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JOHN WETTON - The Studio Recordings Anthology (2015)

JOHN WETTON - The Studio Recordings Anthology (2015) full


Legendary English musician JOHN WETTON, best known for his work with Asia, UK and King Crimson, is releasing two new albums this month: the already presented here New York Minute, and this "The Studio Recordings Anthology" double CD containing 32 tracks from six of his solo albums and featuring guest appearances by Jim Peterik (Survivor), Robert Fripp, Steve Hackett, Geoff Downes, Steve Lukather and many others, plus songs co-written with the likes of Bruce Turgon (Foreigner), Peterik, Jim Vallance and talented Bob Marlette.

"The Studio Recordings Anthology" is exactly that, a complete Anthology and not a greatest hits compilation.
It delves into John Wetton solo ventures from his first album 'Caught in the Crossfire' released in 1980 to his last 'Raised in Captivity' (2011), taken not only the most known cuts, but the best in my opinion.

I am a huge fan of John Wetton's music, of course, since Asia's first album.
But also I love his solo records, and "The Studio Recordings Anthology" presents the best from all of them.
You have here 3 wonderful tracks from Wetton's pretty unheard first album 'Caught in the Crossfire', including great the title track and the lovely "Woman" (with hints of the upcoming Asia).
Also the most representative cuts from his very good 2003's 'Rock of Faith' ("I've Come To Take You Home" is simply outstanding), and 'Raised in Captivity (2011)' appeared on Frontiers Records.

Of course, my favorite songs are from John Wetton's more AOR oriented albums: the awesome 1994 'Battle Lines' (entitled Voice Mail in Japan), 'Arkangel' (1997) and the terrific 2001 'Sinister', appeared a year before in Japan as 'Welcome to Heaven'.
Tracks like "Hold Me Now", "Where Do We Go From Here?" (co-written with master Jim Vallance), "I Can't Lie Anymore", the keyboard-laden "Heart Of Darkness", the catchy "Say It Ain't So" or the monster AOR midtempo "Second Best" are must haves in your collection.

JOHN WETTON - The Studio Recordings Anthology (2015) back cover

John Wetton's "The Studio Recordings Anthology" is a no-brainer purchase.
All the songs here are exquisite, fully remastered for your listening pleasure, and you get 2 CD for the price of 1.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and if you don't have any Wetton solo album, A MUST HAVE.

CD 1:
01 - The Circle Of St. Giles (from Arkangel 1997)
02 - The Last Thing On My Mind (from Arkangel 1997)
03 - Hold Me Now (from Battle Lines 1994)
04 - Where Do We Go From Here? (from Sinister 2001)
05 - Another Twist Of The Knife (from Sinister 2001)
06 - I've Come To Take You Home (from Rock of Faith 2003)
07 - I Can't Lie Anymore (from Arkangel 1997)
08 - Lost For Words (from Raised in Captivity 2011)
09 - Battle Lines (from Battle Lines 1994)
10 - Caught In The Crossfire (from Caught in the Crossfire 1980)
11 - Arkangel (from Arkangel 1997)
12 - Right Where I Wanted To Be (from Battle Lines 1994)
13 - Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way (from Rock of Faith 2003)
14 - Second Best (from Sinister 2001)
15 - Woman (from Caught in the Crossfire 1980)
16 - Real World (from Sinister 2001)

CD 2:
01 - Heart Of Darkness (from Sinister 2001)
02 - Say It Ain't So (from Sinister 2001)
03 - Cold In The Night (from Caught in the Crossfire 1980)
04 - You're Not The Only One (from Battle Lines 1994)
05 - Raised In Captivity (from Raised in Captivity 2011)
06 - Steffi's Ring (from Raised in Captivity 2011)
07 - Walking On Air (from Battle Lines 1994)
08 - Take Me To The Waterline (from Rock of Faith 2003)
09 - Silently (from Sinister 2001)
10 - Battle Lines [Acoustic]
11 - I Lay Down (from Rock of Faith 2003)
12 - Rock Of Faith (from Rock of Faith 2003)
13 - Who Will Light A Candle? (from Rock of Faith 2003)
14 - You Against The World (from Arkangel 1997)
15 - Emma (from Arkangel 1997)
16 - After All (from Arkangel 1997)



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