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PRESTO BALLET - The Days Between (2018)

PRESTO BALLET - The Days Between (2018) full

Honestly I don't dig Kurdt Vanderhoof's veteran thrashy metal band Metal Church, but his side project PRESTO BALLET is truly enjoyable for sure. They just released their sixth studio album “The Days Between”, as always, combines the melodic and harmonic old school aspects of progressive rock with AOR / Classic Rock touches.
Much more than on their already very good albums, “The Days Between” is more focused on melody, hooks and song format.
It’s definitely more on the melodic rock side and it has all the elements of the things that we love most about Rock music.

“The Days Between” once again sees the band doing a fantastic job harnessing the sounds of the some of the great melodic prog bands in history, including Kansas, Styx, Yes, Rush, and even a bit of Journey, but thanks to Vanderhoof's love for classic metal there are also some Deep Purple and Uriah Heep elements here as well.
Except drummer Crowe, the rest of the members have been together in Presto Ballet, so they work like an oiled engine and they know the sound they want.

There's not a bad tune here, and really the CD contains something for everyone. The joyful opener "Out Of Mind (It’s Outta Sight)" put things clear; a pompous progressive tune with Styx feeling circa 1981 all over it.
'Earthbound' is a super-charged number that starts off like a smokin' Deep Purple cut, with raging Hammond organ and beefed up guitar riffs, before the gorgeous Mellotron kicks in along with some wild synth passages.

'Tip Of The Hat' is quite melodic rock with a little of early REO Speedwagon, until Vanderhoof's appear to provice more muscle and there's a great interplay with Kerry Shacklett's analog synths. Add a little of early Journey to the chorus as well.
The breezy 'I Just Drive' is almost FM ready if we were in 1980, very melodious, slow and sweet.

'Hard Times For Dreamers' is one of my favorites. A great mix of Yes-like rhythm section, Rush-like verses, and the soaring vocals of Chuck Campbell. Vanderhoof adds in some tasty distorted guitar leads, which play well off the scorching Hammond and synth runs.
This is a great example of hard rock mixed with intricate prog rock and catchy pop / melodic rock, something that very few bands were ever able to do well, one of them being Aviary back in the late '70s.

Closer "I Am Wire" is the only lengthy piece, yet very accessible with acoustic / electric guitars, Mellotron, Moog, electric piano, and emotional & alluring vocals. You'll be hard pressed not to keep hitting the replay button on this great tune.

PRESTO BALLET - The Days Between (2018)

The musical quality of Presto Ballet is not a surprise anymore, but with “The Days Between” they managed to make this progressive stuff very accessible.
Kurdt Vanderhoof has stated on many occasions that he would like to do more with Presto Ballet, and judging by the popular feedback this band has gotten from the prog-rock faithful over the years there seems to be a good many people who would love to see it. In fact, all kind of listeners will enjoy “The Days Between”.
Metal Church might well be his bread and butter so to speak, but with six high quality releases under their belt, this band needs to take that next step into the spotlight and get the full exposure they so deserve.
Highly Recommended

01 - Out Of Mind (It’s Outta Sight)
02 - Earthbound
03 - Tip Of The Hat
04 - I Just Drive
05 - Hard Times For Dreamers
06 - I Am Wire

Kurdt Vanderhoof - Guitars
Chuck Campbell - Vocals
Kerry Shacklett - Keyboards
Bobby Ferkovich - Bass
Charlie Lorme - Drums



MR. BIG - Live From Milan [Japan Edition 3-CD exclusive bonus disc] (2018)

MR. BIG - Live From Milan [Japan Edition 3-CD exclusive bonus disc] (2018) full

Following the release of their last studio album 'Defying Gravity', MR. BIG set out on a tour that took them all over the world to promote the new release in a live setting. "Live From Milan" documents it, in this Japanese edition including an exclusive bonus disc; "Japan 2017 Official Bootleg," featuring over 60 minutes of selected live tracks from the Japan leg of the tour.

Anyone who has ever had the distinct pleasure of seeing the band live knows that the virtuoso musicianship and incredible vocals are on full display in this setting.
By this time, drummer Pat Torpey's battle with Parkinson's Disease had been made public, but Pat toured with the band regardless and sat behind the drum kit for select songs, while also providing background vocals, tambourine, etc. on other tracks when Matt Starr was taking his turn on the kit.
Sadly, this was one of Pat Torpey's last performances with the band as he passed away from complications due to Parkinson's in early 2018.

Kicking off with the frantic trio of “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy”, “American Beauty” and “Undertow” was a smart move to get the crowd worked up. Slower numbers like “Alive and Kickin’”, “Just Take My Heart” and the acoustic “Damn I’m In Love Again” are just as well received, and Eric Martin hardly had to ask for the crow to join the choruses.

Other live staples such as “To Be With You” and “Wild World”, although a bit worn out through time, get fresh renditions here. And on “Around the World”, Billy and Paul’s dexterity is tested to the max with a guitar-bass unison that would give any prog-metal band a run for its money.

MR. BIG - Live From Milan [Japan Edition 3-CD exclusive bonus disc] (2018) inside

Matt Star does a tremendous job replacing Pat, and while he added his flare to some of the tracks here, he wisely chose to respect the original beats of “Take Cover” and “Temperamental”.
The distinctive backing vocals of Billy and Paul shine throughout, and provide support to Eric’s velvety tone. While his voice does show signs of wear and tear on certain tracks, he still delivers.
And it’s worth noting that newer songs like “Everybody Needs a Little Trouble” and “1992” as just as well received as live staples such as “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind” or “Addicted To That Rush”.

Set closers “Colorado Bulldog” and “Defying Gravity” are appropriate sendoffs and a perfect farewell for a band that deserves all praise and more, if not just by the songs and performance, but also by the respect and reverence with which they addressed Pat’s illness.
Gratitude is a rare feat in the music business, and Mr. Big made it clear they wouldn’t leave Pat behind. As a unity, they made the point that the four core members would stay together until the end, and kept their word throughout.

MR. BIG - Live From Milan [Japan Edition 3-CD exclusive bonus disc] (2018) disc

As for the Japanese bonus disc "Japan 2017 Official Bootleg," its name 'bootleg' is just for fashion, as the sound quality is top notch, delivering a mix of Mr Big's classics, a medley and cover songs such as a killer version of the 'Baba O'riley' classic.
Highly Recommended

Disc 1:
01 - Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (Live)
02 - American Beauty (Live)
03 - Undertow (Live)
04 - Alive and Kickin' (Live)
05 - Temperamental (Live)
06 - Just Take My Heart (Live)
07 - Take Cover (Live)
08 - Green-Tinted Sixties Mind (Live)
09 - Everybody Needs a Little Trouble (Live)
10 - Price You Gotta Pay (Live)
11 - Paul's Solo (Live)
12 - Open Your Eyes (Live)
13 - Wild World (Live)
14 - Damn I'm in Love Again (Live)

Disc 2:
01 - Rock and Roll Over (Live)
02 - Around the World (Live)
03 - Billy's Solo (Live)
04 - Addicted to That Rush (Live)
05 - To Be with You (Live)
06 - 1992 (Live)
07 - Colorado Bulldog (Live)
08 - Defying Gravity (Live)

Disc 3: Japan only bonus CD "Japan 2017 Official Bootleg"
01 - Take A Walk
02 - Defying Gravity
03 - Forever And Back
04 - Paul's Guitar Solo ~ Never Say Never ~ Cdff - Lucky This Time ~ Mr. Gone ~ Open Your Eyes
05 - Just Take My Heart
06 - Baba O'riley
07 - To Be With You
08 - (We're An) American Band

Eric Martin: Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Paul Gilbert: Guitar & Vocals
Billy Sheehan: Bass & Vocals
Pat Torpey: Drums, Percussion & Vocals
Matt Starr: Drums & Vocals



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LEATHERWOLF - Street Ready [Remastered +2] Out Of Print

LEATHERWOLF - Street Ready [Remastered +2] Out Of Print full

The first 3 albums from LEATHERWOLF are among the best '80s US metal / hard rock had to offer. One of you asked if these have been remastered, and the answer, after some investigation, is 'yes'.
The only remastered versions were done by the band themselves, sold via their own label Leatherwolf Records during the last decade, and available in limited quantities, now out of print.
"Street Ready" is Leatherwolf's third album released in 1989, and according to times, is pretty much hard rock oriented with a polished production sound.

While not well known by casual '80s metal / hard rock enthusiast, Leatherwolf are a killer band. Maybe they were a bit too heavy for the massive audience, but they could have easily reached, for example, any W.A.S.P., Fifth Angel or even Dokken fan.
The had everything; great songs, an outstanding guitar team with triple (!) axe attack (the intro for the opening "Wicked Ways" speaks for itself), a powerful sound, a big label, and even a the proper looks.
Believe me, these guys should have been much bigger.

To those who are not familiar with this Californian outfit, they play a hard edged, rugged, and more aggressive alternative to the sleazy steeped LA scene of the era. Comparisons to Queensryche, Riot and Accept are easily made, along with other famous '80s acts such as Dokken, Crimson Glory, Icon and why not, some Judas Priest.
The riffs definitely pay homage to classic '80s metal yet, especially in this 3rd effort "Street Ready", with a groove and punch of traditional hard rock, all with melody.

Just picture a middle ground between the chunky heaviness of Fifth Angel and the lighthearted melodic nature of Dokken and you’ll be on the right track.
It's obvious that we can't consider them a totally underground band (they even had high rotation with a couple of videos from this album in MTV and VH1), but they never started to really take off.

LEATHERWOLF - Street Ready [Remastered +2]   inside

After their straightforward debut and their more melodic sophomore album, they arrived at the end of the '80s with everything on their side.
They closed themselves in the famous Compass Point Studios (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) with Kevin Beamish (Y&T, Keel, MSG) and registered an awesome collection of songs for this "Street Ready".

Ranging from the furious yet polished opener "Wicked Ways", "Take a Chance", and "Too Much" to catchy anthems as "Hideaway" and "Lonely Road", this album rocks.
A varied, precisely-played, and very well-written album where all tracks are winners.

Leatherwolf's "Street Ready" blends like few the boundaries between hard rock and US metal, and this is what makes this album special. While many metal bands never let a tune get in the way of their music, Leatherwolf have always used their instrumental expertise to assist the melody.

LEATHERWOLF - Street Ready [Remastered +2] back

This remastered reissue is a true gem, very hard to find, including 2 bonus tracks not present in the original release.
There's a misprint error on the artwork, only listing 11 songs (with the bonus tracks) even though the 12 tracks are present on the CD. Another reason to be considered a collector's item.

0dayrox exclusive (thanks to Larking)

01 - Wicked Ways
02 - Street Ready
03 - Hideaway
04 - Take A Chance
05 - Black Knight
06 - Thunder
07 - The Way I Feel
08 - Too Much
09 - Lonely Road
10 - Spirits In The Wind
11 - Black Jack
12 - Tools Of Discipline

Michael Olivieri - Vocals, Guitars
Geoff Gayer - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Carey Howe - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Paul Carman - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dean Roberts - Drums

Out Of Print / Deleted


THUNDER - BackStreet Symphony [2-CD Remastered Edition with Bonus]

THUNDER - BackStreet Symphony [2-CD Remastered Edition with Bonus]  full

British hard rock institution THUNDER will release a new album soon, and after the recently posted here 'The Chameleon Session', one of you asked for their classic albums remastered with bonus material.
"Back Street Symphony" (or BackStreet Symphony as they want to be named) is their stupendous debut album, a must in your collection.

Every once in a while, you come across a band that you want the world to know about. I first saw the video for “Dirty Love” from Thunder on MTV (remember when MTV showed videos?). It made me run right out and buy "Backstreet Symphony" on cassette (I didn’t have a CD player yet).
It blew me away.

Other than “Dirty Love” and “Love Walked In,” Thunder didn’t get much play in the U.S. Many missed out on the brief window they had to hear about this band.
They were big in the U.K. and Japan and that’s allowed them to continue even to this day (with a couple of hiatuses). They’ve put out great straight-up hard rock music with melody throughout their career.
They came out at the height of the hair metal era, but they weren’t a hair metal band. There a guitar-based, bluesy hard rock outfit. And with a bang...

Guitarist Luke Morley, singer Danny Bowes and drummer Gary ‘Harry’ James emerged from the wreckage of Terraplane in 1989 and after enlisting bassist Mark Luckhurst and keyboard and some time guitarist Ben Matthews emerged as Thunder.
Thus creating one of the most amazing transformations and re-inventions the rock world had seen in a while.

Terraplane, after a reasonably successful start had become pretty much also rans of the struggling late Eighties rock scene as the bands main protagonists pulled in one direction and their record company kept pushing them in another. To be fair to them their two albums are really enjoyable affairs but there really was no sign in 1989 that what was virtually the same band would move from also rans to becoming the new darlings of the UK hard rock scene within twelve months.

THUNDER - BackStreet Symphony [2-CD Remastered Edition with Bonus]  booklet

After performing an audition for EMI, Thunder were given a deal and sent of to the studio to record what many still think is their best album; “BackStreet Symphony”.
Danny Bowes has one of the best voices in rock. He reminds me of a more soulful and bluesy David Coverdale. Lead guitarist and main songwriter, Luke Morley creates catchy riffs and crafts stories through their songs.

Highlights of the album go deep. In fact, the first seven songs may be one of the best seven song stretches on any LP.
“She’s So Fine” kicks it off with Bowes singing of love at first site. The aforementioned “Dirty Love” leads to “Don’t Wait For Me” which gives Bowes a chance to shine on vocals.
The songs just keep getting better with “Higher Ground,” “Until My Dying Day,” “Backstreet Symphony,” and the awesome power ballad “Love Walked In” - a true classic tune.

Thunder exploded into the big league of British rock on the back of this terrific album and a show stealing performance at the Monsters Of Rock Festival at Donington that summer. Where, despite being bottom of the bill and having to start their set before half of the crowd had been allowed in, they blew every other band off the stage. Ironically one of those bands were headliners Whitesnake, who had by then almost abandoned the sound that had inspired Thunder in the first place.

THUNDER - BackStreet Symphony [2-CD Remastered Edition with Bonus] back

This "BackStreet Symphony [2-CD Remastered Edition with Bonus]" is the one to own. It packs the entire single B-sides, plus a killer performance at Town & Country Club in London, March 7th, 1990, all finely remastered with a pristine punchy sound.
A must-have for all classic hard rock fans.

DISC I : BackStreet Symphony remastered +4
01 - She's So Fine
02 - Dirty Love
03 - Don't Wait For Me
04 - Higher Ground
05 - Until My Dying Day
06 - Backstreet Symphony
07 - Love Walked In
08 - An Englishman On Holiday
09 - Girl's Going Out Of Her Head
10 - Gimme Some Lovin'
11 - Distant Thunder
12 - Dirty Love (12'' Extended Version)
13 - Fired Up [B-side]
14 - I Wanna Be Her Slave [B-side]
15 - She's So Fine (Full Version) [B-side]

DISC II : Studio & Live B-sides;
01 - Until The Night Is Through (Dance Dance Dance)
02 - I Can Still Hear The Music
03 - No Way Out Of The Wilderness
04 - An Englishman On Holiday (Live)
05 - Girl's Going Out Of Her Head (Live)
06 - Another Shot Of Love (Live)
Live in London 1990;
07 - Backstreet Symphony (Live)
08 - She's So Fine (Live)
09 - Until My Dying Day (Live)
10 - Higher Ground (Live)
11 - Don't Wait For Me (Live)
12 - Fired Up (Live)
13 - Dirty Love (Live)

Danny Bowes – vocals
Luke Morley – guitar
Ben Matthews – guitar, piano, organ
Mark "Snake" Luckhurst – bass
Gary "Harry" James – drums, percussion
Andy Taylor – production, twelve-string guitar (track 5)



PURSER / DEVERILL - Square One (2018)

PURSER / DEVERILL - Square One (2018) full

"Square One" is the debut album from PURSER / DEVERILL, a British rock project pairing former Tygers Of Pan Tang members Fred Purser and Jon Deverill.
An album that has been over 30 years in the making because both musicians keep in touch with the promise to create something together, but only materialized this year.

First, for those who think that "Square One" will be something like '80s Tygers Of Pan Tang, can stop to hope at once. Purser / Deverill definitely has an '80s feeling, yet musically is inspired by proggy melodic styles akin Saga, Asia, GTR, World Trade and even Rush circa 1982-84.
And what a stunning album it is.

“Square One” is powerhouse of proggy melodic rock, sophisticated though highly accessible, effortlessly switching from flourishes of grandeur to balls-out pumping rock.
Title track is a good introduction, opening with a wave of synth switching gear under a drum attack by guest (and friend) Jeff Armstrong and solid guitar layers.
Jon Deverill is in fine voice in front of the collage of sound constructed by multi-instrumentalist Fred Purser, whose arrangements and playing are delivered with gusto.

“Hypnotise” starts with a quality of Moving Pictures-era Rush, defined by a memorable, sing-along chorus, while the solo by Purser is reminiscent of David Gilmour, dominating and crying but never overwhelming the overall sound.

On “Travel The World” Purser is in progressive mode with hints of World Trade lush, polished sound, whereas “Beat Them Join Them” is stuck in an Eighties time-warp, with a pulsing drum, synth and bass intro, the song chugs along with the reflective lyrics asking question after question until the ultimate chorus of giving in and acceptance begins; “When are you going to come to your senses? When are you going to earn a wage?”

A twisting cosmic-blues erupts in “Make It True”, a song which glides along the clouds effortlessly demonstrating the command and passion Purser has for his guitar work, in a turnaround a cabaret-style piano opens “Darkest Cloud”, the song builds slowly with intensity as all instruments come into the fold, the melody-heavy track is one of the more interesting moments on the album.

The fantastic cavalcade of sound closing the album “Apocalypse Then” is a breathtaking instrumental, all the while a mesh of synth tones quell all around the listener, firing colors of sound in every direction as it climaxes to the sound of rain and thunder. Think Saga meets Asia.

PURSER / DEVERILL - Square One (2018) back

Coming out of nowhere, Purser / Deverill's "Square One" is one of the surprises of the year, not only for its quality but also for being one of the few delivering this kind of proggy melodic rock nowadays.
There's not a weak track on this disc, the flow of the album is flawless built to be absorbed by the listener. You cannot help wondering how these will translate on a live stage which is something we will hopefully see over the coming year.
Highly Recommended

01 - Square One
02 - Hypnotise
03 - Travel The World
04 - Beat Them? Join Them?
05 - Make It True
06 - With You
07 - Factor X
08 - Captured In Freefall / Lost In Space
09 - Darkest Cloud
10 - Apocalypse Then

Jon Deverill - Vocals
Fred Purser - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Jeff Armstrong - Drums, Percussion



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PRETTY MAIDS - Jump The Gun [Japan Blu-Spec CD2 remastered] (2018) EXCLUSIVE

PRETTY MAIDS - Jump The Gun [Japan Blu-Spec CD2 remastered] (2018) full

Sony Music Japan just started a fantastic series of PRETTY MAIDS albums for the first time officially remastered and pressed on High Quality Blu-spec CD2 format. "Jump The Gun" is the third major label studio album by the Danish melodic hard rock legendary band, now in all its glory with this superb sonic treatment.

The 'maids' were, are, and will be forever amongst my favorite bands. Despite the worse-chosen band name in history, these Danes wrote - and still do - some of the best melodic hard rock tunes you can find in the genre, and never enjoyed the recognition they truly deserve.
'Future World' ('87) and this 1990 effort "Jump The Gun" ("Lethal Heroes" for its US release) both are staples in high quality Melodic Hard Rock history.

Heavier than American hair / glam hard rock and infinitely more melodic than most traditional European metal, Pretty Maids has the best of both worlds: razor double electric guitar attack and crispy acoustics, a finesse keyboard mix and excellent lead / harmony vocals.
Ronnie Atkins' slightly raspy but strong vocals sometimes reminds you of Bonfire's Claus Lessman, but I always thought Pretty Maids as the European answer to my beloved Icon, the Phoenix, Texas band.

I am not so far in the appreciation, as one track in this album ("Hang Tough") was written by Dan Wexler for Icon's 'Night Of The Crime' album, but did not make it into the final release.
“Jump the Gun” has a more commercial approach than previous albums, as evident referring to both songwriting and the big, huge production sound.

The songwriting team of vocalist Ronnie Atkins and guitarist Ken Hammer is one that should be the envy of every up and coming composer out there. Ronnie has the ability to emote with his voice so distinctly and perfectly that his pipes are instantly recognizable and welcomed.
Ken therefore fashions the memorable riffs and arrangements that make up the four minute musical jewels that adorn their career.

Long time running mate Alan Owens uses his keyboards in exactly the right way that this music needs. He dots the landscape of these twelve songs with the right amount of added flair so as to set the precedent that yes, you can use keyboards / synths at the service of a song, not just as flourishing fills .
A good example of this would be "Over And Out" where he uses proper amount of effects on an otherwise simple song to make it a definite killer.

“Lethal Heroes” is one of the best songs they ever wrote, a great metallic yet polished monster with pounding riffs and top vocals. Magnificent tune.
"Don’t Settle For Less" is a midtempo anthem about pining away in lust rather than settling for “no” as an answer and the vocal harmonies are humongous.

"Savage Heart" is one that the band continue to play even today live, a pseudo ballad with bite about a solider in war. This is about as soft as it gets on Jump The Gun so I guess I can see why it was the “hit” single and the song most remembered by the handful of critics that claim it as a classic. Ronnie delivers the goods vocally with an emotionally packed performance and is even accompanied by some soulful female vocals at the conclusion.

Then “Young Blood” (legendary Deep Purple's Ian Paice play here) picks up the pace a bit before “Headlines” rocks in metallic style”, also a great song.
The title track brings more melodic hard with clever arrangements above the bar for a song in this genre, followed by “Partners In Crime” which kicks you sideways with great harmonies and a fantastic chorus.
Adding acoustics into the mix and a bluesy background, closing number “Dream On” is a laid back, loose affair that end the album on a good note.

PRETTY MAIDS - Jump The Gun [Japan Blu-Spec CD2 remastered] (2018) back

The album was produced by Deep Purple's bass guitarist Roger Glover with the glossy, 'huge sound' so in vogue at the end of the '80s. According to CBS, it was then the most expensive album recording to date in Denmark, with a cost of around DKK 3–3.5 million.
So expect attention to detail and tons of layers / multi-track production design.

"Jump The Gun" (and Pretty Maids itself, if you ask me) still remains unknown or not properly heard for many fans of the genre.
If this is your case, don't waste more time, pick up this Japanese remastered Blu-spec CD2 release.
Essential into any respected Melodic Hard Rock collection.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Sony Music Japan 【SICP-31224】

01 - Lethal Heroes
02 - Don't Settle for Less
03 - Rock the House
04 - Savage Heart
05 - Young Blood
06 - Headlines
07 - Jump the Gun
08 - Partners in Crime
09 - Attention
10 - Hang Tough
11 - Over and Out
12 - Dream On

Ronnie Atkins - Vocals
Ken Hammer - Guitar
Ricky Marx - Guitar
Allan Delong - Bass, Backing Vocals
Alan Owen - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Phil More - Drums
Additional musicians:
Ian Paice - Drums on "Young Blood"
Roger Glover - Bass on "Dream On", Producer
Freddy George Jensen - Harp on "Dream On"
Ivan Pedersen, Knud Linhard - Backing Vocals
The New Jersey Mass Choir appears on "Savage Heart"



QUEENSRYCHE - Empire [20th Anniversary Edition remastered] (2-CD)

QUEENSRYCHE - Empire 20th Anniversary Edition - FULL

Also requested among the QUEENSRYCHE discography, here's the pretty expensive 2-CD box version of their multi-platinum album “Empire”. Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of its original release, this classic album was remastered with the addition of a bonus disc including 13 bonus tracks, among them 10 previously unreleased live performances recorded in 1990 at London’s Hammersmith Odeon.

“Empire” went triple platinum and spawned Top 10 modern hard rock hits as “Silent Lucidity”, “Jet City Woman” and “Another Rainy Night”, the Top 20 single “Anybody Listening?” and the Top 30 singles “Best I Can” and “Empire”.
In the U.S. the album peaked at #7 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, #10 in UK, and the album's international success led to Queensrÿche's 18-month headlining “Building Empires” world tour, the band's longest trek to date.

This 'Deluxe Edition' features:
Disc 1 is the entire “Empire” album with three bonus songs; “Last Time In Paris” (one of my personal favorites), which didn't make it into the final track list, originally done for the soundtrack to the 1990 movie 'The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane', starring Andrew Dice Clay.
Also there's “Dirty Lil’ Secret” and the band’s cover version of Simon & Garfunkel's classic “Scarborough Fair” done in the 'Ryche' fashion.

QUEENSRYCHE - Empire [20th Anniversary Edition remastered] (2-CD) poster

Disc 2 contains tracks recorded on November 15, 1990 at the Hammersmith Odeon in London.
This is the real coup from this release.

Recordings of this show have surfaced before as a bonus disc to a deluxe edition of “Operation: Mindcrime”, featuring that classic album recorded live in its entirety.
The rest of that show featuring songs from previous albums can be found here for the first time.

QUEENSRYCHE - Empire [20th Anniversary Edition remastered] (2-CD) back

What more can I say about “Empire” ? If you're a QUEENSRYCHE fan, chances are, you already own the original release.
But this 2-disc package with bonus songs and a previously unreleased Live concert is something you'll truly enjoy.
Sonic-wise, the remaster provides a much more clearer and pristine high end.
A classic

Disc 1: Empire remastered +3
01. Best I Can
02. The Thin Line
03. Jet City Woman
04. Della Brown
05. Another Rainy Night (Without You)
06. Empire
07. Resistance
08. Silent Lucidity
09. Hand On Heart
10. One And Only
11. Anybody Listening?
12. Last Time In Paris [bonus track]
13. Scarborough Fair [bonus track]
14. Dirty Lil' Secret [bonus track]

Disc 2: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London
November 15, 1990
01 - Resistance (Live)
02 - Walk In The Shadows (Live)
03 - Best I Can (Live)
04 - Empire (Live)
05 - The Thin Line (Live)
06 - Jet City Woman (Live)
07 - Roads To Madness (Live)
08 - Silent Lucidity (Live)
09 - Hand On Heart (Live)
10 - Take Hold Of The Flame (Live)

Geoff Tate: Lead vocals, Keyboards
Chris Degarmo: Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Michael Wilton: Guitars
Eddie Jackson: Bass, Backing Vocals
Scott Rockenfield: Drums, Percussion
Additional musicians;
Michael Kamen – Orchestral arrangements
Randy Gane – message left on answering machine on "Empire"
Robert Bailey – Keyboards,Programming



QUEENSRYCHE - Greatest Hits [Japanese SHM-CD remastered] Limited Edition / Out Of Print

QUEENSRYCHE - Greatest Hits [Limited Edition Japanese SHM-CD remastered] (2014) UICY-76341 full

This is the only press on high quality SHM-CD of QUEENSRYCHE "Greatest Hits" with all tracks 24-Bit Digitally Remastered, a Limited Edition that went out of print in a couple of months.

Why this 'GH compilation' needed a SHM-CD, high quality press release? Because few "Greatest Hits" represents so exactly a band's career like this one.
And why is Queensryche so great? This album explains it all just as easily as an open book.

Including material from all Queensryche studio releases up to 1997 (1999's Q2K is excluded), as well as the astonishingly beautiful 1997 B-side "Chasing Blue Sky" and an alternate, wonderful extended version of "Someone Else?" featuring the full band, "Greatest Hits" delivers one great song after another.

QUEENSRYCHE - Greatest Hits [Limited Edition Japanese SHM-CD remastered] UICY-76341 cd photo

Opener "Queen of the Reich" is the quintessence of the perfect '80s metal song. A dark, fast, intense, and melodic metal beefy with epic dueling guitars fight their way into your head, leaving an inerasable mark.

"The Warning", "Walk In The Shadows", the superb "I Dream In Infrared", "Jet City Woman" or the hit "Silent Lucidity"... you can't go wrong with these classics.
All the songs off of this album have a similar effect on the listener, and that is addiction.

QUEENSRYCHE - Greatest Hits [Limited Edition Japanese SHM-CD remastered] UICY-76341 back cover

"Greatest Hits" is the perfect Queensryche album? I think so.
Of course you must have in you collection Operation:Mindcrime, Rage For Order and Empire, but this "Greatest Hits" sums up greatly 1 hour and 17 minutes of Queensryche's finest.
A Must Have

Universal Music Japan ~ UICY-76341 【LTD SHM-CD

01. Queen Of The Reich
02. The Lady Wore Black
03. Warning
04. Take Hold Of The Flame
05. Walk In The Shadows
06. I Dream In Infrared
07. I Don't Believe In Love
08. Eyes Of A Stranger
09. Jet City Woman
10. Empire
11. Silent Lucidity
12. I Am I
13. Bridge
14. Sign Of The Times
15. Chasing Blue Sky *
16. Someone Else? [with Full Band - Extended] *
* Japanese bonus tracks

Geoff Tate - vocals, keyboards
Chris DeGarmo - guitars
Michael Wilton - guitars
Eddie Jackson - bass
Scott Rockenfield - drums, percussion, keyboards

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Friday, December 14, 2018

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases 2018-2019 Vol.2

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

Near the end of 2018, some great advanced singles are coming from much anticipated 2019 releases.
Awesome AOR combo FIND ME consisting of lead vocalist Robert LaBlanc, drummer Daniel Flores, keyboardist Sören Kronquist, rhythm guitarist Philip Lindstrand, lead guitarist Michael Palace and bassist Johnny Trobro have released their song “No Tears In Paradise” from their upcoming third studio album 'Angels In Blue', which will be released via Frontiers Music on February 22, 2019. Fantastic tune.

You better take note about this name; GATHERING OF KINGS, a new Swedish melodic hard rock / AOR project which debut CD “First Mission” is set for release in late January 2019.
They sound terrific, with collaboration from the likes of Rick Altzi (Masterplan), Martin Sweet (Crashdiet, Sister), Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T, Nordic Union, Ammunition), Nalle Påhlsson (Treat), Chris Laney (Pretty Maids) and many more.
Here we have two more cuts from the album 'Love Will Stay Alive' and 'Out of My Life'... what a great band folks.

PRIDE OF LIONS vocalist TOBY HITCHCOCK is back with a brand new solo album, 'Reckoning', out on January 25th via Frontiers Music, recorded in collaboration with Swedish producer Daniel Flores (Find Me). The first single, the AORish "Promise Me" is just another showcase for Toby's quality pipes.

The first single "The Raven Child" from Tobias Sammet's AVANTASIA project has been released today. The track is taken from AVANTASIA's "Moonglow" album, which will arrive on February 15, 2019 via Nuclear Blast. Comprising 11 tracks, the new opus once again features several guest vocalists. "The Raven Child" features lead vocals by Sammet, Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN) and JORN Lande.

OCEAN DRIVE 85 is a lovely new AOR band formed by Rod Marenna (MARENNA) and Daniel Vargas (ADELLAIDE). Of course this is a pure '80s project as heard on first advance 'I'll Never Wait', mixing Marenna's melodic rock style and Vargas's more AORish style via his keyboards. Love it.

HEART has presented today a song from their upcoming album “Live In Atlantic City”, a powerful live rendition of “Bébé Le Strange” with special guest Dave Navarro (former Red Hot Chili Peppers) on guitar, showing why it is one of the most loved songs by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees.

DREAM THEATER has released “Untethered Angel,” the first song from their upcoming 14th album 'Distance Over Time', set to arrive on Feb. 22, 2019 via InsideOut Music. It will be the CD opener, and I can see why: the song encapsulates all the elements that made DT masters at their game.

Speaking about legendary bands, QUEENSRŸCHE revealed the first full song 'Man the Machine' from their upcoming album, 'The Verdict' which will be released on March 1, 2019 via Century Media Records. A driving rocking song which I liked a lot.

Influential British melodic hard rockers MAGNUM will release a new live album, "Live At The Symphony Hall", on January 18, 2019 through SPV / Steamhammer. Star guest Tobias Sammet (Avantasia, Edguy) appears on the advanced cut 'Lost on the Road to Eternity (Live)' to lend energetic support to vocalist Bob Catley just like he did for the track's studio recording. Great version.

In Summer 2017, TESTAMENT’s Steve Di Giorgio teamed up with former JUDAS PRIEST vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens, and SAVATAGE guitarist Chris Caffrey for a new musical project, SPIRITS OF FIRE. This outstanding supergroup has announced the release date for their self-titled debut album, to be February 22, 2019, via Frontiers Music, unleashing also the first single “Light Speed Marching”. It's heavy and melodic, and rocks.

And as extra we have a track - 'First There Was Rock' - from the remastered reissue of PANTHER ep. Fronted by a then young Jeff Scott Soto, Panther was one of the hottest new names in Los Angeles, but just after the recording of the “Panther” EP, he left the band to pursue a career with Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force, and later, became known as of one of the greatest melodic hard rock singers.

01. Find Me - No Tears in Paradise (Robert LaBlanc lead vocals)
02. Gathering Of Kings - Love Will Stay Alive
03. Toby Hitchcock - Promise Me
04. Avantasia - The Raven Child (feat. Hansi Kürsch & Jorn Lande)
05. Ocean Drive 85 - I'll Never Wait
06. Heart - Bébé Le Strange [feat Dave Navarro] (Live)
07. Gathering Of Kings - Out of My Life
08. Dream Theater - Untethered Angel
09. Queensrÿche - Man the Machine
10. Magnum (feat Tobias Sammet) - Lost on the Road to Eternity (Live)
11. Panther (Jeff Scott Soto) - First There Was Rock (remastered)
12. Spirits Of Fire - Light Speed Marching

Only at 0dayrox


V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases 2018-2019 Vol.1

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases 2018-2019 Vol.1 full

Near the end of 2018, some great advanced singles are coming from much anticipated 2019 releases.
INGLORIOUS will unleash their third studio album 'Ride To Nowhere' to the world on Friday 25th January 2019, and now we have the second taste, the title track. Mixed by maestro Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith) the band feels rockin' n' classic.

Melodic Rock kings LIONHEART has released a new single in time for Christmas called "Mary Did You Know". With it, the band is hoping to bring some much-needed classic rock to the No. 1 spot of this British institution. "We've had years of the same old formula pop songs at No. 1 and we thought it was about time to bring something fresh with a bit more power and punch," said guitarist Dennis Stratton (one-time member of IRON MAIDEN).
"At the same time, we have one eye on the traditional meaning of Christmas, and so have left out the sleigh bells and ho-ho-ho's in favor of something a bit more thoughtful. With the world in such turmoil at the moment, we wanted to bring a positive message across." It's a great, very good tune.

"How Many More Goodbyes", the new single from STARBREAKER - formed by Tony Harnell, the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter and former vocalist of hard rock band TNT, and Magnus Karlsson, current PRIMAL FEAR guitarist extraordinaire - has been released. The track is taken from the band's third album, "Dysphoria", which will be released on January 25, 2019 via Frontiers Music.

British melodic classic rock institution THUNDER will be releasing a new album titled 'Please Remain Seated' via BMG on January 18, 2019. The new album will see the group revisit and reinterpret many of its classic songs, in celebration of their 30th Anniversary. "Miracle Man (2019 Version)" is the first advance, and it's very different from the original.

JOHN DIVA & the Rockets of Love, an exuberant Rock ‘N’ Roll (with a capital ‘N’) quintet who bring a breath of fresh air to Eighties style classic rock music, release their soaring debut single ‘Lolita’ taken from their debut album, ‘Mama Said Rock Is Dead’, due to be unleashed on February 8th 2019.
You'll be surprised by the debut album from these guys, a mix of classic Van Halen and Warrant. Love it.

The sensation of South American melodic hard rock SUPREMACY returns with their single “Sirius”, a studio track mixed and mastered by producer extraordinaire Jacob Hansen that also marks the studio debut of renowned vocalist Gus Monsanto (ex-Adagio, ex Revolution Renaissance). Killer song folks.

VIOLET JANINE released some time ago one of the best female fronted melodic hard rock albums of the decade, and the the Swedes are back with a new album 2019, and 'Queen Of Rock' is the first advance.

After many years, former Alice Cooper guitarist KANE ROBERTS has released a new solo song titled “Forever Out Of Place”, taken from his upcoming album 'The New Normal', which will be released via Frontiers Music on January 25, 2019. On this track, we find the great KIP WINGER as guest.

You better take note about this name; GATHERING OF KINGS, a new Swedish melodic hard rock / AOR project which debut CD “First Mission” is set for release in late January 2019.
They sound truly fantastic, with collaboration from the likes of Rick Altzi (Masterplan), Martin Sweet (Crashdiet, Sister), Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T, Nordic Union, Ammunition), Nalle Påhlsson (Treat), Chris Laney (Pretty Maids) and many more. Here's one of the songs titled 'Saviour', terrific.

WEST BOUND is a new band formed in LA by great vocalist Chas West (Resurreciton Kings, el ex-Bonham, Lynch Mob, etc.) and renowned guitarist / producer Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Tribe of Gypsies). 'Never Surrender' is the first single, a hard rocker with an early '90s US feel, taken from their debut CD to be released by Frontiers February 2019.

Finnish AOR / Melodic rock combo WAKE THE NATIONS surprised us with their indie debut. Now signed by AOR Heaven they will release a new album next January 25, 2019. 'Tattooed Girl' is the first advance, and wow, they sound fantastic.

QUIET RIOT’s performance at Frontiers Rock Festival 2018 marked the band's first-ever concert in Italy. This special event is now being released on CD/DVD and Blu-Ray. Entitled “One Night in Milan,” this once in a lifetime performance will be released January 25, 2019 via Frontiers Music.
The advance 'Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Live) has surfaced, and in my opinion this is the best they have sounded since Kevin DuBrow passed away.

Also via Frontiers Music, legendary cult hard rockers TORA TORA has released its first new recorded song since 1994. Titled “Rose Of Jericho”, the rocking song comes from from their upcoming new studio album 'Bastards Of Beale', which will be released February 2019.

Rockers JETBOY has released another advance taken from the band's new album, "Born To Fly", which will be released on January 25, 2019 via Frontiers Music. The new song, the angry rocker 'Beating The Odds' features a spoken-word piece by LEMMY, the legendary Motorhead founder.

01. John Diva & the Rockets of Love - Lolita
02. Supremacy - Sirius (remixed by Jacob Hansen)
03. Starbreaker (Tony Harnell, M. Karlsson) - How Many More Goodbyes
04. Violet Janine - Queen Of Rock
05. Inglorious - Ride to Nowhere
06. Lionheart - Mary Did You Know
07. Kane Roberts & Kip Winger - Forever out of Place
08. Gathering Of Kings - Saviour
09. Thunder - Miracle Man (2019 Version)
10. West Bound - Never Surrender
11. Wake The Nations - Tattooed Girl
12. Quiet Riot - Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Live)
13. Tora Tora - Rose of Jericho
14. Jetboy - Beating the Odds

only at 0dayrox


GRAND DESIGN - Viva La Paradise 'Special Mission' [re-mixed +4 new tracks] (2018)

GRAND DESIGN - Viva La Paradise 'Special Mission' [re-mixed +4 new tracks] (2018) full

Swedish melodic rockers GRAND DESIGN released their new studio album Viva La Paradise last April, but not happy with the overall sound they are re-releasing the CD re-titled "Viva La Paradise Special Mission", remixed, remastered, with updated cover art and 4 new tracks (3 brand new songs and 1 cover).

Grand Design are, that's clear, very much Def Leppard influenced from the infectious choruses to the multi-layered production. But I can't resist to their songs. And all in "Viva La Paradise" are pure '80s.
Perhaps the best way to get this band and enjoy their music is reading vocalist / songwriter Pelle Saether own words:
“We wanted that Def Leppard sound to it. You know: 96 channels of choirs just running you over, and I think we nailed it”, says Pelle when asked to sum up the work with the album.

The comparisons with giants Def Leppard doesn’t bother him, quite the contrary: “Def Leppard are my Gods of rock 'n' roll. When I dreamed up this album I set out to make music in the vein of their 80'sound”, says Pelle.
“I missed that sound and those songs. I couldn’t find any band that matched that, and then I decided to give it a shot. I'm not denying that I tried to copy that sound and vibe. Damn it: those guys are my heroes”..
“I’m proud of where I come from musically, and if you want to pin me down as a copycat, fine. I don't care, this is the music of my heart and soul”.
Wow, brave words... but clearly illustrate Grand Design focus. They did it with their previous albums, they did it with "Viva La Paradise Special Mission".

'Face It', 'Rawk N Roll Hysteria', title track 'Viva La Paradise', ballad 'Aim 4 The Heart', 'Love Shouldn't Hurt' or the driven 'U Can't Fool Love' are full-on choruses, anthemic tunes almost identical to Def Leppard works 1987-1993, a multi-layered recording technique which defined an era, and gained fans (like me) forever.
Now all these have been re-mixed / tweaked, and sound even more polished.

GRAND DESIGN - Viva La Paradise 'Special Mission' [re-mixed +4 new tracks] (2018) back

About the new, extra tracks, all are good: 'Miss U Tonite' is a fine unplugged melodic rocker, 'Major Key' has an AORish feel akin Last Autumn's Dream, while the punchy midtempo 'Fight Fire With Fire' is ready for the arenas.
Pure '80s stuff folks... HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Face It
02 - Rawk 'N Roll Hysteria
03 - Viva La Paradise
04 - Don't Ice Me Out
05 - Aim 4 The Heart
06 - I Would Be The Wind
07 - Love Shouldn't Hurt
08 - It's Only Straight From The Heart
09 - Too Late To Fall In Love
10 - U Can't Fool Love
11 - Miss U Tonite
12 - Let's Turn On The Nite (It's Christmas Time) (cover)
13 - Major Key
14 - Fight Fire With Fire

Pelle Saether - Vocals
Janne Stark - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dennis Vestman - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Stefan - Bass
Perra - Drums



Thursday, December 13, 2018

JORN - 50 Years On Earth ; The Anniversary Box Set [12 CD] (2018)

JORN - 50 Years On Earth ; The Anniversary Box Set [12 CD] (2018) full

On May 31, 1968, a little boy, JORN Lande, that would become one of the world’s most renowned voices in Rock was born. In the heart of Norway, between massive mountains in a small town called Rjukan, the little blond Viking grew up roaming the forests and mountains and rocking out to Elvis Presley and bands like Sweet, Slade, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Free and Black Sabbath.
Fifty years later a celebrative Box Set – issued in limited edition under the title "50 Years On Earth ; The Anniversary Box Set" – celebrating the artistic production of the fine Norwegian singer is released with the intent of closing a first major chapter of Jorn’s artistic career and open up the 'second phase' of his musical production.

With encyclopedic content, “50 Years on Earth” includes all Jorn albums from “Worldchanger” (released originally in 2001) to “Out to Every Nation,” “The Duke,” “Lonely Are the Brave,” “Spirit Black,” “Song for Ronnie James,” “Bring Heavy Rock to the Land,” “Traveller” and the recent (released in 2017) “Life on Death Road.”

JORN - 50 Years On Earth ; The Anniversary Box Set [12 CD] (2018) box open

In addition you can find an exclusive collection of JORN’s Best Live tracks recorded from his albums “Live in the USA” and “Live in Black” and of JORN’s 'Best cover songs'.
Finally there is a CD which includes 16 rare and bonus tracks which are going to wet the appetites of the several JORN collectors around.
HIGHLY Recommended

CD 1 "Worldchanger":
01. Tungur Knivur
02. Sunset Station
03. Glow in the Dark
04. House of Cards
05. Bless the Child
06. Captured
07. Worldchanger
08. Christine
09. Bridges Will Burn

CD 2 "Out to Every Nation":
01. Young Forever
02. Out to Every Nation
03. Something Real
04. Living With Wolves
05. Vision Eyes
06. One Day We Will Put Out the Sun
07. Behind the Clown
08. Rock Spirit
09. Through Day and Night
10. When Angel Wings Were White

CD 3 "The Duke":
01. We Brought the Angels Down
02. Blacksong
03. Stormcrow
04. End of Time
05. Duke of Love
06. Burning Chains
07. After the Dying
08. Midnight Madness
09. Are You Ready
10. Starfire

CD 4 "Lonely Are the Brave":
01. Lonely Are the Brave
02. Night City
03. War of the World
04. Shadow People
05. Soul of the Wind
06. Man of the Dark
07. Promises
08. The Inner Road
09. Hellfire

CD 5 "Spirit Black":
01. Spirit Black
02. Below
03. Road Of The Cross
04. The Last Revolution
05. City In Between
06 Rock And Roll Angel
07 Burn Your Flame
08. World Gone Mad
09. I Walk Alone
10. The Sun Goes Down (original bonus track Europe)

CD 6 "Song for Ronnie James":
01. Song for Ronnie James
02. Invisible
03. Shame on the Night
04. Push
05. Stand Up and Shout
06. Don't Talk To Strangers
07. Lord of the Last Day
08. Night People
09. Sacred Heart
10. Sunset Superman
11. Lonely Is the Word - Letters from Earth
12. Kill the King
13. Straight Through the Heart (live)

CD 7 "Bring Heavy Rock To The Land":
01. My Road
02. Bring Heavy Rock To the Land
03. A Thousand Cuts
04. Ride Like the Wind
05. Chains Around You
06. The World I See
07. Time To Be King
08. Ride To the Guns
09. Black Morning
10. I Came To Rock

CD 8 “Traveller”:
01. Overload
02. Cancer Demon
03. Traveller
04. Window Maker
05. Make Your Engine Scream
06. Legend Man
07. Carry The Black
08. Rev On
09. Monsoon
10. The Man Who Was King
Bonus Track:
11. Arctic Night (Instrumental)

CD 9 “Life On Death Road”:
01. Life On Death Road
02. Hammered To The Cross (The Business)
03. Love Is The Remedy
04. Dreamwalker
05. Fire To The Sun
06. Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness)
07. I Walked Away
08. The Slippery Slope (Hangman's Rope)
09. Devil You Can Drive
10. The Optimist
11. Man Of The 80's
12. Blackbirds
Bonus Track:
13. The Optimist (Acoustic Version)

CD 10 - Original Bonus Songs (studio versions):
01. Out To Every Nation
02. Burn Your Flame
03. Something Real
04. Young Forever
05. Walking on Water
06. One Day We Will Put Out The Sun
07. Starfire
08. I Came To Rock
09. Like Stone In Water
10. Gate Of Tears
11. End Comes Easy
12. Gonna Find The Sun
13. Noose
14. Showdown
15. Abyss Of Evil
16. Where The Winds Blow

CD 11 - Bonus live:
01. Road Of The Cross
02. Shadow People
03. Soul Of The Wind
04. War Of The World
05. Below
06. The Inner Road
07. Rock And Roll Angel
08. We Brought The Angels Down
09. Blacksong
10. Godless And Wicked
11. Soulburn
12. Are You Ready
13. The Whitesnake Medley

CD 12 - The covers (studio versions):
01. Naked City
02. Hotel California
03. I Know There's Something Going On
04. Fool For Your Loving
05. You're The Voice
06. The Final Frontier
07. Don't Stop Believing
08. Cold Sweat
09. Perfect Strangers
10. Live To Win
11. Running Up That Hill
12. Die Young
13. The Day The Earth Caught Fire
14. Run To You
15. Egypt (The Chains Are On)



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