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CHARLIE - Elysium (2015)

CHARLIE - Elysium (2015)

At this point of Rock history, British melodic rockers CHARLIE are a cult classic band with some great albums recorded during the Seventies / Eighties, until the band returned in 2009 for a solid comeback album. I am sure none was expecting a new Charlie album ever, but founder, singer & songwriter Terry Thomas has recruited original members Julian Colbeck and Martin Smith (along with guest drummer Steve Alexander) for the recording of this final album entitled "Elysium".
And I am glad he did it, as "Elysium" is a wonderful, delicious CD from start to finish.

During the Seventies Charlie blended melodious rocking songs (in the style of City Boy to name one reference) with some progressive elements. The band released five albums that went quite unnoticed in UK, however, in the USA things were decidedly different as their melodic style gained them significant traction on FM radio, which resulted in the band working almost exclusively for that market.
In the early '80s they moved to USA and embraced the AOR / melodic rock sound so popular in the first half of the decade, creating some memorable tunes into four 'American' albums.
Then Terry Thomas concentrated in producing other artists, until the mid-2000's when resurrected Charlie and released a celebrated comeback album in 2009, almost recorded all by himself.

Honestly, I was not expecting a new Charlie album, even less with original members at the helm. Well, Terry Thomas did it, and "Elysium" is one of the best albums you'll hear this year.
Call it what you want: melodic rock, progressive, hard rock (classic), all is here blended in this new CD.
The hook-filled melodies, the interesting arrangements, the biting, cynical lyrics are all in place on this 2015 Charlie release. Oh yeah, Charlie 2015 is more about thought-mind themes than girls & rock 'n roll lifestyle, but this is a plus, believe me.

CHARLIE - Elysium (2015) inside

You have melodic hard rockers like opener 'YouTube Girl', the groovy 'Make It Real' or the ridiculously catchy 'I Want A Maserati' (they haven't lost the sense of humor). There's also classic rockers with tons of groove and attitude like 'Clutching At Straws' including Hammond B3 and excellent atmospheres.
But my favorites are the intelligent melodic rockers such as 'Talking Heads', 'Call Me Dave', the cheerful 'Hey Dude', or the acoustically filled and poppy 'The Super Rich'. Thomas & Co. also add an elaborate touch of melodic progressive on songs like the captivating 'Virus', and especially the terrific 'Abandon Ship'.
There's as well elegant ballads in title track 'Elysium' (more a mid-tempo, slow melodic rocker indeed) and the heartfelt 'Thinking About You', both songs arranged and performed with class.

As said above, from my personal experience, "Elysium" is one of the best albums I heard this year.
It's expansive, rocking but far from ordinary, melodic but with essence, there's some beautifully crafted harmonies, fantastic guitar solos, catchy choruses and really, really good lyrics.
As happened with the new Dakota album, this new Charlie album is being silently released through a small London based label called Floating World Records.
It doesn't matter, we are here to bring you these little hidden gems... Charlie's "Elysium" deserve to be listened by all quality Rock music aficionados.
Awesome record : HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - YouTube Girl
02 - The Ballad of Kerry Katona
03 - Virus
04 - Make It Real
05 - Elysium
06 - I Want A Maserati
07 - Thinking About You
08 - Call Me Dave
09 - Clutching At Straws
10 - Hey Dude
11 - Abandon Ship
12 - The Super Rich
13 - Sad
14 - Talking Heads

Terry Thomas - lead vocals, guitar
Martin Smith - guitar, bass, backing vocals
Julian Colbeck - keyboards, backing vocals
Steve Alexander (Jeff Beck Band) - guest drummer



Anonymous ,  Tuesday, December 01, 2015  

awesome piece of work. already ordered a copy thanks to you. thanx for all you do

Olli Saturday, May 14, 2016  

thank you - it would be awesome if you could post their self-titled album "Charlie", one of my favourite LPs - it is that old
thank you

0dayrox Tuesday, May 17, 2016  

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