then not press repeat, it is so wonderfully addictive.
Plus, the Seventh Wonder-esque progressive-sounding bass line in the breakdown in the middle is a sophisticated touch, courtesy of a guest appearance from Symphony X’s Mike LePond.

‘Falling’ kicks off the album with a great vocal intro arrangement before it truly bursts to life with the strength of a Rhino on heat. The song benefits from some modern layered effects and a properly muscular rhythm section. And the chugging riffs that act as a counterpoint to the melodic vocals of Hunter and guest vocalist Linnéa Wikström (Kamelot, Therion) are gratifyingly heavy and ensure that the instantly catchy chorus is surrounded by music of real gravitas and substance.

ENBOUND - The Blackened Heart (2016) inside

More huge riffs and expressive drumming usher in ‘Give Me Light’, another anthem of massive proportions. Again the layers of synths give the track a more modern edge and enhance the richness of the music but it is the chorus that steals the show. Or it would have, had it not been for the unexpected and flamboyant acoustic guitar and bass-led breakdown in the latter stages.

Following the up-beat ‘Crossroad’ that features yet another catchy chorus, ‘Get Ready For’ takes over and pushes ‘Feel The Flame’ close for the title of my favourite track on the album. It begins quietly and ominously, building up cinematic atmospheres, before veering off in a full-on melodic hard rock direction complete with a pumping, sing along chorus of gigantic proportions. The lead guitar solo from Flowberg is a thing of extravagant beauty and entirely befitting of this song, whilst Hunter continues his impressive performance, hitting all the notes, from quiet and reserved to all-out power.

Elsewhere, ‘HIO’ keeps the pace and drama at full pelt, whereas ‘They Don’t Really Know’ is a truly beautiful ballad, perfectly executed and irresistible. An elegant piano melody is eventually joined by an acoustic guitar and then layers of synths as the intensity is increased, led by an emotional and heartfelt performance from Hunter.
This album sure did take me by surprise with its mixture of tight and mind blowing musical pieces, to an outstanding album production.

ENBOUND - The Blackened Heart (2016) back

"The Blackened Heart" is Enbound's second album, with their debut appeared half a decade ago. I could see why this band took so long in unleashing this second effort because as the old saying goes “you can’t rush perfection” and perfection is what you will hear with this stunning collection of work from Enbound.
This is great blend of melodic metal, racing melodic hard rock and even with a touch of punchy modern AOR that came together to create ‘pure melodic metal gold’.

To put it bluntly, there isn’t a weak second on "The Blackened Heart", let alone a weak song. Each of the ten tracks offers something of real quality and enjoyment, be it a catchy chorus, bombastic riff, killer vocal or a moment of real ostentatiousness in the form of a guitar or bass solo for example.
The result has to be that with "The Blackened Heart" Enbound have delivered one of the best (if ot 'the' best) melodic metal album of the year.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Falling
02 - Give Me Light
03 - Crossroad
04 - Get Ready For
05 - Feel My Flame
06 - Twelve
07 - Holy Grail
08 - HIO
09 - They Don't Really Know
10 - Make You so Unreal

Lee Hunter [Lars Safsund] - vocals
Martin Flowberg - guitar
Swede - bass
Mike Cameron Force - drums
Linnéa Wikström (Kamelot, Therion) - guest vocals on 1
Mike LePond (Symphony X) - guest bass on 5



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KICK AXE - Vices [Rock Candy remastered +1] (2016)

KICK AXE - Vices [Rock Candy remastered +1] (2016) full

"Vices" was the first album from Canadian rockers KICK AXE — and a little gem it is too, highly deserving a Rock Candy Records remastered treatment. This reissue includes as bonus track the hard to find '30 Days In The Hole' featured in the movie Up The Creek.

Canadian Rock has always been highly regarded among discerning metal / hard rock fans. In general, the quality of the craftsmanship, songwriting and playing is, in many respects, superior to any other country in the world, lending the acts an air of confidence and accomplishment that has always impressed.
Kick Axe were, it must be said, one of the best Canadian hard rock acts that emerged during the the first half of the '80s, rubbing shoulders with other hot contenders such as Helix, Coney Hatch and Anvil to name a few.

Signing to CBS Records in Canada the band was then, surprisingly, taken under the wing of Pasha Records in the USA, home of multi-platinum sellers Quiet Riot.
Produced by Spencer Proffer (Quiet Riot, King Kobra, W.A.S.P.) and originally issued in 1984, the album contains a sterling selection of tracks that place the band center stage in the burgeoning mid-80s hard rock renaissance, and give vocalist George Criston room to impress at every turn.
As a prime example of 24 Karat Canadian Hard Rock, "Vices" takes no prisoners and lays down the law with focussed intent.

"Vices" is plenty of big choruses, riffs galore and some nice shredding during the obligatory guitar solos.
Opener “Heavy Metal Shuffle” is an underground classic and bring back great memories. It's indeed a 'shuffle rocker' with all the magic of the era with its guitar solo being exactly the type of ‘swinging a cat’ sound I love.
Title track “Vices” is a beat-your-chest anthem, “Stay On Top” is another solid number driven by the chorus before the ballad “Dreamin’ About You” enters — a lovely change of pace and a fantastic example of the ’80s power ballad.

“Maneater” is up next and is a number that just plows straight ahead with its pounding drums — a great slice of balls to the walls hard rock.
There's lots of energy on “Cause For Alarm” with great gang vocals delivered with melody that add to the effectiveness, while “Just Passin’ Through” is a solid head nodder that flows along very nicely.

One of the highlights is “On The Road To Rock”, the lead-off single and video, another kick-ass track again following the theme of riff-driven, big chorus tunes. A punchy piece with some driving drums and a showcasing of the vocals of Criston. This one benefits from the production techniques and a well-crafted numerous voice chorus.
Despite its instant appeal, this song is a quite complex piece (as several tracks on the album) with a lot going on compared to many other band's material in this genre which are usually more simplistic.
Some great guitar licks are placed strategically throughout which add to the flare.

Then you have the bonus "30 Days In The Hole", perhaps the more commercial track from this early Kick Axe era, and one of their more melodic hard rock oriented.
Originally only appeared on the Up The Creek LP movie soundtrack and the cassette version of the album. A collector's piece.

"Vices" is a truly elaborated and ambitious '80s Hard Rock affair in which no song is untouched by an array of editing techniques and mega-production. There’s a lot going on in every song which can be quite refreshing. A lot of dimensionality in the sound – tonnes of dynamism.

Kick Axe - and producer Spencer Proffer - skillfully blended here melodic hard rock melodies with straight up US metal riffs, attitude, and loads of money spent in the studio.
Great remaster by Rock Candy on an album that needed more clarity and 'air' according to modern music players.
HIGHLY Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Heavy Metal Shuffle
02 - Vices
03 - Stay On Top
04 - Dreamin' About U
05 - Maneater
06 - On The Road To Rock
07 - Cause 4 Alarm
08 - Alive And Kickin'
09 - All The Right Moves
10 - Just Passin' Through
11 - 30 Days In The Hole

George Criston – lead vocals
Raymond Arthur Harvey – guitar and vocals
Larry Gillstrom – guitar and vocals
Victor Langen – bass and vocals
Vice Brian Gillstrom – drums and vocals



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TYKETTO - Don't Come Easy [Rock Candy remastered +1] (2016)

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

2016 marks the 25th Anniversary of "Don't Come Easy", the awesome debut from TYKETTO. To celebrate the event, Rock Candy Records has just released a fully digitally remastered edition plus the terrific bonus track "Walk Away".

The early '90s presented a massive challenge to a number of melodic rock bands. The musical climate was being transformed by a rush of angry young men playing a stripped down form of rock, less influenced by style and bravado, and built mainly on angst and melancholy.
For Tyketto this landscape meant that their arrival would be subjected to a chilly reception from a media obsessed with trends and fads.

The fact that Tyketto were out of step with the prevailing musical winds didn’t mean to say that their music was anything less than spectacular.
Indeed, their style and execution caused major excitement amongst connoisseurs of the genre, leading many to proclaim the album as one of the best records of the entire movement.

Formed in the late '80s, this New Jersey four piece had links to well known groups such as White Lion and Waysted. Impressing a number of labels with their own meticulous style of melodic hard rock, they signed to industry giant Geffen Records and cut this, their debut album, with renowned producer Richie Zito (Heart, Bad English, Poison, etc).
Inexplicably, the label sat on the completed record for over a year before releasing it.

Anyway, opening track 'Forever Young' was a staple on the nationally syndicated Z-Rock hard rock radio station, and was getting airplay on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball back in the day.
'Wings' was also another semi hit for the band and also had a video on MTV. Danny Vaughn sounds great on this track and is one of my favorites here.
But to be fair, all tracks on the album are pure gold.

'Burning Down Inside' is an excellent pop metal tune. Once again, Danny Vaughn’s voice shines here. Brooke St.James delivers some nice Neal Schon / Journey riffs, and the main melody is fabulous.

'Standing Alone' is the third single released from "Don’t Come Easy", the great great power ballad from this disc and another highlight.
'Seasons' is an outstanding acoustic guitar based melodic rock song. It should have been massive if released as single. It really is that good.

Simply put, "Don’t Come Easy" is one of the best US Melodic Rock / Melodic Hard of all time. Production is top notch, all songs are diamonds, and the band sounds like a million bucks.
Danny Vaughn’s voice is fantastic throughout the whole recording, while the entire band is solid as a rock. If released a couple of years earlier, this album would have been multi-platinum.

The Rock Candy remastering treatment is pristine & clear. If you don’t own this, the time to get it is now!

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Forever Young
02 - Wings
03 - Burning Down Inside
04 - Seasons
05 - Standing Alone
06 - Lay Your Body Down
07 - Walk On Fire
08 - Nothing But Love
09 - Strip Me Down
10 - Sail Away
11 - Walk Away

Danny Vaughn - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Brooke St James - Guitar, Vocals
Jimi Kennedy - Bass, Vocals
Michael Clayton - Drums, Vocals



SALTY DOG - Every Dog Has Its Day [Rock Candy remaster +4] (2016)

SALTY DOG - Every Dog Has Its Day [Rock Candy remaster +4] (2016) full

If there has a been a hard rock album that desperately needed to be reissued, SALTY DOG’s "Every Dog Has Its Day" would have to be it. Fortunately, Rock Candy specialists just did it fully remastered including 4 bonus tracks.
With such classics like “Come Along”, “Ring My Bell” and “Where The Sun Don’t Shine” this is a CD that still needs to be heard by all hard / melodic / rock fans.

Once in a blue moon, an unknown band is able to harness perfection, even if for just a short amount of time. Cult legends Salty Dog are one of those bands — a group that was able to latch onto a shooting star and go for a quick ride before crashing and burning.
The year was 1990, when hair metal ruled the charts, and Salty Dog came from nowhere to release one of the genre’s true gems.

Formed in Los Angeles during the late '80s but comprised of outsiders from a number of diverse locations, the band honed their chops in rehearsal studios, assembling a line up that would sound not only right together but also very different from what was happening on the strip.
Indeed, the band’s style incorporated a number of influences, from the old school bluesy Aerosmith-ish hard rock to the contemporary cut and thrust of Guns N' Roses.

Salty Dog's "Every Dog Has Its Day" received universal acclaim from critics, but failed to generate serious sales momentum. Produced by Peter Collins (Rush, Queensryche, Gary Moore) and engineered by British wunderkind Geoff Workman (Journey, Foreigner, Mötley Crüe) the music resonates with killer intention.
A sound that suggested the band would rightly take their place in the hard rock pantheon alongside true greats, but sadly that was not to be.

“Come Along” was Salty Dog‘s introduction to the record buying public and still goes down as their crowning achievement — you could even go so far as to say this song remains US sleazy hard rock's pinnacle. I use the term ‘song’ loosely however as this number doesn’t follow the typical formula, devoid of any real chorus or structure.
It begins with a memorable bass pattern before being joined by a drum beat that would make John Bonham roll over in heaven with pleasure.
The guitar riffs descend in and out with no real pattern before the voice kicks in with the infamous ‘sweet little baby, she’s my hotdog bun’ line. The whole track swings along before exploding towards the finish… “Come Along” truly was, and still is, a work of pure, true hard rock genius.

The rest of "Every Dog Has Its Day" pales in comparison, not because the album is a letdown, but simply because “Come Along” is so damn perfect. “Cat’s Got Nine”, “Ring Me Bell”, “Where The Sun Don’t Shine”, “Heave Hard (She Comes Easy)”, “Slow Daze” and “Nothin’ But A Dream” are all legendary in their own right, and could easily have been the standout cuts on a lesser band’s release.
Jimmi Bleacher possessed a voice that could strip the paint from your living room walls while the rhythm section of Michael Hannon and Khurt Maier worked off each other with pinpoint precision. Guitarist Pete Reeven kind of did things his own way, which made everything that much more interesting.

The bonus tracks show how the band evolved once they were harnessed within the studio. The sound quality on these four bonus cuts including the previously unreleased “The Bucket Song” aren't very impressive (all are pre-production demos), but the young musicians making the music surely were.

SALTY DOG - Every Dog Has Its Day [Rock Candy remaster +4] (2016) inside

We all know and remember the groups that achieved massive success in the early ’90s, but it is often the forgotten warriors such as Salty Dog that really made that time in history so incredible.
Of course, and thus adding to their legacy, Salty Dog self-destructed in part due to drug abuse and in-fighting. It was a tragic end to an outfit that showed so much potential as their music still hits hard after all these years.

If you missed Salty Dog back in the day, that’s understandable, but if you let this Rock Candy remastered reissue slip past you again, as track 10 title says, you’re a "Lonesome Fool"!

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Come Along
02 - Cat's Got Nine
03 - Ring My Bell
04 - Where The Sun Don't Shine
05 - Spoonful
06 - Just Like A Woman
07 - Sim Sala Bim
08 - Keep Me Down
09 - Heave Hard (She Comes Easy)
10 - Lonesome Fool
11 - Slow Daze
12 - Sacrifice Me
13 - Nothin' But A Dream
14 - Keep Me Down [Original Demo]
15 - Come Along [Original Demo]
16 - The Bucket Song [Unreleased]
17 - Ring My Bell [Original Demo]

Jimmi Bleacher – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Pete Reeven – guitar, background vocals
Michael Hannon – bass, background vocals
Khurt Maier – drums, percussion
additional musicians:
Geoff Workman – keyboards
The Waters Family – background vocals
Lenny Castro – percussion
Produced by Peter Collins
Engineered and mixed by Geoff Workman



Saturday, November 26, 2016

WHAT IF (Tommy Funderburk) - What If [Japan remastered AOR CITY 1000 series] (2016)

WHAT IF (Tommy Funderburk) - What If [Japan remastered AOR CITY 1000 series] (2016) full

Criminally underrated and still unknown for many AOR fans, WHAT IF self-titled album fortunately was included in the Sony Music Japan campaign titled AOR CITY 1000 featuring a Low-priced remastered Reissue on 100 classic AOR / AC albums from their back catalog, many of them out of print or hard to find.
This is a limited offer (ending March 2017) with the incredible price around U$S 9 each CD (or 1000 Japanese Yen, hence the name of the campaign).

Gifted vocalist Tommy Funderburk shoulda been one of the most hired back-up singers since the early '80s... Check the credits of your favorite album from the era and chances are very high to see his name on it.
To name some, Funderburk did background vocals for records of Airplay, Boston, Stan Bush, The Cult, Tim Feehan, Richard Marx, Van Stephenson, John Waite, Whitesnake, and more, and more...

Of course Funderburk was part of the classic AOR album / band Airplay, but later, around 1983, he met drummer Bob Wilson from the band Seawind and together they formed The Front.
The group recorded a cool self-titled album in '84 that was followed by a U.S / European tour in 1985.

After a heavy schedule recording for other artists and movie soundtracks, by 1987 Funderburk & Wilson reformed the band and brought in Larry Williams on keyboards and saxophone, and changed the name to WHAT IF and released this gem on major label RCA.

The 'who's who' in the AOR session world is here: Larry Klein and his pumpin' bass sound, Casey Young, Paulinho Da Costa, Bill Champlin & Bob Carlisle providing backing vocals and the blazing guitar work from genius Michael Landau.
And if you need more, another guitar monster called Dan Huff shines on 'Turn And Walk Away', a terrific song co-written by another guitar maestro: Michael Thompson.

What can I say about this great album... I am Funderburk's unconditional fan. His high multi-tone vocals and perfect modulation turns into gold everything it touches. Tommy's performance here, as usual, is simply perfect.
'Perfect World' written by Glen Burtnik (and later recorded by Alias and Freddy Curci solo) is a winner of course, but there's much more on offer here. Just listen to "One Look" vocal arrangements... amazing.
'Ride The Hurricane' has an awesome guitar work and 'Love Is A Fire' beats you with a killer tempo, even the sax is great and strong.
All tracks on "What If" are outstanding and production, first class.

WHAT IF (Tommy Funderburk) - What If [Japan remastered AOR CITY 1000 series] (2016)

This is you chance to get a Japanese remastered edition of this fantastic album for years really, really hard to find, and now sold at a really affordable price. It uses the last remastering and the manufacturing is excellent.
HIGHLY Recommended

Sony Music Japan ~ 【SICP-4844-CD】
A O R   C I T Y  1000

1 - What If
2 - If This Is Love
3 - Perfect World
4 - One Look
5 - Ride The Hurricane
6 - She Rocked My World
7 - Love Is A Fire
8 - When Right Is Wrong
9 - Turn And Walk Away

Lead & Backing Vocals – Tommy Funderburk
Keyboards, Sax – Larry Williams
Drums – Bob Wilson

Guitars – Michael Landau
Guitar on 9 – Dan Huff
Bass – Larry Klein
Synthesizer – Casey Young
Synths, Programming, Percussion – Eric Persing
Percussion – Paulinho Da Costa
Backing Vocals – Bill Champlin, Bob Carlisle



DWAYNE FORD - Needless Freaking [Japan remastered AOR CITY 1000 series] (2016)

DWAYNE FORD - Needless Freaking [Japan remastered AOR CITY 1000 series] (2016) full
HERE the Real one

"Needless Freaking" by DWAYNE FORD is one of the must have discs reissued in the Sony Music Japan campaign titled AOR CITY 1000 featuring a Low-priced remastered Reissue on 100 classic AOR / AC albums from their back catalog, many of them out of print or hard to find.
This is a limited offer (ending March 2017) with the incredible price around U$S 9 each CD (or 1000 Japanese Yen, hence the name of the campaign).

The word "Classic" was made for this album. With a cast of musicians that includes more than the half Toto personnel of Steve Lukather, Mike and Jeff Porcaro, plus drummer extraordinaire Mike Baird, the great Jay Graydon, and, among others, David Foster, a production that sounds like a million dollars (courtesy of Ford, Foster and Ken Friesen) and 8 of the best songs to ever grace the AOR Westcoast genre, this album should have made Dwayne Ford a household name in the genre.
Sadly it didn't. But it's considered one of the best from the '80s.

This album is a timely reminder of how talented a guy Dwayne Ford is. Check out "Lovin' And Losin' You", "Am I Ever Gonna Find Your Love" or "There's A Life In Me" and tell me I'm wrong.

DWAYNE FORD - Needless Freaking [Japan remastered AOR CITY 1000 series] (2016) disc

It's not sutprise that the overall music reminds you of Toto, and coupled with Dwayne's smooth vocals this is a heavenly recording.
Take a taste of Lukather's master work on likes of "The Hurricane" and "Midnight Ride", and he duets on guitar alongside Jay Graydon on "The Best Will Survive".

This is you chance to get a Japanese remastered edition of this terrific album at a really affordable price. It uses the last remastering and sounds crystal clear.
A Must Have

Sony Music Japan ~ 【SICP-4849-CD】
A O R   C I T Y  1000

1 - Lovin' And Losin' You
2 - Am I Ever Gonna Find Your Love
3 - Stranger In Paradise
4 - The Hurricane
5 - Midnight Ride
6 - There's A Life In Me
7 - The American Blues
8 - The Best Will Survive

Vocals, Keyboards – Dwayne Ford
Keyboards – David Foster
Guitar – Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, David Bendeth, Mike Francis
Drums – Jeff Porcaro, Barry Keane, Mike Baird
Bass – Mike Porcaro, Neil Stubenhaus, Dennis Pendrith
Saxophone – Earl Seymour
Backing Vocals – Patricia Gallant
Mixed by Humberto Gattica & Ken Friesen
Produced by David Foster, Dwayne Ford & Ken Friesen



Friday, November 25, 2016

WHITE WIDDOW - Silhouette (2016)

WHITE WIDDOW - Silhouette (2016) full

WHITE WIDDOW return with album number four titled "Silhouette", and they carry on where their last album left off, with lots of catchy and hook filled AOR tunes. In fact, this band follows their path without any compromise to trends, and this path is surely paved by pure '80s keyboard-driven AOR in the vein of White Sister, Giuffria, Journey and Survivor to name few.
"Silhouette", logically, will be released via AOR Heaven Records.

With a very talented singer as Jules Millis, bro Xavier Millis delivering an arsenal of keys / synths and of course, with an amazing guitarist such as Enzo Almanzi, the one thing that you expect from White Widdow is pure AOR / melodic rock stuff that grabs you at once.

"Stranded’ and ‘Smile For The Camera’ are instant, fluffy punches of classic AOR. They really nail that classic mid-80s sound and that can be their undoing at times as ‘Wild At Heart’ sounds over familiar. Mind you on ‘Living For The Night’ it sounds like Dave Bickler-fronted Survivor, classy stuff.

'Surrender My Heart' is yet another highlight from the new record, a more straight forward rocker with a bouncy tempo and another killer chorus line.
'Last Chance For Love' includes 'that kind' of pumping verses, while in 'Waited' we are dealing with a very good and with more edge rocker. "Silhouette" closes with a fantastic track; the 'heavier' 'Sleeping With The Enemy' is probably one of the best songs here.

White Widdow is one of my favorite bands. I simply love the sound of these guys. It's pure AOR Melodic Rock bliss from another era, the golden sound of the late '80s.
New album "Silhouette" follows this formula, perhaps a little more 'rocking' than the previous efforts but equally catchy. You can't go wrong with White Widdow.

01 - Stranded
02 - Surrender My Heart
03 - Living for the Night
04 - Last Chance for Love
05 - Wild at Heart
06 - Damage Is Done
07 - Game of Love
08 - Smile for the Camera
09 - Waited
10 - Sleeping with the Enemy

Jules Millis (vocals)
Xavier Millis (keyboards, vocals)
Enzo Almanzi (guitar)
Ben Webster (bass)
Noel Tenny (drums)



HERMAN FRANK - The Devil Rides Out [Limited Digipak +1] (2016)

HERMAN FRANK - The Devil Rides Out [Limited Digipak +1] (2016) full

Former Accept guitarist HERMAN FRANK is presenting his new solo album "The Devil Rides Out", available on various formats and in this Limited Digipak edition including an exclusive bonus track.
The CD - produced by Frank and mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind (Hellowen) - combines Frank's masterful guitar work with the raspy vocals of Swedish powerhouse Rick Altzi (Masterplan), the powerful drumming of Andre Hilgers (ex- Rage) and the talent of Michael Müller (Jaded Heart) on bass.

Without any doubt, Frank is one of the most prestigious German metal guitarists of the past 30 years. His dynamic compositions with their raging riffs, hooks and intelligent virtuoso solos have graced not only the works of the German cult band Victory, which he founded in the mid-Eighties, and Moon'Doc, but also as a member of the legendary '80s Accept appearing on a number of important songs on their classic "Balls To the Wall" album before returning to the band in 2005 and staying for another nine years.

But Herman's exit from Accept was made looking for a way to expose his own own songs, and what better than a solo career.
"The Devil Rides Out" is a highly consistent rocking album with every track designed to get in, smack you up and run off before you feel the first pang of tedium.

Opener 'Running Back' kicks-off with urgent riffing, pummeling double bass and Altzi’s whiskey soaked hard rock vocals squealing for power and glory. Think Accept‘s classic Fast As A Shark and you’re in the right neighborhood.
This opener gives you a pretty good idea of the rest of the album, mixing uptempo metallic tracks with groovier hard rockers, all with Altzi's 'Jorn Lande-ish' roaring vocals.

Of special note is 'Can’t Take It' which screams '80s hard rock to the rafters of whatever crappy club you attended back then, with one of the best, catchiest chorus I heard this year. This song along worth this CD.
Other highlights aew 'No Tears in Heaven' which sounds like extra heavy Tesla, and 'Run Boy Run' and its mindlessly zippy adrenaline-rich metal.
'Ballhog Zone' and 'License to Kill' are slower and edgier, both simple as hell but catchy in the way good Accept songs are.

HERMAN FRANK - The Devil Rides Out [Limited Digipak +1] (2016) disc

Herman Frank already released two solo albums throughout his career, but to me resulted a bit boring as being all-time metal. This new "The Devil Rides Out" is without a doubt his best effort, as it balances classic metal hymns with catchy hard rockers and lots of melody.

Rick Altzi's voice is perfectly suited for this kind of bluesy bar metal and he does a fine job lustily roaring and rasping through the material. Mr. Frank is quite skilled at crafting stadium Rock anthems, his ability to infuse his writing with a blue-collar, bluesy toughness is a major asset, and his solo-work is always sharp, tasteful and so '80s.
As said, some tracks here are absolutely fabulous and highly recommended to all rocking audiences out there.

01 - Running Back
02 - Shout
03 - Can't Take it
04 - No Tears in Heaven
05 - Ballhog Zone
06 - Run Boy Run
07 - Thunder of Madness
08 - License to Kill
09 - Stone Cold
10 - Dead or Alive
11 - Run for Cover
12 - I Want it All
13 - You Don't Know (Bonus Track)

Rick Altzi (Masterplan) - vocals
Herman Frank - guitars
Andre Hilgers (ex- Rage) - drums
Michael Müller (Jaded Heart) - bass



Thursday, November 24, 2016

BONEYARD DOG - Bluesbound Train (2016)

BONEYARD DOG - Bluesbound Train (2016) full

"Bluesbound Train" is the 12-track debut CD from BONEYARD DOG to be released tomorrow via AOR Heaven Records.
Boneyard Dog maybe a new band but they have an impressive pedigree in that the core duo of singer Rob Mancini (Hotwire / Crush) and guitarist Davy Kerrigan, are joined by drummer Ron Wikso (Foreigner / The Storm / Eddie Money) and former Rainbow keyboard player Tony Carey.
If that wasn’t impressive enough among the guests musicians is legendary bassist Neil Murray (ex Whitesnake, Black Sabbath) and Marc Lynn of Gotthard fame.

As we heard in his recent solo albums, Rob Mancini has lovely, slightly roughened vocal which suits the bluesy hard rock on here and on ‘Mother Lode’ he reminded me of Eddie Money. The title track fairly steams out of your speakers, with Davy Kerrigan firing off tasty riffs all over the place while Tony Carey adds in a piano riff and Hammond fills.
Getting Tony Carey involved is a master stroke as his keyboard playing really adds a classy stamp to the proceedings.

Then they can funk it up a little on ‘Paid My Dues’, again the guitar playing of Davy Kerrigan shines through and classic rock aficionados will love the solo. ‘Lay Down The Law’ tips a nod to ZZ Top – loving the riff and vocals on this one.
Lyrically they tackle the usual suspects like relationships, the classic blues refrain of reflecting on life (‘Hell And Back’) and get a little naughty on ‘The Fire Down Below’ – say no more!

BONEYARD DOG - Bluesbound Train (2016) inside

Boneyard Dog were after an old-school hard rock sound and I’d say job done. Staying true to their roots in rock’n’roll music, a style all members are involved in for over a decade, the band also implemented their love and passion for blues into the project.
"Bluesbound Train" is a very, very good Classic Rock album that will find many new friends and listeners.
Let's hope this is more than a one-off and that they can play some live dates as the songs on here are crying out to be played live.
Highly Recommended

01 - Atchafayalla
02 - Mother Lode
03 - Kingdom of Your Company
04 - Lonely Road
05 - 100 Guns
06 - Bluesbound Train
07 - Paid My Dues
08 - Lay Down the Law
09 - Hell and Back
10 - Heartbreaker
11 - Fire Down Below
12 - Boneyard Dog

Rob Mancini (ex Hotwire, Crush) - vocals
Davy Kerrigan - guitars
Ron Wikso (Foreigner, The Storm, Eddie Money) - drums
Tony Carey (ex Rainbow) - keyboards
Neil Murray (ex Whitesnake, Black Sabbath) - bass
Marc Lynn (Gotthard) - bass on "Lonely Road"
John Pratt (Firefly, Roxbury Drive) - backing vocals



SISTER - Stand Up, Forward, March! (2016)

SISTER - Stand Up, Forward, March! (2016) full

Swedish sleaze metal outfit SISTER will release their new album "Stand Up, Forward, March!" on November 25 via Metal Blade. The labum was produced by H.E.A.T keyboardist Jona Tee, and mixed by renowned Tobias Lindell (Europe, Crahshdiet, Hardcore Superstar) so expect a punchy polished sound.

Ain’t no sleaze like the old sleaze... Ok, yeah we know what it its like.
Sister is all about classic sleaze / glam without the dirt. Yeah, they sound incredibly clean and bright, and despite they have a somber, dark image, their songs are darn catchy.

Of course sister has that ol' sleaze punkish attitude in the way that early Motley Crue was, if opener 'Destination Dust' isn’t enough to get you looking for your Spandex pants, then 'Carved In Stone' probably will. Essentially because it boasts a hook so huge that it’s like taking a wrecking ball to a Wendy House.
The feeling that is just hedonistic fun, is rather re-enforced by a line in its lyrics: “you’ll pray for mercy to whatever gets you off” sings Jamie Anderson, and this is the soundtrack to whatever night you feel like letting go.

Some tracks may you remind of Crashdiet or Shotgun Messiah, but it is worth saying that "Stand Up, Forward, March!" isn’t some retro bullshit made by a load of blokes who should know better.
'Lost In Line' for example adds some modern flourishes to its work, “Carry On” is a ballad-ish thing which has more than an echo of Backyard Babies and an updated poppy feeling.

Largely, though, this is about slammers. 'Unbeliever' might do a kind of power metal fists in the air power metal, but it knows where its bread is buttered too, and when they do let things breathe a little like on 'Let It Bleed' it is only so they can make things even more ominous than they were.

SISTER - Stand Up, Forward, March! (2016) inside

I really like Sister when it's about balls out rock 'n roll / hard rock, like “Dead Man’s Dirt” and the positively punky sleaze nihilism of 'Piece Of Shame' which ends things.
Then the fact that Sister keeps just enough diversity of sound in their tracks as it’s not the same exact thing eleven times over but nothing drastically different, it shows that Sister has a real understanding of the sound they were going for, and it ends in pure excellence in this scenario.
Jona Tee of H.E.A.T has done a terrific job focusing Sister to catchiness.

Sister's third album "Stand Up, Forward, March!" rocks.
Some say the first albums the only good albums from a band, others claim third time’s the charm, and others like myself believe that any album can be great. Both the latter and the second prove to be true with this record, and it shows that Sister isn’t by any means a band to put out one decent record and then immediately face plant creatively, but quite the opposite.
“Stand Up, Forward, March!” demonstrate how much of a killer power house Sister is as a whole, and it’s very hard to deny that after hearing this ravenous piece.

01 - Destination Dust
02 - Carved in Stone
03 - Lost in Line
04 - Trail of Destruction
05 - Carry On
06 - Unbeliever
07 - Let It Bleed
08 - Liberation Song
09 - Dead Man's Dirt
10 - Endangered Species
11 - Piece of Shame

Jamie Anderson - Vocals
Martin Sweet - Bass
Tim Tweak - Guitar
Cari Crow - Drums



HEART & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2016)

HEART & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2016) full

HEART will release their first-ever concert film with a full orchestra on Dec. 2, titled "Live at Royal Albert Hall" with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The show captures the multi-platinum sellers making their first ever live appearance at London's historic Royal Albert Hall while on tour this past Summer.

The concert took place just prior to the release of their 16th studio album titled Beautiful Broken - an album consisting of new material and some interesting rearrangements of past album tracks - and the setlist features some of these along with many of Heart's huge back catalogue of smash hits.

The Wilson sisters kick off their set with their classic "Magic Man," followed by "Heaven" and yet another classic "Dreamboat Annie," from their early years. Ann Wilson showcases her trademark pipes on "What About Love," while Nancy displays her soothing vocals on the mellifluous "These Dreams."

Ann tears the roof off the historic venue with "Alone," as she nails the high note, and equally charming are the songs from their latest studio effort, Beautiful Broken. Nancy proved to be a guitar goddess on "Crazy on You," especially with her killer guitar solo opener.

Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart are excellent at the Royal Albert Hall, and the Royal Philharmonic helps bring their songs to a higher level.
This release (also available on DVD and Blu-ray) is a must for any Heart fans or rock music listeners. They won't be disappointed. It gives the listener a front-row seat to this exquisite concert.

01. Magic Man
02. Heaven
03. Dreamboat Annie
04. What About Love
05. I Jump
06. Sweet Darlin'
07. Two
08. These Dreams
09. Alone
10. Beautiful Broken
11. Mashallah!
12. Silver Wheels
13. Crazy On You
14. Sand
15. No Quarter
16. Barracuda
17. Kick It Out



BURNING POINT - The Blaze (2016)

BURNING POINT - The Blaze (2016) full

Tomorrow is the release day for Finnish combo BURNING POINT new album "The Blaze", the first full record featuring former Battle Beast vocalist Nitte Valo.
Although tagged as power metal, for me Burning point is more related to Melodic Metal with a strong dose of traditional Hard Rock groove.

Burning Point has been an active part of the European Metal scene since the late '90s. Led by mastermind Pete Ahonen the band has released five studio albums since then, all to critical acclaim. In 2014 former Battle Beast singer Nitte Valo joined the band as new vocalist.

Late 2016, and the band now deliver another convincing album which concentrates on the band’s strengths solely: European melodic metal with power touches, spiced with bits of hard rock but also Judas Priest-like nuances, making ‘The Blaze’ a boiling fiery cocktail of passionate vocals and impactful riffs.

Nitte’s presence and unmistakable voice adds the special 'something' to the already established band's sound. She absolutely delivers and does what she can do best; sing in perfect pitch and control.

There are eleven uptempo tracks here to have you bouncing around your living room and getting your air guitars out, although they can slow it down a bit, being the awesome 'My Spirit' being one example.
But my favorite - among all being really solid - should be 'Time Has Come', filled with true '80s-style keyboards and a contagious melody.

RICHIE KOTZEN - I'm Coming Out (2011)tracks

Additionally, we have a killer cover of Lee Aaron's classic 'Metal Queen', another proof of Burning Point's Eighties feel, not only song-wise but also in production & sound which are very modern but inspired in the classic metal records of the glorious decade.
One of the best produced records I heard this year.

Don't trust those classifying this band simply as power metal. Sure, there's double bass drums and some galloping here and there, but everything is really melodic from the incredible clean vocals and sharp guitar riffs to the great classic keys / synth arrangements.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Master Them All
02 - Time Has Come
03 - Incarnation
04 - My Spirit
05 - The Lie
06 - Dark Winged Angel
07 - Chaos Rising
08 - Lost in Your Thoughts
09 - Things That Drag Me Down
10 - The King Is Dead, Long Live the King
11 - Metal Queen

Nitte Valo / Vocals
Pete Ahonen / Guitars
Pekka Kolivuori / Guitars
Sammy Nyman / Bass
Jarkko Väisänen / Keyboards
Jussi Ontero / Drums



AC ANGRY - Appetite For Erection (2016)

AC ANGRY - Appetite For Erection (2016) full

German hard rockers AC ANGRY will release their new album "Appetite For Erection" on November 25th via Steamhammer / SPV worldwide. It will be available as a CD version (digipak) and a limited edition LP of only 500 copies.
This is the quartet's second effort and let's be honest, if you title your album “Appetite For Erection” you don’t really care that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature, do you?
Rather, you subscribe to the view that there are two sorts of music: rock and roll, and that’s exactly what you get from AC Angry on their major label debut.

They start the record with a 'cheerful' song... “they make my asshole bleed” is a key line in it’s verse, but it’s the “they” here that is important, because the song is called “I Hate AC Angry.” In short all the clichés about Germans lacking a sense of humor can largely be dispensed with here. The four piece know this is ludicrous and they couldn’t give two shits.
If they did then surely they wouldn’t have the thought of “no way you’re coming back, now get down and lick my sack” at the centre of second track '4TW', there wouldn’t be the undercurrent of cruelty in the bluesy 'Nowhere to Go but Down', and there wouldn’t be a ballad here called 'Son Of A Motherfucker’s Son' (!)
The latter has the same intent as Skid Row’s “18 and Life” at the end of the '80s, but with more swearing.

And so it goes. Take the classic rock riffs (twin guitar attack) and the f@ck you attitude of 1983 Motley Crue or WASP and you might come up with 'I Wanna Hurt Somebody' and the title track – and get this – it really does contain the line ”I got a boner all day and a smile on my face” and is even dumber and filthier than it sounds.
Look, there’s no reason in the world that anyone should admit to enjoying a song called 'The Balls Are Back In Town', no one should write a ballad called 'Cry Idiot Cry' but you will, and AC Angry have.

The thought that both band and listener are in on the joke is why this is great.
That and it finishes the record with a song called 'Testosterone' which has the pay off of “balls out ready for a good f@cking”. A family singalong this is not.
It’s nasty, it’s stupid and it’s better than you dare admit.

AC ANGRY - Appetite For Erection (2016) inside

Unreconstructed, this is essentially the musical equivalent to laughing your head off when someone gets a punch in the balls. You don’t want to find it funny, you know it shouldn’t be, but it is. That’s the best way to look at it.
Of course you know there’s a million more worthy albums released this year, but despite that, if there’s any rock n roll rebel in your heart, you’ll find much to like despite your best efforts.
Now, turn it up to 11 and don’t let your Nan hear it at Christmas.

01 - I Hate AC Angry
02 - 4TW
03 - No Way To Go But Down
04 - I Wanna Hurt Somebody
05 - Appetite For Erection
06 - Son Of A Motherfucker's Son
07 - The Balls Are Back In Town
08 - Take You Shake You Break You
09 - Cry Idiot Cry
10 - Testosterone

Alan Costa: Vocals, Guitar
Stefan Kuhn: Lead Guitar
Dennis Kirsch: Bass
Norman Steisslinger: Drums
thanks to Andy Thorley

Pre Order:


THE TREATMENT - Generation Me [Deluxe Edition +4] (2016)

THE TREATMENT - Generation Me [Deluxe Edition +4] (2016) full

THE TREATMENT 3rd album "Generation Me" was one of the most fun CD's released this Summer, now their label Frontiers Music are announcing the digital release of a Deluxe Edition adding 4 bonus tracks: one new studio track (Killer), and stripped down acoustic performances of: 'Let It Begin (Acoustic)', 'Running With the Dogs (Acoustic)' and 'We Are Beautiful (Acoustic)'.

"Generation Me" is the first The Treatment album to feature new members Mitchell Emms (who some of you may recognise from the BBC TV program The Voice) on vocals & Tao Grey on guitar.
After the first listen, it is very easy to understand what these two bring to the band; is like a breath of fresh air, overall the band are tighter, the songs are better, the playing is better, and what a voice Mitchel Emms has, the classic screaming hard rock range, full of power and passion which you can hear on every song.

The opening track and first single ‘Let It Begin’ kicks in with a super catchy classic hard rock inspired riff and some superb vocals from Emms. Sonically, it’s the same full on attack that you would expect from the band but it’s the vocal delivery which is different now and it works really well. A belter.

‘The Devil’ is next up, another strong song propelling the album onwards and upwards. ‘Tell Us The Truth’ keeps the momentum going with another foot stomping and air guitar playing rocking track, and title track ‘Generation Me’, is no slouch either and could quite easily be the next single. This is an immense hard rock track, hard hitting with loads of great hooks and some truly great guitar playing.

‘Backseat Heartbeat’ is as slow as this album ever gets, an infectious song with a great chorus and another outstanding lead vocal from Emms.
Quite a few albums drop off the pace a bit, or indeed a lot after the first 5 or 6 tracks, not so this, every song is quality, it is simply a case of deciding which one you like the most. ‘We Are Beautiful’, ‘I Know She Knows’, ‘Bloodsucker’ and ‘Better Think Again’ can all be examined and pass with flying colours, while the album closer ‘Light The Sun’ is really the icing on the cake.

Bonus track 'Killer' is indeed an assassin rocker plenty of stinging double guitars and a cool street attitude.
The acoustic songs / versions confirm The Treatment's primal rock 'n roll essence; these songs can be played on full electric distortion / effects as well as stripped in full acoustics, and still sound great.

I can se why Frontiers Music signed the Treatment for the release of "Generation Me". It’s almost as if you can tell these guys have been to the gym as they’re sounding so much tighter, muscular than they have ever done.
This is The Treatment reborn and hungry for success. That success can’t be too far away now.
Highly Recommended

01 - Let It Begin
02 - The Devil
03 - Tell Us the Truth
04 - Generation Me
05 - Backseat Heartbeat
06 - Cry Tough
07 - We Are Beautiful
08 - I Know She Knows
09 - Bloodsucker
10 - Better Think Again
11 - Light the Sun
12 - Killer (Bonus Track)
13 - Let It Begin (Acoustic Version)
14 - Running with the Dogs (Acoustic Version)
15 - We Are Beautiful (Acoustic Version)

Mitchel Emms - Vocals
Tagore Grey - Guitar
Tao Grey - Guitar
Dhani Mansworth - Drums
Rick 'Swoggle' Newman - Bass



Wednesday, November 23, 2016

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases December 2016

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases December 2016 full

From the next Frontiers Music next month release batch we have new tracks by ENUFF Z'NUFF (the punchy 'Dog On A Bone'), HEVIDENCE (the catchy melodic hard rocker 'Overdrive' and the groovy 'I Want More'), ETERNAL IDOL (the powerful ballad 'A Song In The Wind') and the very promising DARIO MOLLO'S CROSSBONES (the raising 'Take Me High'). We have presented the previous advances from all these releases, and the new tracks confirm the quality of the albums to come.

Also via Frontiers, on January 27, 2017 will appear Stephen Pearcy's fourth solo album, Smash. The original vocalist and founding member of the platinum rockers RATT has provided as advance 'I Can't Take It', mixed and mastered by none other than the legendary Beau Hill, the producer of RATT's first four albums, among many other hit records.

If you need classy AOR then take a listen to WHITE WIDDOW's 'Stranded' from the new album for AOR Heaven Records. Love those keys.
Speaking of prime AOR Melodic Rock Legends FOREIGNER are ready to release a 10-inch vinyl EP, 'The Flame Still Burns' via Rhino Records. The highly collectible EP features a brand new recording of the title track, a song Mick Jones wrote for the film Still Crazy.

'Stay With Me' is the first single from Swiss hard rock veterans GOTTHARD, taken from the band's upcoming twelfth studio album Silver which will be released on January 13, 2017. Great song.
Finnish melodic metallers BURNING POINT, whose current lineup includes singer Nitte Vänskä (ex-BATTLE BEAST), will release their new album The Blaze via AFM Records. The two advance tracks, the melodious 'Time Has Come' plenty of keys and the heavier 'The King Is Dead' sound fabulous.

BLACK STAR RIDERS will release their third studio album, Heavy Fire, in February 2017. First single 'When The Night Comes In' is ridiculously catchy and I can't wait for the full CD.
Melodic Rockers SANTA CRUZ are back after some line up changes and the new single 'Drag Me Down' sounds really well.
Also coming from twilight zone are veterans AUTOGRAPH with a new album almost ready, to be released next year. 'Every Generation' is very promising. 'Fairytale' is the new rocking song from glamsters SWEET LEOPARD, from their new album to be released soon.

01 - White Widdow - Stranded
02 - Black Star Riders - When The Night Comes In
03 - Gotthard - Stay With Me
04 - Foreigner - The Flame Still Burns
05 - Stephen Pearcy - I Can't Take It (2017)
06 - Burning Point - Time Has Come
07 - Hevidence - Overdrive
08 - Dario Mollo's Crossbones - Take Me High
09 - Eternal Idol - A Song In The Wind
10 - Enuff Z'Nuff - Dog On A Bone
11 - Santa Cruz - Drag Me Down
12 - Autograph - Every Generation
13 - Sweet Leopard - Fairytale
14 - Hevidence - I Want More
15 - Burning Point - The King Is Dead

Only at 0dayrox


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BOBBY KIMBALL - We're Not In Kansas Anymore (2016)

BOBBY KIMBALL - We're Not In Kansas Anymore (2016) full

Former iconic Toto vocalist BOBBY KIMBALL has just released his new album "We're Not In Kansas Anymore", his third solo record. The CD sees him joining forces again with producer, songwriter and keyboarder David Zaika (which was the driving force behind Kimball's previous effort) and excellent multi-instrumentalist Dave Barnett, who also plays all over the recording.
"We're Not In Kansas Anymore" captures the legacy of the Toto flavored sound; melodious rock, polyphonic arrangements, and a great sound. Bobby Kimball still remains unmistakable, his vocals are pretty unique.

Bobby Kimball is the original lead singer of the band Toto. It was Kimball’s soaring tenor lead vocals on those legendary hits including Rosanna, Hold the Line, Africa, and I'll Supply the Love that made him so recognizable.
He won six Grammy awards from the album Toto IV. His tenure with the band spanned from 1977-1984, and he rejoined the band 1998-2008.

In 1994 Kimball released his first solo album followed by All I Ever Needed in 1996, teamed up with John Zaika. Since then Kimball released some singles and EP, but we had to wait twenty years for a full length new album.
Well worth the wait, believe me.

In 2016, for "We're Not in Kansas Anymore" Kimball and Zaika joined again, this time with some of the players from All I Ever Needed, plus a new breed of multi-talented musicians and vocalists, including David Barnett who co-wrote all the songs, and co-produced on the project.
The album also features drummer Joel Taylor, keyboardist Mitchel Forman (ex-John McLaughlin), monster bassist Brian Bromberg (who shares co-production credit), superb keyboardist Derek Sherinian, and many more.

What first impressed me on "We're Not in Kansas Anymore" is the fantastic production quality. Second, Kimball still can sing (and very well), and third, and not less important, the really good songs on offer.
If you miss Toto years with Bobby Kimball at front, this record quench your thirst.
Punchy, groovy songs like 'Too Far Behind' or the great 'One Day' are mixed with rockers such as 'Hey It's Me' and 'Flatline', there's a funky beast in 'Some They Do', and of course elegant ballads in the midtempo melodic rocker 'Met Her For' (reminds me Jim Peterik / Pride Of Lions songs) and the more slow and soulful 'You'll Be With Me'.

BOBBY KIMBALL - We're Not In Kansas Anymore (2016) back

Again, gotta say I am truly impressed by Bobby Kimball's "We're Not In Kansas Anymore". I was not expecting a new album of such quality in all departments.
Great - I mean, some are superb - songs, terrific instrumentation & production and Kimball's vocals in fine form. There's some killer guitar solos as well, so the 'Lukather factor' is filled as well.
This is a must have for any Toto fan, and a deserved A+ for any melodic rock / AOR fan out there.

01 - Too Far Behind
02 - On My Feet
03 - Hey It's Me
04 - One Day
05 - Flatline
06 - Met Her For
07 - Hold On
08 - Scam
09 - You'll Be With Me
10 - Some They Do
11 - You're Not Alone

Bobby Kimball - Lead Vocals
Dave Barnett - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Derek Sherinian - Piano, B3, Clav & Synths
Brian Bromberg, David DeShazo, Dwayne Heggar - Bass
Adam Schwem, Dave Barnett, Bob Glaub - Guitar
Joel Taylor - Drums
John Zaika, Steve Fawcett, Mitchel Forman - Keyboards
Jonny Zywiciel - Lead Vocals
Thomas Ebby, David Butler, Jim Foster - Horns
Tony Wilcox, Dexter Espinoza - Background Vocals
This album is dedicated in loving memory of Tony Wilcox and Jimi Jamison



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