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ANDERSON ⁄ STOLT - Invention Of Knowledge (2016)

ANDERSON ⁄ STOLT - Invention Of Knowledge (2016) full

Former Yes legendary vocalist Jon Anderson and The Flower Kings / Transatlantic guitarist Roine Stolt have teamed up for a collaborative project baptized ANDERSON ⁄ STOLT, with their debut CD "Invention Of Knowledge" to be released on June 24 via InsideOut Music.
Label boss Thomas Waber inspired the project after Anderson and Stolt met during the Progressive Nation At Sea cruising festival in 2014.

There was a funny time when it seemed like there was this whole barrage of prog supergroups, some with a multitude of guests creating this super project that for a moment in time. They all were garnered as the best thing since sliced bread; sometimes often owing to the fact that there are all these names involved (most obscure, only known strictly to the progressive rock community).
We don’t see to many of those often, but every once in a while, there is something that rolls around worthy of a listen beyond the art-rock scene.

Enter English-man Jon Anderson and Swede Roine Stolt; both veterans, one that has been waltzing around arenas since the beginning of Yes, and the other who reined in the new era of sophisticated and intricate rock music with his band The Flower Kings, TransAtlantic, et all, respectively.
But this is not a pastiche of either’s well known endeavors, as "Invention Of Knowledge" marks a new chapter in the books for both.
While everyone’s vibe foreshadows what beholds, there is a little bit of reflection upon other projects including Anderson’s work with Ponty, Vangelis and some of his solo outings, while Stolt’s presence as a guitarist and producer in context drives a lot of the emotion as well both the musical spirit & authority of the record alongside Anderson’s commanding voice; which still holds up in superb manner.

ANDERSON ⁄ STOLT - Invention Of Knowledge (2016) digipak

The album is elegant without stiff flamboyance, the appropriate mix of pomp pop (“Invention”& “Knowing”), eased back melodic tunes (“Better by Far”), multi-faceted musical expression (“We Are Truth”) and balladry (“Chase and Harmony”) creates the myriad of musical ideology that works perfectly.
Devoid of all out metal extravaganzas or fusion filled madness, "Invention Of Knowledge" will do more than rock the boat. Indeed, "Invention Of Knowledge" is 'easy listening', plenty of melody.
It’s like getting a visit from two long time friends whom have an intriguing story to tell amongst the long awaited hello.
And certainly lives up to the pedigree of the namesakes.
Highly Recommended

01 - Invention
02 - We Are Truth
03 - Knowledge
04 - Knowing
05 - Chase and Harmony
06 - Everybody Heals
07 - Better By Far
08 - Golden Light
09 - Know...

Jon Anderson - vocals
Roine Stolt - guitars, production
Tom Brislin, Lalle Larsson - keyboards
Jonas Reingold, Michael Stolt - bass
Felix Lehrmann - drums
Daniel Gildenlöw, Nad Sylvan, Anja Obermayer, Maria Rerych - Kristina Westas - backing vocals



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Mr. BIG - Lean Into It [Japanese Remaster SHM-CD LTD Release +4] Out Of Print

Mr. BIG - Lean Into It [Japanese Remaster SHM-CD LTD Release +4] Out Of Print full

MR. BIG's breakthrough album "Lean Into It" was repeatedly requested on this blog in its Japanese Remaster SHM-CD version, the only release of this record at the moment of its release including 3 exclusive bonus tracks. A Limited Edition now out of print.

The opener kicks you right in the nuts, one of the best Mr. Big tunes ever, “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)”. Basically spoofing the whole 'How fast can you play?' question, Big’s creativity make this speed rocker a standout.
“Alive and Kickin'” is melodious hard rocker with soulful vocal and killer chorus, then “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind” is classy and cool poppy with an incredible retro melody and adventurous guitar arrangement.
“Lucky This Time” is a pearl written by talented Jeff Paris, driven by Billy Sheehan's rumbling bass groove, followed by the dynamic “Voodoo Kiss”, which ended side 1 of the original album.

Mr. BIG - Lean Into It [Japanese Remaster SHM-CD LTD Release +4] Out Of Print booklet

The catchy “Never Say Never”, co-written by Canada’s own Jim Vallance is another winner, and “Just Take My Heart” is one of the greatest ballads from the melodic hard rock genre, to showcase Eric Martin's velvety vocals.
“My Kinda Woman” shred, and kicks the adrenaline back in. Paul Gilbert’s “A Little Too Loose”, bluesy and fun, it is one of the high points of this record.
“Road To Ruin” shows off the vocal harmonies of the guys, all good singers in their own right. and it's another creative arrangement.

Then, of course, the album ends with “To Be With You” which, hard to believe, was actually a really creative song too... before it got played to death.
Listening to it now after many years, “To Be With You” is the typical rock ballad, but at the time of this release it was very different from the kind of ballads that other bands were putting out, except possibly Extreme. It has a sparse, vocal-oriented arrangement, an acoustic guitar solo, and no drums to speak of.

Mr. BIG - Lean Into It [Japanese Remaster SHM-CD LTD Release +4] Out Of Print back

Enough... you do not need more info about "Lean Into It"... it's a classic, an almost perfect melodic hard rock album from the superb musicianship & songwriting to the top notch production.
And this Japanese remaster done by Isao Kikuchi is exceptional, with even more presence on this SHM-CD. We have as well 4 bonus tracks.
Needless to say; A Must Have.

Warner Music Japan ~ WPCR-13463

01 - Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)
02 - Alive And Kickin'
03 - Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
04 - CDFF - Lucky This Time
05 - Voodoo Kiss
06 - Never Say Never
07 - Just Take My Heart
08 - My Kinda Woman
09 - A Little Too Loose
10 - Road To Ruin
11 - To Be With You
12 - Love Makes You Strong (Japanese Edition Original bonus track)
SHM-CD Bonus Tracks:
13 - Alive And Kickin' (Early version)
14 - Green-Tinted Sixties Mind (Early version)
15 - To Be With You (Reggae version)

Eric Martin – lead vocals, handclaps
Paul Gilbert – guitars, backing vocals
Billy Sheehan – bass, backing vocals
Pat Torpey – drums, percussion, backing vocals

Out Of Print


NO SINNER - Old Habits Die Hard [Deluxe Edition] (2016)

NO SINNER - Old Habits Die Hard [Deluxe Edition] (2016) full

"Old Habits Die Hard" is the just released new album from Vancouver-based retro rock outfit NO SINNER. I never heard their debut, but I will soon, as this is a terrific piece of bluesy classic rock album performed with a charm rarely seen.

Before the initial listening, No Sinner disorient a bit... check the 70s-like 'satanic' cover and that pervert face behind the woman. A woman which is the band's singer, called Colleen Rennison. Now read Rennison backwards... No Sinner!
Is this black metal? haha not at all, this great classic rock stuff plenty of different textures and colors, and very, very good for sure.

The opening track 'All Woman' sets the scene for the album, with its huge sounding production and the phenomenal vocal range of Colleen Rennison. One of the standout tracks on the album is 'Leadfoot' a dirty heavy blues rock number infused with scorching harmonica licks and a driving bass line.
With songs like this and 'One More Time' the band have pitched themselves into the same space currently occupied by the likes of Rival Sons or The Temperance Movement; good, timeless Classic Rock.

The infectious 'Tryin' is loaded with Southern charm and old-school swagger before the frantic, good time rock n’ roll number 'Saturday Night' comes steaming out the blocks encouraging you to let your hair down.
Rennison transports you to a smoky piano bar with the soulful 'Hollow', not a ballad as such, but a beautiful, soulful tale of heartache, that has an emotional vocal performance. The Joplin comparisons come in when she unleashes a scream or two, but during tracks like ‘Lines On The Highway’, the comparisons are perhaps more of one of the most respected female singers ever, Carole King.

The album ends with a groove-monster called 'Mandy Lyn' driven by a heavy bluesy riff, even the lead vocals feel heavy and dense. Great hard rocking closer, but wait, there's more on this Deluxe Edition.
As bonus tracks we have the fun, ridiculously catchy 'Wait' complete with cowbell and a contagious chorus, 'I Know It's A Sin' is a memorable whiskey-soaked / barroom slow burner, then 'Slippin' is just another dynamic classic rock rough diamond.

NO SINNER - Old Habits Die Hard [Deluxe Edition] (2016) back

Placed by marketers in the retro-rock wagon, on "Old Habits Die Hard" No Sinner are much more than that: their style is edgier, harder, classic rock-inspired.
There's strong guitar riffs, the solos sizzle, whereas the rhythm section is sublime and comes crashing out of the speakers onto your lap. And that voice, Rennison steals the show with a terrific, soulful performance.
This is a joyous album, which no doubt is the end result of countless miles through North America, hitting the dives night after night, corrupting the minds of anyone savvy enough to buy a ticket. Chances of it landing in many albums of the year polls? The bookies have stopped taking bets on that... :)
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - All Woman
02 - Leadfoot
03 - Tryin
04 - Saturday Night
05 - Hollow
06 - Get It Up
07 - Friend Of Mine
08 - Fading Away
09 - When The Bell Rings
10 - Lines On The Highway
11 - One More Time
12 - Mandy Lyn
13 - Wait
14 - I Know It's A Sin
15 - Slippin'

Colleen Rennison - vocals
Eric Campbell - guitar, backup vocals
Ian Browne - drums
B. Ferguson, P. Bossley. Camirand - bass
Nathan Shubert - piano
D. Heming - organ
K. Tang, L. Raymond, M. Pratt - horns



STONE BROKEN - All In Time (2016)

STONE BROKEN - All In Time (2016) full

"All In Time", the debut album from STONE BROKEN was released some months ago but got delayed in 0dayrox's 'listen / test' consideration mainly because it's being tagged as modern rock.
Well, I don't know if it's because this 4-piece come from the Midlands (Walsall, UK) and are not contaminated by the US trend in this genre, but these guys sound much better than your ordinary 'modern rock', in fact, Stone Broken sound fabulous.

"All In Time" has a truly modern sound, yes, but the songs penned by Stone Broken are damn infectious inspired by the classic British hard rock scene, and this 'vibe' permeates the entire recording.
They certainly set out their store early on, with opener 'Not Your Enemy' chock full of everything you want in a hard rock song: crashing drums, chunky riffs and a catchy as hell vocals.
This opening track should be aired at the radio for the people who claim rock is dead and there’s never going to be any new bands filling arenas: Stone Broken's music is stadium rock.

This theme continues throughout the 10 solid compositions to create a cracking debut.
There are classic rock elements galore, including an excellent guitar solo in 'Be There' and Bon Jovi-esque lighters in the air ballad 'Wait for You'.
The thumping 'Let Me Go' was recorded and presented as single some time ago, and will be familiar to many as the video has achieved over 28.000 plays on YouTube (check the Guns N' Roses T-shirt).

Yeah, some cuts have some kind of a Nickelback influences, in particular 'Save Tomorrow' and 'Fall Back Down'. On both these I can see why Stone Broken are tagged as modern rock, but man, these guys crush Nickelback from the first notes with much more substance and punch. 'Save Tomorrow' in particular is a very good track, with yet another air guitar-inspiring solo.
'Stay All Night' is the first single from the album and has been receiving radio play on rock stations across the country. It closes the album and while it may be an ending, I predict it will also be the beginning of great things for Stone Broken.

Sometimes classifications may blind you, and in the case of rock music, even worse. I you avoid Stone Broken's debut 'All In Time' thinking it's plain modern rock, you're committing a tremendous mistake.
These guys blend the best of the old with the best of the new - traditional Brit hard / classic rock with new, fresh sounds / melody for the masses, and have created a stadium-ready kick ass album full of punch.
At places they sound like Degreed, but mostly - and call me nuts if you want - they remind me Harem Scarem in their more modern period.
Truly impressive debut: Highly Recommended

I - Not Your Enemy
II - Better
III - Be There
IV - Let Me Go
V - Wait For You
VI - Save Tomorrow
VII - This Life
VIII - Another Day
IX - Fall Back Down
X - Stay All Night

Rich Moss – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Chris Davis – Lead Guitar / Vocals
Kieron Conroy – Bass / Vocals
Robyn Haycock – Drums / Vocals



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FROM THE FIRE - Thirty Days And Dirty Nights [YesterRock digitally remastered]

FROM THE FIRE - Thirty Days And Dirty Nights [YesterRock digitally remastered] full

It is necessary to revisit this excellent YesterRock remastered reissue of FROM THE FIRE's debut album "Thirty Days And Dirty Nights", a real gem that - to this very day - is still considered a classic in the AOR / Melodic Rock genre.

From The Fire was founded in New York by vocalist J.D. Kelly and drummer Mike Sciotto, soon joined by guitarist Tommy Lafferty after his stint with Voodoo X, the band of Jean Beauvoir.
So, it didn't come as a surprise when From The Fire contacted Beauvoir to produce their debut album.
"Thirty Days And Dirty Nights" was recorded in LA, and while it was released by Music For Nations in Europe, strangely did not get a US distribution at the time becoming a much sought after piece in America.

FROM THE FIRE - Thirty Days And Dirty Nights [YesterRock digitally remastered] booklet

With song contibution from the likes of Eric Carmen, Charlie Castro and Jean Beauvoir itself, plus the band's original material, "Thirty Days And Dirty Nights" is pure melodic bliss.
Beauvoir's touch is all over creating a heavenly '80s classy AOR sound with a glossy wrapper plenty of big hooks, huge harmony choruses, dripping wet keyboards and vocals with more layers than a wedding cake.
Imagine a perfect mix of White Sister, Strangeways and Drive She Said, plus a fat, top notch production.

We have true pearls like 'Hold On', 'Go All The Way' and the superb midtempo AOR of 'Where Are You Now?' alongside more muscular numbers such as 'Over Your Head' and 'Lovestruck'.
It's really nice to hear Harlow's Theresa Straley lending her awesome voice to 'Spark To The Flame' aswell (one of the album highlights), while the stunning power ballad 'Take My Heart' is another winner.

FROM THE FIRE - Thirty Days And Dirty Nights [YesterRock digitally remastered] back

Very hard to find for years, "Thirty Days And Dirty Nights" become a cult classic AOR album, fortunately resurrected by YesterRock with a superb, pristine remastering.
Classy, catchy, glossy American AOR record, essential if you are fan of the genre.
A Must Have

01 - Hold On
02 - Same Song
03 - Tears Cried In The Rain
04 - Over Your Head
05 - Take My Heart
06 - Lovestruck
07 - Spark And Flame
08 - Go All The Way
09 - Where Are You Now?

J.D. Kelly - vocals, keyboards
Tommy Lafferty - guitars, backing vocals
Paul Morris - keyboards, backing vocals
Thaddeus Castanis - bass, backing vocals
Michael Sciotto - drums, backing vocals
Pat Regan - additional keyboards
Nadine Arel - keyboards
Paul St. James - bass
Theresa Straley - duet on 7



NINJA - Invincible [remastered 2016]

NINJA - Invincible [remastered 2016] full

Much sought after for years by metal fans and collectors, "Invincible", the debut album by Germans NINJA finally has been remastered and reissued by specialized label Karthago Records via their Classics Series, in a limited edition of 666 (!) copies, with hologram and a purchase certificate.

Germanic Wuppertal / Solingen area is famous for the sharp knives all over the world, but also for being the cradle of renowned international Rock acts like Accept.
Ninja, while not successful as Accept, was part of the metal movement coming from there.
Forging a musical style with a typical '80 Euro feeling based on a twin guitar attack, powerful rhythm section and strong lead vocals, Ninja created a solid fan base which lead into a recording contract.

Ninja's debut "Invincible" was released in 1988, only on vinyl LP and in limited quantities, quickly becoming a collector's piece. The group recorded another album in the early Nineties and soon disbanded.
But around 2014 Ninja returned (and still are active today) and this resulted into the interest to reissue the cult debut album, with the much needed remastering from the original tapes.

NINJA - Invincible [remastered 2016] back

Now, with a modern technology treatment of 24-bit remastering, "Invincible" sounds fuller, more powerful, with a lot of bite.
Songs like 'Phoenix', 'Every Hour', 'Strangers' or the title track are perfect examples of pure '80s European Hard Rock / Metal with all the charm from the era.
In the same league of early Europe / Norum, Victory, Pretty Maids, Scorpions ('Hold On' has a little Blackout flair) and of course Accept, Ninja's "Invincible" is a really nice album to discover for all-generation fans of the genre.
GREAT and welcomed reissue / remaster.

You've seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 - Invincible
02 - Phoenix
03 - Wet Dreams
04 - Hard As Steel
05 - Follow Me
06 - Every Hour
07 - Strangers
08 - Rich Man
09 - Hold On
10 - Farewell

Holger vom Scheidt - Vocals
Ulrich Siefen - Guitars
Martin Reinert - Guitars
Jörg Lennart - Bass
Christoph Segreff - Drums



Saturday, May 21, 2016

TRAPEZE - Trapeze [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

TRAPEZE - Trapeze [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] full

Rock Candy Records has recently remastered two albums by British cult rockers TRAPEZE that well worth to revisit. This is the self-titled "Trapeze" from 1975, not to be confused with the debut of the band with different line-up.

The British Midlands produced an extraordinary amount of heavy rock bands during the late 60s and early 70s. Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin spring immediately to mind, but of serious note are Trapeze, the group that first introduced us to the extraordinary talent of vocalist and bassist Glenn Hughes.
Developing a fervent fan following, especially in the USA, this killer power trio specialised in a brilliant mash-up of hard rock and funk. All was going swimmingly until Hughes was purloined in 1973 by rock behemoths Deep Purple.

Refusing to succumb to defeat, Trapeze regrouped, this time adding two new members to fill the void left by Hughes whilst founding member (and future Whitesnake) Mel Galley assumed lead vocal duties. ‘Hot Wire’, the resultant album, was an impressive statement, sending out an unequivocal message that the band was far from spent.

For this, their fifth album (confusingly self-titled) the band continued their musical assault, unleashing a record that was more consistent with arena rock of the mid seventies. Released at the end of 1975, produced by Steve Smith (Back Street Crawler, Rough Diamond and Detective) and recorded in London at Island Studios (mixed by an uncredited Eddie Kramer), the record showcases defiant swagger, and riffs to die for.

With most the songs composed by Mel Galley and his brother Tom, "Trapeze" is some kind of departure from the band's heavy-funk origins, turning more bluesy hard rock, not too far from the sound of the upcoming Whitesnake.
Anyway, there's two tracks featuring Glenn Hughes on lead vocals (and one co-written) who had remained a staunch supporter of the band.

TRAPEZE - Trapeze [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] back

As happened with all the second-era Trapeze albums, "Trapeze" was really hard to find on CD and as far I know, this is the first remastering treatment received by this really good record.
Rock Candy provided a warm, atmospheric sound here. I am not sure, but I think this is a different mix from the originally appeared on the vinyl LP.
Good vintage, classic hard rock.

01 - Star Breaker
02 - It's Alright
03 - Chances
04 - The Raid
05 - Sunny Side Of The Street
06 - Gimme Good Love
07 - Monkey
08 - I Need You
09 - Soul Stealer
10 - Nothin' For Nothing

Mel Galley – guitar, vocals
Rob Kendrick – guitar
Pete Wright – bass
Dave Holland – drums
Glenn Hughes – vocals on tracks 3 and 10



TRAPEZE - Hot Wire [Rock Candy remaster]

TRAPEZE - Hot Wire [Rock Candy remaster] (2015) full

Rock Candy Records has recently remastered two albums by TRAPEZE that well worth to revisit, now with a pristine sound & punch. This is "Hot Wire".
Trapeze were initially one of the most promising and, later on, revered bands to have emerged from the UK during the Seventies. They blasted their way from obscurity to international acclaim, then, just as stardom beckoned, the carpet was pulled from under their feet when vocalist and frontman Glenn Hughes opted to leave the band, hitching his wagon to hard rock grandees Deep Purple.

The general consensus was that Trapeze would not be able to carry on after such a catastrophic blow yet, against all the odds, they dusted themselves down, retrenched and got back in the ring to fight another day.
Choosing to expand the band's line up, founding members guitarist Mel Galley (later in WhiteSnake and Phenomena) and drummer Dave Holland (later un Judas Priest) opted to recruit fellow Midlanders, bassist Pete Wright (Robin George) and second guitarist Rob Kendrick.
Together they took the Trapeze blueprint of funky hard rock and injected it with a far more hook-laden sheen.

TRAPEZE - Hot Wire [Rock Candy remaster] (2015) inside

With Mel Galley taking on lead vocals, the first 'new' Trapeze album was this "Hot Wire", showing real growth and the band's sound evolving incrementally, there were now songs ready for the big arenas and with an eye put in the American market.
You can hear some of the catchy and melodic bluesy riffs that Galley would put at Coverdale's WhiteSnake service few years after.

Produced by veteran classic rock champion Neil Slaven (Savoy Brown, Chicken Shack, Stray) at Island Records Basing Street studios in London, the album contains a stellar selection of hard-hitting tracks, including 'Back Street Love', 'Wake Up, Shake Up' and the album centrepiece 'Midnight Flyer', an impressive and hard hitting funk fuelled track built to blow your mind.

TRAPEZE - Hot Wire [Rock Candy remaster] (2015) back

For many years Trapeze's "Hot Wire" was really hard to find on CD and as far I know, this is the first remastering treatment received by this really good record.
Great job by Rock Candy specialists.

01 - Rock Street Love
02 - Take It On Down The Road
03 - Midnight Flyer
04 - Wake Up, Shake Up
05 - Turn It On
06 - Steal A Mile
07 - Goin' Home
08 - Feel It Inside

Mel Galley – guitars, lead vocals
Dave Holland – drums, percussion
Rob Kendrick – guitars, vocals
Pete Wright – bass, vocals





Recently involved with the critically aclaimed Walking Papers alongside Guns N' Roses drummer Duff McKagan, vocalist JEFF ANGELL has been involved in the American music scene for decades. Now he's debuting a new band, JEFF ANGELL's STATICLAND, and their self-titled first album.

Staticland came together as a result of Duff McKagan's hiatus from Walking Papers, who is currently focusing his time on the reunion of the almighty Guns N’ Roses.
In this time, Angell and key collaborator Benjamin Anderson (both known for their roles in the American Rock band Walking Papers) were offered the opportunity by UDR Records to expand on the sound they had defined in previous bands to form what is now known as Jeff Angell’s Staticland.
Soon after, the band recruited experienced drummer Joshua Fant, and in only a short space of time the trio managed to put together a whole heap of potent new material which would soon become their first album.

When a group with such a collection of stylistic diversity and existing success choose to join forces, it’s hard to pass on the opportunity to listen in on what they have to offer. I sat down this week and listened to the debut album, Jeff Angell’s Staticland, with no clue over what to expect, and I wasn’t left disappointed.
The album offers a well-balanced blend of vintage hard-rocking, bluesy sound, accented with fuzzy guitars and rumbling bass, plus some seventies glam-rock and poppy melodies all of which is tied together and fused seamlessly with the captivating lyricism of Angell and an updated production.
The true passion and expertise from each member makes Staticland come across as a real ‘legacy’ band already, with such a strong presence you’d assume they’d been established for years with a legion of albums under their belt.

'Everything Is Wrong' kickstarts the album with dark, deepened Bluesy riffs, met by Angell’s smoldering vocals. The track seamlessly slips into 'The Edge', which encompasses the same groovy riffs, but with a change of tempo to match the direction of the track.
'Phantom Limb' is a strongly built track, which again brings together heavy basslines and a haunting guitar riff, taking the track in a more heavy, progressive direction.

'The World Is Gonna Win' is a beautifully emotional track, a gentle breather and defeatist anthem, then 'Nola' has a very retro feel with classy bluesy riffs, soulful vocals, old-school organs and a powerful drum beat to match.
'High Score' introduces raw fuzz guitar and further intensified drum beats, balanced out superbly by Angell’s versatile and calming vocals, which resonate through the track and remain centre stage.

Among my favorites there's the organ-powered 'Tomorrow's Chore', with a foundation provided by valvular amp guitars and loosely, glammy vocals. The wide-open, atmospheric 'Freak' is a highlight, a dark number with some early '80s British feel in the vein of the first The Cult.
'I’ll Find You' is yet another track which demonstrates the articulate songwriting by Angell, describing the strong bond between soul mates. For such a colourful track, the band have pieced together the instrumentals in such a way that the track is complemented in such a way it forms more of a stand out love ballad.


The double vinyl LP edition of the album includes two extra tracks (featured here) titled 'The Past Where It Belongs' & 'The Cure Or The Curse', both chained into a same sonic concept. And both are superb cuts.
'The Past Where It Belongs' is a rumbling rocker with a strong The Cult feel but classic rock intrumentation which at the end turns darker leading into 'The Cure Or The Curse', an atmospheric heavy-rock with lots of captivating sounds, groovy guitars and a steady rhythm section.

There is such a diversity in the sounds and direction within "Jeff Angell’s Staticland" that if it was pulled apart, you’d question whether you were listening to the same band.
I like that in an album, you receive more than you bargained for and it gives the band freedom to move in directions that they are passionate about, rather than catering to a sound people expect.
Really different and original.

01. Everything Is Wrong
02. The Edge
03. Never Look Back
04. Band-Aid On A Bullet Hole
05. Phantom Limb
06. The World Is Gonna Win
07. Nola
08. I'll Find You
09. High Score
10. If You Only Knew
11. Tomorrow's Chore
12. Freak
13. The Past Where It Belongs
14. The Cure Or The Curse
15. Let The Healing Begin

Jeff Angell - vocals, guitar
Benjamin Anderson - keys, bass
Joshua Fant - drums



Friday, May 20, 2016

IRON SAVIOR - Titancraft (2016)

IRON SAVIOR - Titancraft (2016) full

"Titancraft" is an appropriated title for IRON SAVIOR's ninth studio album (released today May 20) as they are titans of classic German / Teutonic power metal. The band, lead by founder, guitarist and vocalist Piet Sielck, has been storming the European lands for better than 20 years.

For 20 years Iron Savior have been performing their unique Power Metal vision, eking out their existence in a genre often plagued with bands simply rehashing the same tired sounds and tropes created by the progenitors of the style.
Created as a studio project by Piet Sielck, a man who had been working behind the scenes in the metal world, teamed up in '96 with Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray / Helloween and Thomen Stauch of Blind Guardian taking elements of the three aforementioned legendary bands of the Power Metal world.

You'd think after some many years, Iron Savior would have their chosen genre nailed down, and you'd be right. Drawing from classic metal influences, the band puts forth guitar-driven, riff roaring, and galloping heavy metal.
Toss in some strong assertive vocals, including gang vocals, significant groove from the rhythm section and blistering solos, Iron Savior by definition plays "keep it true" heavy metal in it's best form.

However... and here comes the reason of why this album it is being featured on this blog: yeah, Iron Savior is traditional metal, but on this new album "Titancraft" the have incorporated lots of melodies and a hard rock feel turning things much more enjoyable.
Take as example the bass-pumped, groove beast 'Gunsmoke', adorned with harmony vocals on the quite catchy chorus.

Also the highly melodic 'Beyond the Horizon' is a standout, which could sit alongside the best of Iron Savior's catalog. It has the kind of epic ridiculousness that makes you wield household objects as medieval weaponry.
Also, there's the really commercial - and truly good - ballad 'I Surrender' which build in intensity with very good harmony vocals arrangements and orchestrated synths. Piet’s vocals still have that distinct gruff tone to it while at the same time projecting such strength giving the songs such emotion and power.

IRON SAVIOR - Titancraft (2016) back

Sure, "Titancraft" still is a metal album, but here Iron Savior are exploring new territories trying to appeal hard rock, and why not, melodic hard rock fans.
Closer to the hard rock groove of Accept than the Gamma Ray influences of their origins, Iron Savior 2016 is much more melodic, catchy, like never before. Production-wise, they also aim to the aforementioned genres fan, as it's huge, bombastic, glossy, in the vein of Swedish present major acts.
Rocks great.

01 - Under Siege
02 - Titancraft
03 - Way of the Blade
04 - Seize the Day
05 - Gunsmoke
06 - Beyond the Horizon
07 - The Sun Won't Rise in Hell
08 - Strike Down the Tyranny
09 - Brother in Arms
10 - I Surrender
11 - Rebellious

Piet Sielck - Vocals, Guitars
Jan-Sören Eckert - Bass, Vocals
Thomas Nack - Drums
Joachim "Piesel" Küstner - Guitars



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