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KIRK - Masquerade (2014)

KIRK - Masquerade (2014) full


Swiss metallers KIRK will release their second studio album "Masquerade", produced by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) on March 7 via Mausoleum Records.
After a successful debut in 2003 and some touring, the band took a hiatus after their original drummer get ill. The other members pursued new projects in the interim, but as of 2010 the band has reformed, began writing, and then recording with uber-producer Ward.

Dubbed as 'melodic metal with progressive influences' Kirk comes at you with a big sweeping sound, wide open melodic vocals, and rhythms that give it that ‘from the heavens’ huge sound.
To my ears, on "Masquerade", Kirk's style is pretty close to Unisonic, the recent project by Ward, with a touch of Dream Theater's prog metal side and Queensryche in a minor degree.
You'll get these influences with the aptly titled "Supersonic Speed", the opening track "Devil’s Claw" with the sonic-space keyboards and the constant timing changes, or title track "Masquerade" driven by an aggressive riff work that builds to a darker crescendo, the excellent vocal work by Thomi Rauch and a deep, full chorus in the background as the song slowly takes back off into that high intensity trip yet again.
On songs like "Time" and "Face in the Crowd", Kirk mix styles even more with some keyboard presence.

Fundamentally, what's rather impressive is the depth of song composition and musicianship. Every song sounds really good and different, with a truckload of catchy melodies and strong vocal harmonies.
Thomi Rauch steals the show on many places, but the rest are no slouches either, pulling together and pulling off some terrific sounds. When all these elements come together the result is rather dramatic and entertaining.
Notable are "The End of the Universe" and "Eternity" where the smooth melody, catchy hook in chorus, soaring vocal arrangement, and crisp guitar leads of each song is quite inspiring, and simply a delight to listen to.

KIRK - Masquerade (2014) inside

Almost silently, you have here the return of a great, terrific band to discover: Kirk.
"Masquerade" is a fantastic record packed with killer songs, superb playing and top notch production. You can hear Dennis Ward hands moulding their sound, but that's a positive thing, as he extract the best of this excellent combo of musicians. The sound is tight and powerful yet always melodic and polished, sometimes epic.
If you like intense melodic metal combined with progressive roots stylings but all done with style and superior musicianship, don't miss "Masquerade".
It's really, really good.

01 - Devil's Claw
02 - Supersonic Speed
03 - Masquerade
04 - Eternity
05 - Fight or Die Music
06 - Nothing Else but Lies
07 - Time
08 - Tragedy
09 - Face in the Crowd
10 - The End of the Universe
11 - Fallen Angel

Thomi Rauch - Vocals
Sammy Lasagni - Guitars
Daniel Pfister - Bass
Bruno Berger - Keyboards
Philipp Eichenberger - Drums



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