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JAC DALTON - PowderKeg (2015)

JAC DALTON - PowderKeg (2015) full


We were already amazed by JAC DALTON's previous album (presented HERE) remastered / repackaged and reissued last year in the wait of the new CD. The day has come, and the JAC DALTON Band are releasing their new opus "PowderKeg" today, February 25.

"PowderKeg" makes justice to its title: it's an explosive collection of songs blending traditional Melodic Hard Rock sound with timeless Classic Rock riffs and hooks.
Born in the USA but established many years ago in Australia, Jac has conformed a terrific band of musicians which have been together for almost a decade. And you can tell this; "PowderKeg" sounds like a real band, powerful, tight, energetic.
Part of the success of the 10 tracks presented here should be credited to guitarist Graham Greene (leader of great rockers Ice Tiger) which riffs and solos shoot these songs to the stars.

There's ridiculously catchy tunes in the rollicking opener title track "PowderKeg", the arena-ready "Roll With the Punches" and "Just Enough to Believe" (think Night Ranger), the bouncy "Can't UnRock Me" and the midtempo heaven of "When I'm Alone With You".
One of the best things about this band is the perfect balance between musical diversity and cohesion. They mix Melodic Rock and Classic Rock with ease, and all sound natural.
Jac Dalton and the guys go for more classy sounds on "Blow Me Away" including vintage organs and female backing vocalists, "Let It Go" injects some '70s 'lively' vibe, while the semi-ballad "One Heart / One Land" comes out organic and from the heart. A rock n' roll heart I must say.

The Jac Dalton Band also does a cover of one of my favorite Aerosmith songs ever: "Sweet Emotion", and they indeed deliver an emotional, punchy, highly melodic version of this classic.

JAC DALTON - PowderKeg (2015) inside

If you listened to Jac Dalton Band previous album Icarus, you know what to expect from "PowderKeg", If you don't, what are you waiting for?
This is high quality American FM Radio Melodic Rock as they don't make it anymore.
As a serious fan of this genre you need to check both records, you won't regret it, believe me.
Highly Recommended.

01. PowderKeg
02. Blow Me Away
03. Roll With the Punches
04. Sweet Emotion
05. Just Enough to Believe
06. HardCore SuperStar
07. Can't UnRock Me
08. Let It Go
09. One Heart / One Land
10. When I’m Alone With You

Jac Dalton – lead vocals
Graham Greene – guitars, backing vocals
Annemieke Heijne – guitars, backing vocals
Jim Awram – bass
Troy Brazier – drums
Jason Dohrmann – keyboards, bass, backing vocals
Donna Greene – percussion, backing vocals



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