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WIRELESS - No Static [Rock Candy remaster]

WIRELESS - No Static [Rock Candy remaster] full

WIRELESS were one of the best kept secrets in Canadian rock. An obscure Toronto - via Australia - based quartet with a neat line in quirky yet powerful hard rock, sending out a message with every turn of the screw.
Rock Candy Records have rescued two of the Wireless' essentials, providing a clear remastering.

Prior to this "No Static", the band had issued two warmly received if poorly selling albums leaving them to question their very existence. Indeed, all but resigned to breaking up, word reached Rush bassist/singer Geddy Lee who immediately jumped to the rescue, offering his production services if they would consider sticking together and making another album.
Faced with such overwhelming enthusiasm and a label (Anthem) keen as mustard to bank roll another record, they humbly acceded to demand.

WIRELESS - No Static [Rock Candy remaster] booklet

Recorded at Le Studio, Moran Heights, just outside Montreal, "No Static" takes the Wireless mandate to its logical conclusion, crafting arguably the band's definitive musical statement.
Geddy Lee's hands on approach documents a band very much on the attack, leading by example and ramping up the energy level on all fronts. Mike Tilka from Max Webster Band also helped in the process.

Heavier, harder, yet always hummable, "No Static" makes its intent clear from the lead-off track "Pay To Ride" through to the very closing fade of "Journey Of A Possible Hero" and all points in between.
Look out for the epic "East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon", a peach of a tune perfectly encapsulating Wireless' ability impress at every turn.

WIRELESS - No Static [Rock Candy remaster] back

Properly released on CD for the first time, the sound quality on "No Static" is second to none in this excellent digital remaster by Rock Candy.
The complete liner notes takes a deep inside look at the group's creation, roots and demise, a pleasant memorabilia for any '80s rock music fan and collector.
Another great rescue by Rock Candy to a Canadian band that's faded away but not forgotten by true hard rock enthusiasts.

01 - Pay To Ride
02 - Timekeeper
03 - Go Naked Through The World
04 - One Of A Kind
05 - East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon
06 - Deep Heat
07 - Warm Night With A 3/4 Moon
08 - Friends
09 - Journey Of A Possible Hero

Mike Crawford - guitars & backing vocals
Steve McMurray - guitars & backing vocals
Allan Marshall - bass, lead backing vocals
Marty Morin - drums & backing vocals
Produced by Geddy Lee (Rush)



Anonymous ,  Sunday, April 02, 2017  

Awesome - thanks! Do you have any 707? Another great Canadian band!

0dayrox Monday, April 03, 2017  

707 Rock Candy remasters coming soon.

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