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SERPENTINE - A Touch Of Heaven (2010)

SERPENTINE’s debut ‘A Touch Of Heaven’ is the culmination of two and a half years of work and dedication of a band founded by trio Gareth David Noon, Gareth Vanstone and Chris Gould.
When Noon returned from a vacation in 2007, an excited Vanstone informed him of the availability of axe-slinger Gould.
Noon recalls: “Gareth Vanstone and I had been writing rough material for a few years with no actual goals. It wasn’t actually until 2007 when we set up a jam session with Chris Gould that the whole thing actually started to take shape, and Serpentine was truly formed.
He happened to be a friend of Vanstone’s brother and he heard some of our rough demos.
We met up on a Monday, and by Tuesday afternoon we had finished a basic cut of our first song. It was instant chemistry.”

Fast-forward to the winter of 2008 and a chance encounter at a recording studio in Blackwood, South Wales between Gould and Shy drummer Bob Richards, which was to be the catalyst for Serpentine to hit top gear and get the band off the ground after 18 months of songwriting as a trio.
Less than a month later, Tony Mills (SHY, TNT) and his world reknowned, stratospheric vocals became the voice of Serpentine, and the band spent the next few months completing the demos for what has become the band’s debut album, ‘A Touch Of Heaven’.

In the summer of 2009, the band – with new members John Clews (Guitar) and Charlie Skeggs (Drums) in tow- decamped to M2 Studios in Staffordshire to begin reshaping their rough demos into what can be heard on the record, with Mark V Stuart (Magnum) and Sheena Sear twiddling the knobs behind the desk.

Keyboard flourishes, lush harmonies and breathless vocals provide the opening of the title track before the main riff kicks in aided by some surging guitars and Serpentine make an immediate impact.
“Whatever Heartache” will delight fans of JOURNEY and is the obvious first single for which the band have also released an excellent video; an anthemic, sweeping epic with double tracked guitars and a killer chorus.
The moody “Lonely Nights” and the ballad “For The Love Of It All” both sounds natural and from the heart.
Emotional is the word to describe “Let Love Rain Down”, while “We Belong” is like a summer breeze to your ears… SURVIVOR spirit is back!
You will be surprised by the closing track, a cover of the classic “Unbreak My Heart”.

This is an album that deserves to be heard live and hopefully the band will have the opportunity to take it on the road this year.

1. A Touch Of Heaven
2. Whatever Heartache
3. Lonely Nights
4. For The Love Of It All
5. Let Love Rain Down
6. In My Blood
7. Fashion
8. We Belong
9. Love Suicide
10. Unbreak My Heart

Vocals : Tony Mills
Lead & Rhythm Guitars : Christopher Gould
Lead & Rhythm Guitars : John Clews
Keyboards : Gareth David Noon
Bass : Gareth Vanstone
Drums : Roy Millward



FM - Metropolis (2010)

“The boys are back”
UK favourite AOR act ” FM ” release their first studio album in over 15 years!
METROPOLIS is the resume of the brillant career of these classic rockers and their trademark sound, updated but never forgetting the roots.

Featuring up tempo monster rockin’ songs like ‘Wildside’, ‘Over You’ (awesome track) or ‘I Ain’t The One’ to terrific melodic AOR tunes: ”Hollow’, Who’ll Stop The Rain’, ‘The Extra Mile’, all are fine examples of their ability to give beautiful choruses and fine melodies.

The voice of Steve Overland sounds magnificent over the complete record confirming he’s the highest reference in Britain’s scene.
With a stunning production and truly brilliant songs, FM managed to make a stellar comeback, it is a joy to listen to such talented work from this band that know how to write excellent songs.

This new album should please all their fans and attract a whole new audience of rabid melodic rock AOR fans!

01 – Wildside
02 – Hollow
03 – Unbreakable
04 – Flamingo Road
05 – Metropolis
06 – Over You
07 – Days Gone By
08 – Bring Back Yesterday
09 – I Ain’t The One
10 – Don’t Need Nothin’
11 – The Extra Mile
12 – Who’ll Stop The Rain
13 – Still The Fight Goes On

Steve Overland – Vocals & Guitars
Jim Kirkpatrick – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Merv Goldsworthy – Bass & Backing Vocals
Pete Jupp – Drums & Backing Vocals
Jem Davis – Keyboards)

vbr V0 extreme


AURAS - New Generation (2010)

Hailing from Brazil, AURAS is one of the most exciting new acts to hit the AOR-rock scene in the past few years and with the release of their debut album ‘New Generation’ they are ready to prove the world that acts such as Journey, The Storm, Toto and Survivor have found a credible heir from South America!

Auras was formed in the beginning of 2007 by singer Gui Oliver and guitarist Ferpa Lacerda.

Tired of playing in cover bands and feeling they were musically mature enough, both musicians decided to write some new music.

‘Hungry Hearts’, the first song coming out of this collaboration, was sent out to several producers and musicians around the world, gathering some very warm response.

“New Generation is the result of years of hard work and faith in our music” explains Gui Oliver. “It sounds corny, but it’s really a dream that came true especially for a brazilian band where this kind of music is not very popular”

Being a real band, not just a studio project, Auras had their live debut supporting their idols Jeff Scott Soto and Jimi Jamison in Curitiba, Auras’ hometown.

Hearing the band play, Jamison mentioned that Auras songs took him back to the eighties and reminded him of the great bands of that period.

“Artists like Toto, Journey and Survivor”, tells Gui, “are known worldwide and in Brazil it’s not different: their classic hits are still on the radio. Their music touched me in different ways. It was not only the beautiful and amazing melodies, but their songs also had great lyrics.”

Ferpa also grew up in a musical family and this kind of music was always part of his life.

“Definitely melodic rock and AOR in Brazil is not for the masses but we have a faithful and loyal audience. We received lots of emails of people saying how proud they were of us about the album.”

During the recording process the great jazz drummer Edu Sallum joined the band, and the local studio musicians Matheus Brandon and Hemerson Vieira helped to complete New Generation.

The album was finally mixed and mastered to sonic perfection by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Sunstorm, Place Vendome, Khymera etc.).

01 – Beauty Of Dreams.

02 – Forgive And Forget.

03 – Never Give Up.

04 – In My Arms.

05 – Reach Out.

06 – New Generation.

07 – Forever In Your Eyes.

08 – Hungry Hearts.

09 – That’s The Way Love Goes.

10 – Keep On Loving You.

11 – Out Of Love.

12 – Love To Survive.

Gui Oliver (vocals)

Ferpa Lacerda (guitars)

Matheus Brandon (guitars)

Hemerson Vieira (bass)

Edu Sallum (drums)

If you like it, BUY IT!

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NEWMAN - The Art Of Balance (2010)

It’s been a few years since we heard any new material from Steve Newman, the veritable one man band behind seven previous Newman releases.

The album starts with over a minute of news reports about dead pop and rock stars mixed together.
There’s Cobain, Hutchence and Jackson all lining coffins, paving the way for a very lively song called “Hero To Zero”, about the price of fame. Although the intro is certainly odd and a bit overlong, the song that follows sets the tone for the album perfectly.
It’s fast, melodic and catchy as hell, something Newman has a real talent for producing.

There’s no true influence here, and instead you can take several bands and throw them all in to get an idea of the Newman sound.
Try Brother Firetribe, Ten, H.E.A.T and Foreigner (but not the wussy stuff) for starters and you’ll get some idea of what we’re dealing with.

When Newman turns on the power he is simply brilliant.
The faster tracks on “The Art Of Balance” are by far the best, and “Edge Of The World”, “Endless” and “Stronger” kick some serious ass.
There are plenty of mid paced tracks as well, with some admirably fiddly guitar work throughout.
As well as playing and writing the majority of the album, Newman also delivers a great sound as producer, one I can’t fault in any way.
Vocally, he’s always had a strong voice, and whilst not one of the greats he has a similar range to Eclipse’s Erik Martennson which shows he is no slouch in this department.

If you’re the sort of person who appreciates solid, guitar driven, catchy melodic hard rock, then Newman is someone you really need to be introduced to.

01 – Hero To Zero
02 – Edge Of The World
03 – Endless
04 – The Miracle
05 – Stay With Me
06 – Tumble Down
07 – Wish You Well
08 – Find My Heart
09 – Your Surrender
10 – Break It Again
11 – Forever
12 – Stronger



BROTHER FIRETRIBE - Live At Apollo (2010)

Having released a couple of phenomenally received albums, ‘False Metal’ and ‘Heart Full Of Fire’, these Helsinki-based hard rockers embarked on their 1st European tour.

‘Live At Apollo’ represents the first live CD release from Brother Firetribe.

Something special about this CD is that it was created entirely from one performance, recorded at the Helsinki Apollo Club.

Guest singer Anette Olzon from the current Nightwish line-up was also asked to appear. There is no denying that Brother Firetribe wanted to give the fans something they had been waiting years for.

Starting with a keyboard intro akin to an 80’s chat show, this is soon overshadowed by quality musicianship from the guitarist and drummer – which incidentally is not outlandish and played at one hundred miles an hour, but precise power chords and simple drum patterns are adopted, which suit the music.

‘Who will you run to now?’ is not a thrash-fest featuring metal wannabes, it’s a group of guys playing songs they love, which just so happen to be heavily influenced by bands of years gone by.

‘Midnite Queen’ starts off with a vocally harmonised intro, an upbeat, feel-good track.

‘Heart full of fire’ is the track which features Anette from Nightwish and represents the duet of the live set.

The crowd adopted a more lively reaction to seeing this addition to the Brother Firetribe line-up and this is a clear highlight of the set.

Anette’s voice is put in the spotlight during this song and she holds her own against the reliable vocal of Pekka.

Ending with the hit song ‘I am rock’, Pekka says “You might as well sing along”. After a couple of smoke-based explosions we’re thrown head-long into the song.

This fivesome always plays it from the heart and ‘Live at Apollo’ serves you with a 14 song set of passionate delivery, big choruses and over-the-top harmonies that comprise a royal flush of pure melodic rock bliss.

1 – Who Will You Run To Now

2 – Runaways

3 – Wildest Dreams

4 – Midnite Queen

5 – Game they Call Love

6 – One Single Breath

7 – Play it from the Heart

8 – Chasing the Angels

9 – Going Out with a Bang

10 – Break Out

11 – I’m on Fire

12 – Heart Full of Fire

13 – Valerie

14 – I Am Rock

Pekka Ansio Heino – vocals

Tomppa Nikulainen – keys

Emppu Vuorinen – guitar

Jason Flinck – bass

Kalle Torniainen – drums

Anette Olzon (Nightwish) – guest vocals



TREAT - Coup De Grace (2010)

Twenty-five years after the release of their sensational debut album “Scratch and Bite” and eighteen year since their last self-titled studio album saw the light of day, Swedish melodic rock legends Treat are out to get you on the run again.

“Coup de Grace” is the album that every melodic rock fan hoped for but never dared to dream of: a classic rock masterpiece with thunderous guitars, powerful yet seductive melodies and hook-laden songs, all wrapped up in a production that combines the best of “now” and “then”.

‘It´s been twenty-five years in the making’, says guitarist and main songwriter Anders Wikström. ‘Since day one I knew we had this album in us. The ideas were there. The vision. But it took us this long to find the right tools to make it all come true.

Five albums, millions of miles on the road, a thirteen year long break and a whole new perspective on life to get it right.

In hindsight it now seems that everything we´ve done since we formed the band has been pointing in one direction.

Of course we didn´t know it back then, but this is what we aimed for all along’.

So here we are, in 2010 Treat is releasing their sixth album, not counting the best of “Weapons of Choice”, released when the band reformed in 2006.

“Coup de Grace” is a collection of songs that is so much more than just kick-ass-sing-along-rock´n´roll-songs.

They are more a sort of mini autobiographies from five grown men reflecting on life.

Back then, in the 80´s, it was rock´n´roll twenty-four-seven: big guitars, big choruses, big hair, babes and booze.

‘This album is a statement of who we are today’, explains Anders Wikström.

‘We’re older… yeah, perhaps even wiser. We look at our lives and the world around us in a different way.

I wanted to reflect that in our lyrics.’

The big guitars are still there and became even bigger. The big choruses. The big sound.

TREAT is a rock´n´roll brigade. A force of nature.

Today even stronger and more powerful than ever.

From the opening somewhat haunting prelude, that sets the tone of the album, the right-in-your face rock´n´roll grenade ‘The war is over’, the soul searching ‘Paper Tiger’ to the trademark power ballad ‘A life to die for’, where the band manages to make an epic with a hit feeling, TREAT is telling all the world that they’re back.

Bigger, better and bolder.

We got back together in 2006 because we all missed playing together. We released a compilation album and did a tour, but we weren’t sure what to do next. In 2008 we all felt that we had an album to do, continues Wikström. I started demoing songs and in May 2009 we were ready to hit the studio.

Produced and recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, by Anders Wikström, partly together with keyboard player Patrick Appelgren, “Coup de Grace”, is an album that’s going to stand out in a musical climate where mediocrity and superficiality are an asset but where talent, musicianship and dedication is not required to make the charts.

01 – Prelude / Coup De Grace

02 – The War Is Over

03 – All In

04 – Paper Tiger

05 – Roar

06 – A Life To Die For

07 – Tangled Up

08 – Skies Of Mongolia

09 – Heaven Can Wait

10 – I’m Not Runnin’

11 – No Way Without You

12 – We Own The Night

13 – All For Love

14 – Breathless

Robert Ernlund (vocals)

Anders Wikstrom (guitars, backing vocals)

Jamie Borger (drums)

Nalle Pahlsson (bass, backing vocals)

Patrick Appelgren (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals)



Monday, March 29, 2010

SCORPIONS - Sting In The Tail [Japan Release] (2010)

SCORPIONS - Sting In The Tail Japan bonus

Japan release including 2 extra tracks

After the release of STING IN THE TAIL, and a three-year mammoth tour, which will take them across five continents, one of the most successful rock bands in the world, SCORPIONS, will be ending their career.

During their 40-year career, SCORPIONS sold over 100 million albums and received many awards, such as the World Music Award and several Echos (the German equivalent to the Grammy).
Today they still play sold-out venues around the world. Not long ago, 152,000 South Americans came to 15 SCORPIONS concerts between Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City.
Their song “Wind of Change” has become an anthem for the fall of the Iron Curtain.
The tour will launch in the band’s home country Germany in May.
After that, they will be touring through North America before they continue their journey through five other continents until 2012.

Guitarist Rudolf Schenker tells that the prospect of ending Scorpions is indeed “really sad, and I don’t even want to think about it.”
But he explains that the band and its management ultimately feel it’s the right move to end the band on a high note with its new album, “Sting in the Tail”, rather than risk a slow decline.

“You can’t think about Scorpions at 70, not moving on stage, playing ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ — but on stage it’s not like a hurricane, it’s a very small wind,” he says.
“There’s no stinger, and that’s not good. You’re going back down hill, from big hall to small how, small how to club…Everything has it’s end; the question is it a good end or bad end?
In this case we want to do these things and make it a good end.”

Regarding the Scorpions members’ future plans, Schenker says that guitarist Matthias Jabs has a musical instruments store in Munich, while drummer James Kottak has his own band, Kottak.
Rudolf himself intends to publish his book, “Rock You Live,” in the U.S. and plans a collaboration with his brother a Michael Schenker — which may include Scorpions’ singer Klaus Meine on some songs.

Good and last album from the legend Scorpions with an ’80s feel, to rock the World!

The japanese version includes "Let's Rock" (not present in the USA version) and the exclusive bonus track "Thunder And Lightning".

1- Raised On Rock
2- Sting In The Tail
3- Slave Me
4- The Good Die Young (guest Tarja Turunen)
5- No Limit
6- Rock Zone
7- Lorelei
8- Turn You On
9- Let's Rock (not in the USA version)
10- SLY
11- Spirit Of Rock
12- The Best Is Yet to Come
13- Thunder And Lightning ( Japan bonus track)

Klaus Meine: vocals
Rudolf Schenker: guitars
Matthias Jabs: guitars
Pavel Maciwoda: bass
James Kottak: drums
Tarja Turunen: background vocals


Saturday, March 27, 2010

N.O.W (Philip Bardowell) - Force Of Nature (2010)

At age six, Alec Mendonça stumbled across the Boston debut album along with some old Beatles records which changed his life forever.

When he turned 14 he started playing more professionally and got a Luthier home made bass.

At age 18 his grandmother offered him the opportunity to have either a car or a decent bass….. although every single hormone in his body urged for a car he went with his heart and got his first fender Jazz Bass special, even recording an album in 1996 that had some air play in Brazil but then it all came to a halt due to sickness in the family.

After a hiatus of 14 years taking care of family business, Alec Mendonça was finally back to the world he loved, the music world.

There were so many tunes popping up into his mind that he decided to form a band and make a record out of it!

N.O.W. was born then, and by joining forces with stellar Brazilian Keyboardist Jean Barros, all the basis of the songs were done in Studio 430.

After 3 months Alec put down 12 songs!

Alec had to travel to the studio so many times he lost count of that, sometimes spending the whole day away from home for months, but it was worth it.

With the demo CD in hand, he only wanted the right vocals to do it and although Alec can sing, his voice is more of a background voice.

Taking his chances, he decided to send the tapes to some people he knew through the internet and caught the attention of gifted vocalist Philip Bardowell (ex-Peter Criss, Ace Frehley from KISS, ex-Beach Boys, ex-Unruly Child) who loved the songs so much that he decided to sing the songs for Alec.

Philip said and I quote : ”Alec, I’ll pour my heart into your songs” and by what you hear on this album, you can be sure he did!

Guitarist Carlos Ivan brought a touch of uniqueness to the album as well, making his guitar lines sound vintage but current at the same time.

All the songs reflect some stories that happened in my life or in the life of people I miss or lost.

The rest I hope becomes history…. as you can be sure that a lot of love and emotion have been put into the making of this album, it’s a 32-year-dream coming finally true… so enjoy and play it out loud!

01 – Can’t Make It (How Can I?)

02 – Listen To Your Heart

03 – Lonely Soul

04 – Once That Feeling Comes Again

05 – You

06 – Idols Grace

07 – Peace Of Mind

08 – Long Hard Way

09 – Hail Mary

10 – Im Free (But Not Ready To Go)

11 – Midnight Call

12 – No Time 4 Goodbyes

Philip Bardowell (vocals)

Alec Mendonça (bass, vocals)

Carlos Ivan (guitar)

Caio de Carvalho (guitar)

Jean Barros (keyboards)

Erik Leal (drums)

Mixed by : Martin Kronlund


Sunday, March 21, 2010

HUMAN TEMPLE - Murder Of Crows (2010)

Finland’s premier melodic hard rockers Human Temple are back!

Their 2004 debut “Insomnia” received rave reviews, and the fans have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up.

Now the wait is over, so be prepared for a “Murder Of Crows”.

The foundation of the Temple was laid way back in the late eighties, when vocalist Janne Hurme and drummer Petri Lehto formed their first band.

The guys were highly impressed by Kiss, Dokken, Crüe and the likes, so the style of the music just had to be hard rock, yet always with a keen ear for a good melody.

In 1998 he and Petri formed Human Temple, determined that this band would take the next step and become something bigger than their previous bands.

Their first album saw the light of day in the summer of 2004.

The next years passed quite fast, and the band went through a few line-up changes.

In the summer of 2009, they felt that the time was right for album number two.

They entered the Noise camp studio in Turku, chose the best 10 songs from their selection of new tracks, and started the recording process.

With a little help from some friends like Jani Liimatainen (ex-Sonata Arctica, Cain’s Offering), Erkka Korhonen (ex-Urban Tale, Ari Koivunen band) and Vesa Virtanen (Twilight Guardians), they created a worthy successor to “Insomnia”.

“Murder Of Crows” stays true to the sound of the debut, while adding some new elements to it.

Next to the band’s highly melodic AOR anthems such as “Just One Night”, “Ghost Of You” and “What About My Broken Heart” you’ll find some more metallic tracks, flat-out hard rocking and even atmospheric pop-rockers.

This is a great album filled with hook laden songs and if you love keyboards then you will get plenty on Murder Of Crows!

1 – Not My Fault

2 – Empty Stages

3 – Just One Night

4 – Promised Land

5 – Lie

6 – Yours Cold Blooded

7 – Ghost Of You

8 – Emily

9 – Secret

10 – What About My Broken Heart

JANNE HURME : Lead Vocals




If you like it, buy it!


Friday, March 19, 2010

TRAGIK - And We All Turn To Dust (2010)

Phil Vincent’s band TRAGIK comes with a new album, a collection of tunes that visits an eclectic variety of styles from milder AOR and melodic rock to metal-like hard rock.

The opener ‘Overture 3′ provides a point of difference to what you’d normally find opening up a hard rock CD, with a symphonic and at times bombastic opening instrumental sequence.
Boston meets Mastedon perhaps? of course they did something equally unusual on last years album too.

Movin’ on, ‘Jaded’ is the first rocker to land on our plate, an uptempo rocker with good use of vocal harmonies and hard driving drum work.
‘Can’t Find The Words’ is an intense mid-tempo affair with a (dare I say it) House Of Lords styled thickness applied.
‘Black And White’ is for all of those who are spectrally challenged, a fast paced rocker that is quite sad-sack in terms of the lyrics.. it’s about a guy who’s lost his missus… ‘all the color is gone in my life.. all I see is black and white’.
‘At The Shore’ is quite a cruisy number, lots of flanging guitar and seashore sound effects, occasionally it’ll beef up a bit.
‘Before It’s Gone’ is a pleasant number, ‘Long Way From Home’ is a bit slower tempo with AOR ideals, topped off by Phil’s Rik Emmett’s flavored mid-range falsetto.
The closer ‘Nothing’ features Billy Roux on most of the instruments, Billy has appeared on some of Phil’s previous recordings.

Tragik continues to deliver some quality material, and even though the lider Phil Vincent considers themselves to be the best unknown band around, you’ll find that continued exposure on sites like this plus other similar sites, will make that statement redundant over time.

01 – Overture III
02 – Jaded
03 – Can’t Find The Words
04 – Black & White
05 – Giving In
06 – At The Shore
07 – Before It’s Gone
08 – Long Way From Home
09 – Shadows Of Loneliness
10 – Nothing

Phil Vincent – vocals, bass, keyboards
Damian D’Ercole – guitars, percussion
Dirk Phillips – drums, keyboards
Billy Roux – guitars, bass, drums on ‘Nothing’



Thursday, March 18, 2010

JOHN PAYNE and ANDY NYE - The Passion (2009)

Vocalist John Payne (ASIA) together with keyboardist Andy Nye (MSG) formed the band PASSION at the end of the eighties.
They start writing and recording songs in order to get a contract and release the group’s debut.
But the twist of fate make that all these recordigs were shelved.
Payne joins ASIA and Nye become songwriter for various artists/bands (including ASIA).

20 years later, all these songs see the light of day for the very first time.
Glorious AOR melodies fullfilled with amazing keyboards and superb vocal arrangements.
Featuring former IRON MAIDEN’s drummer Clive Burr and MIKE OLFIELD guitarist Ant Glynne, the band sounds powerful, full of energy.

A real trip back to the golden years!

1 – All We Need Is A Miracle
2 – Break The Chain
3 – Burning The Innocent
4 – Desire
5 – Does It Look Like Love
6 – Don’t Hide Your Feelings
7 – Hearts Of Fire
8 – I Can’t Wait For You
9 – I Won’t Surrender
10 – Running Back To You
11 – Talk To Me
12 – Wasteland

John Payne (vocals)
Ant Glynne (guitar)
Andy Nye (keyboards)
Clive Burr (drums)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

H.E.A.T - Beg Beg Beg [CDs] (2010)

New H.E.A.T single!
From the forthcoming album to be released spring 2010.

Contains 2 tracks not available on the album to be released in the Nordic countries.

1/3 – Beg Beg Beg
2/3 – Tonight (bonus track)
3/3 – Living In A Memory (bonus track)



Monday, March 15, 2010

STATE OF ROCK - A Point Of Destiny (2010)

FRONTLINE’s guitarist Bobby Boebel wrote a fantastic collection of melodic rock songs, thinking for a new project.
After recruiting his ex band mates Hutch Bauer (bass) and Rami Ali (drums), the only piece of the puzzle left to find was a voice capable of bringing the tracks to life.
Extraordinary vocalist Tony Mills (TNT, Shy) has found time to become involved, and was added to complete the line up.

Then, the band’s intention to create a sound that contained 75% Frontline and 25% Shy came to fruition.
It’s genuinely difficult to choose highlights when the overall quality is so consistently high. Boebel, Bauer and Ali never put a foot wrong and Mills is at the peak of his powers.
“Black & Blue”, “Freedom” and “Somewhere” are all perfect examples of classic up tempo melodic rockers.
Boebel’s guitar work is faultless and Mills sound so comfortable hitting notes that most singers can only hear in their dreams.
Looking for a little variation? Then blast out “Friction” with its Scorpions like spiralling riff, or the slower stomp of “A Point Of Destiny”.
If ballads are your style then there’s the TNT meets Whitesnake of “Don’t Make Me Cry”.

Put quite simply, this is a brilliant slice of melodic rock!
Fantastic CD from start to finish.
Highly Recommended.

1. Black & Blue
2. Without My Love
3. Heartless Dreamer
4. Don’t Make Me Cry
5. Hanging In The Balance
6. Freedom
7. Count Me Out
8. A Point Of Destiny
9. Friction
10. Somewhere

Tony Mills : vocals
Bobby Boebel : guitars
Hutch Bauer : bass
Rami Ali : drums



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