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TARGET feat. Jimi Jamison (RIP) - In Range [The Lost Album] (2017)

TARGET feat. Jimi Jamison (RIP) - In Range [The Lost Album] (2017) full

01 - Tightwire (feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
02 - Love Magician (feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
03 - Too Much Good Lovin’ (feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
04 - Hold Tight (feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
05 - Taxman (feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
06 - Means That Much (feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
07 - Come on (feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
08 - A Place Called Hot (feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)
09 - Don’t You Think Its Time (feat. Jimi Jamison R.I.P)

Jimi Jamison - Vocals
Tommy Cathey - Bass, Vocals
Paul Cannon - Guitar
Buddy Davis - Guitar
Bill Marshall - Drums
Gary Topper - saxophone on 'Live Magician'



MIDNITE CITY - Midnite City (2017)

MIDNITE CITY - Midnite City (2017) full

01. We Belong
02. Ghost Of My Old Friends
03. Summer Of Our Lives
04. Nothing’s Like Losing You
05. Last Beat Of My Heart
06. Everything You Meant To Me
07. Can’t Wait For The Nights
08. One Step Away
09. I Just Can’t Take It
10. Things She Said
11. Think About You

Rob Wylde (Tigertailz, ex Vega) - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Pete Newdeck (Newman, Eden's Curse) - Drums, Backing Vocals
Miles Meakin - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Shawn Charvette - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Josh 'Tabbie' Williams - Bass, Backing Vocals
mastered by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem)



CODE RED - Incendiary (2017)

CODE RED - Incendiary (2017) full

01. I Won’t Be Your Hero
02. Heat Of The Night
03. Lift Me Up
04. My Hollywood Ending
05. Saving Grace
06. Eternal Pretender
07. Like I Remember You
08. Forever And A Day
09. Returning The Flame
10. Are You Leaving Now

Ulrick Lönnqvist - Lead and backing vocals, Acoustic guitars
Morgan Jensen - Electric guitars (Swedish Erotica)
Oscar Bromvall - Lead guitars (Palace, Erika)
Michael Palace - Bass and backing vocals (Palace)
Kaspar Dahlqvist - Keyboards (Shadowquest, Dionysus)
Daniel Flores - Drums (The Murder Of My Sweet, Find Me)



GYPSY SOUL - Winners And Losers (2017)

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

01 - Fat City
02 - Fire and Water
03 - Winners and Losers
04 - Ready for the Rain
05 - Sheila
06 - Candy Apple Red
07 - She’s Waiting
08 - Survival in the Streets
09 - Dancin’ feet
10 - Burning in Her Fire
11 - Rough Life
12 - The Kid Is Back in Town
13 - Outside Looking In
14 - The West

Johnny Edwards (lead vocals) (ex Foreigner, King Kobra)
JK Northrup (lead guitar) (ex XYZ, King Kobra)
Justin McDaid (rhythm guitar)
Larry Hart (bass) (ex King Kobra)
Glenn Hicks (drums)



SONS OF APOLLO - Psychotic Symphony (2017) retail

SONS OF APOLLO - Psychotic Symphony (2017) retail full

SONS OF APOLLO is the mega super group featuring former Dream Theater members Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian alongside Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (ex- Guns N’ Roses), Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs / Mr. Big) and the mighty Jeff Scott Soto on lead vocals. Their debut album, "Psychotic Symphony", will be released on October 20 via InsideOut Music.
The disc was produced by the dynamic production duo of Portnoy and Sherinian, also affectionately known as 'The Del Fuvio Brothers' which is the nickname given to them over twenty years ago during their time together in Dream Theater.

I’ve heard a lot of 'super groups'. It very rarely really works; too many cooks, too many egos etc. When I first heard that these five monster musicians were making a band my first thought was; there’s not enough room for all these individuals to fit into one song, much less a full album...
Boy oh boy was I wrong… and I’m so glad I was.

"Psychotic Symphony" is as close to a perfect Rock album as you can get. You have it all here, from progressive inventiveness to hard rock swagger to ridiculously catchiness.
From Bumblefoot’s first riff on 'God of the Sun' to Sherinian’s fade out on 'Opus Maximus', I was mesmerized.
Maybe I’m wrong, but the point of reviewing an album is to let people know whether they should dole out their hard earned cash for a product.
The answer here is a resounding YES!

I’m not going to do a song by song write-up. Discover it by yourself; it's a fantastic musical journey.
Each member of Sons Of Apollo is at the top of their game on "Psychotic Symphony", which is funny since I thought they no room for improvement from their already stellar catalogs.
The sum of these parts is truly breathtaking to listen to.

SONS OF APOLLO - Psychotic Symphony (2017) retail back

Bumblefoot and Sheehan made me want to smash my guitar. Those riffs!!! And I mean bass riffs too, an instrument used here as a true 'bass guitar'
Portnoy is a BEAST. I always liked his playing, but he owns this album. Sherinian compliments every single song perfectly, and what can I say about the incredible Jeff Scott Soto... this is one of the best works of his impressive career, and that’s saying a lot.
I can only pray to the Rock Gods that they continue this SUPER group for many more albums.

01 - God of the Sun
02 - Coming Home
03 - Signs of the Time
04 - Labyrinth
05 - Alive
06 - Lost in Oblivion
07 - Figaro's Whore
08 - Divine Addiction
09 - Opus Maximus

Jeff Scott Soto (vocals, Soto / W.E.T. / ex-Talisman / ex-Journey)
Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (guitar, Art Of Anarchy / ex-Guns N’ Roses)
Billy Sheehan (bass, The Winery Dogs / Mr. Big)
Mike Portnoy (drums, The Winery Dogs / ex-Dream Theater)
Derek Sherinian (keyboards, Black Country Communion / ex-Dream Theater)



CHEAP TRICK - Christmas Christmas (2017)

CHEAP TRICK - Christmas Christmas (2017) full

Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers CHEAP TRICK will rock in the Yuletide season with the release of their first holiday-themed album, "Christmas Christmas", out October 20 on Big Machine Records.
Fortunately this is not just another 'Xmas album' covering the usual traditional material, but songs by Slade, Chuck Berry, The Ramones, The Kinks, & more, and even better, there's 3 originals, new songs written by Cheap Trick.

Arriving mere months after their critically acclaimed eighteenth studio album We're All Alright!, Cheap Trick co-produced the holiday collection alongside their longtime collaborator, Grammy Award winner Julian Raymond.

With "Christmas Christmas", Cheap Trick delivers a sleigh full of rock and roll Christmas classics and festive favourites such as Slade's 'Merry Xmas Everybody', Ramones' 'Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)', 'Father Christmas' (The Kinks), as well as newly penned offerings like the joyous lead track 'Merry Christmas Darlings'.

CHEAP TRICK - Christmas Christmas (2017) inside

Ready for the Holidays, Cheap Trick's "Christmas Christmas" is a refreshing seasonal abum that rocks with a friendly rock n' roll sound, perhaps the best you can get this years.
Highly Recommended

01. Merry Christmas Darlings (new track)
02. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day (Wizzard)
03. I Wish It Was Christmas Today (Julian Casablancas)
04. Merry Xmas Everybody (Slade)
05. Please Come Home For Christmas (Eagles)
06. Remember Christmas (Harry Nilsson)
07. Run Rudolph Run (Chuck Berry)
08. Father Christmas (The Kinks)
09. Silent Night
10. Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) (The Ramones)
11. Our Father Of Life (new track)
12. Christmas Christmas (new track)

Robin Zander - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Rick Nielsen - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Tom Petersson - Bass & Vocals
Daxx Nielsen - Drums



Wednesday, October 18, 2017

EUROPE - Walk The Earth (2017)

EUROPE - Walk The Earth (2017) full

30 years on from the release of The Final Countdown, EUROPE are bigger and better than they have ever been. Following on from the success of the 2015 release War Of Kings and the 30th anniversary recording at the Roundhouse in London, the new LP "Walk The Earth" is due for release on the 20th October 2017.

Opening up with a barnstormer of a title track you know you are in for an exceptional ride.
Tempest’s vocals are almost Gillan-esque in their delivery and this should fit nicely with their upcoming tour with the mighty Deep Purple. Norum’s guitar work is hot and heavy and his penchant for intricate guitar lines is clearly in evidence here on this record.
For some this LP may take some listening to in order to really appreciate the production and songwriting, however the more you listen the more you get from the album and as such this is what makes the recording a winner.

Sure, there are the catchy melodic tunes as well like “Election Day” and the out and out riff driven powerhouse tracks such as “Haze”, but somehow there is a lot more to this record. At times it’s dark, moody and melancholic.
The kind of records that makes you listen, and then listen again. This is what makes it such a good recording.

Europe really are at the top of their game here and long may it continue, if this album is anything to go by we are in for a real treat as the band continues to develop.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Walk The Earth
02 - The Siege
03 - Kingdom United
04 - Pictures
05 - Election Day
06 - Wolves
07 - Gto
08 - Haze
09 - Whenever You're Ready
10 - Turn To Dust

Joey Tempest – lead vocals
John Norum – guitars
John Leven – bass
Mic Michaeli – keyboards
Ian Haugland – drums



GLENN HUGHES - Feel [2CD Remastered & Expanded Edition] (2017)

GLENN HUGHES - Feel [2CD Remastered & Expanded Edition] (2017) full

Cherry Red / Hear No Evil Records has started a GLENN HUGHES reissue program under the title The Glenn Hughes Remasters. Here we have "Feel [2CD Remastered & Expanded Edition]", the soulful, funky album Hughes recorded in the mid-Nineties, remastered and with lots of worthy previously unreleased material.

Having Survived the hedonistic, life shortening spoils of fame with hard rock monsters Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes arrived in the Nineties clean of addictions and with no regrets.
With "Feel", his third album in the post drugs era originally released in 1995, he parcels out little chunks of funk and morsels of late-nite soul like some rock’n’roll Masterchef winner in a charitable mood.

Reunited with Pat Thrall again and writing with Bruce Gowdy (Unruly Child), Hughes’ talent as a composer and vocalist bursts into bloom all over "Feel".
It was a latent flowering of all the man’s talents as a songwriter and interpreter of heavy rock ('Big Time', 'Redline'), streamlined percussive funk ('Save Me Tonight', 'Coffee & Vanilla') and blue eyed soul ('Does It Mean That Much', 'Maybe Your Baby').
Hughes, Thrall and Gowdy variously share production duties. Their lush arrangements and 3D rhythms are the album’s sonic heartbeat.
The whole shebang sounds weighty and dynamic, especially on this remaster.

And as has been well documented, Hughes invests much of himself in each and every song, bringing even the ordinary stuff to life in this slick travelogue through the rock / funk / soul landscape.
The album never makes a false move or takes a wrong turn, climaxing here with the first of the 2 CD set’s bonus tracks, ‘Holy Man’, a new version of the track from Deep Purple’s 1974 album Stormbringer, carefully sculpted by Hughes to fit into this new, laid back aesthetic. This was the original Japanese Bonus Track of the album.

The second CD is chockful of bonus material, all live, some electric, some acoustic. And it’s the latter that is the most intriguing.
There's wonderful acoustic takes on 'From Now On' and 'So Much Love To Give' where you can hear Hughes' voice in all its splendor. Conventional wisdom has it that the true test of a great song is how it sounds stripped down, minus the polish, the overdubs.
It’s always something of a risk, and it generally exposes those artists whose success is heavily dependent on studio recording wizardry.

Hughes breezes through these unplugged tests. He makes ‘From Now On’ (from a ’94 tour of the Netherlands) sound like a vocal exercise, with added emotion.
And, hinting perhaps at his personal resurrection in the early Nineties, ‘So Much Love To Give’ (Sweden, ’93) and ‘Lay My Body Down’ (Japan, ’94) have a quasi religious feel. Hughes vocalises with a controlled fervor, but it sounds like one he’d be happy to bear.
The electric tracks (including Purple's 'Burn' and 'Stormbringer') taped in a 1994's Germany performance, simply rocks, and The Voice Of Rock show his credentials.

GLENN HUGHES - Feel [2CD Remastered & Expanded Edition] (2017) back

In all its different exposure (studio / live / unplugged), "Feel [2CD Remastered & Expanded Edition]" reaffirm what we already knew: Hughes is an immense talent.
It's a fantastic release because not only features "Feel" remastered, but also a juicy set of previously unreleased material much more worthy than a 'fill a bonus disc for a deluxe edition': it showcases a terrific vocalist returning in top form.
Highly Recommended

CD 1: "Feel" remastered +1
01. Big Time
02. Livin’ For The Minute
03. Does It Mean That Much To You
04. Save Me Tonight
05. Redline
06. Coffee & Vanilla
07. Push
08. She Loves Your Money
09. Speak Your Mind
10. Talkin To Messiah
11. Maybe Your Baby
12. Holy Man (Deep Purple cover / Japan bonus track)

CD 2: Previously Unreleased
Unplugged tracks:
01. Intro (Live in Holland 1994)
02. From Now On (Live in Holland 1994)
03. Interview (Live in Holland 1994)
04. Lay My Body Down (Live in Holland 1994)
05. So Much Love To Give (Live in Sweden 1994)
06. From Now On (Live in Japan 1994)
07. You Keep Me Moving (Live in Japan 1994)
08. Lay My Body Down (Live in Japan 1994)
Live On Stage Germany 1994:
09. Burn
10. The Liar
11. Muscle And Blood
12. Lay My Body Down
12. Into The Void
14. Gettin' Tighter
15. Stormbringer

Glenn Hughes – Vocals / Bass
Pat Thrall – Guitars / Keyboards on tracks 1,3-8&11
Bruce Gowdy – Guitars / Keyboards on tracks 2&10
George Nastos – Guitars on tracks 8,9,11&12
Gary Ferguson – Drums on all tracks except 10
Matt Sorum – Drums on track 10
Todd Hunter – Keyboards on tracks 1&3-5
Marc Hugenberger – Keyboards on tracks 3,4,6-9&12
Carmine Rojas – Keyboards on tracks 6&9
Greg Phillinganes – Keyboards on track 11
Pat Zicari – Saxophone on tracks 4,6&8
Guy Allison – Bass synthesizer on track 8



V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases Nov / Dec 2017 - Vol.1

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases Nov / Dec 2017 - Vol.1 full

This end of the year promises to deliver some stupendous albums, let's check the newest advanced singles from CD's to come. Swedish hard rock institution EUROPE are ready to release their new album Walk The Earth', here's the second single 'Election Day', a rocking tune with great groove.

Via Frontiers Music we have excellent news: In December they will release Blood, Guts And Games, the debu album by EISLEY / GOLDY. Yeah, singer David Glen Eisley and guitarist Craig Goldy, both formerly of Giuffria, have joined forces again in a partnership which sees the two artists bring back the signature sound that launched their careers in the early ‘80s. Just check their first single 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter'... Love it!
Original Giuffria drummer Alan Krigger is featured in the music video, and also original Giuffria bassist Chuck Wright also plays on a few tracks on the album. It's some kind of GIUFFRIA comeback!

On the same label, we have one of the more anticipated comeback acts in years: PINK CREAM 69. Commanded by bassist (and renowned producer) Dennis Ward, the band will release their new album, Headstrong, on November 10th. 'Man Of Sorrow' is the 2nd single, a terrific tune much more Melodic Hard Rock oriented.
Also on Frontiers, November 10, is scheduled for SWEET / LYNCH new CD Unified. 'Bridge Of Broken Lies' is the midtempo ballad from the album, still rocking and meaty.
And we have 'Here's To You' the second single by THE DARK ELEMENT, the new band featuring Anette Olzon and Jani Liimatainen (Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius). A very original music. Out November 10th via Frontiers Music.

AOR Heaven Records are also preparing some cracking stuff: one of them is the debut by CODE RED, a new group around singer Ulrick Lönnqvist (songwriter for Jim Jidhed, Creye, Mad Invasion and Find Me). The singer teamed up with co-writers Morgan Jensen (Swedish Erotica) and Michael Palace (Palace, Big Time), and along with lead guitarist Oscar Bromvall (Palace, Erika) and keyboard player Kaspar Dahlqvist (Shadowquest, Dionysus). Check the AOR-tastic first single 'Heat Of The Night'.

Also via AOR Heaven we'll hear the debut CD by MIDNITE CITY, a new band founded January 2017 by current Tigertailz frontman (and former Vega, Steevi Jaimz and Teenage Casket Company member and songwriter) Rob Wylde. Pete Newdeck (Newman, Eden's Curse, Blood Red Saints) produces and play on the album while Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) mastered the whole thing. First single titled 'Summer Of Our Lives' says it all: feel good Melodic Rock.

Swedish rockers HARDCORE SUPERSTAR are presenting the brand new single 'Have Mercy On Me', taken from the forthcoming studio album scheduled for release in spring 2018. The song is the perfect sample of the classic Hardcore Superstar brand: loud, aggressive and hard hitting sound with big drums and an even bigger chorus.
Ex- Tigertailz STEEVI JAIMZ celebrates the 30th Anniversary of 'Living Without You' with the re-recording 2017 of the classic Tigertailz song. This version features Steevi, Phil Vokin (ex Strangeways), and super-producer Chris Laney.

Super-group SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE, featuring the talent of bassist/producer Fabrizio Grossi, guitarist/vocalist Lance Lopez and legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff got ready their second album. The three members have worked with a host of big names during their careers including Styx, Steve Vai, Alice Cooper, Glenn Hughes, Cinderella and many, many more.
'Elevate' is the second single from the upcoming new album, featuring blues guitarist Eric Gales for a killer solo duet in this terrific classic rock song.

'Room Of Nightmares' is the first single, expected to appear on BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's next studio album, which was recently completed for an early 2018 release. As usual, Zakk Wylde rocks and with some sense of humor as well.
German '80s Melodic Hard Rockers VICE are back with a new album titled 'Veni Vidi... Vice' which will be released on November, 17th. 'Open Eyes' is one of the songs where the band continues the old style of VICE in a modern way.
JESPER BINZER, frontman of Danish superstars D-A-D will release a solo album soon. The single 'The Future is Now' was originally written for World Boxing Super Series as an anthem, and rocks big time. Great song.
More to come...

01 - Europe - Election Day
02 - Pink Cream 69 - Man of Sorrow
03 - Vandenberg's MoonKings - Tightrope
04 - Sweet & Lynch - Bridge of Broken Lies
05 - Eisley / Goldy - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
06 - Code Red - Heat Of The Night
07 - Midnite City - Summer Of Our Lives
08 - Steevi Jaimz (Tigertailz) - Living Without You
09 - Jesper Binzer (D-A-D) - The Future Is Now
10 - Hardcore Superstar - Have Mercy on Me
11 - Vice - Open Eyes
12 - Supersonic Blues Machine - Elevate (feat. Eric Gales)
13 - Black Label Society - Room Of Nightmares
14 - The Dark Element - Here's to You

Only at 0dayrox


HELL IN THE CLUB - Devil On My Shoulder [Japanese Edition +1]

HELL IN THE CLUB - Devil On My Shoulder [Japanese Edition +1] full

Italian hard rockers HELL IN THE CLUB just released their first album with major label Frontiers Music, and one of you asked for their previous "Devil On My Shoulder" in its Japanese Edition including the bonus track 'Never Too Late'.
Hell In The Club includes members of renowned acts such as Elvenking, Death SS and Secret Sphere, but their music stands out as something totally different: they mix classic US hard rock and modern sounds, hair metal, party songs and anything in between.

With "Devil On My Shoulder", Hell In The Club tosses you into their time machine, propels backwards in time, and drops you off on the Sunset Strip in 1987.
However, this record essentially delivers killer melodic hard rock songs, with a little edge and a twist of L.A. sleazy hair metal, all pretty anthemic, foot-tapping and melodic. And they're pretty darn good at it.

Every song is big on melody, harmony and groove with catchy hooks in both lyrics and arrangement.
The rhythm section delivers a consistent rock groove and beat, the riffs bristle and the solos soar. The vocal harmonies are smooth, and vocalist Davide 'Dave' Moras got that 'feeling' necessary for this classic genre.

This monster of an album opens on "Bare Hands", a song with so much variety that you’re left pretty bombarded with all the levels of glam-rock and hair metal. It begins with a thumping intro full of guitar squeals which then leads into a verse that’s at least 70% Van Halen-esque, before clashing fantastically with the sweeping, pure old school sound that is the chorus. It’s an absolute gem of a track to start on, managing to really grip you as it forces it’s way into the rest of the album.
One of my favorites from the CD should be the follower, title track "Devil On My Shoulder", a terrific melodic hard rocker with sharp guitar riffs and a brilliant chorus.

"Beware Of The Candyman" is all real fun akin the very first G N' R, then the album then drifts into its single release "Proud", a more midtempo track in the vein of Danger Danger. It’s a song all about living your life’s dream and being damn proud to do it. As a live track, this would be a great centre piece with some parts, such as the late-song guitar solo, perfect for one of those ‘lighter in the air, arms waving’ kind of moments.

HELL IN THE CLUB - Devil On My Shoulder [Japanese Edition +1] booklet

"Whore Paint" is another highlight, pulling zero punches and not caring at all. It’s a fast paced riot of sound in the Skid Row avenue, complete with shredding, chugging guitars, booming drums and even some chants of “hey, hey!” and “whoa, whoa!“ that’ll make you want to join in every single time. It’s a magnificent homage to the genre as a whole, and it hits all of the right places.

"Pole Dancer" is of a similar vein, starting with some solo drums and building up in an intro that doesn’t slow down at any point, launching fast and furiously into the rest of the song. It’s an exercise in endurance for Hell In The Club, and is skillfully delivered.
"We Are the Ones" is a semi-ballad but the one with balls which reminds you the first Reckless Love (when they used to rock hard), plenty of harmonies in the chorus.

The next track "Save Me" then mixes things up, turning previous formula on their head by opening with a funky, chugging intro which leads flawlessly into another fast paced hard-hitter.
And there's much more to enjoy; the shuffle hair metal of "Toxic Love", the '80s Bon Jovi-esque ballad "Muse" and the melodic hard rock bliss of "No Nore Goodbyes".

HELL IN THE CLUB - Devil On My Shoulder [Japanese Edition +1] back

"Devil On My Shoulder" definitely has surprised me. It's a killer Melodic Hard Rock inspired by the true '80s tradition but with a big, energetic modern sound. All songs kick ass and there's much to be said for consistency mated with good songwriting and musicianship here.
Hell In The Club are on par with top-notch acts like Danger Danger, Van Halen, Skid Row, White Widdow, etc, and it's clear why Frontiers Music sign-up the band after listening to this album.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Bare Hands
02 - Devil On My Shoulder
03 - Beware Of The Candyman
04 - Proud
05 - Whore Paint
06 - Pole Dancer
07 - We Are The Ones
08 - Save Me
09 - Toxic Love
10 - Muse
11 - Snowman Six
12 - No More Goodbyes
13 - Night
14 - Never Too Late (Japanese Bonus Track)

Dave - Vocals
Picco - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andy - Bass, Backing Vocals
Fede - Drums



SAGA - The Polydor Legacy [early hits remastered] (2017)

SAGA - The Polydor Legacy [early hits remastered] (2017) full

As its title implies, SAGA "The Polydor Legacy" is a 17 track Best Of album by the legendary Canadian band comprising their works at their time with Polydor Records, all remastered.
In January 2017 it was announced that Saga will disband at the end of the year after their 'Final Chapter' tour, as stated by founder Michael Sadler.

Yes, after 40 years pleasing the world with their unique blend of Neo-Prog, Saga is coming to its end.
They have delivered 21 varied studio albums, which have cemented their status as one of the most influential progressive rock bands in history.

Their hits include "Don't Be Late", "Wind Him Up", "On The Loose", "The Flyer", "Humble Stance", "Scratching The Surface", "You're Not Alone" and "Listen" To Your Heart ", which they have now assembled with 9 more songs from their Polydor era on their ultimate best-of album, "The Polydor Legacy".

Completely remastered, here's some Saga most representative work - who are on the final tour now with original singer Michael Sadler, the brothers Ian (guitar) and Jim Crichton (bass, keyboards), keyboardist / singer Jim Gilmour, and drummer Mike Thorne - the kind that made them famous: bombastic sound, melodic, complex sound cascades with staccato-like guitars, orchestral keyboards and harmonic vocals.

It's a pleasure to listen to these - mostly - early Saga songs with really fine remastering job.
Highly Recommended

01 - Humble Stance
02 - How Long
03 - You're Not Alone
04 - Careful Where You Step
05 - Help Me Out
06 - Times Up
07 - On The Loose
08 - Wind Him Up
09 - Don't Be Late (Live)
10 - The Flyer
11 - Scratching The Surface
12 - You And The Night
13 - Listen To Your Heart
14 - What Do I Know?
15 - Wildest Dreams
16 - Only Time Will Tell
17 - Starting All Over

Michael Sadler – lead vocals, keyboards, Moog, bass
Ian Crichton – guitars, vocals
Peter Rochon – keyboards, vocals, Moog synthesizer
Jim Crichton – bass, synthesizer, Moog synthesizer
Steve Negus – drums, percussion, synthesizer



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