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JOURNEY - Greatest Hits I & II [Japanese Blu-SpecCD2 +2 bonus] (2013/2017)

JOURNEY - Greatest Hits I & II [Japanese Blu-SpecCD2 +2 bonus] (2013/2017) full

As you may know, the 'Greatest Hits 2' by American AOR giants JOURNEY was released on November 1, 2011 - 23 years after the first greatest hits package in 1988. There was also a special edition including both discs. Then in 2013, the 2-CD set was released in Japan entitled "Ultimate Best: Greatest Hits I & II", pressed on two wonderful sounding CD's with the Blu-SpecCD2 technology, including one bonus track each.
The 2-CD turned out of print soon, but now, as part of this year's Journey campaign there's a low-priced Blu-Spec CD2 reissue, available for a limited period of time until the end of 2017.

This is an awesomely high-fidelity format, manufactured with a similar process that is used to create Blu-ray Discs.
Instead of a traditional infra-red laser, a blue laser is used for recording the pits on the CD master that is needed for disc replication. The blue laser creates more precise pits, reducing distortion in the optical read-out process.

JOURNEY - Greatest Hits I & II [Japanese Blu-SpecCD2 +2 bonus] (2013/2017) booklet

You have all the hits here: Don't Stop Believin', Any Way You Want It, Open Arms, Separate Ways (Worlds Apart), Chain Reaction, Stone in Love, Suzanne, etc.
On this Japanese Blu-SpecCD2 release, there's also a bonus track on each disc not present in the regular World Edition.

JOURNEY - Greatest Hits I & II [Japanese Blu-SpecCD2 +2 bonus] (2013/2017) back cover obi

On Journey's "Ultimate Best: Greatest Hits I & II", all songs taken together, represents some of the best of '80s US mainstream arena rock, without a doubt.
This Blu-SpecCD2 sounds superb, and it's sold at a very fairly price for a double-CD import. There is a 2017 recent reissue, as this 2013 pressing is is out of print.
Needless to say: A Must Have.

Columbia / Sony Japan ~ 【LTD  BSCD2

01 - Don't Stop Believin'
02 - Any Way You Want It
03 - Open Arms
04 - Only The Young
05 - Wheel In The Sky
06 - Faithfully
07 - I'll Be Alright Without You
08 - Ask The Lonely
09 - Who's Crying Now
10 - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
11 - Lights
12 - Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
13 - Girl Can't Help It
14 - Send Her My Love
15 - Be Good To Yourself
16 - When You Love A Woman
17 - Open Arms (live) [Japan bonus track]

01 - Stone In Love
02 - After The Fall
03 - Chain Reaction
04 - The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love)
05 - Escape
06 - Still They Ride
07 - Good Morning Girl
08 - Stay Awhile
09 - Suzanne
10 - Feeling That Way
11 - Anytime
12 - Walks Like A Lady
13 - Little Girl
14 - Just The Same Way
15 - Patiently
16 - When I Think Of You
17 - Mother, Father (live)
18 - Don't Stop Believin' (live) [Japan bonus track]

Steve Perry – lead vocals
Neal Schon – guitar
Gregg Rolie – keyboards
Jonathan Cain – keyboards, piano
Aynsley Dunbar, Steve Smith, Larrie Londin – drums
Ross Valory, Randy Jackson – bass



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