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WOLFPAKK - Rise Of The Animal (2015)

WOLFPAKK - Rise Of The Animal (2015) full


For the third time the roaring wolves are back, the Hard Rock / Melodic Metal all-star pack known as WOLFPAKK. Led by the turbulent duo of vocalists Mark Sweeney (ex Crystal Ball) and the omnipresent Michael Voss, the band will release their new CD entitled “Rise Of The Animal“ on February 27th.

The duet of Alpha Wolves are still working as a strong creative team with the same focus, and the original spirit is still intact: high-class traditional heavy sound, yet this time pretty melodic hard rock oriented at places.
The cast list of guests reads like a veritable rock & metal who’s who. Based on the pedigree present, “Rise Of The Animal” promises great things. Happily, I can report, it delivers on those promises… in spades.
The talented binomial of Voss / Sweeney wrote all the songs together except for the lubricious hit-single "Sock It To Me" and the title track that was made with the helping hand of Axe player Martin Rauber (he’s also in charge of all the guitars in "High Roller").
They were also responsible for the production and the mixing duties, and of course they performed some ferocious lead vocals in duet or trio with the sublime collaboration of a famous bunch of Metal screamers.

From the outset they nail their colours firmly to the mast with the mighty "Rider Of The Storm". With its relentless bass drum rhythm courtesy of crazy hitter Mike Terrana driving this untamed beast of a song, howling and stalking it’s prey complete with that classic, semi-martial vocal arrangement we all know and love… add to that a razor sharp guitar and what we have is the set up for a great album.

However, you will note that the whole sound design for this new album is more tagged in the '80s sing-along orientation, maybe a little less Germanic than the early albums.
Of course some part of the tunes are especially crafted for the guest vocalists, like the chorus of the hard rock anthem "Monkey On Your Back", which is clearly designed for the Ted Poley vocal style. The 'hair metal' impression is even reinforced by the Guitar solo of Casablanca's leader Ryan Roxie. This song alone worth the CD.
One of the highlights is of course the epic "Highlands" even if I think that the voice of the almighty Joe Lynn Turner is underemployed, the song is clearly a winner in the Euro metal style.

"Sock It To Me" does exactly what it says on the tin with it’s classic '80s Sunset Strip glam vibe and sensibilities with a 21st century upgrade (call me nuts but this one sounds a lot like the new Skid Row).
"Black Wolf" is quite metallic but in a midtempo mode, featuring the hyper-talented Rick Altzi forming a trio of voices matching perfectly this piece that starts with an acoustic intro, and where the gang backing vocal chorus is particularly efficient.
Swedish champion John Norum is giving his six strings maximum for the very predictable yet enjoyable double kick driven cut "Somewhere Beyond", with also the ubiquitous David Reece on vocals.

The next track "Running Out of Time" contains some great performances by Don Dokken & Doug Aldrich and it's an instant favorite of mine. Clever arrangements, sharp riffs and fine vocals all over.
Then "Grizzly Man", ready for the hunt, makes his presence known with a classy metal feel, very Eighties, very melodic ala 220 Volt. Meanwhile, "High Roller" delivers more glam than a centrefolds convention in Las Vegas. Complete with it’s mid '80s guitar swagger and 'rent a crowd' chorus it cruises along effortlessly looking for and having a great time.

Another outstanding moment of the album arrives with the epic title track "Rise Of The Animal", with the impressive Mr. Kiske who provide his typical high flux of ultrasonic pitch yelling, embellished by a fast pace and a dramatic dimension.
At the final slot, the semi-sympho track "Universe" is somewhat ordinary. Even if the soprano vocals of Miss Michaela Schober are quite good, I can’t connect with the melodic stream and the shift of style.

WOLFPAKK - Rise Of The Animal (2015) inside

Wolfpakk's third offering “Rise Of The Animal“ is their best work to date, without a doubt.
There's something for everyone here; classic Euro metal, '80s hard rock, a bit of glam / hair metal, great guitar solos by stupendous guests, and very good production.
All is extremely polished and carefully arranged, and despite the mix of styles, tremendously effective in its cohesion.
A remarkable 3rd effort by Wolfpakk.

01. Rider Of The Storm
02. Sock It To Me
03. Monkey on Your Back
04. Highlands
05. Black Wolf
06. Somewhere Beyond
07. Running Out of Time
08. Grizzly Man
09. High Roller
10. Rise of the Animal
11. Universe

Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystal Ball) - Vocals
Michael Voss (Mad Max, Michael Schenker) - Vocals, Bass

Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Unisonic)
Andi Deris (Helloween)
Ted Poley (Danger Danger)
Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow, Malmsteen)
Rick Altzi (Masterplan)
David Reece
Charlie Huhn (Ex-Gary Moore, Foghat)
Don Dokken
Marc Storace (Krokus)
Michaela Schober (Tanz der Vampire)
Jean-Marc Viller (Callaway)

Bob Daisley (Ex- Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, Ozzy)
Al Barrow (Magnum)
Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian)

Jeff Watson (Night Ranger)
Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper, Casablanca)
Bernie Torme (Ozzy Osbourne)
John Norum (Europe)
Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, Foreigner)
Axel Rudi Pell
Martin Rauber (Top4Tea)

Chris Ivo (Ex- Jaded Heart)
Pablo Allen (Skiltron)

Mike Terrana (Tarja, Ex-Stratovarius, Yngwie)
Mark Schulman (Billy Idol)
Simon Philips (Ex- Toto)
Chris Slade (Ex- AC/DC)



EDDIE MONEY - No Control [Rock Candy remaster]

EDDIE MONEY - No Control [Rock Candy remaster] full


After the recent Rock Candy reissues of two EDDIE MONEY albums from the '80s, many asked for the previous remaster of Money's "No Control", already presented here on the blog as well when appeared two years ago.
This is a refresh for those who missed it... it's a wonderful US Melodic Rock / AOR album.

EDDIE MONEY's life was turned upside down by the runaway success of his self-titled debut album. The fast-talkin' New Yorker spent fifteen years chasing his dreams of Rock stardom, first in bands on his native East Coast, then right across the other side of the country following a move to Berkeley, California.
The two following LP's certainly set the scene: panoramic American Melodic Rock filled with memorable hooks supporting an instantly identifiable rasp.
It was a tailor made sound that perfectly fitted the American airwaves at the beginning of the Eighties sitting comfortably besides music from the likes of Boston, Foreigner and Journey.

Looking expand his success even further, Eddie switch to work with a new producer - the revered Tom Dowd (Chicago, Eric Clapton) - for his fourth album "No Control", to provide and even more organic and polished AOR sound.
Above all else, it was the quality of the songs that gave the record a golden hue and the glossy production made it shoe-in for saturation play on FM radio.
Chief amongst the best tracks were the two hit singles "Think I’m In Love" and "Shakin`" or the awesome AOR midtempo "Hard Life", but there were deeper songs to explore such as the John Bellushi tribute "Passing By The Graveyard (Song For John B)" and the melodic 'n bluesy "It Could Happen To You".

EDDIE MONEY - No Control [Rock Candy remaster] back

With the continued presence of guitar foil Jimmy Lyons, "No Control" shot Eddie into the spotlight, notching up sales in excess of 3 Million and establishing him as one of the era's most prolific stars.
This is another great remastering by Rock Candy specialists from the original source tapes @ 24-bit, well balanced on all frequencies.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Shakin'
02 - Runnin' Away
03 - Think I'm In Love
04 - Hard Life
05 - No Control
06 - Take A Little Bit
07 - Keep My Motor Runnin'
08 - My Friends, My Friends
09 - Drivin' Me Crazy
10 - Passing By The Graveyard (Song For John B)
11 - It Could Happen To You

Eddie Money: vocals, keyboards, harp
Jimmy Lyons: guitars, keyboards
Alan Pasqua: keyboards
Ralph Carter: bass
Gary Ferguson: drums
Marty Walsh, Chuck Kirkpatrick: add. guitar
Randy Nichols: organ, piano
Ed Calle: sax
Gary Mallaber, Art Wood, Tony Brock: add. drums



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

JAC DALTON - PowderKeg (2015)

JAC DALTON - PowderKeg (2015) full


We were already amazed by JAC DALTON's previous album (presented HERE) remastered / repackaged and reissued last year in the wait of the new CD. The day has come, and the JAC DALTON Band are releasing their new opus "PowderKeg" today, February 25.

"PowderKeg" makes justice to its title: it's an explosive collection of songs blending traditional Melodic Hard Rock sound with timeless Classic Rock riffs and hooks.
Born in the USA but established many years ago in Australia, Jac has conformed a terrific band of musicians which have been together for almost a decade. And you can tell this; "PowderKeg" sounds like a real band, powerful, tight, energetic.
Part of the success of the 10 tracks presented here should be credited to guitarist Graham Greene (leader of great rockers Ice Tiger) which riffs and solos shoot these songs to the stars.

There's ridiculously catchy tunes in the rollicking opener title track "PowderKeg", the arena-ready "Roll With the Punches" and "Just Enough to Believe" (think Night Ranger), the bouncy "Can't UnRock Me" and the midtempo heaven of "When I'm Alone With You".
One of the best things about this band is the perfect balance between musical diversity and cohesion. They mix Melodic Rock and Classic Rock with ease, and all sound natural.
Jac Dalton and the guys go for more classy sounds on "Blow Me Away" including vintage organs and female backing vocalists, "Let It Go" injects some '70s 'lively' vibe, while the semi-ballad "One Heart / One Land" comes out organic and from the heart. A rock n' roll heart I must say.

The Jac Dalton Band also does a cover of one of my favorite Aerosmith songs ever: "Sweet Emotion", and they indeed deliver an emotional, punchy, highly melodic version of this classic.

JAC DALTON - PowderKeg (2015) inside

If you listened to Jac Dalton Band previous album Icarus, you know what to expect from "PowderKeg", If you don't, what are you waiting for?
This is high quality American FM Radio Melodic Rock as they don't make it anymore.
As a serious fan of this genre you need to check both records, you won't regret it, believe me.
Highly Recommended.

01. PowderKeg
02. Blow Me Away
03. Roll With the Punches
04. Sweet Emotion
05. Just Enough to Believe
06. HardCore SuperStar
07. Can't UnRock Me
08. Let It Go
09. One Heart / One Land
10. When I’m Alone With You

Jac Dalton – lead vocals
Graham Greene – guitars, backing vocals
Annemieke Heijne – guitars, backing vocals
Jim Awram – bass
Troy Brazier – drums
Jason Dohrmann – keyboards, bass, backing vocals
Donna Greene – percussion, backing vocals



LOLA STONECRACKER - Doomsday Breakdown (2015)

LOLA STONECRACKER - Doomsday Breakdown (2015) full


LOLA STONECRACKER are a new Italian Melodic Hard Rock band founded by singer Alex Fabbri. In fact Lola Stonecracker born several years ago and recorded a self-released EP but Fabbri decided to reorganize things from the scratch recruiting new musicians.
With new songs and a contract signed with This Is Core Records, Lola Stonecracker are presenting their international debut "Doomsday Breakdown", produced by talented Roberto Priori (Michele Luppi, Vision Divine, Danger Zone, Wheels Of Fire, Perfect View).

Never judge an album from its cover, they say. I must confess being primarily attracted here by the excellent artwork done by digital artist Elton Fernandes, the band's logo, and Lola Stonecracker's cool name.
But then after first track "Jigsaw" it was Lola Stonecracker kicking, rocking music what hooked me. The quintet sounds tight, with aplomb. The song is a bit 'modern', but it's the only track on the record in this vein. Modern et all, still a very strong opener. The best is yet to come, believe me.
Despite the quite aggressive attack of the dual guitars on the opening song, following numbers such as the groovy "Witchy Lady", "Generation on Surface" and "Secret for a Universe" are much more Melodic Hard oriented, with some '90s Danger Danger feel here and there.

LOLA STONECRACKER - Doomsday Breakdown (2015) logo

You can note Priori's skillful hands behind the desk, obtaining a neat and crisp output from the guys. Also pay attention to the ton of multi-tracks used in this recording. I mean, there's various, different guitar tracks mixed as a whole, same with the vocals, resulting in a layered sound rich in melody.
Lola Stonecracker explores nice arrangements on "Jekyll and Hyde", a song pumped by a fat bass, adorned with keyboards / synths all over and an anthemic chorus. The middle part slow down creating a great atmosphere which reach its climax with a scorching guitar solo.
Title track "Doomsday Breakdown", "Space Cowboys" (akin Trixter), and the groovy "Using My Tricks" go for a little harder delivery, yet always melodic and with a ear put on the late '80s.

LOLA STONECRACKER - Doomsday Breakdown (2015) booklet

"Mc Kenny's Place" is nother killer melodic hard rocker with a lot of crunch and a clear '80s arena feel through a layered chorus. A song bringing to mind Wheels Of Fire or Johnny Lima, and a true highlight.
Lola Stonecracker does a rocking cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's classic "Relax", showing again their strong Eighties influences. It's a fresh version with a 'raise your fist' attitude, cool keys and elaborated guitar work.
We have solid ballads too, midtempo "All This Time" with a Tyketto feel, then the AORish "Secret for a Universe" is lush with pristine acoustics into the mix.

LOLA STONECRACKER - Doomsday Breakdown (2015) inside

Lola Stonecracker has surprised me. Their debut "Doomsday Breakdown" not only contains very well composed & arranged Melodic Hard Rock songs, but also great musicianship.
All this is accompanied by the other star on this recording: the stellar production. Roberto Priori has done a super job in the past producing Michele Luppi or Vision Divine, but this is his finest work.

Seriously, "Doomsday Breakdown" production & mix are awesome. There's terrific layers of guitars (kudos to the players too) the bass is massive, drums bombastic, the backing vocals highly harmonized and the leads of Alex Fabbri come out clear, potent.
"Doomsday Breakdown" is a disc that put 'major names' in the present Melodic Hard Rock field into shame. It's rocking, melodic, inspired by the classics yet modern and fresh.

01 - Jigsaw
02 - Witchy Lady
03 - Generation on Surface
04 - Secret for a Universe
05 - Perils of a Man from the Past
06 - Jekyll and Hyde
07 - Doomsday Breakdown
08 - Mc Kenny's Place
09 - All This Time
10 - Space Cowboys
11 - Psycho Speed Parade
12 - Mistery Soul Maverick
13 - Relax
14 - Shine
15 - Using My Tricks

Alex Fabbri: vocals
Lorenzo Zagni: guitar
Giovanni Taddia: guitar
Diego Quarantotto: bass
Christian Cesari: drums



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NIGHT RANGER - Big Life [Japan remaster SHM-CD] [Limited Release]

NIGHT RANGER - Big Life [Japan remaster SHM-CD] [Limited Release] full


Someone asked for the YesterRock remaster of "Big Life", the fourth studio album by NIGHT RANGER. Unfortunately, this reissue is out of print. But a couple years ago Universal Japan released their own remaster of the album and pressed it on a High Quality SHM-CD.

When speaking of the leading US Melodic Hard Rock bands from the '80s, San Fransisco based Night Ranger are on top of the list of many fans of this lovely musical genre.
Fronted by the mega-talented Jack Blades alongside the not less gifted Brad Gillis, Kelly Keagy, Jeff Watson and Alan Fitzgerald, Night Ranger is the definition of the genre, producing one great album after another, with sales surpassing the 10 million mark only during the Eighties.

Sometimes the term 'underrated' means it's just a brilliant album but not heard by many, but it may also be a less popular album compared to the rest of a band's discography. A clear example could be Night Ranger's "Big Life".
Blades & Co. had already released 'Dawn Patrol', 'Midnight Madness' and 'Seven Wishes', which were all million sellers, before venturing into making hit-singles for soundtracks, of which "The Secret Of My Success" written for the 1987 film of the same name starring Michael J. Fox it's included here in "Big Life".
The hardcore fans didn't liked much this move, and also due that year (1987) success of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Poison and then newcomers Guns N' Roses, "Big Life" didn't reach platinum (a million units sold) status.

When looking back it's obvious that the music buying audience was overly spoiled at the second half of the '80s, because this is one hell of a Melodic Rock album.
Rocking and catchy tunes like title-song "Big Life", "Carry On" or "'Color Of Your Smile" go hand in hand with lighter-swinging ballads as the sublime album closer "Hearts Away" and the atmospheric AOR of "Rain Comes Crashing Down" featuring a breathtaking guitar work.
"The Secret Of My Success" is great too, co-written by Blades together with David Foster, Tom Keane and guitar master Michael Landau, showing Night Ranger's more AOR / commercial side. I still remember this being one of the most played videos in the spring of 1987 on MTV.
Produced by the band with the help of expert Kevin Elson (Europe, Journey, Mr. Big), as you expect, the sound in "Big Life" is lush, glossy and polished.

NIGHT RANGER - Big Life [Japan remaster SHM-CD] [Limited Release] back cover

This Japanese remaster is fuller, well balanced and high on dynamics.
Night Ranger ranks among my favorite bands of all time, and "Big Life" is my second favorite of their entire discography. From a band with such great albums under their belt, this position in my fav list say something.
Sadly, this "Big Life" Japanese SHM-CD has become scarce too, so if you find it at a decent price buy it without hesitation.
A Must Have for any serious Melodic Hard Rock fan.

Universal Japan ~ UICY-94149

01 - Big Life
02 - Color Of Your Smile
03 - Love Is Standing Near
04 - Rain Comes Crashing Down
05 - The Secret Of My Success
06 - Carry On
07 - Better Let It Go
08 - I Know Tonight
09 - Hearts Away

Jack Blades - lead and backing vocals, bass
Brad Gillis - lead and rhythm guitars, vocals
Jeff Watson - lead and rhythm guitars
Alan Fitzgerald - keyboards, piano
Kelly Keagy - lead and backing vocals, drums, percussion
additional musicians:
David Foster - additional keyboards
Kevin Chalfant - additional backing vocals



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CARE OF NIGHT - Connected [Japan Edition +1] (2015)

CARE OF NIGHT - Connected [Japan Edition +1] (2015) full


Two years ago at 0dayrox we proudly presented in exclusive the debut EP from CARE OF NIGHT, a new Swedish AOR bringing all the magic from the genre to the new Millennium.
After shedding more than seven tears over the split of Seven Tears back in 2009, three of that band’s members initially stuck together (bassist Fredrik Lager subsequently stepped aside) to form Care Of Night and here finally is their debut studio album "Connected", released in Europe by AOR Heaven Records, and this Japanese edition featuring a bonus track through Rubicon Music.

I for one am eternally thankful that these guys stayed together to bring us such fantastic AOR / Melodic Rock, and if you like the classic, keyboard-driven side of the street from the genre then you really do have to get "Connected".
Names as Da Vinci, Grand Illusion and Europe are mentioned as influences, alongside new acts like Work Of Art and Houston, so we know what to expect, we think, but what we get is a surprise.
"Connected" (produced by the Wigelius brothers) doesn't transcend genre clichés, it embraces them, then shapes them into something coherent and totally fresh.
Dynamic songwriting, sharp guitars, bouncy rhythm section, keyboards galore, a classy singer, tons of harmonies and top choruses are the motto of Care Of Night, and I love it.

All the songs in "Connected" indeed switch on you an emotional connection to the comforting warmth of '80s AOR, where it all began. But Care Of Night adds a contemporary feel turning things even more interesting and enjoyable.
The opening cut "Cassandra" is the perfect summary of what this album is all about, bright and bold with a sparkling factor in the catchy melodies in the key of love.
If the amazing vocalist Calle Schönberg takes the lead and shares with his superb voice and his positive energy, the other members are more than competent, notably Jonathan Carlemar who provides some first class lead guitar chops in the subtle tradition of Schon & Scholtz (check "Those Words" or "Unify").

CARE OF NIGHT - Connected [Japan Edition +1] (2015) booklet

The urgent "Contact" (another highlight) is driven by fluffy keyboard melodic line, but without resign muscle and power. A rocker that Loverboy would be proud of, and as with most albums of this much loved genre the themes are mainly about the trials and tribulations of love.
Add to these songs like "Heart Belongs" or the slick, awesome mid-tempo "Say A Prayer" and this album will no doubt be a regular listening partner for me for quite a while to come, it’s easily up there with FM and White Widdow's more recent releases.
"Dividing Lines" with it's beautiful piano led into and verse segues into a heart wrenching chorus complete with lovable harmonies, then on "Please Remember" the backing vocals swell and subside around while the guitars and keyboards race to crescendo, ready to underline an inviting killer hook.

With already 10 gems in the regular release, this Japanese Edition worth every penny just to get... another gem.
Bonus track "Parts Of Paradise" is an elegant, smooth tune with some Toto inspiration, where the vocal harmonies are carefully worked to provide a L.A. West Coast AOR ambiance.

CARE OF NIGHT - Connected [Japan Edition +1] (2015) back

Sweden seems to be an inexhaustible AOR / Melodic Rock hot bed... "Connected" by Care Of Night is another clear proof and a must have for any rocker with a heart.
Every song is pulled taut, stretched across deceptively simple arrangements, and Care Of Night never let the tension slacken, leavening the mix occasionally with an emotional yell or a suitably snarling guitar.
"Connected" is truly a triumph of passion, a work of genuine flair and accomplishment, rich in melodic detail. The aforementioned Work Of Art and Houston, as well as H.E.A.T, Brother Firetribe and others should take heed. There’s a new kid on the block.
And they are awesome. They are called Care Of Night.
A Must Have.

RUBICON Music Japan ~ RBNCD-1181

01 - Cassandra
02 - Hearts Belong
03 - Those Words
04 - Dividing Lines
05 - Say A Prayer
06 - Contact
07 - Please Remember
08 - Unify
09 - Give Me Strength
10 - Say You Will
11 - Parts Of Paradise (Japanese bonus track)

Calle Schönberg - Lead Vocals
Jonathan Carlemar - Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Kristofer von Wachenfeldt - Keyboards, Vocals
Jonas Rosengren - Bass
Linus Svensson - Drums, Vocals



THE DEVIL IN CALIFORNIA - Longer Ride Down (2015)

THE DEVIL IN CALIFORNIA - Longer Ride Down (2015) full


A new rocking quintet is making some noise around L.A. : THE DEVIL IN CALIFORNIA, with their debut album "Longer Ride Down". The record is the culmination of two years of hard work by 5 seasoned Bay Area musicians whom have been in different bands for the last twenty years.

Where else would the Devil be, really? California is paradise, and a black hole of evil and vice too, all mixed into one, and The Devil In California seems to understand that.
Their music is a combination of hard hitting, hooky, occasionally bluesy, and always kickin' hard rock, with a classic southern-fried touch, a biker look, and lots of attitude. You know exactly what you're going to get when you first see a pic these guys: uncompromised rock n'roll.
They've been playing shows for about a year now, as headliners in the California club circuit or supporting the likes of Skid Row, Black Star Riders or Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel... they must have 'something', eh?

THE DEVIL IN CALIFORNIA - Longer Ride Down (2015) inside

And indeed The Devil In California rocks. "Longer Ride Down" rocks.
Judging how hot and energetic they sound on this recording, they should be a storm on stage. In the short time they have been together, these guys fronted by the classy vocals of Anthony Malson seems to have carefully crafted their fledgling music into a tight, hard, and heavy rock band.
The songs are strongly riff-driven, yet catchy and accessible as "Black Hand", "Personal Voodoo", the midtempo "Longer Ride Down" or the instant rocker "Gravel Road".
On some tracks, for instance, "Delta Sludge", although pretty bluesy infused, The Devil in California add a touch of modernity. "Numb from the Fall" is groovy and heavy, while "Sell Me a Reason" has some Red Dragon Cartel on it.

"Middle Man" aims for a more Classic Rock sound (American) as happens with the gentle, southern painted "YCMMHMB", then the broken "Just in Case" is not far from the recent Skid Row. The band does a nice cover of Mountain's classic "Mississippi Queen", with the guitar sound fixed a bit to a vintage output.

THE DEVIL IN CALIFORNIA - Longer Ride Down (2015) logo

"Longer Ride Down" is a solid presentation card by The Devil In California, a band looking for the classic rocking sounds that seem to have lost all the new acts coming from America.
The band compose really cool songs, they are very good players and the record is finely produced & mixed, so I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more from this Bay Area five-piece.
Very Recommended.

01 - Black Hand
02 - Delta Sludge
03 - Sell Me a Reason
04 - Numb from the Fall
05 - Personal Voodoo
06 - Longer Ride Down
07 - Empty Rooms
08 - Sweeet
09 - Gravel Road
10 - Middle Man
11 - Just in Case
12 - Mississippi Queen
14 - P.S.A. (Oh Yeah)

Anthony Malson - Vox
Jamie Cronander - Guitar
Snake - Guitar
Matt Stewart - Bass
Eddie Colmenares - Drums



Sunday, February 22, 2015

FURYON - Lost Salvation (2015)

FURYON - Lost Salvation (2015) full


Following the success of their debut CD which was released in three years ago and received a large amount of praise from fans and critics alike, FURYON headed back into the studio in 2014 to record their second album which is ready to be unleashed upon the world tomorrow, Feb. 23.
The new album entitled “Lost Salvation” show the evolution of the band blending Melodic Metal and Hard Rock with a very modern approach.

Recorded in two studios on two continents - in Atlanta USA and their home town of Brighton, UK - the new album from Furyon has 10 tracks and 44 minutes of effective, no-nonsense balls to the wall Rock and Metal music, and the opening track “All I Have” gives you a taster of what is to come. It gets this album off to a good start as all the ingredients are there and polished perfectly as everything sounds crisp and clear.
Matt Mitchell once again show us that his voice was built for this kind of music. He is indeed the archetypal rasping, driving, soaring, majestic frontman that all great Rock bands must have.

FURYON - Lost Salvation (2015) inside

To focus on Matt, stupendous though his voice is, would be doing the rest of the guys in the band a huge disservice. Lee Farmery and Alex Bowen have that solid foundation that allows the guitars to dance around effortlessly, pulling some chunky, dirty riffs (the title track and "Scapegoat" in particular show this to great effect) and some melodically ripping solos.

The flavour of this album maintains that gritty, metallic feel from Furyon debut mixed with a commercial hard rock hook that makes them instantly accessible and eternally likeable.
From the gripping drive of "What You Need", to the soaring "These Four Walls" that has a damn good epic chorus, to the majestic "Good Sky" that manages to throw a good bit of everything in together, Furyon seem to be able to turn their hand to any kind of style.
"Resurrect Me" spread lots of groove showcasing how tight this band really is, while "Left It With The Gods" delivers a highly addictive bridge & chorus.

FURYON - Lost Salvation (2015) back

"Lost Salvation" is one of those albums that has a little bit of everything to satisfy your rockin' ears.
It’s always difficult to follow up a debut record with a product that is just stronger, better written and arranged. Furyon have achieved this and a lot more on this second effort via crunching riffs, tighter than a duck's arse rhythm section, killer vocals with catchy choruses plus lots of shredding solos.
If you love yourself some gritty hard rock / melodic metal with epic vocals and brilliant solos then Furyon and their latest album is for you.

01. All That I Have
02. Lost Salvation
03. These Four Walls
04. Scapegoat
05. Resurrect Me
06. Left It With the Gods
07. Good Sky
08. Dematerialize
09. What You Need
10. Wiseman

Matt Mitchell - Vocals
Tiago Rosado - Guitars
Luca Faraone - Guitars
Alex Bowen - Bass
Lee Farmery - Drums



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