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BURNTFIELD - Cold Heat (2015)

BURNTFIELD - Cold Heat (2015) full


BURNTFIELD is a new, young Melodic Rock band from Helsinki, Finland, presenting their new record "Cold Heat". Burntfield started in late 2012, and after an EP and single, with this new work the quartet are decided to reach all fans of the genre worldwide (and a record label to sign them).

Released & produced by themselves, "Cold Heat" features new guitarist-singer Valtteri Seppänen, who joined the group early this year.
According to the band's press sheet, in their music they combine elements from hard rock through hints of AOR and blues to progressive rock, reaching for a vibrant and organic sound. By mixing vintage & modern and sharing the vocal and songwriting responsibilities, strong melodies and diverse compositions are born.
Well, I agree for the most part with this.

Indeed Burntfield could be called Melodic Hard Rock, but the type influenced and fed by the classic rock mold. You know, the focus here is not instantly catchy / commercial tunes, but more elaborated stuff.
That does not mean Burntfield are not able to drop a gorgeous melodic arrangements here and there, but the compositions are 'organic' as a whole. Proof of this are various songs over the five minute mark, where the band finds space to develop their pretty interesting ideas.

BURNTFIELD - Cold Heat (2015) inside

Leaning more to a classic sound than bombast, all the songs have a strong American feel plenty of mature vocals and multi-part harmonies, valvular sounding guitars and very melodious choruses.
Some are more rocking such as "Deal With It", "Under The Dome", "Let It Die Away", and the quite anthemic "Love Is Fire", while others include mellower acoustics like "How Lucky", "What Remains" or the beautiful "Q&A" featuring a string arrangement.

Burntfield is a really fresh, interesting new band from Finland. The guys aim for classic sounds inspired by the golden days of American FM Rock, rich in melodies and pristine sounds.
Their music is not easy to classify and this is a good thing: you hear the influences on the sleeve but crafted with a personal touch.
If there's a band to name as reference, I could mention the excellent US outfit Neverland, which released a stupendous record in the early '90s (and were featured on Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey album soundtrack).
Quite Recommended.

01 - Deal With It
02 - Q&A
03 - Under The Dome
04 - How Lucky
05 - Let It Die Away
06 - Change My Ways
07 - Love Is Fire
08 - What Remains

Juho Myllylä - guitars, vocals
Valtteri Seppänen - guitars, vocals
Ville Repo - guitars, vocals
Tero Heinonen - bass, vocals
Riku Vääriskoski - drums, percussion
special guests:
Arttu Vauhkonen - keyboards, programming
J. Launonen, L. Methuen, V. Vaari, M. Walden - string quartet on 2, 4



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