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JORN - 50 Years On Earth ; The Anniversary Box Set [12 CD] (2018)

JORN - 50 Years On Earth ; The Anniversary Box Set [12 CD] (2018) full

On May 31, 1968, a little boy, JORN Lande, that would become one of the world’s most renowned voices in Rock was born. In the heart of Norway, between massive mountains in a small town called Rjukan, the little blond Viking grew up roaming the forests and mountains and rocking out to Elvis Presley and bands like Sweet, Slade, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Free and Black Sabbath.
Fifty years later a celebrative Box Set – issued in limited edition under the title "50 Years On Earth ; The Anniversary Box Set" – celebrating the artistic production of the fine Norwegian singer is released with the intent of closing a first major chapter of Jorn’s artistic career and open up the 'second phase' of his musical production.

With encyclopedic content, “50 Years on Earth” includes all Jorn albums from “Worldchanger” (released originally in 2001) to “Out to Every Nation,” “The Duke,” “Lonely Are the Brave,” “Spirit Black,” “Song for Ronnie James,” “Bring Heavy Rock to the Land,” “Traveller” and the recent (released in 2017) “Life on Death Road.”

JORN - 50 Years On Earth ; The Anniversary Box Set [12 CD] (2018) box open

In addition you can find an exclusive collection of JORN’s Best Live tracks recorded from his albums “Live in the USA” and “Live in Black” and of JORN’s 'Best cover songs'.
Finally there is a CD which includes 16 rare and bonus tracks which are going to wet the appetites of the several JORN collectors around.
HIGHLY Recommended

CD 1 "Worldchanger":
01. Tungur Knivur
02. Sunset Station
03. Glow in the Dark
04. House of Cards
05. Bless the Child
06. Captured
07. Worldchanger
08. Christine
09. Bridges Will Burn

CD 2 "Out to Every Nation":
01. Young Forever
02. Out to Every Nation
03. Something Real
04. Living With Wolves
05. Vision Eyes
06. One Day We Will Put Out the Sun
07. Behind the Clown
08. Rock Spirit
09. Through Day and Night
10. When Angel Wings Were White

CD 3 "The Duke":
01. We Brought the Angels Down
02. Blacksong
03. Stormcrow
04. End of Time
05. Duke of Love
06. Burning Chains
07. After the Dying
08. Midnight Madness
09. Are You Ready
10. Starfire

CD 4 "Lonely Are the Brave":
01. Lonely Are the Brave
02. Night City
03. War of the World
04. Shadow People
05. Soul of the Wind
06. Man of the Dark
07. Promises
08. The Inner Road
09. Hellfire

CD 5 "Spirit Black":
01. Spirit Black
02. Below
03. Road Of The Cross
04. The Last Revolution
05. City In Between
06 Rock And Roll Angel
07 Burn Your Flame
08. World Gone Mad
09. I Walk Alone
10. The Sun Goes Down (original bonus track Europe)

CD 6 "Song for Ronnie James":
01. Song for Ronnie James
02. Invisible
03. Shame on the Night
04. Push
05. Stand Up and Shout
06. Don't Talk To Strangers
07. Lord of the Last Day
08. Night People
09. Sacred Heart
10. Sunset Superman
11. Lonely Is the Word - Letters from Earth
12. Kill the King
13. Straight Through the Heart (live)

CD 7 "Bring Heavy Rock To The Land":
01. My Road
02. Bring Heavy Rock To the Land
03. A Thousand Cuts
04. Ride Like the Wind
05. Chains Around You
06. The World I See
07. Time To Be King
08. Ride To the Guns
09. Black Morning
10. I Came To Rock

CD 8 “Traveller”:
01. Overload
02. Cancer Demon
03. Traveller
04. Window Maker
05. Make Your Engine Scream
06. Legend Man
07. Carry The Black
08. Rev On
09. Monsoon
10. The Man Who Was King
Bonus Track:
11. Arctic Night (Instrumental)

CD 9 “Life On Death Road”:
01. Life On Death Road
02. Hammered To The Cross (The Business)
03. Love Is The Remedy
04. Dreamwalker
05. Fire To The Sun
06. Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness)
07. I Walked Away
08. The Slippery Slope (Hangman's Rope)
09. Devil You Can Drive
10. The Optimist
11. Man Of The 80's
12. Blackbirds
Bonus Track:
13. The Optimist (Acoustic Version)

CD 10 - Original Bonus Songs (studio versions):
01. Out To Every Nation
02. Burn Your Flame
03. Something Real
04. Young Forever
05. Walking on Water
06. One Day We Will Put Out The Sun
07. Starfire
08. I Came To Rock
09. Like Stone In Water
10. Gate Of Tears
11. End Comes Easy
12. Gonna Find The Sun
13. Noose
14. Showdown
15. Abyss Of Evil
16. Where The Winds Blow

CD 11 - Bonus live:
01. Road Of The Cross
02. Shadow People
03. Soul Of The Wind
04. War Of The World
05. Below
06. The Inner Road
07. Rock And Roll Angel
08. We Brought The Angels Down
09. Blacksong
10. Godless And Wicked
11. Soulburn
12. Are You Ready
13. The Whitesnake Medley

CD 12 - The covers (studio versions):
01. Naked City
02. Hotel California
03. I Know There's Something Going On
04. Fool For Your Loving
05. You're The Voice
06. The Final Frontier
07. Don't Stop Believing
08. Cold Sweat
09. Perfect Strangers
10. Live To Win
11. Running Up That Hill
12. Die Young
13. The Day The Earth Caught Fire
14. Run To You
15. Egypt (The Chains Are On)



VISION QUEST - Vision Quest (2018)

VISION QUEST - Vision Quest (2018) full

Hailing from Italy, VISION QUEST have signed a worldwide record deal with Rockshots Records for the release of their self-titled debut album “Vision Quest”.
Vision Quest is a project born many years ago with the purpose of conceiving a Rock Opera with melodic rock songs. The band name is inspired by the iconic 1985 American coming-of-age drama film: the soundtrack includes songs from the artists from the melodic rock heyday era such as Journey, Foreigner, John Waite, Sammy Hagar among the others.

While there's some kind of concept chained between the songs on the CD, the idea of a Rock Opera morphed into a 'regular album' with straight to the point, song format tunes.
"Vision Quest" sound & style is focused on the Melodic Rock / AOR music from the '80s combined with a light, progressive rock influences from bands like Magnum, Kansas and Asia.

As said, if we listen to closely, the album is divided into 2 parts; the first tells the story of “Orion”, who fights and dies to save his people from an obscure and unknown force; the second part tells the story of “Avathar”, squire of the king who ends up betraying Orion in exchange for immortality and gets to be exiled; during the exile he gets suffering, repenting, and finds love.

“The Quest Begins” is the perfect introduction, a spoken word intro with atmospheric acoustic music starting. “Medieval Hero,” is a dramatic piano rendition with mixed guitar interludes bringing things to the fore.
Then on “The Sacred Crown” bombast explodes and encourages headbanging and horn raising. “Valley Of The Lost,” is a thoughtful piece, that strays once or twice, but keeps strong in its roots.

There's gorgeous vocals on “The Eve of Battle” which brings some serious energy via strong riffs and is quite epic.
“Avatar,” is slow, and thoughtful, with some Ten / Hughes on it, then “The Immortal” is a rocker with driving guitars and great rhythm section.

The '2nd' part starts with “Evil Laughter” showcasing the aforementioned progressive yet melodic feeling with a stuttering keys lick and a buoyant riff. “Master of Hopes,” is exhilarating from start to finish, never quite giving an indication of where it might end up.
“Eternal Love,” the most powerful of power ballads, delivers a soaring melody and a hooky guitar line.

“All These Years” is slow and melodic, with a thoughtful tint to it that belies the heaviness within the lyrical content.
“Lost In Time” is just another '80s style epic number (think Asia), “Dragons Of Tomorrow” is quite heavy and dynamic paving the way for “The Run,” a melodic closer to a fantastic album.

Fans of Magnum / Ten / Gary Hughes / Eighties AOR / MR epics need to check VISION QUEST awesome self-titled debut CD to be released tomorrow.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. The Quest Begins
02. Medieval Hero
03. The Sacred Crown
04. Valley of the Lost
05. The Eve of the Battle
06. Avathar
07. The Immortal
08. Evil Laughter
09. Master of Hopes
10. Eternal Love
11. All These Years
12. Lost in Time
13. Dragons of Tomorrow
14. The Run

Guido Ponzi: lead and backing vocals
Marco Bartoli: keyboards, bass, instruments sequencing
Emiliano Belletti: electric guitars
guests musicians;
David Putney: speech in The quest begins
Silvia Saccani: vocals and backing vocals in Eternal Love
Mirko Pratissoli: sax solo in Avatar and Lost in Time
Ilaria Cavalca: piano in Avatar and The Eve of the Battle
Stefano Riccò: acoustic guitar in The Eve of the Battle
Luke “Hollywood” Barbieri: guitars
Johnatan Gasparini: guitar lead in Master of Hopes
Alfredo Pergreffi: clean guitar in Eternal Love
Helder Stefanini: drums



MINUS ONE - Red Black White (2018)

MINUS ONE - Red Black White (2018) full

Cypriot melodic rock act MINUS ONE will release their new album "Red Black White" tomorrow, December 14th. Prior to that, they hit the tour bus with Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple fame.
Now, they’ve come into their prime with this new eleven-track rock LP, a fantastic mix of melodic rock clearly '80s inspired, yet providing a breath of fresh air to the genre via clever arrangements and electronic beats / FX.

The album consists of eleven songs of which ten are originals. Some of the original compositions like “Girl” are playful and catchy, while others such as “Take Me Away‘ started life as an airline jingle.
The opening track “The Greatest” talks about people’s delusions. Without being overly political, it probes the pomp of world leaders, and scores a soundtrack to their egos.
The only cover song on the album is a ballad titled “You Don’t Own Me” — a modernised version of Lesley Gores’ 1963 hit.

This album is not your typical melodic rock album. If you take a good listen, you will find out that there are so many layers and different musical elements which make it a lot more modern.
The effects, sequencer, synths are used not only to flourish, these are really part of the song structures.

But don't be fooled, "Red Black White" rocks, and rocks greatly.
Imagine if British melodic rock stalwart Vega had a child with Degreed, add a little Swedish elegance here and there (some Wigelius) and you have Minus One.
There's tons of hooks, melodies, and an excellent production design, which round up one of the most original albums from the genre recently appeared.
These guys are part of the future of Melodic Rock. Don't miss this album.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. The Greatest
02. How Does It Feel
03. Red Black White
04. Girl
05. Psycho 5
06. Nothing For Nothing
07. Run Away
08. The Other Side
09. Take Me Away
10. Some Times
11. You Don't Own Me

Andreas Kapatais - Vocals
Harry Pari - Guitars
Constantinos Amrikanos - Guitars
Chris J - Drums
Max O Matic - Bass



DOLLS RAIDERS - Free Yourself (2018)

DOLLS RAIDERS - Free Yourself (2018) full

DOLLS RAIDERS’ debut album “Free Yourself” is destined to fans of '80s glammy hard rock, Skid Row, L.A. Guns, Skid Row and alike, with an updated 2000's sonic approach.

01 - Bad Morning
02 - Be Positive
03 - Burn Your Tv
04 - Taste Of Shame
05 - Real Love
06 - Take The Power
07 - Dolls Raiders
08 - Free Yourself
09 - Sleeping Man
10 - Take The Time

Nicolas - Vocals
Christophe - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Claude - Bass - Backing Vocals
Richard - Drums



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QUEENSRYCHE - The Warning [SHM-CD Remastered +3] Out Of Print

QUEENSRYCHE - The Warning [SHM-CD Remastered +3] full

As requested, here's some QUEENSRYCHE albums released in Japan pressed on high quality SHM-CD as part of a remastered reissue campaign from various '80s Rock artists. "The Warning" was Queensryche first full length LP, a recording that still stands the test of time.

All of you already have - in one way or another - Queensryche's milestones Operation:Mindcrime and Empire. But the band's full length debut "The Warning" is a fantastic record too, perhaps eclipsed by the aforementioned platinum-sellers and not properly listened by many.
Yes, on "The Warning" Queensryche was looking for their distinctive sound and still it's influenced by classic metal acts, but it's a killer record on its own right.

However, you can hear Queensryche unique touch on every song here.
It's a pretty heavy album, but chock full of enticing melodies and subtle passages. Here, the only real blistering riff you're going to find is on "NM 156," which is a metallic, blues driven run that explodes into a gallop after the first verse.
But even the harder numbers like "Child of Fire," "Before the Storm" and "En Force" have a strong emotional drive to them, due to the minor chords and Geoff Tate's incredible expressive wail. Tate never hit the notes like he did on here again!

Whether its a battle cry or the melancholy lines in "Roads of Madness," Tate pulls it off impeccable flawlessly, and his phrasing is unique to say the least.
Scott Rockenfield's drumming is all over the place delivering a terrific technique, Eddie Jackson really sounds like Steve Harris on here, and he's brought out in the mix. Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton guitar work is sharp yet clean, with riff and solos plenty of room to breathe, all benefited by James Guthrie / Neil Kernon awesome production / engineering.

The balladesque "No Sanctuary" and the anthemic "Take Hold of the Flame" really benefit from this, making the melodies instantly memorable. While there is no real flashy shredding, as on Mindcrime, the solos are standouts: you'll remember them as much as the choruses.

QUEENSRYCHE - The Warning [SHM-CD Remastered +3] inside

Queensryche were known for their incredible versatility, not repeating themselves, and they certainly never came out with an album like "The Warning" again, as they developed their own syle. For what it is, "The Warning" is nothing short of a fantastic album.
This Japanese release rocks with a punchy pristine sound, plus 3 bonus tracks, unfortunately, out of print now.


01 - Warning
02 - En Force
03 - Deliverance
04 - No Sanctuary
05 - N M 156
06 - Take Hold Of The Flame
07 - Before The Storm
08 - Child Of Fire
09 - Roads To Madness
10 - Prophecy
11 - The Lady Wore Black (Live)
12 - Take Hold Of The Flame (Live)

Geoff Tate – lead vocals
Chris DeGarmo – guitars, background vocals
Michael Wilton – guitars, background vocals
Eddie Jackson – bass, background vocals
Scott Rockenfield – drums
Michael Kamen – orchestral arrangement

Out Of Print


QUEENSRYCHE - Rage For Order [SHM-CD Remastered +4] (2015)

QUEENSRYCHE - Rage For Order [SHM-CD Remastered +4] (2015) full

As requested, here's some QUEENSRYCHE albums released in Japan pressed on high quality SHM-CD as part of a remastered reissue campaign from various '80s Rock artists / albums. "Rage For Order" is Queensryche second effort, and for many (including me) one of their best.
An album that, in many ways, made a revolution with its sonic approach and production values.

If there’s one thing you can say about "Rage For Order", it's that it is one of those albums that only could've been made in the '80s.
In fact, to me, this is one of the most innovative Rock records from the decade. It blended hard rock guitars and epic vocals with awesome, keyboard / synth layers, compressed drums and digital technology tricks such as the 'reverse echo'.

The first time I listened "Rage For Order" in 1986 my jaw dropped... because that huge 'sonic mayhem' (courtesy of maestro Neil Kernon who also play keyboards) wrapped some terrific songs too.
Yes, "Rage For Order" also packs some of the best penned Queensryche songs ever.
There's a layered and complex musical structure that employs the classic two-guitar approach, but also brought keyboards forward in the mix. And lyrically, the album is mind blowing too.

Queensryche explored social / personal, political and technological themes among others, highlighting the dangers of artificial intelligence and government intrusion.
The concept of robotics and technological paranoia would also be emphasized through the use of staccato rhythms and vocal effects to die for.

QUEENSRYCHE - Rage For Order [SHM-CD Remastered +4] (2015) inside

"I Dream In Infrared", "Surgical Strike", "London", "Screaming In Digital" or the beauty of "I Will Remember" are absolute classics to me, but in fact all tracks are highlights, not a single weak song here.
Even the 'tech' cover of Dalbello's "Gonna Get Close To You" is perfect.

As you see, I am a big fan of "Rage For Order". For me, this is Queensryche's at their peak, combining the mastery of Operation Mindcrime with commercialism and catchiness of Empire.
This SHM-CD press / remastering is simply a-we-some, plus 4 bonus tracks including the terrific 12'' extended remix of 'Gonna Get Close to You (12" ext. version)'
A Must Have.


01 - Walk In The Shadows
02 - I Dream In Infrared
03 - The Whisper
04 - Gonna Get Close To You
05 - The Killing Words
06 - Surgical Strike
07 - Neue Regel
08 - Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)
09 - London
10 - Screaming In Digital
11 - I Will Remember
12. Gonna Get Close to You (12" ext. version)
13. The Killing Words (Live)
14. I Dream in Infra Red (1991 Acoustic Remix)
15. Walk in the Shadows (Live)

Geoff Tate – lead vocals, keyboards
Chris DeGarmo – guitars, backing vocals
Michael Wilton – guitars, backing vocals
Eddie Jackson – bass, backing vocals
Scott Rockenfield – drums, percussion
additional musicians:
Neil Kernon – keyboards
Bradley Doyle - emulator programming



RIOT - ThunderSteel [30th Anniversary Edition remastered +6] (2018)

RIOT - ThunderSteel [30th Anniversary Edition remastered +6] (2018) full

'ThunderSteel', the sixth studio album by American cult legends RIOT is turning 30 this 2018, so Metal Blade Records are celebrating the event with a remastered reissue of the album plus bonus tracks titled "ThunderSteel [30th Anniversary Edition remastered +6]". The very good quality digipak also houses a DVD with shows from the band.

Disbanded in 1984, at the second half of the Eighties Riot were in need of a comeback. The fans asked leader Mark Reale for it, to give the world a polite-but-firm reminder that earlier efforts weren't just flukes, and that his intrepid cult following hadn't started worshiping a golden calf.
Featuring a revamped lineup with the exception of mainstay Reale, the new Riot took a different direction; the original bluesy hard rock was changed in favor of classic US metal, quite technical yet always melodic.

"ThunderSteel" appeared in 1988, Riot surprised with a mix of Impelliteri, Steeler (Yngwie), Keel, Burning Star, etc, and even some Dio and Accept-like speedy riffs.
The title track is an absolute 95 MPH racing number with a terribly catchy riff. The solo is long in the classic US metal arena vein, the bass work by Don Van Stavern is notable as is the precision drumming by Bobby "The Zombie" Jarzombek - Mark Edwards of Steeler and Lion fame also play drums on several tracks.
Tony Moore's voice soars high and clear over everything, a very 'classic metal' singer.

RIOT - ThunderSteel [30th Anniversary Edition remastered +6] (2018) inside

"Fight Or Fall" continues the frantic pace. "Fight or fall, in the name of the children, fight or fall in the name of us all" screams Moore, and he means it too.
The more moderated, Deep Purple-riff monster “Sign of the Crimson Storm” turn things more hard rock, but then you’ve got an anthem of rebellion and non-conformity at warp speed like “Johnny’s Back” in the running.
“Flight of the Warrior” has memorable 'metal' choruses and plenty of amazing lead work, while the heavy ballad “Bloodstreets” is a gem, including clean guitars into the mix and some Keel feeling.

“Run for your Life” is an upper mid-tempo crusher with tons of great lead guitar work, but it’s true charm is the chorus, which reminds me a bit of the high/low vocal interchanges that you hear on Dio’s early material.
“Buried Alive (The Tell Tale Heart)” is actually a bit reminiscent of Crimson Glory’s work on Transcendence, which came out the same year that this did. You’ve got a rather odd spoken intro with a clean and somber guitar line, followed by some brilliant twin guitar soloing and strong vocals.

RIOT - ThunderSteel [30th Anniversary Edition remastered +6] (2018) back

As bonus tracks we have really interesting versions of "Bloodstreets (Alternative Ending Version)" and "Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart) (Alternative Ending Version)", very different. There's also some live songs recorded '88, not the best sound quality though.
So if you like your classic 80s US metal - with cheesy lyrics and one of the worst cover artwork in history - yet plenty awesome guitar solos / riffs and over the top vocals, this remastered reissue of Riot's 'ThunderSteel' is a must.
Very nice packaging including full lyrics and rare photos.

01 - Thundersteel
02 - Fight Or Fall
03 - Sign Of The Crimson Storm
04 - Flight Of The Warrior
05 - On Wings Of Eagles
06 - Johnny's Back
07 - Bloodstreets
08 - Run For Your Life
09 - Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart)
10 - Bloodstreets (Alternative Ending Version)
11 - Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart) (Alternative Ending Version)
12 - On Wings Of Eagles (Live 1988)
13 - Flight Of The Warrior (Live 1988)
14 - Johnny's Back (Live 1988)
15 - Thundersteel (Live 1988)

Tony Moore – vocals
Mark Reale – guitars, producer
Don Van Stavern – bass
Bobby Jarzombek – drums
additional musician:
Mark Edwards (Steeler, Lion) – drums on tracks 2, 3, 5 & 7



WALTER TROUT - Survivor Blues (2019)

WALTER TROUT - Survivor Blues (2019) full

On January 25, 2019, WALTER TROUT will release his new album "Survivor Blues" on the Provogue label. Walter Trout is no ordinary artist. "Survivor Blues" is no ordinary covers album. From the day he conceived the project to the moment he counted off the first song in the studio, Walter Trout had a bolder plan for Survivor Blues.

"I'm riding in my car sometimes," says the US blues titan. "I've got a blues station on – and here's another band (among the countless) doing 'Got My Mojo Workin'. And there's a little voice in me that says, 'Does the world need another version of that song?'
So I came up with an idea. I didn't want to do covers of known songs. I didn't want to do the 'blues greatest hits'. I wanted to do old, obscure songs that have hardly been covered. And that's how Survivor Blues started..."

Not only the song selection is stupendous, but heck, Trout is one of the best 'heavy blues' guitarists out there right now.
This is not just a 'traditional blues' album; this is a rockin', kickin', heavy blues record with more energy and vitality than many bland power metal releases this year.

WALTER TROUT - Survivor Blues (2019) Inside

Walter Trout and his killer band are the real deal: "Survivor Blues" will appeal classic blues rock listeners, but also hard rock fans and even metal headbanger. If you love 'real music', you just can't resist Walter Trout & his guys.
If you miss the great Gary Moore or Stevie Ray Vaughan, and you like Joe Bonamassa when he decides to rock, then Walter Trout's "Survivor Blues" is a mandatory listen.
It will be released 2019, but for me is simply one of the best blues-rock releases this year.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Me My Guitar And The Blues
02 - Be Careful How You Vote
03 - Woman Don't Lie (feat. Sugaray Rayford)
04 - Sadie
05 - Please Love Me
06 - Nature's Disappearing
07 - Red Sun
08 - Something Inside Of Me
09 - It Takes Time
10 - Out Of Bad Luck
11 - Goin' Down To The River (feat. Robby Krieger)
12 - God's Word



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ROYAL HUNT - Clown In The Mirror [25 anniversary remastered reissue] (2018)

BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

Alongside their debut CD remastered / reissued and featured here, ROYAL HUNT sophomore album “Clown in the Mirror” turns 25 yeas in 2018, and it has just been reissued / remastered as well by keyboardist André Andersen.

While Royal Hunt are best known for their albums with vocalist D.C. Cooper, the Danish combo had two full-length releases prior to Cooper's arrival. Before they shipped out for the glitzy American singer, Royal Hunt were an all-Danish outfit, including original vocalist Henrik Brockmann.
Royal Hunt begin to come fully into their own on "Clown In The Mirror". This second album departs from the heavily hook laden debut 'Land Of Broken Hearts' largely because there's variety. The band's progressive elements are in full glare and guitars, bass and drums are accommodated comfortably and given ample spotlight now.

On songs like "Intro / Wasted Time" and "On The Run" you can hear the change. There's several guitar riffs interspersed carefully into the keyboard melodies and they all maintain their heaviness with the bass pummeling along in tandem and the drums given presence.
"Ten To Life" sounds like a Queen 'heavy' song with its nicely layered guitar vocal harmonies. For that matter so does the title track, "Clown In The Mirror", a somber ballad whose bluesiness is undermined by the rather happy sounding melodies. Both score high marks for their fat layers of sound.

The other numbers of note are "Bodyguard" which besides being really catchy and fun to sing along to, is also armed with one of the funkiest bass lines ever conjured in Royal Hunt. The guitar solo plays like a breath of fresh air after all the excitement. It is not rushed but neither does it wander aimlessly. It plays and goes leading us back to Henrick Brockmann's rousing vocal performance.

"Legion Of The Damned" has well penned lyrics and Brockmann's delivery simply inspires awe. The song also contains some grim guitar riffing which is unfortunately obscured to a minimal extent by the synthetic atmospherics. However when the solo kicks in, guitarist Jacob Kjaer utterly lets loose riding on scalar runs supported by principle songwriter André Andersen's keyboards, the both of them employing intricate harmonic phrases and milking emotion of a somber quality from them.

"Bad Blood" is simple and sheer hard rocking fun, immediately likable via its catchy chorus. Royal Hunt thrive with songs such as this. Not too intricate but not dumbed down either.
"Epilogue" closes things out and would be a great stage song. Theatrical flowery melodies clash dramatically with chugging guitar and bass riffs and Kenneth Olsen's sometimes steady, sometimes odd n' insane pounding. The whole thing skids to a halt giving way to sorrowful piano and sounds Brockmann eerily singing like the ghost of Freddie Mercury.

ROYAL HUNT - Clown In The Mirror [25 anniversary remastered reissue] (2018) inside

Whereas the band would be more firmly established with the arrival of D.C Cooper, "Clown In The Mirror" serve their purpose as preamble well enough. They aren't landmark by any stretch but they "pave the way" and build up anticipation for you get the feeling that the Hunt is just getting started.
"Clown In The Mirror" wasn't graced with anywhere near the sort of big budget production of the band's following releases, so this remastering is more than welcomed, resulting more punchy and clear.
Highly Recommended

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Intro
02 - Wasted Time
03 - Ten To Life
04 - On The Run
05 - Clown In The Mirror
06 - Third Stage
07 - Bodyguard
08 - Legion Of The Damned
09 - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
10 - Bad Blood
11 - Epilogue

André Andersen – keyboards, rhythm guitar
Henrik Brockmann – lead and backing vocals
Steen Mogensen – bass
Jacob Kjaer – lead guitar
Kenneth Olsen – drums
Maria McTurk, Lise Hansen – backing vocals



THUNDER - The Chameleon Session (2018)

THUNDER - The Chameleon Session (2018) full

"The Chameleon Session" is the new THUNDER album, a session recorded live in Chameleon Studios in Hamburg in October 2016, in front of a small audience consisting of mainly media, label partners and friends.
Half the audience sat in the studio and wore headphones. The other half were in the control room.

The band played an acoustic set, followed by an electric one, with a short break in between to reset the equipment. The session was completely live, with no overdubs allowed.
Very intimate, very unusual, very Thunder, and of course very good.

1. Black Water
2. Low Life In High Places
3. The Enemy Inside
4. Heartbreak Hurricane

5. Wonder Days
6. Backstreet Symphony
7. In Another Life
8. No One Gets Out Alive
9. Rip It Up

Danny Bowes - vocals
Luke Morley - guitar
Ben Matthews - guitar, keyboards
Chris Childs - bass
Harry James - drums

THUNDER - The Chameleon Session (2018) back



MICHAEL KRATZ - Live Your Live + Cross That Line remastered +3 (2018)

MICHAEL KRATZ - Live Your Live + Cross That Line remastered +3 (2018) full

We have already featured HERE the debut solo album by Danish artist MICHAEL KRATZ, who achieved multiple gold releases as the drummer of mainstream pop act Kandis.
The album featured a delicious collection of AOR Westcoast flavored tunes with high profile guests such as Steve Lukather (Toto), Michael Landau or Alessandro Del Vecchio.
Now Kratz just released the special 3-CD digipak combo titled "Live Your LIVE", containing the first official live recording from the artist, plus the remastered reissue of his hard to find first album "Cross That Line", now available with three exclusive bonus tracks.

Recorded live in Denmark between 2017 / 2018, "Live Your LIVE" shares the magic captured by a talented band of established professionals, expertly led by Michael's charismatic presence and unmistakable voice.
The sound quality is crystal clear, almost like a studio recording.

Packed on 2-CD, "Live Your Live" delivers songs of exquisite craftsmanship, where a Melodic Rock foundation is spiced with different colors from AOR to smooth Westcoast.
Avoiding common places of the genre, there's elaborated arrangements in great compositions like "Live Your Life", "Never Take Us Alive" or "We All Live In This Nation", with a certain Toto feel like most the recording.

MICHAEL KRATZ  Cross That Line remastered +3 (2018)

Completing the digipak combo is the remastered reissue of Michael's first studio album "Cross That Line", now proposed to the fans with three quality bonus tracks: the unreleased "Evil Rumours", the Christmas single "If This Is Christmas", and the magnificent "Dragging Me Outside" (released digitally last July), which marked the first official studio collaboration between Michael Kratz and his skilled label mates in Art Of Melody Music, MINDFEELS, which excellent album is located HERE.

"Live Your LIVE" is a very good listening experience for all the fans of classy AOR / Westcoast music performed with a vibrant Melodic Rock / Rock&pop foundation.
Highly Recommended

Disc 1 (Live)
01 - Cross That Line (Live Version)
02 - Holding on Again (Anni) (Live Version)
03 - Live Your Life (Live Version)
04 - Don't You Know (Live Version)
05 - Until We're Together (Live Version)
06 - Need You to Be Mine (Live Version)
07 - Bye Bye (Live Version)
08 - Like Father, Like Son (Live Version)
09 - Lying (Live Version)
10 - Sleeping Mama (Live Version)

Disc 2 (Live)
01 - I Don't Know How (Live Version)
02 - This Town is Lost Without You (Live Version)
03 - What Did I..? (Live Version)
04 - Never Take Us Alive (Live Version)
05 - Evil Rumours (Live Version)
06 - You and I Are Meant to Be (Live Version)
07 - Lonely Soldier (Live Version)
08 - We All Live in This Nation (Live Version)
09 - Hypnotized (Live Version)

Michael Kratz: lead vocals, guitars
Christian Warburg: Guitars, bg vocals
Henrik Lynbech: Keys, bg vocals
Claus Nauer Reher-Langberg: Bass, bg vocals
Kasper Viinberg. Drums, bg vocals
Tony Liotta: Percussion

Disc 3 (Cross That Line / Remastered +3)
01 - Cross That Line
02 - I Don't Know How
03 - Need You to Be Mine
04 - Sleeping Mama
05 - Don't You Know
06 - Until We're Together
07 - Holding on Again (Anni)
08 - Lonely Soldier
09 - Hypnotized
10 - You And I Are Meant to Be
11 - Like Father, Like Son
12 - Evil Rumours (Bonus Track)
13 - Dragging Me Outside (Bonus Track)
14 - If This is Christmas (Bonus Track)

Lead Vocals: Michael Kratz
Backing Vocals: Ole Viinberg, Kasper Viinberg & Michael Kratz
Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards: Kasper Viinberg
Bass: Kim Eskesen
Lead Guitar: Lasse Baggenæs
Bass, Keyboards: HC Röder Jessen
Drums, Sleighbell: Kasper Langkjær
Guitars: Christian Warburg



ROYAL HUNT - Land Of Broken Hearts [Special Edition Remastered +5] (2018)

ROYAL HUNT - Land Of Broken Hearts [Special Edition Remastered +5] (2018) full

Danes ROYAL HUNT presented the remastered version of their debut album "Land Of Broken Hearts [Special Edition Remastered +5]" including 5 bonus tracks.
Released in 1992, for many, Royal Hunt's best album, Land Of Broken Hearts deserved a fresh remastering job - done by leader André Andersen himself - including worthwhile material.

Royal Hunt starts what turned out to be a long and illustrious career with this disc. While it does have some markings of an immature debut record, all of the elements of the band's majestic sound are in place here, and thus it's a surprisingly strong debut.

Keyboardist and bandleader Andre Andersen comes up with a consistent and energetic set of songs, and the band tears through them with a fury and reckless abandon that they never really equaled. The rhythm guitars push forward with numerous sixteenth note gallops, and the vocal melodies rush with urgency.

The typical dramatic atmospheric arrangements that define the band's sound are immediately apparent from opener "Running Wild" and don't let up, and even the call-and-response vocal dynamics that would be equally prominent later on show up with reasonable frequency (and frankly, better execution than on most later releases).

Highlights include the breezy "Easy Rider," the gorgeous semi-ballad "Age Gone Wild," and the darting "One By One." The uptempo feel of most of the tracks gives this album a frenetic energy, as Brockmann's tough, edgy delivery and the driving guitars fit together nicely, and the atmospherics also let the band pull back effectively on songs like "Age Gone Wild" and the title track.

As for the bonus material, 'Day in Day Out' was the original, Japan-only bonus track, while 'Land of Broken Hearts (Acoustic Version)', 'Age Gone Wild (Acoustic Version)' and 'Bad Luck' were originally included into the impossible to find 'The Maxi EP' from 1993, released in Japan to introduce the band's upcoming, sophomore album Clown In The Mirror.
The song "Bad Luck" appears only on that EP.

And there's the new song 'What Goes Around Comes Around', limited to this release; it's an old song that was found on some old demo tapes. It has been fully re-recorded with original vocalist Henrik Brockman brought back into the fold for this one.
Great tune.

ROYAL HUNT - Land Of Broken Hearts [Special Edition Remastered +5] (2018) back

"Land Of Broken Hearts" production was rocking yet not huge -- the big, lush sound of later releases isn't here yet.
So this fresh remaster is more than welcomed; all instruments certainly are all clearer, and the mix breathes. Vocalist Henrik Brockmann, the least known of the four singers that would front the band comes much better out of the speakers, and the overall drum / cymbals sound is more crisp.
Highly Recommended

01 - Running Wild
02 - Easy Rider
03 - Flight
04 - Age Gone Wild
05 - Martial Arts (Instrumental)
06 - One by One
07 - Heart of the City
08 - Land of Broken Hearts
09 - Freeway Jam (Instrumental)
10 - Kingdom Dark
11 - Stranded
12 - Day in Day Out [original Japan Bonus Track]
13 - Land of Broken Hearts (Acoustic Version)
14 - Age Gone Wild (Acoustic Version)
15 - Bad Luck
16 - What Goes Around Comes Around (New Song)

André Andersen – keyboards and guitars
Henrik Brockmann – lead and backing vocals
Steen Mogensen – bass
Kenneth Olsen – drums
Henrik Johannessen – all guitars on "Day In Day Out"
Jacob Kjaer – guitars
Mac Guanaa – guitar solos
Maria McTurk – backing vocals
Maria Nørfelt – backing vocals
Carsten Olsen – backing vocals



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