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WIRELESS - Positively Human Relatively Sane [Rock Candy remaster]

WIRELESS - Positively Human Relatively Sane [Rock Candy remaster] full

WIRELESS were one of the best kept secrets in Canadian Rock. An obscure Toronto - via Australia - based quartet with a neat line in quirky yet powerful Hard Rock, sending out a message with every turn of the screw.
Rock Candy Records has provided a clear remastering to two of the Wireless' essentials, including this "Positively Human, Relatively Sane"

When the dust begins to settle on the story of Canadian Rock, Wireless will make but a small footnote in its vast canon. Whilst others may have achieved huge international acclaim there will be a handful that, although selling very few records, will always be remembered and respected for creating some of the most challenging music of our times.
Step forward Wireless, a Toronto based quartet who utilised a quirky progressive rock template whilst designating a purposeful hard rock backbone to songs that had both meaning and message.

WIRELESS - Positively Human Relatively Sane [Rock Candy remaster] booklet

Managed by SRO, the same people behind premiere Canadian rock band Rush, and signed to Anthem Records (another Rush related spin-off venture) "Positively Human, Relatively Sane" was greeted with universal acclaim by those fed-up to the back teeth with schlock rock and pop.
Wireless' music was both demanding yet accessible, harbouring subterfuge and surprise as weapons of choice.
Produced my ex Max Webster bassist Mike Tilka and boasting nine tracks of superlative, quirky yet original hard rock, the album surfs the surface of convention whilst making inroads regular into progressive complexity. Imagine Steely Dan jamming with the Blue Öyster Cult and that might give some indication of the kind of musical magic we're talking about.

WIRELESS - Positively Human Relatively Sane [Rock Candy remaster] back

If you've never heard Wireless' music or even if you've never actually heard their name before, then might we suggest you get it on the action now or forever hold your curiosity.

On CD for the first time, the sound quality on "Positively Human, Relatively Sane" is really good. The complete liner notes takes a deep inside look at the group's creation, roots and demise, a pleasant memorabilia for any rock music fan and collector.
Another great rescue by Rock Candy to a Canadian band that's faded away but not forgotten by true hard rock enthusiasts.

1. I Know You Know
2. No Way Out
3. Goodnight Ladies
4. Right To Beg
5. What You Make It
6. The Hard Way
7. Sign Right Here
8. The Rut
9. 461 Markham

Michael Crawfords (guitar, vocals)
Steve McMurray (guitar)
Allan Marshall (bass, vocals)
Marty Morin (drums, vocals)



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