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THE RADIO SUN - Heaven Or Heartbreak (2015)

THE RADIO SUN - Heaven Or Heartbreak (2015) full

"Heaven Or Heartbreak" is the second album by Aussie melodic rockers THE RADIO SUN (formed from the ashes of the excellent Square One) and again they have former Danger Danger vocalist Paul Laine helping out on production, co-writing four songs and co-lead vocals on ‘Science Fiction Make Believe’.

There's some real pop-rock-tastic tunes on here like the aforementioned ‘Science Fiction Make Believe’, with a hook big enough to land a blue whale. Then there is ‘Maybe’ with a nifty early '80s synth riff and lots & lots of harmony vocals.
Strap yourself down though as ‘You’re The One’ is like Harem Scarem meets Nelson, superb stuff. Heck this could easily be played on daytime mainstream radio if only they would give it a chance.

Throughout the album guitarist Stevie Janevski lays down some very tasty solos, perfect for the air guitar antics of the listener. The vocals of Jason Old are very easy and melodious on the ears, a key component of the attraction of Radio Sun’s music.
‘Madness In The World’ reminded me a little of Glen Burtnick, another artist who knows how to pen a decent melodic rock chorus. There are ballads like ‘One In A Million’ and the epic refrains of ‘Dying Without Your Love’. Loving the strings and harmony vocals on this one.

THE RADIO SUN - Heaven Or Heartbreak (2015) inside

Melodic Rock and elaborated rock&pop fans take notice, The Radio Sun's "Heaven Or Heartbreak" is a must for your radio-friendly ears.
Great Aussie Melodic Rock that deserves a place on a bigger stage.
Highly Recommended.

01 - Caught Between Heaven & A Heartbreak
02 - Tell Me What You Want
03 - Dying Without Your Love
04 - Science Fiction Make Believe
05 - Hanging By A Thread
06 - Do You Remember Me?
07 - Walk Away
08 - Maybe
09 - You're The One
10 - Madness In The World
11 - One In A Million

Jason Old - Vocals
Stevie Janevski - Guitars, Vocals
Robbie Erdmanis - Bass, Vocals
Ben Wignall - Drums, Vocals



Monday, October 5, 2015

RECKLESS LOVE - Keep It Up All Night [single] (2015)

RECKLESS LOVE - Keep It Up All Night [single] (2015)

Finnish glam / melodic rockers RECKLESS LOVE have been working for quite a while now on their highly anticipated fourth studio effort. To make this waiting time easier on their fans, the band has released a high-energy new single entitled "Keep It Up All Night", which will be featured on the upcoming record.

It’s been two year since the release of the previous record and it feels like eternity”, says lead singer Olli Herman. “Melody and lyrics-wise, the changes that have taken place over this period are quite subtle, but this time we updated the '80s sound more to this day."

Well, I was a bit disappointed with Reckless Love last studio album... after listening "Keep It Up All Night" I am prepared for the worst.
This new single, while pretty energetic and anthemic, sonically is garbage. It's an over-produced (but in the bad sense) dance / electronic based rocker with plastic beats.

Where's the rocking, full of attitude guys of the first record?
If the new album follows the path of this advance single, they are committing suicide.
What were they thinking?

Keep It Up All Night (3:13)

Olli Herman - Vocals
Pepe - Guitar
Jalle Verne - Bass
Hessu Maxx - Drums



DAN BAIRD & HOMEMADE SIN - Get Loud! (2015)

DAN BAIRD & HOMEMADE SIN - Get Loud! (2015) full

If you don't remember the name DAN BAIRD, he was frontman and chief songwriter of celebrated '80s rockers Georgia Satellites. A solo artist since 1992, some years ago he formed his own band HOMEMADE SIN, and now are releasing "Get Loud!", a fun, entertaining CD full of classic rock magic.

As a member of the Georgia Satellites, Dan Baird enjoyed immediate success with the band’s self-titled debut LP in 1986, thanks largely to their left-field hit Keep Your Hands to Yourself — a tongue-in-cheek ode to heavy petting that proved for a fleeting moment that a song didn’t need synths, drum machines, or heavy production to earn a spot on the Top 40 during the Big ’80s.
The Satellites’ window of opportunity at radio closed quickly, and although Baird started his solo career with another cockeyed grin of a hit single in 1992, he was one of many veteran artists who became less of a label priority during the changing of the guard that unfolded in rock ‘n’ roll as the decade wore on.

These were hard times, and it was even tougher before digital recording and distribution and internet technology allowed artists to record and effectively promote releases for a fraction of their former cost.
But Dan Baird has survived — and thrived — by plugging in and turning up in a variety of locations, whether it’s with side bands in the USA or on European stages, where he and his band Homemade Sin have been a reliable concert draw for years.

Comprising ex- Georgia Satellites bandmate drummer Mauro Magellan, renowned Nashville guitarist Warner E Hodges (Jason & The Scorchers), and new boy and former Bonafide Swedish bassist Micke Nilsson, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin sound like an oiled Rock N Roll machine on "Get Loud!"
Baird and his three musical compadres deliver a kick ass selection of original rockers can only be described as the best darn tootin’ / redneck / rawk ‘n’ roll this side of the Mississippi river can offer, y’all…

It’s an album that grows and evolves organically, the vocalist’s drawling vocal style complemented by tight, beautiful classic rock instrumental foundation soaked in the whiskey-fueled attitude which has come to infuse his music in more recent years to produce a brand of thumping, grinding R n' R of the rawest, most honest intent.

DAN BAIRD & HOMEMADE SIN - Get Loud! (2015) inside

Dan Baird has surpassed himself here. If you know his work, or just like your rock n' roll old school, tinged with blues and soaked in bourbon, do yourself a favour and buy this bloody marvelous album right now.
Sonically this is a fantastic classic rock piece of work; production deserves a major tip of the hat for getting the band's live-in-a-room sound to tape so wonderfully.
If you never heard about them, it's time for you to discover this uncompromised rocker called Dan Baird.
Rock ‘n’ roll is at its best when it is at its most visceral. Dan Baird takes it to this level each and every time.
Strongly Recommended.

01 - Get Loud
02 - Nothin' Left to Lose
03 - Don't Be Wastin' My Time
04 - Thin Disguise
05 - A Few of My Own
06 - Country Black
07 - Fairground People
08 - Silver Little Lies
09 - A Little Bad Luck
10 - Get It Right
11 - Movin' Right Along

Dan Baird - vocals, guitar
Mauro Magellan - drums, percussion
Warner E Hodges - guitar
Micke Nilsson - bass



Sunday, October 4, 2015

L.A. GUNS - L.A. Guns [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

L.A. GUNS - L.A. Guns [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] full


These are among the most requested albums to be featured here; the two first releases by L.A. GUNS 'Remastered & Reloaded' by Rock Candy Records. Both are great, killer hard rock plates, but this, L.A. Guns self-titled debut is regarded by many as their best, without a doubt one of the best representations of the Sunset Strip Californian '80s Hard Rock.

If you're looking for the Godfather of the early Eighties L.A. hard rock scene, then guitarist Tracii Guns is your man. A hustler, a human dynamo and a hugely talented band leader, Tracii broad-shouldered his way onto the Hollywood Strip with a succession of fledgling acts - including Hollywood Rose, a band that evolved into the legendary Guns N’ Roses.
Following a disagreement with Axl, he left (replaced by Slash) and immediately formed L.A. Guns, a unit that was now under his sole control and direction. The band was solidified with the addition of British born frontman Phil Lewis, fresh from the well respected glam rock band Girl (that also featured future Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen) and former W.A.S.P. drummer Steve Riley.

Signing to PolyGram the band recorded their debut album on home turf in Los Angeles with producer Jim Faraci (Ratt, Poison, Femme Fatale). The results were hugely encouraging, the band whipping up a frenzy of low-slung sleazy in the finest style.
Originally issued in 1988, the album surprised even their most dedicated supporters by quickly going gold and selling a cool half million units in the US alone. Amongst a brace of classic tracks, including ‘Sex Action’, ‘Electric Gypsy’ and ‘Bitch Is Back’ is a surprising cover of the Girl anthem ‘Hollywood Teaze’, a track allowing Phil Lewis to link past ambitions with his newly adopted home of Los Angeles.

L.A. GUNS - L.A. Guns [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] back

"L.A. Guns" is a terrific hard rock album. This 'is' a Tracii Guns album, the man is on fire with hot razor riffs, monster solos and lots of guitar licks / sounds. And the songs are moving, fun, party-ready but with a heavy approach.
The Rock Candy remaster really blows out of the water the quite thin original CD transfer, and here everything comes out punchy & big.
In my book, this is an essential album in your '80s collection.

01 - No Mercy
02 - Sex Action
03 - One More Reason
04 - Electric Gypsy
05 - Nothing To Lose
06 - Bitch Is Back
07 - Cry No More
08 - One Way Ticket
09 - Hollywood Tease
10 - Shoot For Thrills
11 - Down In The City

Phil Lewis - lead vocals
Tracii Guns - lead guitar
Mick Cripps - rhythm guitar
Kelly Nickels - bass guitar
Nickey Alexander - drums



L.A. GUNS - Cocked & Loaded [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

L.A. GUNS - Cocked & Loaded [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] full


These are among the most requested albums to be featured here; the two first releases by L.A. GUNS 'Remastered & Reloaded' by Rock Candy Records. Both are great, killer hard rock plates, but this "Cocked & Loaded" (their second) was the band's most important commercial success.

It was an unlikely combination; an L.A. based band pivotal to the upsurge in mid-Eighties glam based hard rock but fronted by London born vocalist Phil Lewis, previously of Girl, one of the decade most lauded UK outfits. Amazingly, the combination was highly combustible confirmed by the band’s self titled debut album crashing into the US charts and going on to sell over half a million units.
Naturally all eyes were on the band's second album, "Cocked And Loaded", recorded in Los Angeles with seasoned producers Tom Werman (Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Cheap Trick) alongside Duane Barron & John Purdell (Poison, Ozzy Osbourne, Heart), and featuring guest appearances from Ted Nugent, Derek St. Holmes, Robin Zander and Rick Nielson.

The results were spectacular, confirming that L.A. Guns were more than just a flash in the pan by storming the US charts, selling over a million copies and producing two bonafide hit singles with ‘Never Enough’ and the power ballad ‘The Ballad Of Jane’.
Stylistically their no-nonsense style of razor sharp riffs courtesy of terrific axe-man Tracii Guns and tough-guy bravado also helped them to surf the grunge onslaught from Seattle allowing the band an afterlife that many were ultimately denied.

L.A. GUNS - Cocked & Loaded [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] back

Make no mistake, this album remains one of the most comprehensive and exciting records to have emerged from the glam / sleazy US Sunset Strip movement. It's varied, and rocks with melody and great melody.
This Rock Candy Records '"Cocked & Loaded Remastered & Reloaded' sounds million bucks and features a bonus track.
Kick Ass record.

01 - Letting Go
02 - Slap In The Face
03 - Rip And Tear
04 - Sleazy Come Easy Go
05 - Never Enough
06 - Malaria
07 - The Ballad Of Jayne
08 - Magdalaine
09 - Give A Little
10 - I'm Addicted
11 - 17 Crash
12 - Showdown (Riot On Sunset)
13 - Wheels Of Fire
14 - I Wanna Be Your Man [bonus track]

Phil Lewis - lead vocals
Tracii Guns - lead guitar
Mick Cripps - rhythm guitar
Kelly Nickels - bass guitar
Steve Riley - drums
Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) - backing vocals
Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) - backing vocals
Ted Nugent - guitar
Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent band) - backing vocals



RETURN - Father Father [single] (2015)

RETURN - Father Father [single] (2015) full


One of the finest '80s Melodic Rock acts coming out from Norway, RETURN 'returned' years ago and proved popular as a concert draw. The band release a new song sporadically like this just appeared single "Father Father", a great example of prime Scandinavian Melodic Rock.

"Save The Moment" was recorded for Norwegian TV2 series 'Cover Me' 2012. Return makes their rock version of this hip-hop song from a band called Sirius. I never heard the original but this in Return's hands resulted a catchy melodic rock piece.
Waiting for a new full studio album guys!

1 - Father Father (4:02)
2 - Save The Moment (3:40)

Knut Erik Østgård (vocals, guitar)
Henning Ramseth (guitar, vocals)
Tore Larsen (bass, vocals)
Øyvind Håkonsen (drums)



Saturday, October 3, 2015

MICHAEL DES BARRES - Somebody Up There Likes Me [Yesterrock remaster]

MICHAEL DES BARRES - Somebody Up There Likes Me [Yesterrock remaster] full


Among the many labels that re-release classics in the melodic rock genre, two are doing real fine: Rock Candy Records and YesterRock. Tha latter, sadly, ceased its operations. But in about 6 years of existence, YesterRock has remastered a lot of true gems from the genre - so be fast to get yours as most are becoming out of print.
Among the great YesterRock remasters there is "Somebody Up There Likes Me", MICHAEL DES BARRES second album, also appeared on CD for the first time.

Well known for his work in the Seventies with glam rock act Silverhead and rockers Detective, Michael Des Barres indulged in the sex, drugs & rock and roll lifestyle to the max. Making his first solo album in 1981, ‘I’m Only Human’ proved to be a departure musically, aiming to sit closer to the new wave pop of the time.
After fronting the short lived but excellent rock band Chequered Past, Michael was catapulted in front of a worldwide audience when he fronted The Power Station at Live Aid, in place of Robert Palmer. The Power Station toured the world with Des Barres, but sadly they only recorded one song with him, ‘We Fight For Love’, which was used on the closing credits of the Schwarzenegger action movie Commando.

MICHAEL DES BARRES - Somebody Up There Likes Me [Yesterrock remaster] booklet

Michael returned to his solo career in 1986 with this "Somebody Up There Likes Me", a superb rocking, melodic album featuring a dazzling array of stars. With guitars contributed by the great Andy Taylor, Steve Jones, bass from Phil Chen, the Tower Of Power providing the horns section, and songwriting contributions from the likes of Dave Stewart and Kevin Savigar, the album is a winner all the way.

‘Money Don’t Come Easy’ (which featured Melanie Griffith in the video) is a great '80s rocker, while ‘Is There Someone Else’ is a glorious heartfelt lament.
There is an excellent cover of ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ and the title track boasts a fantastic chorus which, once heard, is never forgotten.
Des Barres sounds fantastic, especially on the moody ‘Too Good To Be Bad’. He also displays his bluesy influences with the Dave Stewart penned ‘Locked In The Cage Of Love’ where the Tower Of Power really shine.
‘Thinking With Your Body’, a personal favourite of mine, rounds out a superb record.

MICHAEL DES BARRES - Somebody Up There Likes Me [Yesterrock remaster] back

Yesterrock have done us all a big favour by finally making "Somebody Up There Likes Me" available on CD, and with a great remaster job by MSM-Studios Munich. The label ceased its operations and all their re-issue catalog will be out of print soon. Go and get it before it's too late!
Sometimes I see a reissue and I think ‘Why?’.... with this one, I think ‘About Time!’
Very, Highly Recommended.

01 - Money Don't Come Easy
02 - Do You Belong?
03 - Is There Someone Else?
04 - Everything Reminds Me Of You
05 - I Can See Clearly Now
06 - Somebody Up There Likes Me
07 - Too Good To Be Bad
08 - Locked In The Cage Of Love
09 - Camera Eyes
10 - Thinking With Your Body

Michael Des Barres - vocals
Andy Taylor - guitar, backing vocals
Steve Jones, Laurence Juber - guitar
Jim Keltner - drums
Bill Summers - percussion
Philip Chen - bass
Kevin Savigar - keyboards

Try Here:


FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS - The Best Of: Sweetheart Anniversary Edition

FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS - The Best Of: Sweetheart Anniversary Edition full


Fronted by multi-talented singer / songwriter Franke Previte, FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS achieved a top ten single in 1981 with the infectious song "Sweetheart". Commemorating the 30th Anniversary, a new dedicated record of the band, "The Best Of ; Sweetheart Anniversary Edition", was released some time ago (now out of print) compiling all their hits. Franke himself has especially remastered all tracks from the original master tapes.

Franke & The Knockouts had several Top 40 hits in the USA, but in Europe only the die-hard AOR fans are familiar with the three excellent records of this New Brunswick, New Jersey based '80s band.
"The Best Of Franke & The Knockouts" includes indeed the best of their catalog. From start to finish, this is a marvelous compendium of Classic early '80s AOR / Melodic Rock with a little Westcoast here and there.
The band was well known for their incredible catchy hooklines, memorable choruses and the outstanding picture-perfect vocals of Franke, while instrumentally they were the typical pure radio-ready AOR band from the States.

Without any doubts, this kind of AOR is almost impossible to create nowadays, because the level is really from another planet when listening to classics such as "Sweetheart" (a Westcoast-AOR Classic shuffle), the uptempo AOR rocker "You're My Girl" with its infectious chorus, or the terrific ballad "Without You (Not Another Lonely Night)".

"You Don’t Want Me (Like I Want You)" is pure AOR heaven, "Come Rain Or Shine" exudes quality all over (TOTO didn’t sound this good in the early Eighties) and the stunning melodic rock mid-tempo "You're All That Really Matters" (also recorded by Tycoon in a slightly different version) is a 24K gem.
Franke could really rock too, such as can be heard for example in "Outrageous", their most Melodic Rock orientated song, or on "Never Had It Better" where late '70s Foreigner meets early 80's Survivor, including the dut-dut piano / keyboard work ala TOTO’s 'Hold The Line'.

FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS - The Best Of: Sweetheart Anniversary Edition - inside

This stunning newly remastered Greatest Hits features 19 hit tracks including all the Knockouts classic songs, plus the original rockin' version of "Hungry Eyes" (which would become a Top 5 smash hit in 1987 performed by Eric Carmen for the Dirty Dancing soundtrack), and as extra special interest for fans and collectors, the previously unreleased tune "Beat Of A Broken Heart" originally written for Dirty Dancing 2, but never released until now.

The new remastering update by Franke Previte is excellent and makes the songs sound massive and vital, with a sound true to the original vinyl warmness.
This is how AOR should sound like. Franke & The Knockouts are the definition of the true, pure first half of the '80s AOR.

01 - Sweetheart
02 - She's A Runner
03 - Running Into The Night
04 - Come Back
05 - You're My Girl
06 - One For All
07 - Annie Goes Hollywood
08 - Never Had It Better
09 - Without You (Not Another Lonely Night)
10 - Just What I Want
11 - Morning Sun
12 - You Don't Want Me (Like I Want You)
13 - Outrageous
14 - Come Rain Or Shine
15 - You're All That Really Matters
16 - One Good Reason
17 - Blame It On My Heart
18 - Hungry Eyes [Original Version - Bonus Track]
19 - Beat Of A Broken Heart [Previously Unreleased]

Franke Previte - lead vocals
Billy Elworthy - guitars
Bobby Messano - guitars, backing vocals
Blake Levinsohn - keyboards
Tommy Ayers - keyboards, backing vocals
Leigh Foxx - bass
Claude LeHenaff - drums
Tico Torres (Bon Jovi) - drums

Now, only available digitally:


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