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We at 0dayrox work hard to bring to you the best music news. We're not just another site posting releases in a row, we take the time to select the best, 'trimming the fat' to get the 'cream of the crop'. Additionally, we have our exclusive features mostly coming from personal purchases.

That is a big time-consuming, alongside to write a proper review and prepare all the material.
So, to maintain the site's quality we are asking you to help us with a donation or contribution.

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Anonymous ,  Friday, February 03, 2017  

How does this work? Is it $7 or more donation per month to get this added benefit?

0dayrox Friday, February 03, 2017  

Just donate and you'll receive the links in your email.

Anonymous ,  Saturday, February 04, 2017  

Will donate right now. Great idea!

Rudio ,  Wednesday, February 08, 2017  

I love you! Can I say that? Yes, for this time.
Deep Purple's EP.... a secret wish.

But also a more serious matter.
The last mailing I received is from february 3 (L.A. GUNS/THE PAT McMANUS/2xHORISONT).
I don't know if something is wrong or maybe I'm a bit premature, but I wanted you to know.

0dayrox Thursday, February 09, 2017  

Rudio, check your email. Fixed.

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