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ALICE COOPER - Welcome 2 My Nightmare (2011)

ALICE COOPER - Welcome 2 My Nightmare (2011)

The Long-Awaited Sequel to his 1975 classic - Alice Cooper’s widely anticipated new album, "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" - will be released September 13, 2011.
Recorded with longtime collaborator Bob Ezrin, who produced the original multi-platinum 'Welcome To My Nightmare album' in 1975, the new album picks up right where they left off, with Alice trapped in his own warped mind.

The original release is an all-time rock classic that spawned a worldwide theatrical tour and pioneering U.S. TV special, and certified Alice Cooper as a visionary trailblazer whose influence persists today in rock, metal, pop, theatre, television, film and much more.
More than 35 years later, Alice and Ezrin have resurrected the horror and humor for a new generation.

“This is Alice’s nightmare 35 years later,” explains Cooper, “Bob Ezrin and I created this character and we know how to write for him. I play the part but we’re not writing for me, we’re writing for Alice.
We kept the first Nightmare album very personal to us, on this one we found more humor and we were more open. This was our world and we want to present it to the fans.
The original album was my first solo album after all those huge hit records with the original band and now that nightmare is exposed, this one can be a little bit more open. The music crosses all sorts of boundaries; we went where the lyrics took us.”

And indeed it does. There's many styles reflected on this recording.
From Hard Rockers as "A Runaway Train", "Caffeine", the anthemic "The Congregation", "I'll Bite Your Face Off" (great groove) or the dark "When Hell Comes Home", renditions to Classic Rock like "I'll Bite Your Face Off", "Ghouls Gone Wild" (glammy and retro), to fun and unusual songs as the vaudeville-esque "Last Man On Earth" or the crazy "Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever".
Also found room for a ballad on the very classy "Something To Remember Me By", musically one of the best tracks here.

If you like classic (early) Cooper, you'll love this one.
Glimpses of themes from the original album are intertwined throughout, each track representing a different aspect of Alice’s nightmare.
There is an array of collaborators on the new album, including original Alice Cooper members Denis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith reunited on 3 tracks; global pop superstar Ke$ha, who affectionately calls Alice 'dad'; and legendary Alice and Lou Reed guitarist Steve Hunter, who is part of Alice’s current touring band and featured prominently on the first Nightmare album.
Co-writers on various songs include the aforementioned Bob Ezrin; singer-songwriter Tommy Henriksen; Ke$ha; Dunaway, Bruce and Smith; Buckcherry’s, Keith Nelson; Desmond Child, who famously co-wrote and produced 'Poison' with Alice; longtime collaborator Dick Wagner; current touring band member Chuck Garric; and film composer Jeremy Rubolino.
The 'Nightmare' has returned again...

01 - I Am Made Of You
02 - Caffeine
03 - The Nightmare Returns
04 - A Runaway Train
05 - Last Man On Earth
06 - The Congregation
07 - I'll Bite Your Face Off
08 - Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever
09 - Ghouls Gone Wild
10 - Something To Remember Me By
11 - When Hell Comes Home
12 - What Baby Wants
13 - I Gotta Get Outta Here
14 - The Underture

Alice Cooper
Denis Dunaway
Michael Bruce
Neal Smith
Steve Hunter
Chuck Garric
Bob Ezrin




CHASING MAGIC 2011 Jace Pawlak

Chasing Magic hails from the Midwest of the good 'ol USA, where they deliver their own special blend of classic Melodic Rock.
Although a new band to the scene, Chasing Magic's front man is not a newcomer.
Jason "Jace" Pawlak is an extremely talented musician and songwriter, not only did he show that with his own, self released CD 'Stolen Season' a few years back (2005), but he also has penned and contributed tunes for some of his fellow contemporaries: musical acts such as Goodbye Thrill, Tango Down, and the last and great Farcry album.

Now it is time for Jace to show he can command a band and album of his own and not just be a behind the scenes guy.
Anyone that has been in a band will express how being in a band is sometimes like a family, well Chasing Magic is just that.
Jace comes from a musical family, and on this recording is joined by father Dennis Pawlak (guitars, bass, vocals) and bro Trevor Pawlak (guitars, vocals), making this power trio.

The first thing that impressed me from the beginning on "Chasing Magic" is the truly good production and mix considering its indie origin, self financed / produced release.
This CD really shows million times better the potential that was reflected on Jace's solo album 'Stolen Season' .
And after listening the whole thing, you can assert that this guy is a terrific songwriter for this genre, and a complete musician as well.

"Chasing Magic" is full of classy Melodic Rock with anthemic choruses, melodic guitar work and catchy hooks.
"World Is Wide" sounds as the best Night Ranger '80s era, "Room To Run" is a short and effective Loverboy-like melodious rocker and "The Corners Of My Mind" has an awesome mid-tempo melody similar to Farcry's last album.
"Same" explores a more hard rocking territory, "Angelina" has a commercial and modern riff, while "The Edge Of Goodbye" is a terrific melodic power ballad very, very well arranged and composed.
"Bad Reputation" has again Night Ranger influences featuring a great guitar work, "This Time" is a wimpy cool track that reminds me Ted Poley, and "Too Many Roads" ends the disc in a form of a really good AOR ballad.

On "Chasing Magic" you will hear classic Melodic Rock tunes very well composed and arranged, with melodious vocal harmonies, rocking guitars and hooks galore.
As said, one of highest points on this CD is the skilled hand of Jace writing songs in the the best '80s tradition. Short, effective and catchy songs indeed.
Production and mix are highlights as well, surprisingly crisp and clear for an indie. Remarkable is the solid drum sound, usually weak in this kind of self-managed recordings.
"Chasing Magic" is one of the surprises of the year, silently released and virtually no promoted, but as usual, presented to you by 0dayrock.
This album was a labor of love for Jace Pawlak, and has been a long time coming. Support this indie release, worth every penny.
Highly Recommended.

01 - World Is Wide
02 - Room To Run
03 - The Corners Of My Mind
04 - Same
05 - Angelina
06 - The Edge Of Goodbye
07 - Bad Reputation
08 - This Time
09 - Fine Line
10 - Have It All
11 - Too Many Roads

Jason Jace Pawlak - Lead Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Dennis Pawlak - Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Trevor Pawlak- Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals


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MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - By Invitation Only (2011)

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - By Invitation Only (2011)

UK label Store For Music is releasing a new Michael Schenker cover album: "By Invitation Only".
In fact, this is a reissue of 'Heavy Hitters' from 2005 (also known as 'Doctor Doctor: The Kulick Sessions' in the US), with the addition of extra tracks.
Each song on "By Invitation Only" was recorded with a revolving all-star cast of guest musicians and Schenker being the backbone providing guitar leads for all tracks.

A covers album is always is risk, more considering the real classics versioned here. In my opinion, most of them are successful on this recording.
The 3 'new' added tracks include Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills", which sees Schenker reunite with Robin McAuley handling the vocals. A British classic very well done.
The second is the highlight off the disc because it is a re-recording of McAuley Schenker Group's "Save Yourself". Robin McAuley still sounds great and the pairing of Schenker / McAuley is Schenker's finest moment after leaving UFO.
The Rush song "Finding My Way" gets lots of groove with Sebastian Bach laying down solid vocals and Schenker matching the technical brilliance of Alex Lifeson.
Schenker in top form providing some great leads on "All Shook Up" with a smooth Joe Lynn Turner on vocals.
For Schenker fans it is interesting to hear Jeff Scott Soto's take on the Mogg/Schenker penned UFO classic "Doctor Doctor". Schenker's playing doesn't top the original, here lacks nerve and he should have been more inventive to make the song standout.

One of best tracks of this CD is "Blood Of The Sun", which features a great performance by veteran Leslie West on vocals. Schenker is really inspired here, with a lot of groove.
Sabbath's classic "War Pigs" has been covered a lot, but this is still a great take on it. I am not a big fan of Tim 'Ripper' Owens vocals, but he really fits on this version. Schenker playing is very good getting in the 'zone' on this one, mainly because he has time to stretch.
It is always good to hear Mark Slaughter's voice on "I'm Not Talking". Cool one.
Tommy Shaw is one of my all time vocalists, but him and Schenker fails to impress on Pink Floyd's "Money". Same with Cream's classic "Politician". Michael is not too good playing blues bars, he's simply too much shredder.
To my ears, Gary Moore's cover "Out In The Fields" is very good. Since Moore and Schenker come from the same general school of thought, I really enjoyed his take on this classic. The biggest surprise here is hearing original MSG vocalist, Gary Barden, turning in a fine performance.

I have gotten quite a bit of enjoyment out of "By Invitation Only". Have seen years ago poor reviews of the original release, but you won't find one here.
To me, this is a covers disc that doesn’t feel like one. It could be because the only constant is Michael Schenker on guitar.
Most the song choices and performances are great, with some really stellar vocal appearances and Schenker actually sounding like Schenker should be.
A very nice appetizer to the up-coming new MSG album in september.
Worth the purchase? Definitively yes.

01. Run To The Hills
Vocals: Robin McAuley
Rhythm Guitar: Pete Fletcher (PYMMY LOVE CIRCUS)
Bass: Tony Franklin (THE FIRM)

02. Save Yourself
Vocals: Robin McAuley

03. Finding My Way
Vocals: Sebastian Bach

04. All Shook Up
Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW)
Bass: Jeff Pilson (DOKKEN, DIO)
Drums: Aynsley Dunbar (WHITESNAKE, UFO)

05. Blood Of The Sun
Vocals: Leslie West (MOUNTAIN)
Bass: Rudy Sarzo (DIO, QUIET RIOT)
Drums: Simon Wright (DIO, AC/DC)

06. Doctor Doctor
Drums: Brett Chassen (BRET MICHAELS)

07. War Pigs
Vocals: Tim "Ripper" Owens (ICED EARTH, JUDAS PRIEST)
Drums: Aynsley Dunbar

08. I'm Not Talking
Vocals: Mark Slaughter (SLAUGHTER)
Drums: Aynsley Dunbar
Bass: Jeff Pilson

09. Money
Vocals: Tommy Shaw (STYX)
Sax: Edgar Winter (EDGAR WINTER BAND)
Bass: Tony Levin (PETER GABRIEL)
Drums: Mike Baird (JOURNEY)

10. Out In The Fields
Vocals: Gary Barden (MSG)
Drums: Brett Chassen

11. Hair Of The Dog
Vocals: Paul Di'Anno -IRON MAIDEN)
Bass: Phil Soussan (OZZY OSBOURNE)
Drums; Vinny Appice (BLACK SABBATH, DIO)

12. I Don't Live Today
Vocals: Sebastian Bach (ex-SKID ROW)
Drums: Eric Singer (KISS)
Bass: Tony Franklin (THE FIRM, BLUE MURDER)

13. Politician
Vocals/Bass: Jeff Pilson (DOKKEN, DIO)
Drums: Brett Chassen



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WOLFPAKK - Wolfpakk (2011)

WOLFPAKK - Wolfpakk (2011)

Michael Voss (Ex-Casanova, Mad Max) and and Mark Sweeney (Ex-Crystal Ball) have known each other for a long time, always having in mind and discussion to start a project together one day.
Since Michael Voss was producer for Sweeney's 2nd solo album in 2009, it has finally happened that the two found time for this collaboration; WOLFPAKK.
Written by the two, and performed by them alongside more than thirty guest musicians including legends Paul Di'Anno, Tony Martin, Jeff Scott Soto, Rob Rock, Mark Boals, Tim Ripper Owens, Tony Franklin, Mat Sinner, Neil Murray, Tommy Denander and more.
The combo sounds pretty cohesive and band-like for the most part, but some tracks simply don't work.

After an 'orchestral' intro, opener "Sirens" is a faster double bass anthem rocker with an intense double-lead vocal by Sweeney / Voss. A cool track but to me sounds a bit forced.
Follower "Dark Horizons" is more authentic. This song has a classic European hard rock / metal mold with a 6/8 tempo and good, melodic guitars.
I can't dig "Lost". It's a progressive-tinged hard-rock-sympho that goes nowhere. The addition of female vocals on the chorus is a mess.
Things get much better on the Accept-like "Slam Down The Hammer". Here is where the band/duo sounds on full cylinders. Big chorus, great guitars, a groovy riff and the best Voss vocals on the entire recording.
"The Crow" has a Helloween vibe in the songwriting (specially the chorus) but the sound is more light and accessible. Fine song.

"Let Me Die" is one of the best tracks on offer. The opening brings the epic to mind immediately, this is a very classy euro metal song. Features many vocalists smoothly layered together and the atmosphere (including the dramatic narrative within its middle) is typically '80s.
The other song that sold me on this recording is "Reptile’s Kiss". Easily the most catchiest tune here, with all the good ingredients of the best Hard Rock era. I wonder why they don't have penned more tracks like this one.
"Ride The Bullet" returns to the Accept pattern, and works really well. It's a hot hard rocker with razor guitars and cool lyrics.
Last track "Wolfony" is a long semi-suite that brings all the metal-related genres together, although not all successfully. You have here blistering guitar solos, big cathedral keyboards sounds, epic choruses, double-bass drums and some high pitched vocals. Not bad, but Helloween has done this much better in the past.

"Wolfpakk" is a good project / album, with highs and lows.
It's an ambitious recording from these talented musicians, I mean, not ground-breaking musically, but yes on the genre/style approach.
Sweeney, and particularly Voss, are well known for their melodic rock pedigree, and here, both have tried something different.
"Wolfpakk" is basically euro hard 'n heavy with some epic metal overtones, focused on a strong and powerful sound. As said, works for the most part, sometimes not.
The vocal guest list is impressive, but apart from Tony Martin on one track and the female singers on a couple, no other can be distinctively heard.
Production is only correct, strangely from Voss, known for his usually crisp material. Surely they wanted an edged aura to give the music a less polished sound, but for me, that isn't a bonus.
"Wolfpakk" is not always successful, but when it gets it right, it nails it in a good way. This is perhaps a disc where you'd pick the cream of the crop as individual tracks, not as a whole.
Anyway, give it a listen, and decide yourself.

01 - Sirens
02 - Dark Horizons
03 - Lost
04 - Slam Down The Hammer
05 - The Crow
06 - Wolfpup
07 - Let Me Die
08 - Reptile's Kiss
09 - Ride The Bullet
10 - Wolfony

Michael Voss - vocals, guitar, lyrics, music, mixing, production
Mark Sweeney - vocals, lyrics, music, mixing, production

Guests Vocals:
Paul Di'Anno (Ex-IRON MAIDEN)
Tony Martin (Ex-BLACK SABBATH),
Mark Boals (Ex-MALMSTEEN)
Tim Ripper Owens (Ex-JUDAS PRIEST)
Mark Fox (Ex-SHAKRA)
Michaela Schober (TANZ DER VAMPIRE)
Jean-Marc Viller (CALLAWAY)

Matthias Rethmann (Ex-LeeZ, SILVER)
Nils Middelhauve (XANDRIA)
Neil Murray (Ex-WHITESNAKE)
Barend Courbois (VENGEANCE)

Jgor Gianola (U.D.O.)
Andy Midgeley (POWER QUEST)
Torsten Koehne (EDENS CURSE)
Doc Heyne (BISS)
Nadja Kossinskaja (PETER MAFFAY)
Freddy Scherer (GOTTHARD)
Olaf Lenk (AT VANCE)
George Solonos (TOMMY LEE)

Alessandro DelVeccio (GLENN HUGHES, IAN PAICE)

Drums: Gereon Homann (EAT THE GUN)



EPYSODE - Obsessions (2011)

EPYSODE - Obsessions (2011)

EPYSODE is a conceptual project by Virus IV guitarist, Samuel Arkan.
With the contribution of really good musicians and big names from the Prog Metal scene, Arkan has created a well-crafted album full of complex melodies, intensity and power riffs.
"Obsession" is a Melodic Progressive Metal concept work, if you don't like this kind of albums, don't be scared, the result is good... at least in places.

The story is more than interesting, just like watching an adventure or a thriller movie with thick plot that will keep you on edge till the last minute.
How about a journey into a dark mind through the eyes of a young police profiler investigating a mysterious series of homicides, that while he does, he gets in touch with several supernatural phenomena that draw him deeper and deeper, to become part of the story?
Pretty dark, mad and cool eh? Well, I’m not going to reveal anything more, so let’s deal with the music.

After the frightening and scary intro "File 41807", the short and beautifully female vocals-piano "Silences Of Dawn" introduces us into the story.
The first proper track "First Blood" is a heavy beast with a potent sound. The song is melodic and full of energy with monster guitars.
The title track is one of the best in my opinion, epic and thunderous. Here the ensemble between the vocalists is great, as a proper band with a long history.
Musically, "Invisible Nations" is pretty catchy considering its metal spirit.
The ballad "Gemini Syndrome" is another good one. The exchange between the male and female vocals during the dialogues is quite successful; while the keys do an excellent work in the creation of the emotional, soft atmosphere.

"Fallen's Portrait" is what you call pure prog metal. It's a complex musical ride whith several tempo changes and great musicianship. It's a key part of the story as well.
"Season Of Redemption" is an epic track, heavy and dense. I don't like some desperate vocalizations here.
Things get better on almost catchy and eastern-progg "The Other Side", in gran part thanks to the great female vocal harmonies.
"One Chance" is another track that musically I don't like. It's gritty, dense and heavy, too much heavy (which is not a bad thing) but for some reason I found it inconsistent.
"March Of The Ghosts" has a an epic sound, with some really good big sympho/prog keyboards and guitar solos, sounding in places definitely power metal.
"Last Sunset" is the story final, almost melodic and warmly orchestrated after the previous sonic attack tracks.

If you're fascinated by Ayreon, and why not, Evergrey imaginary, "Obsession" is for you.
But no matters which is your favorite genre, this is an exciting and interesting album, thanks to the solid content, musically and, of course, lyrically.
The rhythm changes and the colorful keyboards add the progressive tag, while the guitars hold tight the metal facet and the vocals have nothing to envy from so many good and well known vocalists out there.
It's a progg album, yes, but quite heavy, very close in places to power metal, and it's exactly in those (few) passages where the songs does not work so well in my opinion.
Anyway, the compositions are above average, well arranged, performed and produced, mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Jorn Lande, TNT).

01 - File 41807
02 - Silences Of Dawn (Poetry)
03 - First Blood
04 - Obsessions
05 - Invisible Nations
06 - Gemini Syndrome
07 - Fallen's Portrait
08 - Season Of Redemption
09 - The Other Side
10 - Shadow Lord
11 - One Chance
12 - Divine Whispers
13 - March Of The Ghosts
14 - Last Sunset

Kelly Sundown
Oddleif Stensland
Magali Luyten
Rick Altzi
Liselotte "Lilo" Hegt

Samuel Arkan - Guitars
Christophe Godin - Lead Guitars
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Bass
Julien Spreutels - Keyboards
Léo Margarit - Drums


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HAYATE - Silent Promises EP (2011)

HAYATE - Silent Promises EP (2011)

HAYATE is a melodic rock project from Greece that we need to look out for in the future.
These guys have listened to some classic USA / Euro rockin' AOR bands for sure because when you listen to their songs you can hear clear '80s influences on them.

The band already recorded some songs exposing their abilities.
"Silent Promises" is an effective melodic AOR tune drenched with a fluffy keyboard sound and a strong hookline.
"Free From U" opens with very nice synths and then explodes into a melodic rocker ala '80s White Lion, specially by the guitar riff / sound.
"Lost Boys" is a rockin' tribute to the cult 1987 movie of the same name, featuring a cool refrain and good harmonies. Obviously the band have their heads stuck in the eighties culture and that's a good thing.

It sounds like these songs has been recorded in a hurry, not that they sound bad but the production needs a bit of a face lift.
The singer has a good tone for this genre but here and there the Greek accent can be heard and maybe more studio time would work it out.
But I'm sure these guys will improve on these aspects next time.

Hayate has what it is required for this genre; '80s attitude, a good and clever guitar player / keyboardist (who also wrote the music), a cool vocalist, and most important of all, they know how to write/arrange old school aorish melodic rock songs.
This recording should interest specialized labels for sure and with work on the production part these guys have something on the way.
So check them out on their myspace site.

1 - Silent Promises
2 - Free From U
3 - Lost Boys [movie tribute] (demo)

Manos - Vocals
Stathis S. - Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
G Alani - Bass
Reno - Drums


DEEP PURPLE - Phoenix Rising (2011)

DEEP PURPLE - Phoenix Rising (2011)

DEEP PURPLE don't need of any particular introductions. They are one of the cornerstones of Hard Rock history with a tremendous culture impact.
"Phoenix Rising" is a DVD/CD release covering the so called Deep Purple Mark IV era.
David Coverdale (vocals), Tommy Bolin (guitar), Jon Lord (keyboards), Glenn Hughes (bass & vocals), and Ian Paice (drums) made up this short lived, and final seventies edition of the band.
The group called it quits after a show in Liverpool in March 1976. But no one bothered to inform Hughes who, months later, still labored under the assumption that he was the bass player for Deep Purple.

The CD took audios from Japan and Long Beach, California concerts.
With a cleaned and remastered sound, these tracks displays the powerful golden throat of a young Coverdale in all its glory.
But it is up Jon Lord's keyboard who steals the scene. He was always Purple’s not-so-secret weapon, and he steps up to the plate here in a big way. Lord’s solo during "Smoke On The Water" is a definite highlight, as is his synth turn during "Love Child".
The young and then relatively unknown American guitarist, Tommy Bolin - hired to replace departing guitarist Ritchie Blackmore - has a more restrained presence here in favor of Lord's keys. But his guitar duel with Hughes' vocals on "Gettin' Tighter" is awesome.
Ian Paice’s drumming is power personified, and it is pretty amusing to hear Glenn Hughes ham it up with his bass playing and crazy back-up vocals.

Perhaps it was time. You've got to remember that by 1976, the winds of change were blowing hard (for one powerful example, this was the year The Clash formed).
Preening, bombastic, wild-maned beasts like Purple, Zeppelin and Sabbath were beginning to lose their relevance.
So, "Phoenix Rising" is a true 'swan song' of the underrated, last version of this legendary band.

RICHIE KOTZEN - I'm Coming Out (2011)tracks

David Coverdale - Lead vocals
Tommy Bolin - Guitar, vocals, bass, piano
Glenn Hughes - Bass, vocals
Jon Lord - Organ, synthesizer, backing vocals
Ian Paice - Drums, percussion



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V.A. - Advanced Releases sampler (2011)

V.A. - Advanced Releases singles 2011 Sebastian Bach , Paradise Inc., Mecca, Wild Rose, Jaded Heart

Sebastian Bach’s single “Kicking And Screaming” is now officially available for digital download on iTunes and, in anticipation of the September 27 release of his new solo album by the same name.
The single is hard hitting rocker with a big riff, pounding drums and vocals that only Sebastian Bach can deliver.

"Time (Live And Learn)" is the advanced single from brazilian's Paradise Inc. forthcoming album "Time". Here is a group steeped in musical references from bands like Europe, Bon Jovi, Harem Scarem, Jaded Heart and Danger Danger.
Recorded in Brazil, Germany and Scotland, "Time" was produced and mixed by Eden’s Curse mainman Paul Logue, while the mastering was handled by Pink Cream bassist Dennis Ward (Krokus, Primal Fear, Place Vendome).

Veterans German melodic hard rockers Jaded Heart are back in the studio for a brand new album due early 2012, still untitled.
Their advanced track "Burst Into Tears" is a groovy song with a scandi melodic rock flavor and nice harmony vocals on the chorus.

The invasion of new AOR bands from Sweden continues. Yes, Turbulence is a new Swedish Melodic Rock / AOR hope that is releasing a new self-produced EP called "Keepers Of The Light".
"Never Surrender" is a melodic guitar / keyboard driven AOR-rock number with nice harmonies and strong traditional scandi influence.

Finnish Reckless Love are working on a bunch of fresh songs for a new effort to be released next year.
The new track "Young 'N Crazy" shows the band approaching to a more guitar oriented, anthem-like material.

Finally, Wild Rose, the most promising Greek AOR band at the moment will be releasing their first album in September. Their sound is strongly influenced by '80s British AOR with high doses of keyboards.
"Come Back" is a melodic tune which shows the band surging onward and upward with energy and power, with a polished sound.

Ex - Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg has wrote and recorded the song "A Number One" for Holland's national soccer team FC Twente from his hometown Enschede, Holland.
The track will gives fans a sneak preview of the sound of his upcoming album, set to be released the end of 2011.
A good song, although it sounds like a jingle-anthem with a small production.

Mecca's 2002 self titled debut remains as one of the best pure AOR albums from the new century.
After 6 years in the making, the second album from singer Joe Vana & Co. (including the mighty Tommy Denander), finally will see the light of day.
"Undeniable" will be released later this year or at the very beginning of 2012.

Sebastian Bach - Kicking & Screaming [iTunes: the 'Real' one]

Paradise Inc. - Time (Live And Learn)

Jaded Heart - Burst Into Tears

Turbulence - Never Surrender

Reckless Love - Young 'N Crazy

Wild Rose - Come Back

Mecca - Out Of Love

Vandenberg - A Number One (FC Twente Hymn for fans)

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FLAMING ROW - Elinoire (2011)

FLAMING ROW - Elinoire (2011)

FLAMING ROW is a newly formed international project band that call Germany their home base.
Spearheaded by Martin Schella (Steel Protector, Cast In Silence) on guitars, bass, keyboards, lead and backing vocals, the main band is made up of Mark Arnold on keyboards; Kiri Geile on female lead vocals and Niklas Kahl on drums.
They're joined with a massive cast of high profile guests too, like Gary Wehrkamp and Brendt Allman both from Shadow Gallery, Billy Sherwood from Yes / Circa and Spock’s Bread member Jimmy Keegan.

"Elinoire" is a concept album unfolding an intricate story similar to Arjen Lucassen's projects in that a novelization is laid out before you. The storyline is really intriguing supported by well written lyrics.
It is focused in a young British family. Lea and Adam Baltwin are in the prime of their lives, having great jobs and living in prosperity.
Lea becomes pregnant. While giving birth to their daughter Elinoire, Lea dies.
Adam never overcomes the sudden death of his beloved wife and lays the blame on Elinoire. Over the years he can't build up a normal relationship with Elinoire. Adam's father, Cyrus Baltwin, takes over the role of the father figure. After some years true facts about the previous life of Lea are revealed.
Was Lea's dead really an accident?

"Elinoire" is an awesome album featuring terrific performances of all musicians involved.
The music is dynamic and spans the range from straight ahead hard rock, prog, metal, to Queen-esque pomp rock sections, but all crystal-clear arranged and nice to the ears.
The other element of this release that I was very amazed with was some of the gorgeous vocals found throughout, the singing here is quite remarkable.
Production is stunning and perfectly mixed. The best way to listen to this opus is with headphones on and following the lyrics in the booklet.
One of the best and only projects of its kind this year.

1 - Elinoire's Theme
2 - Initiation Fugato
3 - Overture
4 - First Day
5 - Nightingale's Chirp
6 - Do You Like Country Grandpa ?
7 - Lea's Delivery
8 - Elinoire
9 - Rage Of Despair
10 - Adam's Theme
11 - Neglected Garden
12 - Time Mirror
13 - Watershed
14 - Review
15 - Unearth The Truth
16 - Father's Theme
17 - Farewell
18 - A Place To Review Your Soul

Kiri Geile - Lead & Backing Vocals
Martin Schnella - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Lead & Backing Vocals
Niklas Kahl - Drums, Percussion
Marek Arnold - Keyboards, Synths
Andreas Schock - Guitar solo
Jost Schluter - Guitar solo
Chrissy Muller - Guitar solo
Gerrit Schwerthelm - Guitar solo

Vocals (Characters):
Lars Begerow (RAW) as 'Adam Baltwin'
Billy Sherwood (Circa, Ex-Yes) as 'Past'
Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery) as 'Conscience'
Brendt Allman (Shadow Gallery) as 'Liberty'
Michaela Auer (Acoustic Schock) as 'Lea Baltwin'
Jessica Schmalle (Steel Protector) as 'Elinoire Baltwin'
Sascha Habich ( Elements Of Change) as 'Cyrus Baltwin'
Denis Brosowski (Iron Fate) as 'Zachary “Zac” Jones'
Jimmy Keegan (Spock’s Beard) as 'Season'
Michael Lowin (Cast In Silence) as 'Death'
Kim Spillner (Worst) as 'Rage'
Kiri Geile (Steel Protector) as 'Destiny'
Martin Schnella (In Silence, Steel Protector) as 'Spirit'
Anne Trautmann (Seven Steps) as 'Love'
Sandra Thielemann (No Case In Point) as 'Time'
Markus Funke (Markus Funke Band) as 'Forgiveness'



Monday, August 22, 2011

ALICE COOPER - I'll Bite Your Face Off [single] (2011)

ALICE COOPER - I'll Bite Your Face Off [single] (2011)

Alice Cooper releases the hugely anticipated new album "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" September 12th.
Recorded with longtime collaborator Bob Ezrin, who produced the original multi-platinum 'Welcome To My Nightmare' album in 1975, the record picks up right where they left off, with Alice trapped in his own warped mind.

And the first single, "I'll Bite Your Face Off" brings a mouth watering preview today, a Rolling Stones-esque groove featuring an iconic chorus that has already become a crowd favourite at Alice's live gigs around the world.
"This is my tip-of-the-hat to early Rolling Stones," says Alice, "This kind of tunes just feel so good, in the pocket.
This song was begging to be in the live show. We've done it in four different continents now and no one had ever heard it. By the second chorus, the whole audience is singing 'I'll Bite Your Face Off'... It's the perfect little 3 minute hit single."

"I don't mind showing people where I get my songs from. I can guarantee there were times when major acts took an Alice Cooper song and said 'we want it to sound like that.' Because I've heard it and recognized it. I see it as a compliment."

I'll Bite Your Face Off is backed by Caffeine, another song from the new album, written with Keith Nelson from Buck Cherry.
"We sat down and wrote the basis for this song at Keith studio," Alice explains, "I took it back to Nashville and went crazy with it. It is something only Alice could do.
It went from a rock song to a strange Alice piece but it kept its balls all the way through it. Keith thought it was great but he never thought it would end up sounding like that."

The original Welcome To My Nightmare album is an all-time rock classic that spawned a worldwide theatrical tour and pioneering US TV special and cemented Alice Cooper as a visionary trailblazer whose influence persists today in rock, metal, pop, theatre, television, film and much more.

More than 35 years later, Alice and Ezrin have resurrected the horror and humour for a new generation.
"This is Alice's nightmare 35 years later", explains Cooper, "Bob and I created this character and we know how to write for him. I play the part but we're not writing for me, we're writing for Alice. We kept the first Nightmare album very personal to us, on this one we found more humour and we were more open. This was our world and we want to present it to the fans. The original album was my first solo album after all those huge hit records with the original band and now that nightmare is exposed, this one can be a little bit more open. The music crosses all sorts of boundaries; we went where the lyrics took us."
Single - I'll Bite Your Face Off / Caffeine - released August 22nd
Album - Welcome 2 My Nightmare - to be released September 12th

1 - I'll Bite Your Face Off (single edit) 3:44

2 - Caffeine 3:23



Saturday, August 20, 2011

JOHN PARR - Letter To America 2-CD (2011)

JOHN PARR - Letter To America 2-CD (2011)

John Parr, who is a native of England, first found fame in America with the AOR song he is probably best known for, 'St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)' , the popular '80s tune that he wrote and performed for the movie of the same title.
Around that same time, he had another hit song that climbed the charts, called 'Naughty, Naughty'. As a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, he has enjoyed a long and successful career as a musician in the US and all over the world.

After a 15 year hiatus, Parr is returning to his second home for an extensive tour, to celebrate his new album titled “Letter To America”.
The 2-CD release features some of his popular hits from years gone by, as “The Minute I Saw You” and “The Best a Man Can Get”, and a variety of new songs as well.
Produced by Parr, the first audio disc showcases Parr with his band performing fan favorites including Parr's #1 hit "St. Elmo's Fire" and the unforgettable hit "Naughty Naughty".
This live recording sounds really big and polished, and on many tracks rocks seriously, with potent guitars and big reverberated drums.
John's vocals are still in good form, and the selection of songs spawns the best of his solo work.

The second audio disc features acoustic versions of some classics, and new songs.
This is a really interesting disc, as we can hear here stripped arrangements of these, at one time ('80s - '90s) super-produced songs. And the good result demonstrates how good are those tunes. A good song is a good song, no matter how much a producer can embellish it with studio tricks.
John also wrote "Comin' Home" exclusively about his journey back to America to play his music. This is an inspirational and touching melody not only about John's journey home to America but everyone's heartfelt journey back to their home's and loved ones after having ventured away.
Also included is "Ghost Driver" (full band studio produced track), one of his '90s songs full of magic, with atmospheric keyboards and awesome guitars.

If you love the '80s, "Letter To America" is a must have.
Includes all Parr hits, new songs, and newly re-worked versions carefully recorded and organically produced.
The St. Elmo’s Fire still burns.

CD1 - Live
01 - Come Out Fighting
02 - Somebody Stole My Thunder
03 - Time
04 - Man with a Vision
05 - Dirty Lovin'
06 - Secrets
07 - Two Hearts
08 - The Natural Thing
09 - Restless Heart
10 - World Keep Turnin'
11 - Naughty Naughty
12 - Steal You Away
13 - It's Startin' All Over Again
14 - Love in a Layby
15 - Under a Raging Moon
16 - St Elmo's Fire

CD2 - Acoustic & New
01 - Dream On
02 - The Best
03 - Naughty Naughty
04 - Bedsit Paradise
05 - The Minute I Saw You
06 - Comin' Home
07 - Practice
08 - Firework
09 - At the Cathedral
10 - Oh Well
11 - St Elmo's Fire
12 - Letter to America
13 - Ghost Driver


You've seen it here first, at 0dayrock


THE UNION - Siren's Song (2011)

THE UNION - Siren's Song (2011)

When the British rock institution known as Thunder bowed out of action at 2009's Sonisphere Festival, thousands of fans shed a tear at their dissolution.
Fast forward twelve short months from that swansong gig, their erstwhile lead guitarist Luke Morley formed a band, or better said, a duo with ex Winterville singer Peter Shoulder; The Union.
Their self-titled debut surprised both the fans and the critics, receiving rave reviews and a warm response.

Now, the duo is back with their 2nd effort to be released in October, "Siren's Song" which is good, if not better, than its predecessor.
The 11 tracks that make up this sublime new recording are a breath of fresh air blowing through the UK rock scene.
Honed from the very foundation stone of what you might refer to as Classic Rock, I'll grant you that you will be totally satisfied listening this album.
Although based around a brand of bluesy hard rock which fans of both men will instantly recognize, The Union is more varied than anything previously recorded by either musician.
That Morley almost single-handedly penned Thunder’s entire catalog is well known; we expect nothing less than quality from him.
But for Shoulder, a guy still in his mid-20s, to be performing at this level already is nothing short of stunning. It’s not just his rich, soulful voice – think a young David Coverdale with a raspy modern touch – it’s his writing, which is up there with people twice his age, and more.

After its unassuming acoustic intro, opening track "Siren's Song" soon morphs into a foot-stomping rocker and is as close to Thunder as this record gets.
There's other up-tempo rockers as the melting "Obsession", the heavy blues "The Remedy", the WhiteSnake-esque "Black Gold" and one of may favorites here, the semi-slow but powerful "Burning Daylight", complete with great female backing vocals and a tremendous guitar riff.

But they’re not even half the story.
Whether turning their hand to the bluesy slow-burn of "Blame It On Tupelo", adding a dash of Americana with "Make Up Your Mind" or taking it way down with the ballads "Cut The Line" or the awesome piano-based "If I Could Make You Mine", you can say this is a varied, eclectic and entertaining album.
Quality is all over. Just listen my favorite tune in this CD: "Time". This is a winner in all aspects. This wonderful classy semi-ballad is one of the best written/performed songs I heard in a long time (ouch), regardless of the genre. The guitar work - acoustic and electric - is top notch and the vocals are out of this world. Perfect song.

The Union is a true collaboration, which benefits from a flawless pairing of youth and experience and, of course, the skills of two genuinely gifted songwriters.
"Siren's Song" is not merely two guys parachuting in with half a dozen pre-penned numbers at the eleventh hour. These are songs going where the wild winds blow, exploring ideas that have lain dormant, awaiting their moment.
The musicianship throughout this album is totally faultless, with Morley tending to take a bit of a backseat for the sake of the song, letting the space breathe and giving the whole thing a very organic feel.
Shoulder meanwhile is an absolute master in the vocal department, giving a display that a prime time David Coverdale or Doyle Bramhall II would be proud of. Now just remind me how old is he again???
"Siren's Song" is a melodic, bluesy little gem that I implore you all to hear.

01 - Siren's Song
02 - Blame It On Tupelo
03 - Orion
04 - Obsession
05 - Make Up Your Mind
06 - The Remedy
07 - Cut The Line
08 - Burning Daylight
09 - Black Gold
10 - Time
11 - If I Could Make You Mine

Luke Morley - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Peter Shoulder - Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars



Friday, August 19, 2011



This is a very special post.
One of my favorite bands of all time, classic aorsters TRILLION, are working on new material.

After signing with a major label in 1978, the band released two acclaimed albums, the first self-titled with Fergie Frederiksen (Toto) on vocals, being produced by Gary Lyons (Foreigner, Grateful Dead) and the second, "Clear Approach" produced by John Boylan (Boston).
How on Earth could they come to an end after that fantastic 2nd album is beyond me.

For "Clear Approach" (1979) the band recruited excellent vocalist Thom Griffin, who after the band's broke-up, dissapeared from the mainstream business, only working as session singer (providing background vocals for Dennis DeYoung, Steve Walsh, Jimi Jamison, Night Ranger, etc) and songwriter... Until 2005 when he was called to lay down his unmistakable golden throat on the 'Ambition' album / project together with Tommy Denander.

Both Trillion classic albums have been remastered and reissued recently, and the last incarnation of the band decided to work on new material; " III " .
Griffin, Frank Barbalace and Bill Wilkins called famed monster session-man CJ Vanston (Steve Lukather, Jeff Beck) to provide keyboards and began recording. Added to the Trillion III project as well is bassist Dave LaRue from the Dixie Dregs.
Original Trillion keyboard player Patrick Leonard has also played on one track ("Golden Sun Beyond") which has made the project that much more unique.

"Trillion III" consists of 3 new pieces that evolved within the recording studio retaining the originality of Trillion's sound and style with an updated approach and execution.
"Golden Sun Beyond" and "In My Blood" both retains that characteristic magic of classic Trillion with the right AOR-prog dash throwing in.
"She Hates Sunday" has a different, more commercial melodic rock feel - like the Ambition project or Mecca - excellent as well.

This is one of most welcomed surprises of the year.
I've been waiting 30 years for something new from Trillion, and I just can't believe its finally happening. Thom Griffin's terrific pipes are intact, and the whole band is in top form.
I'm not sure if "Trillion III" will be completed as a full length album, meanwhile, we have this only 3-song EP, but all these tracks are like pot of gold.
" III " is available as digital download and as a collectible limited edition CD directly off the band's website at
All I can say is Wow! ... Not only has the group been resurrected, they have resurrected timeless elements of many great, classic bands of the past.
Amazing comeback guys.

01 - Golden Sun Beyond
02 - She Hates Sunday
03 - In My Blood

Thom Griffin - Lead Vocals
Frank Barbalace - Guitars, Vocals
Bill Wilkins - Drums
CJ Vanston - Keyboards
Patrick Leonard - Keyboards on 'Golden Sun Beyond'
Dave La Rue - Bass



RICHIE KOTZEN - I'm Coming Out (2011)

RICHIE KOTZEN - I'm Coming Out (2011)

At the age of seven, Richie Kotzen was inspired by KISS to learn the electric guitar. Relentlessly developing chops and his own unique voice on the guitar, he started his career in a band named Arthurs Museum, recording an EP when he was 19 years old.
Two years after Kotzen made his big break in 1991 when he joined the rock band Poison at age 21, co-writing and performing on the album 'Native Tongue'.

By 1999 Richie replaced Paul Gilbert as guitarist in Mr. Big, performing and writing on the Mr. Big record 'Get Over It', and the subsequent release 'Actual Size'. The record included the Kotzen song 'Shine', which debuted at number one on Japanese radio charts.
But that's another story. In between, Richie Kotzen recorded and released several albums only in Japan.

"I'm Coming Out" comprises 16 tracks from those 'Japanese' years.
Kotzen's music is classy and highly enjoyable. His phrasing on the guitar is superb, with a buttery smooth tone and his bluesy vocals are rich and full of lyrical content.
He is at charge on most the instruments, enlisting versatile drummer Atma Anur giving the tracks an extra dynamic punch.
Also, many heavyweight in the business contribute on these recordings, as Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), Pat Torpey (Mr. Big), Doyle Bramhall (Stevie Ray Vaughan), master producer / musician Richie Zito and many more.

Richie Kotzen's "I'm Coming Out" is a great collection including really good songs with the quality you'd expect from this talented musician.
Melodic, straight ahead rock and solid grooves trade track time with introspective ballads, something for every classic rock fan.
This is the first CD press of this release and gonna become some kind of collectible, as the album was re-packaged and re-entitled "Timeline 95–99".
Get the few remaining copies asap on the links below!

RICHIE KOTZEN - I'm Coming Out (2011)tracks

Richie Kotzen – lead vocals, background vocals, guitars, piano, organ, clavinet, synthesizer, mandolin, bass, drums
Atma Anur – drums, percussion, additional background vocals

Billy Sheehan – bass (on "Locked Out")
Pat Torpey – drums (on "Locked Out")
Matt Luneau – drums (on "You Don’t Know", "My Addiction")
Doyle Bramhall – backing vocal, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, end lead trade off left side and additional rhythm guitars (on "The Feelin’s Gone")
Richie Zito – bass, keyboards, additional rhythm guitar (on "My Addiction")



Thursday, August 18, 2011

KING OF HEARTS - '1989' (2011)

KING OF HEARTS - '1989' (2011)

Fans of the AOR / Westcoast scene are in for a treat with the reissue of this long time Out Of Print classic: King Of Hearts' "1989".
King Of Hearts was formed by multi-platinum selling guitarist, songwriter, producer and long-time Richard Marx collaborator Bruce Gaitsch back in 1988.
While working on Marx's classic 'Repeat Offender' album, Gaitsch was approached by manager Alan Kovac to form a band with a view to supporting Country rockers Poco on their upcoming tour, and the promise of a recording contract with a major label.
Gaitsch had already been writing material with session vocalist extraordinaire Tommy Funderburk (Airplay, Boston, The Front) for a solo album, so he was swiftly recruited.

Kovac knew that drummer/vocalist Kelly Keagy was available as Night Ranger had just split up, then hired bassist George Hawkins Jr., who has worked with the likes of Kenny Loggins, John Fogerty, and various Fleetwood Mac members solo ventures.
With the band set, recording commenced under the guidance of producer David Cole, but personal problems between the band and management caused Alan Kovac to quit, and as the recording label signed the band based on his involvement, the album was never released, which is a real shame as the this is a real gem.

Also with the penchant for 'supergroups' of top-drawer musicians at the time (Mr. Big, Damn Yankees, Bad English, etc.), King Of Hearts could have cleaned up.
A second album recorded as a Gaitsch/Funderburk duo but under the King Of Hearts moniker appeared in various versions in 1996, and '1989' was released exclusively in Japan in 1999, but was exceedingly difficult to get hold of – until now.

Due to Gaitsch's heavy involvement with Richard Marx, it's fair to say that some of the tracks within lean heavily in style towards his output at the time, especially the bright and breezy 'In So Many Words', the Keagy sung 'Smack Dab (In The Middle Of Love)', and the punchy 'Under The Gun', with vocals from Hawkins.
There are also plenty of glorious melodic rockers in the vein of the likes of Giant and Mitch Malloy, such as 'Remember When', the acoustic-led 'Hold On To Love', and opening track 'Working Man', with backing vocals from both Eagles bassists (and Poco members) Randy Meisner and Timothy B. Schmidt, while 'Everyday' shows a harder edge with a funk-tinged riff, and a gruffer vocal style from Kelly Keagy.
And as for the ballads, 'Don't Call My Name' is a beautiful slow-burner with soaring vocal harmonies, and could be one of the best ballads you hear this year.
'Lovin' Arms' is a soulful acoustic based number, and the closing 'King Of Hearts' is a meandering westcoast bluesy number, and a tribute to Roy Orbison.

As you would expect from musicians of this caliber the performances are excellent, Gaitsch's guitar work soulful and exhilarating, but Tommy Funderburk is the real star here, with some soaring, angelical vocal work.
Production is top-notch, brilliant and crystal clear.
There isn't a filler in sight here, this album is a prime example of great songwriting and amazing musiciansship, in addtion to the great talents in the band, “1989” includes songs co-written by Amy Sky and Chris Farren and it also features Jeffrey 'CJ' Vanston (Richard Marx, Steve Lukather, Peter Cetera), Bill Champlin (Chicago) and the two (former) Eagles members Randy Meisner and Timothy B. Schmit.
Absolute class from start to finish.
A Must Have.

1) Working Man (Lead vocals : Tommy Funderburk)
2) In So Many Words (Lead vocals : Tommy Funderburk)
3) Don’t Call My Name (Lead vocals : Tommy Funderburk)
4) Smack Dab [In The Middle Of Love] (Lead vocals : Kelly Keagy)
5) Remember When (Lead vocals : Tommy Funderburk)
6) Hold On To Love (Lead vocals : Tommy Funderburk)
7) Under The Gun (Lead vocals : George Hawkins Jr.)
8) Lovin’ Arms (Lead vocals : Tommy Funderburk)
9) Was It Good For You (Lead vocals : Tommy Funderburk)
10) Everyday (Lead vocals : Kelly Keagy)
11) King Of Hearts (Lead vocals : Tommy Funderburk)

Tommy Funderburk - Vocals
Bruce Gaitsch - Guitars
George Hawkins Jr. - Bass, Vocals
Kelly Keagy - Drums, Vocals
CJ Vanston - Wurlitzer, Synths
Bill Champlin - Hammond B3
Timothy B. Schmit & Randy Meisner - Backing Vocals



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

VARGTON PROJEKT - ProgXprimetal (2011)

VARGTON PROJEKT - ProgXprimetal (2011)

The seeds for Vargton Projekt started in 2006 based around some very talented Swedes; guitarist Mats Hedberg, Grammy winning drummer Morgan Ågren and vocalist Björn Jansson.
First intended to be an instrumental album, Hedberg invited Jansson (Tears Of Anger, Ride The Sky) to put some vocals on selected tracks. Keyboardist Hans Lundin (Kaipa) was asked to play on 3 tracks and percussionist Giovanni Imparato (Paco de Lucia) from Naples was also added to the recording.
Alessandro Gwis contributed additional basic keyboard parts and some electronic stuff, which added a further dimension to the music whilst wizard Lars Eric Mattsson performs some guest guitar solo duels with Hedberg.

Opener "Jaipur" has some of the most crazy guitar work you'll hear this year, underpinning an eastern flavored track -complete with sitar solo- propelled along by fantastically fluid drumming and mammoth bass lines, showcasing as well potent vocal parts by Björn Jansson.
"Uggarderojr" is a bluesy, heavy-funky guitar workout that will have Steve Vai fans -indeed lovers of all guitar based music- smiling for a while. And that hard rockin' voice. What can I say? Jansson is a revelation.
He also performs convincingly vocals on the somehow midtempo "II - Rendition", a track with an unusual pattern, and on the twisted prog metal/hard rocker "III - Defender & Believers".

The real power experimentation of Hedberg and Agren begin with "Outrott" and continue to the end. The vocals are gone, and both musicians seem to allow more freedom of creativity and expression in the arrangements.
Largely the music of ProgXprimetal is quite intellectual, more geared to the technician than to the sofa relaxing listener. Yet Vargton Projekt can be accessible as on the friendly and spirited "Allegro Vivace" or the acoustic beauty of "Norrsken".
There are a number of shorter, more esoteric 'bridging' pieces dotted about the album, but when it comes to the meatier tunes every single one is a complex trip of musicianship. So much variety, so much quality.

"ProgXprimetal" as the title may suggest is a varied release that will satisfy those who like elaborated prog metal, as well as fans of hard rock in general on the vocal tracks, and those who prefer more experimental, avant-garde soundscapings.
Basically, the typical things that characterize thechnical prog metal and experimental rock are found on this album, such as mindboggling odd time signatures, unusual song structures and showcasing of musical prowess as well as genre transgression.
Thus you can expect crushingly heavy guitars, mellow jazzy/prog rock solos, groovy riffage, funky bass figures, latin beats, bluesy hard rock guitars, elements from non-western music ... and dialogue in Swedish.
To give you some kind of reference, think Liquid Tension Experiment (Dream Theater's members side project), Steve Vai's most crazy work, Mattias IA Eklundh's Freak Guitar albums, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, etc.
At first glance I should say that "ProgXprimetal" is not for everyone, but if you like to be challenged as a listener, check out this album pronto - you won't regret it.
One thing is for sure, the guys in Vargton Projekt are insanely talented musicians who, as the title of this album indicates, are not afraid to experiment with the sounds of metal and combine this with elements from other genres.
What is it about Sweden, that there's such a breadth, and depth of musical talent on offer?

01 - Jaipur
02 - Ujevkoszonto
03 - Uggarderojr
04 - Rjoredraggu
05 - I - The Gathering
06 - II - Rendition
07 - III - Defender & Believers
08 - Norrsken
09 - Lvorna
10 - Capriccio
11 - U Playin On My Drum
12 - Outrott
13 - Allegro Vivace
14 - Digerrojr
15 - Vargton
16 - Naudljaus
17 - Tokeri 1
18 - Tokeri 2

Mats Hedberg - Guitars, Sitar & Ebow
Morgan Ågren - Drums & Percussion
Björn Jansson - Vocals

Giovanni Imparato - Percussion & Animal Voices
Hans Lundin - Organ & Nord Lead
Alessandro Gwis - Keyboards & Laptop Sampler
Fabrizio Sciannameo - Bass
Lorenzo Feliciati - Bass
Marco Caudai - Bass
Lars Eric Mattsson - Guitar solos 1, 3, 5 and 7



PROTO-KAW - Forth (2011)

PROTO-KAW - Forth (2011) kerry livgren

Kerry Livgren, best known as the creative force behind the band Kansas, has released a new album titled "Forth" with his pre-Kansas band, PROTO-KAW.
The story goes that Livgren was in a band called Kansas but was taken away from them when the band that become Kansas (the famous, well-known Kansas) procured a record deal.

Years later, Livgren put his old band back together. The name is literally translated to mean “Pre-Kansas” (PROTO: first formed; primitive; original - KAW: Native American, n. pl. Kansa or Kan·sas In both senses also called Kaw).
Proto-Kaw's first CD, 'Before Came After' (2004), went well, so the group stayed together and Livgren penned a second release, 'The Wait Of Glory' (2006).

Now they're back with a new album entitled "Forth", much more commercial and accessible than the previous efforts.
The music has heavy Kansas leanings as heard in songs like the modern soft-sympho “Daylight” and the intricate “Things We Are Breaking” which features a tasteful guitar job.
On “Pilgrim’s Wake” the band sounds on parts as the slick '80s - '90s Pink Floyd mixed with modern Jethro Tull, and features a former Kansas and current Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse, playing a blistering outro guitar solo.
“Greek Structure Sunbeam” is an old song written by Livgren 30 years ago. This track has a bright aura and a lovely calm melody.

But the absolute higlight on this album is "On The Air (Again)", another old Livgren's penned track, magnificently re-arranged. This is an extremely classy rocking tune with the 'classic rock' seal stamped over it. In my opinion, this one of greatest songs composed by Kerry Livgren ever. The vocal counterpoint (3 vocalists) is awesome, helped by a terrific mix and production.
The band's commercial approach is clear again in “Sleeping Giant”, a stunning midtempo ballad with terrific vocal harmonies and a horn section as earlier Chicago.
The classic ol' Kansas sound returns with “Things We Are Breaking” including beautiful instrumental passages and a hot guitar riff and solo.

This new disc, as all Proto-Kaw albums, is a labor of love for Livgren and company.
On "Forth", they have rolled up their sleeves and released the best album in their catalog.
The music ranges from Kansas-esque tunes to Jethro Tull prog or the most commercial modern Pink Floyd, but there are so much more. Many tracks are calm and melodic, however, there is plenty of hard rocking guitar to keep this one cranked up loud.
Great harmonies in both the vocals and instruments are all over on this stupendous disc.

It is hard to believe but Kerry Livgren at this stage of his career is getting better as a soloist and composer. Craig Kew's bass playing influenced by Jaco Pastorius is stellar, fitting comfortably with Mike Partum's first class drumming. Dan Wright is a solid keyboardist playing nice solos and wonderful organ layers.
Lynn Meredith is one of brightest stars on this recording. His velvety, sometimes confident voice is a pleasure to all senses, but gets stronger and authoritative when needed. The vocal arrangements created by him, Jake and Craig are some of the best harmonies I have heard in a long time.

The band itself is maturing right before your ears. This isn't just a fun little project of old friends, this is a serious statement that they can compete with any band on any level.
Production is top notch, crisp and clear, and the mix is superb. For best results this CD should be listened to using headphones. You'll love it.
First Class Music.

01 - Daylight

02 - Pilgrim's Wake

03 - Pollex

04 - Cold And Clear

05 - Lay Down

06 - Greek Structure Sunbeam

07 - On The Air (Again)

08 - One To Follow

09 - Sleeping Giant

10 - Things We Are Breaking

11 - Utopian Dream

Kerry Livgren - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
Lynn Meredith - Lead Vocals
John Bolton - Woodwinds
Dan Wright - Keyboards
Jake Livgren - Guitar, Sax, Vocals
Craig Kew - Bass, Vocals
Mike Patrum - Drums, Percussion
Steve Morse (Deep Purple) - Guitar solo in "Pilgrim’s Wake"



BADMOUTH - Heavy Metal Parking Lot (2011)

BADMOUTH - Heavy Metal Parking Lot (2011)

Screaming out of Stockholm, Sweden, hard rockers Badmouth are set to release in Europe - September 2nd, 2011 - "Heavy Metal Parking Lot", their 2nd album, the first to be distributed massively.
In the beginning (2007) Badmouth was only a studio project. Chris LeMon (Bass) and Mike Hill (Rhythm Guitar) had no intentions to play live or even to record an album, just a couple of friends writing and recording some songs.
The next obvious step was to find band members so they called on Tom Pearsson (Vocals), Randy Joy (Lead Guitar) and Rick Hard (drums) to complete the lineup and thus, Badmouth was born.
The band quickly developed into the wonderful beast it is today.
2008 saw the release of their self titled debut published by a small US label, which was produced by Paul Sabu, but the band wasn't happy with the final result.

Anyway, Badmouth did a handful of European tours opening for Kingdom Come, L.A. Guns and Pretty Boy Floyd and played shows with Sator, Zodiac Mindwarp and The Poodles among others. The band was also 1 of 5 bands who won a competition to perform at the Arvika Festival that summer.
In 2010 Rick Hard was replaced by Vinnie Sharpe. Badmouth then teamed up with notorious producer Chips Keisby (Sator main man) and began work on their sophomore effort "Heavy Metal Parking Lot".

First of all: despite the album title, this is not a Heavy Metal disc.
That title is an ode, a homage to the glory days when Rock 'N Roll was fun. The cover art is a snapshot - in cartoon caricature - of Eighties arena rock fans tailgating before the big show.
And this is indeed what Badmouth plays; great arena melodic hard rock that made those Eighties (with the big hair, torn jeans, button-clad denim jackets) so famous and memorable.
"Radiator", "Tired", "Bottoms Up" are pure, fun-loving, instant party rock with large hooks and huge road trip value.
On some tracks, Badmouth blurs the lines between hard rock and classy european melodic heavy metal. But '80s Scandinavian metal, the good, the classic one.
Think Pretty Maids, 220 Volts, Bonfire and many German bands, but more, more catchy. Those influences are clear on the hellishly melodic "City Is Burning", the awesome "Facing My Demons", and the great opener "Son Of Sam", all fine tracks with some stunning musicianship.

The title track is a real winner, a driving rocker fueled by fantastic riffage and a chorus to blast the stages. The lyrics are the motto of this recording, part history of what Rock 'N Roll is all about and part parody, but all arena anthem.
The guys also have time to add a muscular bluesy hard rockin' touch to the classy "Blue Ribbon Days", and wrote a powerful ballad (not the typical syrupy); "Jake Brakes", which has tons of melody and acoustic guitars, but a pulsating electricity all over.

I have played this album repeatedly for over a week, and regardless of the mood, always work. Simply you can't dislike this kind of stuff, specially if you have grown in the eighties listening the classic bands mentioned above.
All these songs are made strong by an exceptional songwriting for this genre (the guys have learned the book perfectly), great musicianship, and the wise production.
The latter is one the most remarkable aspects of this recording; producer Chips Kisbye clearly understands how classy melodic hard rock is supposed to sound. Fat, round and with the perfect punch. It isn't glossy or over-processed, but slick and clean enough to preserve the melody without capping the edge, just how used to be in the glorious '80s.
Sweden did it again: "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" is one of the albums of the year for me, and surely the best in this particular genre: the lovely arena ready melodic hard rock.
Strongly Recommended.

01 - Son Of Sam
02 - Radiator
03 - Judas
04 - Silver Lining
05 - City Is Burning
06 - Tired
07 - Bottoms Up
08 - Blue Ribbon Days
09 - Heavy Metal Parking Lot
10 - Jake Brakes
11 - Facing My Demons

Tom Pearsson (Vocals)
Chris LeMon (Bass)
Mike Hill (Rhythm Guitar)
Randy Joy (Lead Guitar)
Vinnie Sharpe (drums)


You've seen it here first, at 0dayrock


RIVAL SONS - Pressure And Time (2011)

RIVAL SONS - Pressure And Time (2011) bonus tracks

iTunes bonus track edition

Now here’s an impressive release coming out of Los Angeles, a little different from the usual featured in these pages.

RIVAL SONS unleashes something that feels so ultra-cool and hip to listen to, that you’ll want to break out your bell bottoms and platform shoes.

Mixing old-school hard rock with power blues straight out of the ‘60s and ‘70s, Rival Sons may soon be crashing through the door of superstardom with their new album.

There are so many different influences on "Pressure And Time" that it is difficult to pin down what their real deal is. Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream, The Who, Blue Suede and Steppenwolf are all worshiped here.

Opening with “All Over The Road”, Rival Sons set the pace of a smiley trip down to a very hip road with a fuzz-infused old-school sound that is upbeat and downright fun to listen to.

“Young Love” starts like a vintage Johnny Cash number that turns into something you might hear playing in the background of a Quentin Tarantino motion picture. In fact, this entire release sounds like a great retro-movie rock soundtrack. It is all over the place and smells of cigarette smoke, sweaty women and Pulp Fiction-the film.

By the time you reach the title track, you have slipped into a 1972 haze filled Super Fly night at the movies. The groove is just oozing out of your speakers.

“Only One” is a blues rock number that will have you hitting the repeat button, assuming you can see it through the haze.

The Hendrix-inspired “Get Mine”, clocking in at a bit over two minutes, is a flat-out jamming song with a tasty little solo at the 1:30 mark, and “Burn Down Los Angeles” is filled with enough guitar fuzz to stuff your teddy bear.

Not even 20 minutes into the disc and already at track seven, “Save Me” continues your time warp back to when musicians actually could play their instruments. Musically, these guys are great, and vocally, Jay Buchanan is slamming it on every track.

“Gypsy Heart” is a standout track with plenty of solid guitar work from Scott Holiday and some tasty bass licks from Robin Everhart.

Rounding out this strangely terrific retro-release is “Face Of Light”, a Zeppelin-inspired, mid-tempo love song that is the perfect way to finish off this album.

The iTunes edition features two exclusive bonus tracks: the tongue-in-cheek valvular guitar driven rocker with a stereo panned mix "Company Man", and the Cream-like tour the force "This Life On The Road" which has a 'live' vibe.

Rival Sons have put together a worthy debut and stand out as one of the revivalist bands to watch. If you like Classic Rock, you really can’t go wrong with any of the songs on "Pressure And Time".

Their storytelling ability (“Young Love” and “Face Of Light”) will likely play a bigger role in the band’s future as they aim to keep an old sound fresh.

There’s no doubt that the band can rock and stand as tall as their legendary idols, but listeners will only continue to follow a band if there’s substance behind the music. Fortunately for Rival Sons, they seem to have that area covered.

While not creating anything entirely new, "Pressure And Time" is a great disc that welcomes you back to a time when Rock 'N Roll was just plain good fun to listen to.

Fans of the classic sounds and retro-rock style will really dig this release, and there is plenty here to bring new fans into the genre.

Put it on full blast, sit back, and smile.

01 - All over the road

02 - Young love

03 - Pressure and time

04 - Only one

05 - Get mine

06 - Burn down Los Angeles

07 - Save me

08 - Gypsy heart

09 - White noise

10 - Face of light

11 - Company man (bonus track)

12 - This life on the road (bonus track)

Jay Buchanan: Vocals

Scott Holiday: Guitar

Robin Everhart: Bass

Mike Miley: Drums



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SUN DOMINGO - Songs For End Times (2011)

SUN DOMINGO - Songs For End Times (2011)

The progressive rock band Sun Domingo from Atlanta, USA, has been around for several years. They have toured and recorded with Marillion, Pineapple Thief and other known prog acts. Clearly, they're associating with all the right people.

During the second half of 2010 some line-up changes took place and it all came together for the recording of their new album "Songs For End Times".

Founder Edgel Groves completed the new line-up with his longtime friend Kyle Corbett. Being a musician with a great voice, an incredible guitar technique (he also wrote a book about guitar technique and alternate tuning) and an amazing composer as well, Kyle added a whole new feel to the band.

The album was recorded and engineered by John Holmes, co-produced and mixed by Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief).

Steve Hogarth (Marillion) contributes guest vocals. The estimable Adrian Belew, something of a legend in Progrock circles also offers a guest appearance on one track, as does John Wesley of the Porcupine Tree.

So, a band moving in elevated company.

It's not easy marrying prog with melodic rock. You can end up pleasing nobody.

But when it works - like it does here - you widen your appeal to a much bigger audience. Here, the two genres are mixed with the odd pop wildcard, knitted together by dazzling musicianship and beautifully blended arrangements.

A natural union, giving birth to some plangent melodic progrock.

After the instrumental landscape of opener "The Last Sunrise", "Bound By These Rings" and "Anymore" have much more of a Westcoast Rock vibe, that's in a geographical, 'soft rock' sense rather than in genre terminology.

"For Only You" will remind you of the Flower Kings, or maybe more so Stolt's current band, Agents Of Mercy. A post-prog calm track.

The grandiloquence of "It's Happening Now" adds a Floydian tone, with ringing guitar tones and solos very Gilmour. This is one of the most beautiful songs on the CD.

Elsewhere, we're treated to the Kings X-esque progfunk with the instrumental "Mad Maze" and its mighty guitar solo, while the pop tingled 'Find A Way Out' is a classy track with a quirky lyrical phrasing and pizzicato strings. Both tracks show a rare versatility and musicality, and a firm grasp of sound songwriting.

The short "The Call" is an good example of experimenting with sound technique rather than a ‘real’ song. It's followed by "Till Then We Wait", featuring Steve Hogarth’s vocals. Great guitar solo, slow but sharp.

Sun Domingo is a more than interesting band with innovative ideas and a particular sound taking Marillion as inspiration.

They blend many styles, being very accessible (most tracks around 4:00 min. long) and commercial at times, but retaining the characteristic prog-rock experimentation.

Powerful images and some memorable music / arrangements are deployed on "Songs For End Times" with absolute precision. Not the cold, clinical precision for which so much prog is known, but the kind that flows effortlessly, gracefully, lucid and sharp.

Really Nice.

01 - The Last Sunrise

02 - Bound By These Rings

03 - For Only You

04 - Anymore

05 - It's Happening Now

06 - Mad Maze

07 - Call

08 - Till Then We Wait

09 - Find A Way Out

10 - Meditation

11 - Love Is All Around You

12 - It's Happening Now (acoustic)

Kyle Corbett - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Richie Torrance - Drums

Edgel Groves Jr - Guitar, Vocals, percussion

Daniel Gordon - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards


Steve Hogarth - Vocals

Adrian Belew - Guitar

John Wesley - Guitar, Vocals

Bruce Soord - Guitar, keyboards



Saturday, August 13, 2011

The RONNIE JAMES DIO Story : Mightier Than The Sword (2011)

The RONNIE JAMES DIO Story : Mightier Than The Sword (2011)

The depth of loss felt within the Rock and Metal communities by the passing of Ronnie James Dio on the 16th May 2010 was immense, and is testament to the high esteem with which the man and his legacy is held.
As a fitting reminder of this legacy, "The Ronnie James Dio Story : Mightier Than The Sword", is a fantastic a 2CD collection celebrating over three decades of music from one of the greatest vocalists in the entire history of Hard Rock.

As lead vocalist to such Rock giants as Rainbow and Black Sabbath, as well as fronting his own eponymous band for nearly three decades, Dio created some of the genres most defining and respected works.
Albums such as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Rainbow Rising and Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll for Ritchie’s post Deep Purple band Rainbow; then Heaven And Hell, Mob Rules, Dehumanizer and Live Evil for the mighty Black Sabbath and with his own band Dio, albums such as Holy Diver, The Last In Line and Sacred Heart, all stand as towering monuments of sheer class and brilliance in the Rock pantheon.
As a live performer, Dio knew few equals. With his lions roar and incredible vocal range, the front-man presided over countless memorable rock shows, delighting millions of fans all over the world.

With two Discs full of Dio from early to late, we hear it where it all began with Elf, and Carolina County Ball from their 1972 eponymous debut album. Leading on to Dio’s time spent with Rainbow bassist and producer Roger Glover and his solo album The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshoppers Feast from which the song “Love Is All” is taken from.
The next eight tracks are then naturally centered around Dio’s time with Rainbow include tracks ‘Stargazer’, ‘Kill The King’ and ‘Gates Of Babylon’ which rank among some of the greatest rock tracks ever recorded and although Blackmore’s band was steered somewhat haphazardly at times, Ronnie James Dio’s consistently supreme vocal contribution over their three studio albums and one live release, ensured a level of artistic excellence was maintained and still stands as a hallmark to some of the very best music in the rock field.

Also included are tracks from Dio’s time spent as lead vocalist with Black Sabbath. Dio had given Sabbath a new lease of life and the two titanic studio albums they recorded during the early 80s, Heaven And Hell (1980) and Mob Rules (1981), hold some of Metal’s greatest tracks.
The version of ‘Mob Rules’ featured here is actually the demo track which was used in the soundtrack to the film celebrating the comic books 'Heavy Metal'.
Representing Dio’s time spent at the helm of his own band are the colossal title track and ‘Rainbow In The Dark’ from the debut album, Holy Diver (1983).
Also, featured are ‘We Rock’ from the follow-up, The Last In Line album (1984); ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Children’ from Sacred Heart (1985) and ‘All The Fools Sailed Away’ from Dream Evil (1987).
The track ‘Push’ represents Dio’s Killing The Dragon album released in 2002 and the final track from Dio (the band) is the opening track from the very last album, Master Of The Moon, released in 2004.

A further two tracks under the Black Sabbath brand also appear – ‘I’ from the first reunion album Dehumanizer in 1992 and also ‘Shadow Of The Wind’ which was a brand new track recorded exclusively for the compilation, Black Sabbath: The Dio Years and first released in 2007.
Rounding off The Ronnie James Dio Story: Mightier Than The Sword are two tracks recorded during the second reunion Dio undertook with his old Sabbath cohorts, though this time reunited under the banner of that first album, Heaven And Hell. ‘Neon Knights’ is the live version which appeared on the album Live At Radio City Music Hall (2007) and ‘Bible Black’ from The Devil You Know, which was the final studio album Dio recorded with Heaven And Hell in 2008.

"The Ronnie James Dio Story : Mightier Than The Sword" is a comprehensive, beautifully remastered and packaged 2 CD set which provides the perfect gateway for listeners looking to get Ronnie Dio's career wisely summarized.
UK only release.
A must have.

The RONNIE JAMES DIO Story : Mightier Than The Sword (2011)



THIN LIZZY - Waiting For An Alibi : The Collection (2011)

THIN LIZZY - Waiting For An Alibi : The Collection (2011)

2011 UK collection from the Irish Rock legends led by the late Phil Lynott.

Thin Lizzy have left behind a spectacular series of songs and albums because of their desire to continuously challenge themselves.

There was no style they wouldn't tackle with each combination of talented guitarists like Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson who brought their own individuality to the band as well as fiery front man and songwriter supreme, Phil Lynott.

This 20 song compilation impresses with its choice of material.

It includes the two radio-friendly hit singles with which the hard rock band's name is synonymous - their ballsy take on the Irish traditional folk song 'Whiskey In The Jar', and the exhilarating 'The Boys Are Back In Town'.

And it includes some of the best of the other material they recorded in their decade-or-so-long career, like 'Dancing In The Moonlight', 'Don't Believe A Word', and the title track to this compilation.

Intelligently, it features a couple of choices from their seminal 'Live' album 'Live And Dangerous'; 'Massacre' and 'Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed'.

"Waiting For An Alibi : The Collection" is a stunning collection that features not only most of the big hits but also many other Lizzy classics that seldom appear on a 'best of'.

It's a perfect companion to earlier compilations 'Whiskey In The Jar', 'The Hero And The Madman' and 'Classic Thin Lizzy'. Whereas these sets concentrated on the earlier studio albums, "Waiting For An Alibi" is Lizzy at their commercial peak.

Wrapped in truly beautiful artwork, this jewel case release also includes a detailed 8 page booklet with liner notes and some great photo's of Phil and the boys.

Not only this is a perfect introduction for new listeners and a treat for fans, but at this price (£ 2.99), is simply a must have!

THIN LIZZY - Waiting For An Alibi : The Collection (2011) back



Friday, August 12, 2011

SINGLES - Ted Poley, Loverboy, Sencelled, Harnell, Bates [iTunes] (2011)

SINGLES - Ted Poley, Loverboy, Sencelled, Harnell, Bates [iTunes] (2011)

Loverboy hasn't just been 'Working for the Weekend', they've been pretty busy 24/7, with a new single, "Heartbreaker" and an upcoming live TV appearance.
The band recently reunited with Bob Rock, the original engineer on their 1980 self-titled debut, which was produced by Bruce Fairbairn, to record the brand-new “Heartbreaker” at Bryan Adams' Warehouse Studios in Vancouver.
“Bob just called Mike and me one day out of the blue and mentioned he had a song that might work for us which he'd love to produce,” says Paul Dean.
“He sent it over and we just flipped out. It's a great, kick-ass Loverboy song. It was a great experience. I think this song is one of the best things we've ever done."
The single will be available as a digital release on iTunes.

Danger Danger frontman Ted Poley is proud to announce the digital release of his brand new single and video, a cover of the Michelle Branch hit single "Breathe", do it in the 'Poley-style'.
Produced by Ted Poley & his new drummer Dennis Leeflang, engineered and mixed by Dennis Leeflang. Recorded at the Groove Cabin, NYC. Mastered by Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal.

Sencelled is a new Swedish four-piece melody-driven rock band.
Their debut album, which has already been hailed as one of 2011's most important in the rock community of Sweden, is produced by the great Ricky B Delin (who last year won acclaim for Houston - 2010's best AOR album in Classic Rock Magazine) and mixed by the legendary Robert Wellerfors.
It is set for release worldwide on September 23, 2011.
"Breathe Out" is the first advaced single powerfully sung by Erik Holmberg, flavoured brilliantly by Fredrik Askenstrom's guitar playing and powered up by the energy-packed duo of Christoffer Ahl on drums and Mattias Ohlson on bass - this is a band to seriously look out for.

Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Michael Bates has performed in various smash hit musicals and TV shows.
In August, 2008, Michael won the Australian National Grand Final of the Karaoke World Championships, gaining the opportunity to represent his country in Lahti, Finland.
Michael now stands on the verge of international acceptance with the release of his first single, "Tell Me", now for the first time available all over the world.

Ex TNT vocalist Tony Harnell released a new digital single worldwide called "Take What You're Giving" which starts a new chapter in Tony's ever evolving sound.
The single is on the charts in Norway / Sweden and it's being extensively played on Scandinavian radios. He is currently working on a book and a solo album.

Ted Poley - Breathe

Loverboy - Heartbreaker

Tony Harnell - Take What You're Giving

Sencelled - Breathe Out

Michael Bates - Tell Me


You've seen it here first, at 0dayrock


Thursday, August 11, 2011

MYON - After It's Gone (2011)

MYON - After It's Gone EP (2011)Inner Fire

Sweden is not the only Scandinavian country exporting quality music acts. It's incredible how many good Finnish bands have shown up lately.
MYON is a five-piece band from the city of Oulu, Finland, founded in 1995. They aren't newcomers by any means, as the group has released four albums, being the last the critically acclaimed 'Frameworks'.

Myon is now recording their 5th studio album entitled 'Vitalworks', and as advance has released 2 EP's, including tracks from the forthcoming new disc, plus exclusive material.
The just published EP contains the new single "After It's Gone", 2 tracks recorded live last year, and a different version of "Freak Of Nature" from 2006, recorded live as well. These live takes are superbly produced with brilliant sound, and only will be available in this EP.
Last year, the EP "Inner Fire" surfaced including two new tracks; the catchy title song and "Built By The Distance".

Myon's style is European melodic rock with a progressive touch, compared to Saga 'On the Loose' era, plenty of guitar and keyboard 'cat and mouse' antics.
This band work on many levels, with innovative arrangements and interesting twists.
Lush melodies, huge keyboards and a great, classy vocalist is what you will find in Myon.

All tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered at legendary Soundmix studios in Oulu, Finland by keyboardist Mika Pohjola. He has done a remarkable job giving these songs a crystal clear, crisp and deep sound.
This new material from Myon has a very fresh approach to the ever-changing face of rock music.
They definitely can compete with most bands that are regarded as leaders of this scene, without sounding like a clone of anyone.
So, another fine example for very good music coming from Finland.
How do they do that?

After It's Gone (2011):
01 - After It's Gone
02 - Fire & Water / Stress Code (Live 2010)
03 - Inner Fire / The Quest (Live 2010)
04 - Freak Of Nature (Live 2006)

Inner Fire (2010):
01 - Inner Fire
02 - Built By The Distance

Jukka Nummi - Vocals
Mika Pohjola - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Jyrki Laiho - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Keijo Koivikko - Bass
Matti Torro - Drums


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EUROPE - Live! At Shepherd's Bush London (2011)

EUROPE - Live! At Shepherd's Bush London (2011)

Sweden's biggest hard rock export EUROPE returned to the UK in 2011 with the Balls 'N' Banners tour exactly one year since their last tour on these shores.

With no new album to promote, they nonetheless succeeded in selling out the Shepherd's Bush Empire and thrilled the audience with a formidable performance.

They filmed this gig for a live DVD and CD, just released.

Singer Joey Tempest wears his frontman shoes with true spirit and together with the original line-up of John Norum on guitar, John Leven on bass, Mic Michaeli on keyboards and Ian Haughland on drums, delivers maximum power and joy. Opening up with the title track of their current album "Last Look At Eden", the five-piece played a few numbers from this, from the more aggressive "The Beast" to the sweet "New Love In Town", which the now London-based singer dedicated to the birth of his son three years ago.

Naturally their classics were not forgotten and it was with these that the crowd sang at the top of their lungs, making "Rock The Night", "Carrie", "Superstitious" and "The Final Countdown" the highlights of the evening.

From previous albums a good selection of songs came along, including "Scream Of Anger", "Seventh Sign", "Start From The Dark" and a song they hadn't played in a long time prior to this tour, the catchy "More Than Meets The Eye" from 1988's 'Out Of This World'.

On “Live! At Shepherd’s Bush, London”, Europe rocked the audience to the core.

Europe have a knack of writing anthemic songs that everyone can join in with, which is an undeniably attractive proposition when concerning fan acquisition and although the band is over 30 years old, it would be a silly mistake thinking they have gone soft.

This recording sounds big, meaty, perfectly recorded and mixed.


01 - Prelude

02 - Last look at eden

03 - The beast

04 - Rock the night

05 - Scream of anger

06 - No stone unturned

07 - Carrie

08 - The gataway plan

09 - Seventh sign

10 - New love in town

11 - Love is not the enemy

12 - More than meets the eye

13 - Always the pretenders

14 - Start from the dark

15 - Superstitious

16 - The final countdown

Joey Tempest – lead vocals, rhythm & acoustic guitars

John Norum – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals

John Levén – bass guitar

Mic Michaeli – keyboards, backing vocals

Ian Haugland – drums, backing vocals



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