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38 SPECIAL - 38 Special [Japan Limited Edition / SHM-CD remastered] (2018)

38 SPECIAL - 38 Special [Japan Limited Edition / SHM-CD remastered] (2018) full

Japanese music market did it again: all the best 38 SPECIAL albums finally have been remastered, a fresh sonic treatment using the original US analog master tapes and pressed on high quality SHM-CD. It's all done in wonderful cardboard sleeve mini LP replica, which also faithfully replicates the OBI design of the Japanese first pressing LP.
And now we have here in exclusive 38 Special's debut with major label A&M; "38 Special".

This first release from 38 Special highlights the band in its original Southern Rock style before they became more of an arena rock band, where Donnie Van Zandt handles most of the lead vocals (unlike later material with Don Barnes taking more presence).
The band here sounds quite similar to Lynyrd Skynyrd, not strange as Donnie is Skynyrd's singer Ronnie Van Zant younger brother. Also, the dual lead guitars of Barnes and Jeff Carlisi are reminiscent of the same guitar attack Allen Collins and Gary Rossington of Skynyrd utilized.

However, 38 Special adaptation of the Southern rock formula is more commercial and melodic than Skynyrd's approach -- in fact, "38 Special", in my humble opinion, is technically a better album than any of Skynyrd's studio recordings of the era.
The instrumentation is tighter and much less frenetic, with melodious arrangements and polished vocal harmonies.

Among the highlights there's the rocking "Long Time Gone" and the catchy "Gypsy Belle". However, around the edges of the fast rockers and in the nicely harmonized easy ballads of the album there is a surprising and most welcome flair for laidback countryish elements to the riffing.

38 SPECIAL - 38 Special [Japan Limited Edition / SHM-CD remastered] (2018) back

As happens with all these fresh 2018 Japanese remasters on SHM-CD from the 38 Special series, the sound quality is simply outstanding. Everything is crisp, pristine clear, not distorted, with a perfect dynamic range.
Specially in this first album of the band - considering the age of the recording - the results obtained with the remastering job are truly remarkable.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Universal Japan UICY-78564 【LTD SHM-CD】

01 - Long Time Gone
02 - Fly Away
03 - Around And Around
04 - Olay A Simple Song
05 - Gypsy Belle
06 - Four Wheels
07 - Tell Everybody
08 - Just Hang On
09 - I Just Wanna Rock & Roll

Donnie Van Zant – lead and background vocals
Don Barnes – guitar, lead vocals, background vocals
Jeff Carlisi – dobro, guitar, steel guitar
Larry Junstrom – bass guitar
Jack Grondin – drums, percussion
Steve Brookins – percussion, drums
additional personnel:
Lani Groves – background vocals
Carl Hall – background vocals
Joslyn Brown – background vocals
Terry Emery – percussion, piano
Dan Hartman – piano, background vocals
Kenny Lyons – bass guitar



SARAYA - Saraya [Bad Reputation Records remaster +4]

SARAYA - Saraya [Bad Reputation Records remaster +4] full

French reissue label Bad Reputation has been doing a great job releasing 'Collector Series / Remastered with Bonus', with the main attraction being the addition of a bonus tracks or bonus disc, making these reissues the 'definitive expanded versions'. In a Rock Candy Records fashion, these are official remasters in arrangement with the original recording companies.
SARAYA's self-titled album - one of the finest female fronted Melodic Hard Rock / AOR albums from the '80s - was reissued by the label with 4 bonus tracks.

Founded in 1987 by by raven vocalist Sandi Saraya and keyboardist Gregg Munier (who passed away in 2006), and originally known as Alsace Lorraine (the title of a short instrumental on the album), the line-up expanded to include guitarist Tony Rey aka Teddy Bruno (the original axeman in Danger Danger), bassist Gary Taylor and drummer Chuck Bonfante.
All 3 had been playing with ex Foreigner contributor and Spys Al Greenwood in diverse projects, while previously Rey and Bonfante were members of the Joe Lynn Turner Band.

SARAYA released this self titled album in 1989, a melodic and highly polished collection of AOR numbers characterized by Sandi's infectious vocal style.
The swaggering opener "Love Has Taken It’s Toll" starts with a bluesy acoustic guitar giving way to a huge riff from Rey, the driving rhythm propelling the song along, and topped with Sandi’s husky vocal delivery.
"Healing Touch" has mesmerizing vocals and a very well-developed melody progression, as does "Runnin' Out Of Time" with that conquering main riff.

There isn’t a bad track on the album, from the commercial "Back To The Bullet" through the hard rock of "One Night Away" and the pulsating "Get U Ready"
"Gypsy Child" and "St. Christopher’s Medal" shows the band's moody side, while "Fire To Burn" has maybe the most erupting scream from Sandi, it's pure amazement with that metallic riff.

SARAYA - Saraya [Bad Reputation Records remaster +4] back

After so many years, finally this long time out of print gem gets the deserved reissue, with an amazing remastering job.
As for bonus tracks, two songs from the slightly heavier sophomore release "When The Blackbird Sings" are included, and the track that originally only appeared on the "Seducer" single, the fiery "Chainsmokin".

Also present is the power ballad "Timeless Love" which originally appeared on the soundtrack of the ‘Shocker’ movie, featuring a great guitar solo by Toto's Steve Lukather.
This is a great opportunity to get hold of a rockin' AOR classic. Every home should have one.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Love Has Taken Its Toll
02 - Healing Touch
03 - Get U Ready
04 - Gypsy Child
05 - One Night Away
06 - Alsace Lorraine
07 - Runnin' Out Of Time
08 - Back To The Bullet
09 - Fire To Burn
10 - St Christopher's Medal
11 - Drop The Bomb
12 - Seducer
13 - In The Shade Of The Sun
14 - Chainsmokin'
15 - Timeless Love

Sandi Saraya : Lead Vocals
Gregg Munier : Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tony Rey / Bruno : Guitars, Backing Vocals
Gary 'Skid' Taylor : Bass, Backing Vocals
Chuck Bonfante : Drums



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38 SPECIAL - Rockin' Into The Night [Japan Limited Edition / SHM-CD remastered] (2018)

38 SPECIAL - Rockin' Into The Night [Japan Limited Edition / SHM-CD remastered] (2018) full

Japanese music market did it again: all the best 38 SPECIAL albums finally have been remastered, a fresh sonic treatment using the original US analog master tapes and pressed on high quality SHM-CD. It's all done in wonderful cardboard sleeve mini LP replica, which also faithfully replicates the OBI design of the Japanese first pressing LP.
And now we have here in exclusive another one; "Rockin' Into The Night", 38 Special's third - and indeed rockin' album - where the band started to incorporate some arena rock elements into its sound.

And this is pretty clear since the beginning of the album, with title track 'Rockin' Into The Night', a song written by Jim Peterik, Gary Smith and Frank Sullivan - three Survivor members and originally intended for their next album, but it was given to 38 Special and became the band's first big hit.
This success marked the first of many songs Jim Peterik would write for and with the band, and he even play 'Rockin' Into The Night' today with his live band.

By this third album, 38 Special discovered how to fuse fun-lovin' Southern rock with a formula that would bring the band commercial attention.

"Stone Cold Believer" rocks a little harder with its gear-shifting guitar riff, a song for the arenas. But the evidence that .38 Special was progressing extends beyond the first two cuts.
Tracks such as 'Take Me Through the Night,' 'The Love That I've Lost,' and 'Turn It On' are sturdy, middle-of-the-road rockers, and they proved that Van Zant was indeed capable of giving the band's material enough vocal gusto to eventually break through.

38 SPECIAL - Rockin' Into The Night [Japan Limited Edition / SHM-CD remastered] (2018) back

As happens with all these fresh 2018 Japanese remasters (the only available at the moment) on SHM-CD from the 38 Special series, the sound quality is simply outstanding.
Everything is crisp, pristine clear, not distorted, with a perfect dynamic range.
HIGHLY Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Universal Japan UICY-78566 【LTD SHM-CD】

01 - Rockin' Into The Night
02 - Stone Cold Believer
03 - Take Me Through The Night
04 - Money Honey
05 - The Love That I've Lost
06 - You're The Captain
07 - Robin Hood
08 - You Got The Deal
09 - Turn It On

Donnie Van Zant – lead and background vocals
Don Barnes – guitar, lead and background vocals
Jeff Carlisi – electric guitar, slide guitar
Larry Junstrom – bass, guitar
Steve Brookins – drums
Terry Emery, Billy Powell – piano
Jack Grondin – percussion
Dale Krantz – background vocals



CROZET - Running Time (2018)

CROZET - Running Time (2018) full

At 0dayrox we always try to give you something different in musical styles, and lately some really interesting stuff comes from the flourishing Synthwave scene. CROZET is a band - a duo in fact - which as many in this genre, alongside the arsenal of synths add to their delivery traditional Rock instruments and lyrics / vocals. "Running Time" is their new album and while the cover artwork isn't in the typical 'neon fashion', don't be fooled, these guys are pure '80s bliss.

Formed seven years ago by multi-instrumental duo John Helmuth & Sean Lee from Philly, PA, Crozet started as a computer-based project doing covers of famous Eighties songs in a synthwave style and also composing originals.
After some time they moved to New Jersey, and the Crozet project evolved into a full, traditional Rock band, including human drummer and electric guitars, with the group performing live all over the US East Coast venues.

While Crozet and "Running Time" should be filed in the synthwave slot of bands including rock instrumentation / vocals into the mix like The Midnight, LeBrock and others featured here at 0dayrox, Crozet's style is quite unique.
They go for more stylized '80s rock&pop over creamy layered synths and reverb-drenched vocals.

Every song is finely crafted, into the studio completely performed, recorded and produced by Helmuth & Lee, with some external contributions to enrich the sound, such as in one personal favorite here titled 'Moment of Nostalgia', featuring Carl Cox on sax.
Elsewhere, you find guitars solos as on the title track, or the poppy 'Harbor' (check the video-track above).

For classy synthwave look for 'You and I' (which sounds like escaped from a 1984 John Hughes movie), the jumpy 'Seven-Segment Display', or the night-driving 'Way Out' which has a Miami Vice feel.

CROZET - Running Time (2018) inside

With refined production, writing and instrumentation Crozet brings a new sound to the Synthwave table.
Their music has all the ingredients of the genre, but the guys add a special touch and Rock instruments to the mix. Darn, closing track 'The Universe in You' even sounds like '80s Peter Gabriel or The Alan Parsons Project.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - You and I
02 - Running Time
03 - Seven-Segment Display
04 - Moment of Nostalgia (feat Carl Cox)
05 - Are You There?
06 - Harbor
07 - You're All Around Me
08 - How to Disappear
09 - Way Out
10 - The Universe in You

John Helmuth, Sean Lee - all vocals / instruments



TOKYO BLADE - Unbroken (2018)

TOKYO BLADE - Unbroken (2018) full

Almost forty years in the game, this particular blade is still razor sharp: TOKYO BLADE are back with their new album "Unbroken". Stalwarts of the NWOBHM, this is the band from Salisbury’s eighth studio album and finds all the original members back in the band with a sense of purpose.
And they’ve created an album worthy of their legacy.

For fans of the band, it was very exciting to hear the glorious return of original lead vocalist Alan Marsh, and so we waiting with bated breath to see if this album lived up to our expectations.
In my opinion, it does in spades. Or shoulda say in katanas?

‘Unbroken’ indeed and this proves the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Tokyo Blade sounds very '80s here, the way they did since their third album. That meaning classic metal but very polished and with an extremely melodic twin guitar tandem.

And they sound like they haven't missed a beat, giving us classic British metal gold with tracks like "Devil's Gonna Bring You Down", "Bullet Made of Stone", the intense "Burn Down the Night", "Black Water", the powerful "Dead Again", and "The Last Samurai" which is sort of a spiritual successor to 'Warrior of the Rising Sun'.

For a more warmer, chunkier tone in the guitars and vocals there's "The Man In Black", with its bluesy bass intro and mid-pace chug.
Also quite melodic hard rock oriented is the catchy "No Time to Bleed", giving off Thin Lizzy vibes with the dual-guitar intro, and just having a more sing-along feel.

TOKYO BLADE - Unbroken (2018) back

Tokyo Blade has created their strongest album since the '80s with "Unbroken".
It's classic in all aspects, polished, melodic, very well written and produced. They’ve found a way to stay relevant without severing their roots.
Get this album. It proves that the Blade is still sharp and, definitely, unbroken.
Highly Recommended

01 - The Devil's Gonna Bring You Down
02 - Bullet Made Of Stone
03 - Burn Down The Night
04 - The Man In Black
05 - No Time to Bleed
06 - Dead Again
07 - Bad Blood
08 - Black Water
09 - Stings Like An Open Wound
10 - The Last Samurai
11 - My Kind of Heaven

Alan Marsh - Vocals
Andy Boulton - Guitars
John Wiggins - Guitars
Andy Wrighton - Bass
Steve Pierce - Drums



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V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases Sept-Oct 2018 - Vol.2

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases Sept-Oct 2018 - Vol.2 full

More exciting new albums in months to come, here's the advanced singles.
STEVE PERRY, the reclusive former Journey frontman who hasn’t put out a new album in nearly a quarter century, will return this fall with a new LP, Traces. The first single, “No Erasin’,” tells the story of a school reunion with an ex-flame but its words also fit his story of walking away. “I know it’s been a long time comin’ since I saw your face,” he sings in a soulful tone over an urgent backdrop built from drums, piano and guitars. It builds as the song goes on, adding synths and heavier guitars. “My soul’s burning, just like it was before,” he howls in the chorus.
Lovely tune, can't wait for the full album.

Sweden's favorites ECLIPSE have recorded a new acoustic / electric version of the track “Killing Me” from their latest album, Monumentum. It's quite different, and it was released to support the upcoming tour.

With the current summer tour with Foreigner behind them, WHITESNAKE will revisit some of its best acoustic performances with 'Unzipped'. This 5 CD/DVD collection brings together unplugged and acoustic-based performances recorded over the past 20+ years, including rare and unreleased studio and live recordings, acoustic demos, concert videos, interviews and more. Here's the first advance, 'All The Time In The World (acoustic)'.

Sweden’s melodic rock band ANGELINE will release its new album “Shadowlands” in September. Here’s the second single from the album, “Live Life (Like You Mean It)”, a strong melodious tune with a cool hookline.

Underrated - and really good - Swedes SNAKES IN PARADISE return with a new album ‘Step Into The Light‘, via Frontiers Music next September. We have here the 2nd single “Things“, a nice midtempo melodic rocker.

Known for being Alice Cooper guitarist (among others) RYAN ROXIE has a solo career as well. He is releasing a new album, and some singles with it. "Me Generation" is the fresh one, a rockin tune with a feel-good vibe.

DARK SKY has released the second single from their forthcoming album 'Once'. The album will be released worldwide on August 17th. This is the title track, in a classic Scandinavian melodic hard rock style. I always liked this band 's use of keyboards, similar to Zeno or Fair Warning.

ZZ Top frontman BILLY GIBBONS has released the second single from his upcoming second solo album, Big Bad Blues. 'Missin' Yo' Kissin'' rocks with a dirty attitude.

Guitar great JOE BONAMASSA has announced a new studio album, Redemption. The new solo album—Bonamassa's 13th—is set to arrive September 21. Here's the title track, a rocking bluesy classic rocker.

Melodic power metal band STRATOVARIUS has released the new song "Oblivion," from their upcoming album Enigma: Intermission 2, which comes out Sept. 28. "Oblivion" is trademark Stratovarius, replete with a soaring melody, infectious chorus and crunching riffs. A short track with a song format and catchiness.

JIM SHEPARD’s is releasing his third solo album ‘Jaded’. Utilizing 3 vocalists to deliver Jim’s hard edged melodic rock songs gives the album plenty of variety. We have 2 cuts here, 'Destiny' and 'Save The World'.

Next month, TONY MITCHELL, vocalist of British hard rockers Kiss Of The Gypsy and Dirty White Boyz, will release his debut solo album titled ‘Beggars Gold‘. We find two advances here, 'Never Say Die' and 'What You Make It', strong tunes mixing classic melodic rock with hard.

01 - Steve Perry - No Erasin'
02 - Angeline - Live Life (Like You Mean It)
03 - Dark Sky - Once
04 - Eclipse - Killing Me (Sellout Version)
05 - Whitesnake - All The Time In The World (acoustic)
06 - Snakes in Paradise - Things
07 - Ryan Roxie - Me Generation
08 - Jim Shepard - Destiny
09 - Jim Shepard - Save The World
10 - Billy F Gibbons - Missin' Yo' Kissin'
11 - Joe Bonamassa - Redemption
12 - Tony Mitchell - Never Say Die
13 - Tony Mitchell - What You Make It
14 - Stratovarius - Oblivion

Only at 0dayrox


DARK SKY - Once (2018)

DARK SKY - Once (2018) full

After several years without new material out, Germans DARK SKY are back with a new album titled "Once" to be released tomorrow. The record mix new studio material with the band's best songs performed live, a proper release to kick the group into the scene again before their upcoming European tour.

Perhaps Dark Sky is not well known by melodic hard rock / AOR aficionados outside central Europe. But if Treat have chosen them for their next continental tour, they gotta be good.
Indeed, Dark Sky is a superb band. They started about twenty years ago, and the group's first 2 albums are among the best coming out of Germany during the past decade if we talk about classy Melodic Hard Rock / AOR.

All are experienced musicians and have been together for many years, so they know each other very well and sound like a tight unit. Founder members singer Frank Breuninger and Claudio Nobile (keyboards) are in since zero hour, and guitarist Steffen Doll and Uwe Mayer (drums) joined since the second CD.
All over the years Dark Sky has perfected their sound, songwriting skills and overall polish, so expect all these in "Once".

As said, Dark Sky play classic Melodic Hard Rock with AOR touches. They always remind me of Fair Warning, both due by Breuninger's vocal color similar to Tommy Heart, and for their pristine sound.
Having a keyboardist as founder member and songwriter, expect parping synth and keyboard flourishes all over. But the band are not afraid to add some proggy touches, and at places, heavier guitar work.

The studio tracks are crystal clear melodious rockers, while the live cuts are so perfectly recorded that some sound like a studio takes. Yes, there's more crunch in the riffs, the drums blast more, but I assure you that if you don't like live recordings you better forget it and listen to "Once".

There's no filler at all in this album; 15 tracks of solid melodic hard rock / AOR in the German style.
Think the aforementioned Fair Warning, but also Bonfire, Zeno, Dominoe, Craaft, Treat, Frontline, etc. all quality stuff. I really love this kind of uber-polished material and crystal clear style.
I have to mention as well that I'm amazed at the production/mix quality Dark Sky are able to achieve. The supposed "major labels" from the AOR scene (hello Frontiers) should take a few notes from them.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Into the Arena
02. Once
03. When the Rain Begins to Fall
04. Reasons
05. Final Day
06. Gladiators on Ice
07. Initium (Live)
08. Hands Up (Live)
09. Empty Faces (Live)
10. Chase Your Dreams (Live)
11. Food for a Million (Live)
12. Dancing with the Devil (Live)
13. Living & Dying (Live)
14. Cute Little Lies (Live)
15. Eternity (Live)

Frank Breuninger – vocals
Claudio Nobile – keyboards
Steffen Doll – guitars
Lutz Aicher – bass
Uwe Mayer – drums



V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases Sept-Oct 2018 - Vol.1

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases Sept-Oct 2018 - Vol.1 full

More exciting new albums in months to come, here's the advanced singles.
Swedish melodic hard rock giants TREAT will issue eighth full-length studio album 'Tunguska' on September through Frontiers Music. "Rose of Jericho" is the new advance, plenty of the Swedes' trademark melodies.

Also on Frontiers Music there's another great release in the making: GROUNDBREAKER self-titled debut album expected September 14th. The band features FM's Steve Overland on vocals and Work Of Art / W.E.T.'s talented Robert Sall. "Something Worth Fighting For" is the second single, a great melodious AOR ballad.

Founding KISS guitarist and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee ACE FREHLEY has released a new song called "Rockin' With The Boys". This is a track taken from his forthcoming all-new "Spaceman" album, due October 19. It rocks!

I am really eager to hear this in full length: DREAM CHILD's debut album, "Until Death Do We Meet Again", which will be released on September 14 via Frontiers Music.
This brand new band features Craig Goldy (DIO, GIUFFRIA), Wayne Findlay (MSG), Simon Wright (AC/DC, DIO, OPERATION: MINDCRIME), Rudy Sarzo (QUIET RIOT, OZZY OSBOURNE, WHITESNAKE, DIO) and vocalist Diego Valdez (HELKER) who really sounds like Ronnie James Dio. We have a new track, "Weird World", and the DIO spirit is all over.

Really good AOR / Melodic Rock project REVLIN PROJECT are working in a new album, and we have the first advance 'World Within', a keyboard driven tune with a catchy chorus.

Titled ‘Last Parade’ (after one of the unreleased tracks), is the upcoming special limited-edition package of BRETT WALKER unreleased material. 'I'll Be Seeing You Around' is one of the songs, a sweet AORish tune plenty of magic.

DAN REED NETWORK continue their comeback with 'Fade To Light', the first single from their forthcoming new studio album, Origins, due next November. It's classic DRN, a dynamic song with solid instrumentation.

JIMMY WALDO & STEVEN ROSEN were a prolific writing duo at the height of hard rock’s popularity and were two of the go-to-guys for songs. Jimmy played keyboards in New England and Alcatrazz and would go on to become a member in Blackthorne, Murder’s Row, Quiet Riot and ultimately Graham Bonnet’s band.
They recorded several songs with well known names over the years, all unreleased, and all will be packed into a double album titled ‘Voices From the Past’. Here's the first advance, "Ice", featuring JEFF SCOTT SOTO on vocals and BOB KULICK on guitar. Killer.

OSUKARU, the band commanded by the guitarist Oz Osukaru, will release a new studio album called 'House of Mirrors', and they already presented the first single funnily titled "MacGyver It". If the album follows the line of this great song, we are in the presence of Osukaru best work to date. This is a driving melodic rocker with synths and soaring vocals.

Aussie melodic rockers THE RADIO SUN have released the song “As Long As You Want Me” from their upcoming new studio and fifth full-length album Beautiful Strange. Cool melodic tune with nice guitars and chorus.

JIM SHEPARD’s is releasing his third solo album ‘Jaded’. Utilizing 3 vocalists to deliver Jim’s hard edged melodic rock songs gives the album plenty of variety. Check out the catchy 'My Heart Is Mine'.

HEAVEN'S TRAIL is the new band founded by guitarist Barish Kepic (ex Jaded Heart), including bass player Michael Müller (Jaded heart), vocalist Rick Altzi (Masterplan) and drummer Kevin Kott (Masterplan), which debut "Lethal Mind" will be released in October. So you have half Jaded Heart / half Masterplan as heard in the first single 'On The Rise' - melodic and heavy.

Guitar master JOE BONAMASSA will release a new studio album titled Redemption. 'King Bee Shakedown' is one of the advanced tracks, a bluesy shuffle with a lively feeling.

BAD TOUCH is one of UK’s most promising, hottest new rock bands, and have released their first single “Skyman,” taken from their upcoming album, Shake A Leg, due out October 5th. “Skyman” is Bad Touch’s homage to Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers whose nickname was “Skydog”. These guys rock greatly.

01 - Treat - Rose of Jericho
02 - Osukaru - MacGyver It
03 - Groundbreaker - Something Worth Fighting For
04 - Revlin Project - World Within
05 - Ace Frehley - Rockin' With the Boys
06 - Brett Walker - I'll Be Seeing You Around
07 - Dan Reed Network - Fade To Light
08 - Dream Child - Weird World
09 - Jimmy Waldo & Steven Rosen - Ice (feat Jeff Scott Soto)
10 - The Radio Sun - As Long As You Want Me
11 - Jim Shepard - My Heart Is Mine
12 - Heaven's Trail - On The Rise
13 - Bad Touch - Skyman
14 - Joe Bonamassa - King Bee Shakedown

Only at 0dayrox


DORO - Forever Warriors / Forever United (2018)

DORO - Forever Warriors / Forever United (2018) full

To be released tomorrow, "Forever Warriors / Forever United", DORO's 20th LP, is a huge milestone as her first-ever studio double album, so fans can expect 25 brand new songs, including some surprises. There's many guests as well, such as guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dead Daisies, Dio) and former Warlock guitarist Tommy Bolan, who also contributed to the highly acclaimed LP 'Triumph & Agony' in 1987.

"Metal Queen"; few artists are more deserving of this title than Doro Pesch and now her twentieth album is set to be the jewel in the crown, another milestone in Pesch's career, her first ever double album release containing twenty-five tracks in total.
First Forever Warriors track 'All For Metal' has a modern approach, bringing an upbeat, fast rhythm that's overlaid with some epic chants through the chorus and, of course, silk entwined, razor-edged vocals from the German powerhouse herself, all of which ensure this is a memorable anthem. No wonder it has been picked as the first single to come from the album.

'Bastardos' brings in the melodic metal wall of sound which Doro does so well, whilst 'If I Can't Have You – No One Will' sees Pesch dueting with Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth) and it's like nothing you've ever heard from the German vocalist so far.
Pesch can pull some real passion from her voice like no one else and puts this to good use on the ballad 'Soldier Of Metal', the song being heavy but clear guitar solos and a purer tone on the lead vocal makes this a powerful track.

Switching modes once again, a big helping of good time Rock 'n' Roll is dished out in the form of 'Turn It Up'. Dripping with catchy hooks, driving guitars and pounding rhythms makes this track a sure-fire winner.
'Blood, Sweat And Rock 'N' Roll' follows in a similar vein, but carries with it an attitude lifted straight from the Sunset Strip.
Apart from this album breaking new ground musically for the band, and in the quantity of songs penned within, there are also a number of metal / hard rock stars who have contributed to the material here, including Doug Aldrich, Tommy Bolan, Mille Petrozza and Joakim Broden to name just a few.

Pesch is also out to beat the boys at their own game with Whitesnake's 'Don't Break My Heart Again' and she does a worthy job. Meanwhile, 'Freunde Fürs Leben' ('Friends For Life'), which is sung totally in German, oozes feeling from every note in its rousing delivery.
The term "radio-friendly" and Doro have rarely gone hand in hand, but 'Backstage To Heaven' carries with it all the right ingredients, including a mid-song breakdown and sax solo, as well as a great chorus to make it on the airwaves.

More power ballad perfection comes from 'Lift Me Up' before a feisty 'Heartbroken' pulls off some American Hard Rock tricks. Pesch then veers close to AOR territory with 'Love Is A Sin' and 'Lost In The Ozone' which are brilliantly executed.
A poignant 'Living Life To The Fullest', penned in honor of Lemmy Kilmister, hits home hard, leaving no facet of human emotion unexplored within these tracks. Even the bonus songs explore new genres, from the punk-ish 'Metal Is My Alcohol' to the operatic 'Caruso', both executed in true Doro style.

DORO - Forever Warriors / Forever United (2018) discs

From her time in Warlock to being the driving force of Doro, Pesch has evolved, matured and never been afraid to be different.
Like all of us, she is older, but still retains stunning looks alongside a presence and confidence that has allowed her to explore new musical avenues, which together with a voice that has also developed has made this lyrically brilliant new release into something truly special.
There's something for everyone here, from melodic metal and anthems to hard rockers, '80 glam metal and even an AOR pinch.
Be loud and be proud Doro!

CD1: Forever Warriors
01. All For Metal
02. Bastardos
03. If I Can't Have You - No One Will (feat. Johan Hegg)
04. Soldier Of Metal
05. Turn It Up
06. Blood, Sweat And Rock ‘n’ Roll
07. Don’t Break My Heart Again
08. Love’s Gone To Hell
09. Freunde Fürs Leben
10. Backstage To Heaven (feat. Helge Schneider)
Bonus Tracks:
11. Be Strong
12. Black Ballad
13. Bring My Hero Back Home Again

CD2: Forever United
01. Résistance
02. Lift Me Up
03. Heartbroken (feat. Doug Aldrich)
04. It Cuts So Deep
05. Love Is A Sin
06. Living Life To The Fullest
07. 1000 Years
08. Fight Through The Fire
09. Lost In The Ozone
Bonus Tracks:
10. Caruso
11. Tra Como E Coriovallum (instrumental)
12. Metal Is My Alcohol

Doro Pesch (ex-Warlock) - Vocals
Johnny Dee (Britny Fox, ex-Waysted) - Drums
Luca Princiotta (ex-Blaze Bayley) - Guitar, Keyboards
Nick Douglas (Blaze Bayley) - Bass
Bas Maas (ex-After Forever) - Guitars



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HOUSE OF LORDS - The Unreleased & The Bonus Tracks - 0dayrox exclusive

HOUSE OF LORDS - The Unreleased & The Bonus Tracks - 0dayrox exclusive full

As requested, here's some unreleased HOUSE OF LORDS material.
After a long hiatus, leader James Christian started to plan the return of the band at the beginning of the new Millennium. This was materialized with the album The Power And The Myth released in 2004, a record with more progressive orientation that disappointed first time fans.

In my book, The Power And The Myth is a very good album, mature and with superb musicianship. It isn't the bombastic melodic hard rock the band was previously known for, but a really solid and interesting evolution in musical terms.
However, the genesis of the album, or better, the HOL return, was in fact inspired by the sound & style of its origins, and the proof are these demos recorded around 2001, later discarded.

Songs like the punchy 'Shotgun Doctor' is driven by a sharp guitar riff akin House Of Lords' second album Sahara, midtempo 'After The Love Is Gone' has great atmospheres akin the first, same with the pulsating 'Angel Of The City', which in fact was written in the '80s.
'Hero's Song' was included into the recently featured here 'Anthology', and 'Love Can Build A Bridge' is a midtempo ballad with acoustic guitars into the mix in the classic HOL style of the beginning.

One of my favorite from these demo sessions is 'Cruel (Someday)', a midtempo AOR tune with a fantastic melody, sweet vocals, a catchy chorus and radio potential. I love this tune.
There's an 'Instrumental' workout for a solid, quite epic rocking song, and from the original 1988 demo session, we have the rare original version of 'Angel Of The City (80s demo version)'.
All these demos are in very good quality sound.

HOUSE OF LORDS - The Unreleased & The Bonus Tracks - covers

The make this compilation more complete, there's all the Japan bonus tracks, from all House Of Lords releases to date.
As plus, included is the song House Of Lords recorded for the ARfm Radio benefit CD known as "The Undying Fire", a Limited Edition collection of 14 tracks all of which are either brand new, unreleased or live, provided by top melodic hard rock acts. House Of Lords contributed with the unreleased 'Point Of No Return', especially recorded for the project.
As extra, you have the very good melodic rock song 'Every Little Lie', appeared as bonus track in the Japanese edition of James Christian's solo album 'Lay It All On Me'.

The Unreleased:
01 - Shotgun Doctor
02 - After The Love Is Gone
03 - Angel Of The City
04 - Hero's Song
05 - Cruel (Someday)
06 - Instrumental
07 - Love Can Build A Bridge
08 - Angel Of The City (80s demo version - rare)

The Bonus Tracks:
09 - Point Of No Return (The Undying Fire exclusive)
10 - Havana (The Power And The Myth Japan Bonus)
11 - Gone (World Upside Down Japan Bonus)
12 - Another Day From Heaven (Remix - Come To My Kingdom EU Bonus)
13 - It Might Have Been Madness [Come To My Kingdom Japan Bonus]
14 - Who (Cartesian Dreams Japan bonus)
15 - The Train (Cartesian Dreams Europe Bonus)
16 - The Next Time I Hold You (Piano Remix - Big Money Japan Bonus)
17 - Precious Metal (Acoustic Version - Precious Metal Japan Bonus)
18 - The End Of Time (Indestructible Japan Bonus Track)
19 - The Sun Will Never Set Again (Acoustic - Saint Of The Lost Souls JP Bonus)
20 - James Christian - Every Little Lie (Lay It All On Me Japan Bonus)

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THE MAGPIE SALUTE - High Water I (2018)

THE MAGPIE SALUTE - High Water I (2018) full

And finally it's here with us, THE MAGPIE SALUTE's first album of original material, titled "High Water I".
Considering their messy demise, it’s heartening to know that there’s plenty of life after The Black Crowes for some former members. Feuding brothers Chris and Rich Robinson vowed to carry on with their respective projects after breaking up the band on the eve of a proposed tour three years ago, the former immersing himself in the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, his younger sibling returning to his solo career.
You get the impression, though, that guitarist Rich has been waiting for something more substantial to come along. Something like The Magpie Salute, in fact.

"High Water I" arrives on the heels of last summer’s promising self-titled album (here) comprised of covers and old Black Crowes tunes. If there’s an organic feel to it, that’s only to be expected, given that he’s retained his old band’s guitarist Marc Ford and bass player Sven Pipien.
Also on board are keyboard player Matt Slocum and drummer Joe Magistro, both of whom featured on Robinson’s last solo album, as did singer John Hogg.

The latter, with whom Robinson has prior form in early noughties rockers Hookah Brown, is a crucial ingredient here. Hogg is a hugely proficient frontman and focal point, allowing Robinson room to direct the band across a variety of styles with shared roots in classic rock, acoustic rock and southern blues.
Spending chunks of the past 12 months on the road has evidently served them well too, with these songs sounding joyfully lived-in, like the work of a band with an intuitive understanding of one another’s strengths.

They go for the big rock-out moments on 'Mary The Gypsy' and the grandstanding 'Send Me An Omen', both of which sound like a return to Crowes dynamics.
But the real gold is to be found elsewhere: a flashing slide-riff powers 'Walk On Water', a song as loose and rangy as early-70s Crazy Horse, or 'Hand In Hand' which is the kind of tumbledown jam with acoustics as patented by Led Zeppelin, that might easily have fallen flat on its arse in less capable hands
It’s easy to imagine the band playing 'Can You See', a country-blues ballad, picked around a low campfire under a setting sun, a moment of calm deliberation amid a changing landscape.

THE MAGPIE SALUTE - High Water I (2018) back

With "High Water I" The Magpie Salute have hit on a warm, rich vein of inspiration that might well sustain them for some time, making things look promising for 'High Water II' which is scheduled for 2019.
This is true classic rock music, from the earthy instrumentation, the solos and the melodies / arrangements to the overall feel & vibe.
Highly Recommended

01. Mary The Gypsy
02. High Water
03. Send Me An Omen
04. For The Wind
05. Sister Moon
06. Color Blind
07. Take It All
08. Walk On Water
09. Hand In Hand
10. You Found Me
11. Can You See
12. Open Up

Rich Robinson – guitar, vocals
Marc Ford – guitar, vocals
John Hogg – vocals, percussion
Sven Pipien – bass, backing vocals
Matt Slocum – keyboards
Joe Magistro – drums, percussion
Byron House - stand-up bass
Dan Wistrom - pedal steel



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