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ALIEN - Shiftin' Gear +4 [AOR Heaven Classix Remaster] (2014)

ALIEN - Shiftin' Gear +4 [AOR Heaven Classix Remaster] (2014) full


AOR HEAVEN through their sub-label has reissued "Shiftin' Gear", the second album from Swedish Melodic Hard Rock masters ALIEN. Remastered and with 4 previouly unreleased tracks from the originl recording sessions, this is a must have gem of an album.

"Shiftin' Gear" is rarely mentioned among the fans lists as favorite, but when a band has such tremendous Classic as Alien with their self-titled debut, this usually happens.
Anyway, "Shiftin' Gear" is another awesome effort from these Swedes.
When incredible vocalist Jim Jidhed left Alien, Tony Borg recruited Pete Sandberg from the band Madison as the new singer. And what an amazing frontman he found in Mr Sandberg.

A little more Melodic Hard Rock oriented than the first album, "Shiftin' Gear" still retains the unmatched Scandinavian AOR swirls all over.
Killer songs like the pumping "In the Dead of Night", the superb ballad "Angel Eyes", the AOR-bliss of "Desperate Dreams" or the awesome harmonies of "Turn on the Radio" alongside Sandberg's soaring vocals and Borg's fantastic guitar licks make this release simply essential for everyone who loves this genre.

ALIEN - Shiftin' Gear +4 [AOR Heaven Classix Remaster] (2014) back cover

Not only the remaster sounds glorious, but also the previously unreleased songs.
Recorded during the same sessions at Studio Bohus Recording, the tracks are labeled as pre-production demos, but all sound like finished material to me.
The pearl is "Name Of Love"... I don't understand how this diamond didn't make it into the album's final tracklist. The song is primo Scandi AOR of the greatest order, plenty of keyboards and a killer chorus.
You need Alien's "Shiftin' Gear +4 AOR Heaven Classix" in your Melodic Hard Rock collection.
A Must Have.

01 - Hold on Move on
02 - Give It Up
03 - Desperate Dreams
04 - Angel Eyes
05 - In the Dead of Night
06 - Midnight Jam
07 - Turn on the Radio
08 - Strangers in a No-Man's Land
09 - Don't Turn Me Away
10 - Neon Lights
11 - Hello How Are You
12 - Desperate Dreams (Studio Bohus original version)
13 - Name Of Love (Studio Bohus original version)
14 - Dead Of Night (Studio Bohus original version)
15 - Hold On (Studio Bohus original version)

Pete Sandberg - Lead Vocals
Tony Borg - Guitars, Bass
Berndt Andersson - Keyboards, Hammond, Melodica
Imre Daun - Drums
Goran Edman, Jim Jidhed - Backing Vocals
Lars "Dille" Diedriksson - Drums, Keyboards



WELLBORN ROAD - Pain Hate Redemption (2014)

WELLBORN ROAD - Pain Hate Redemption (2014) full


Coming from Houston, Texas, we have this quartet called WELLBORN ROAD and their newest full-length, "Pain Hate Redemption". With their previous album the band have been building a strong fan base called ‘The Brew Crew’, as the guys are sponsored by a Beer company.
Wellborn Road label themselves under the genres of hard rock and 'southern metal', fueled by powerful riffs and to-the-point songs.

"Pain Hate Redemption" has a typical American sound and many influences, but overall they remind me a particular act.
Perhaps few of you have ever listened Alice In Chains' late '80s demo, before they join the Grunge wagon for massive success. Well, they used to be pretty heavy and with a hard rock foundation in the vein of Lynch Mob, blended with classic US metal like Impelliteri or Racer X.
That is how Wellborn Road’s "Pain Hate Redemption" sounds to me, all with an updated production and output, and spiced with a southern touch, but more in attitude than style.

WELLBORN ROAD - Pain Hate Redemption (2014) inside

When the first spin was over, the album demanded for another go. The second spin confirmed my initial reaction. Very good, effective stuff. Sure, musically it’s not something completely new but can definitely hold it’s own.
This is a hard edged, rocking collection of songs which took you back into the simpler times when all you needed was a beer in your hand and metal concert for the weekend.
Wellborn Road rocks you with stompers like "New Found Life", the razor title track "Pain Hate Redemption" or the fast "All That Lives Will Die".
Then they add more groove to numbers such as "The Mirror" (pretty '80s akin Rob Rock), the dark "Breaking Down" and the atmospheric "Left Behind". Closer "With Broken Wings" is where the band shows some southern influences, a semi-ballad with acoustic and nice harmony vocals.

WELLBORN ROAD - Pain Hate Redemption (2014) cd photo

"Pain Hate Redemption" is a really interesting album from Wellborn Road, a young band with a lot of potential. It's really well composed, recorded and produced by themselves with a vibrant feel.
They sound professional and oiled, and while this type of metal / hard is not the more popular nowadays, I'm sure "Pain Hate Redemption" will bring new sheep to their flock.

01 - New Found Life
02 - Pain Hate Redemption
03 - The Mirror
04 - Isolate
05 - Left Behind
06 - Oblivion
07 - All That Lives Will Die
08 - Into Hell
09 - Breaking Down
10 - With Broken Wings

Scott Emanis (Vocals)
Tyler Tracy (Guitars)
Dale Kahil (Bass)
Robert Dickinson (Drums)



MEAT LOAF - Best Of [the MCA years] (2014)

MEAT LOAF - Best Of [the MCA years] (2014) full


As title says, this "Best Of" from Michael Lee Aday, the American musician and actor better known by his stage name MEAT LOAF consists of material from his MCA Records years.
That are songs from his '90s period where he finally enjoyed world-wide success.

Indeed, Meat Loaf earned a Grammy Award for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for the song "I'd Do Anything for Love" included in his '93 Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell album. Until then, Meat Loaf experienced some initial difficulty establishing a steady career within his native US.
However, he has retained iconic status and popularity in Europe, especially the UK. He ranked 96th on VH1's '100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock'.

But for me, Meat Loaf it's not Hard Rock, at least not this Nineties works. This is mainstream pompous rock, grandiose on arrangements and bombastic in sound.
Perhaps because before becoming a famous solo artist he joined the Los Angeles production of the musical Hair, this influenced his approach to music, and his songwriting partnership with musical theater guru Jim Steinman shaped his musical style as well.

MEAT LOAF - Best Of [the MCA years] (2014) inside

"Best Of" offers a really good perspective of Meat Loaf's biggest cuts like "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) in its Single Edit (which works better), the melodic rocker "Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through" or the power ballad "I'd Lie for You". There's also as extra, "Hot Patootie" from seventies “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” soundtrack.
Meat Loaf is 'melodramatic melodious rock', and I like it.

01 - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) [Single Edit]
02 - Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through
03 - I'd Lie for You (And That's the Truth)
04 - Objects in the Rear View Mirror… [Radio Edit]
05 - Not a Dry Eye in the House
06 - Runnin' for the Red Light (I Gotta Life)
07 - Life is a Lemon
08 - Everything Louder Than Everything Else
09 - Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)
10 - Left in the Dark
11 - Hot Patootie / Bless My Soul



CRAZY LIXX - Crazy Lixx [Japanese release] (2014)

CRAZY LIXX - Crazy Lixx [Japanese release] (2014) full


With 2014 reaching its end, it's time to recap on some of the best releases of the year, and what a better way than with its Japanese releases.
Sweden's CRAZY LIXX returns with their fourth CD on Frontiers Records (published by King Records in Japan), faithful to their melodic hard rock style reaching back into the depths of the '80s, tapping that historic vein of sleaze party and hair metal.

While the quartet previous offer received largely ambivalent reviews, this new album finds Crazy Lixx returning to the raucous energy and bombastic sound of earlier recordings. Most every song here is loud, rumbling and razor sharp, especially in the latter half of the album.
From "All Looks, No Hooks" to "Wrecking Ball Crew", Crazy Lixx blends twin guitar riffage, large vocal arrangements and a thick rhythm section to deliver some edgy, bright hard rock. One of the best songs is "Heroes Are Forever" from their out-of-print album and a staple in their live set.

On the front end, the vibe is similar, but with some songs have a more accessible groove, even some laid back parts. "Sound of the Loud", "Minority" and "Outlaw" have these melodic hard rock moments were the band backs off on the rowdiness.
"Girls of the '80s" (I love this one) and especially "I Missed The Mark" are likely the most catchy and party songs, perfect for radio or arena play thanks mostly to the melody and hooks in the refrain. As always, and necessary for the genre, there's an abundance of sharp guitar solos that only add to the power and presentation of the songs.
The Japanese bonus "Bad Luck" is a highlight, anthemic since its start. They should have included this kick ass melodic rocker into the regular release.

CRAZY LIXX - Crazy Lixx [Japanese release] (2014) back cover

Crazy Lixx have the capability of becoming huge, and this record should help them get to where they deserve.
This self-titled is a solid and entertaining return to form for Crazy Lixx, plenty of energy and really catchy songs. Production is Big and potent, enhancing even more the strong sonic delivery.
Strongly Recommended.

King Records Japan ~ KICP-1713

01. Hell Raising Women
02. Sound Of The Loud Minority
03. Outlaw
04. Girls Of The 80’s
05. I Missed The Mark
06. All Looks, No Hooks
07. Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll
08. Call To Action
09. Heroes Are Forever
10. Psycho City
11. Wrecking Ball Crew
12. Bad Luck (Japanese Bonus Track)

Danny Rexon - Vocals
Andy Zata - Guitar
Edd Liam - Guitar
Jens Sjoholm - Bass
Joel Cirera - Drums



Friday, December 19, 2014

NEWMAN - ST [Re-Recorded +4] (2014)

NEWMAN - ST [Re-Recorded +4] (2014) full


After over 15 years of hard work and a series of quality albums, Steve Newman has established himself as a highly respected name among the Melodic Rock / AOR fans. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since his self-titled debut back in 1997, so with the album long out of print he and his band NEWMAN have taken advantage of the advances in studio technology since them to re-record the album.
So, here we are today, 2014, and NEWMAN has re-recorded their first album, offering the chance to fans not only to complete the Newman collection, but to listen to these songs in a new shape, mastered with new technology, and added bonus tracks that were written at the time of the original sessions.

The material from the first album is more straight ahead in style than Neman's more recent adventurous releases. Broadly the songs fall into two categories; classic, bouncy British AOR in the mould of FM or Shy, such as on the opener "If It’s Love" which is still a live favourite to this day, "Let Your Heart Rule Your Head" and the keyboard driven "That Kind Of Girl".

NEWMAN - ST [Re-Recorded +4] (2014) cd photo

The other style, which will probably appeal more to present-day Newman fans, is in a series of rocking, moodier, more atmospheric pieces, notably the lush ballad "Say You Believe", "Faith" whose spacious feel shows off his deep vocal style perfectly, and the great "Tears Are Not Enough" which closed the original album.
I like both styles in this new refreshed, energetic yet melodic versions.

For added value the original 10 tracks on the album are accompanied by 4 bonus tracks penned at the same period but never recorded and previously unreleased.
All these are really good tunes, mixing the smooth AOR melodies of mid-tempo "Crush On You" (love the keyboards), with cool riffs as heard on the bluesy rocker "Backdoor Man".
"Love By Design" adds a slightly funkier feel to the rocking riff, while the elegant AOR ballad "Stand Up" reminds you masters Strangeways.

NEWMAN - ST [Re-Recorded +4] (2014) back cover

"Newman ST 2014" is Classic British AOR / Melodic Rock made with style, next to Strangeways, FM & Airrace, now re-recorded with a very good production and offering 4 good previously unreleased tracks.
This is a Limited Edition, CD only release (500 copies), so hurry up, there's few still available at AOR Heaven Records.

01. If It's Love
02. A Million Men
03. Say You Believe
04. What Does It Take
05. Faith
06. Let Your Heart Rule
07. When I Wake Uo
08. That Kind Of Girl
09. I Know You
10. Tears Are Not Enough
11. Backdoor Man (Bonus Track) *
12. Crush On You (Bonus Track) *
13. Love By Design (Bonus Track) *
14. Stand Up (Bonus Track) *

* Previously Unreleased

Steve Newman - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Shaun Bessant - Guitar
Paul Boyle - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Pete Newdeck, Rob McEwen - Drums, Backing Vocals



GRAND DESIGN - Thrill Of The Night [Japan Edition +2] (2014)

GRAND DESIGN - Thrill Of The Night [Japan Edition +2] (2014) full


Swedes' GRAND DESIGN "Thrill Of The Night" is one of the best releases of the year, and worth this Japanese Edition featuring 2 bonus tracks.
I love Grand Design. That's it. Accused of being a Def Leppard clone, truth is this talented combo are pure Melodic Hard Rock. And if you are fan of the genre, you can't resist their terrific catchy melodies.

Early 2014 Grand Design started working on this third album, which has definitely taken the band to a whole new level, musically, song wise and regarding production. The album is packed with anthemic hits and choruses that you will wake up in the middle of the night singing. Sorry about that, but that’s how it is.
Of course, there are certain Leppard-ish elements to this album and it doesn’t really take a longtime fan’s well-trained ear to notice them. But even though the melody line of feisty melodic rocker “Rawk N Roll Heart Attack” may remind you a bit of 'Pour Some Sugar On Me', not even to mention the 'wall of sound' vocal harmonies in every single track – it’s still more of an inspiration than emulation.
And still, not only Def Leppard but the entire ‘80s melodic rock / hair metal scene was about big choruses led by powerful group chants, the Sheffield-based quintet being just the confirmation of the general rule.

These larger-than-life vocal harmonies, which are perhaps the strongest point also to the Grand Design’s now trademark style, are especially perspicuous in the dramatic mid-tempo “The Rush Is Gone” or Erik Mårtensson co-penned party anthem “Who’s Gonna Rawk You Tonite.”
And the band, it seems, aren't eager to look back too much anyway, as alongside modern production also the guitar riffs on the album are far from sounding dated, as in “U Got Me Good” or “10 Outta Ten.”

Squeezed between straightforward melodic rock up-tempos, “When The Greatest Love Of All Kicks In” is a wonderful power ballad crafted with the intention of tugging at listener’s heartstrings.
And although there is much to be said about the blistering lead guitar work that enriches the track, it’s not the sole highlight of the entire record, as every melodic rock fan will surely find themselves reveling also in killer hook of “Rip Iddup” or the deliberate infectiousness of the eponymous song's choruses.
The Japanese bonuses are the multi-layered "Baby It's You" (a fun cover of the seventies Canadian group Promises) featuring Susi Päivärinta from the '80s rock&pop act Lili & Susie on guest vocals, and "Fallen Hero", another cover, but this time from US ladies Vixen, with rollicking arrangements and bombastic production.

GRAND DESIGN - Thrill Of The Night [Japan Edition +2] (2014) back

Grand Design is a name to be reckoned with in modern-day melodic rock scene, and their reputation is certainly a well-earned one. "Thrill Of The Night" portrays the Swedes’ return in great form, again following the formula perhaps predictable, but nevertheless mastered by them to the point of perfection.
The songwriting is better than never this time with the outside help of talented Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T) on a couple of tracks. Production, again by singer Pelle Saether, is big, ballsy, anthemic enough to probably make even John 'Mutt' Lange proud.
"Thrill Of The Night" is damn catchy record, and if you love the genre, it's a mandatory addition to your melodic rock album collection.

Rubicon Music ~ RBNCD-1176

01 - U Got Me Good
02 - Rawk 'n' Roll Heart Attack
03 - The Rush is Gone
04 - 10 Outta 10
05 - When the Greatest Love of All Kicks in
06 - Rip Iddup
07 - Get Up 'n' Luv Someone
08 - You're the Only One
09 - Who's Gonna Rawk U Tonite
10 - Thrill of the Nite
11 - Baby It's You (Japanese bonus track)
12 - Fallen Hero (Japanese bonus track)

Pelle Saether - Vocals
Janne Stark - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dennis Vestman - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mats Vassfjord - Bass
Magnus Ulvstedt - Drums, Backing Vocals
Susi Päivärinta - guest vocals on "Baby It's You"



MODEST MIDGET - Crysis (2014)

MODEST MIDGET - Crysis (2014) full


A crisis is rarely enjoyable. MODEST MIDGET 's new album, however, is the rare exception to that rule, it is a "Crysis" you will enjoy repeating time and again in the weeks and months that lie ahead.
"Crysis" is the just released 2nd from the Dutch combo masterminded by Lionel (Lonny) Ziblat who writes all the music and plays many instruments.

The album is called "Crysis", the “Y” instead of an “I” is deliberate as it was composed during an apex of global anxiety surrounding the impending 'end' of the much publicized Mayan calendar. As it would turn out, rather than heralding the end of planet earth, the Mayan calendar's 2012 expiration date ended up more closely resembling the much ballyhooed 'Y2K bug', a lot of hand-wringing and frantic build-up to...
Well, we are still on planet Earth in the year 2014, thankfully enjoying the opportunity to hear a sophomore album from the inventive, catchy, quirky, diversely progressive rock band Modest Midget.
Ah, by the way, the lyrics on the album have nothing in common with Mayas or prophecies, all are earthy words represent different states of mind and different chapters in one’s life, and quite interesting.

And what musically are Modest Midget and the album all about?
Imagine a chef that is audaciously looking to create a salad mixing tomatoes, pickles, milk chocolate, fried chicken, hummus, honey and ketchup. Imagine he actually manages to make it, and it actually works!
The idea behind Modest Midget is to create inventive music, authentic and sincere, the biggest difference with other great Progressive Rock artists stuck in the same patterns and arrangements.
However, "Crysis" is about songs around the 3:30 minute, there's no boring experimentation, just ingenious arrangements.

After the short atmospheric piece "The Grand Gate", track #2 "A Centurion's Itchy Belly" is an excellent instrumental which sets the tone musically for the entire album to follow. More than a few moments of this track call to mind Gentle Giant, although - truth be told - its stylistic reach is broader than that, freely incorporating middle eastern elements along with those of western prog and rock. There is even a 'must hear' accordion solo played in a style usually reserved for Hammond B3. Now THAT, my friends, is something you don't hear every day even from a creative prog band!
It is followed up by "Rocky Valleys of Dawn', an infectiously catchy up-tempo vocal rock tune worthy of airplay on Rock stations everywhere.

MODEST MIDGET - Crysis (2014) inside

Just when you think you are getting this formidable and mighty (yet ever so Modest) Midget band figured out, they change the pace with the blissful ballad "'Praise the Day", a song boasting a vocal melody grounded enough to not lose casual listeners yet one also not without more than a few unexpected twists and turns along the way.
Then the opening distorted guitar chords of "Now That We're Here" ring all the more 'extra-crunchy'. The bass guitar thunders and the drums crash all the more mightily. Then, lest matters grow too comfortably familiar, a quirky interjection of joyous tomfoolery enters the fray. It's yet another track that packs as much high quality musical content into three minutes and forty-two seconds as most classic prog bands manage to muster during an entire LP side-long 'epic'.

"Periscope Down" then goes for melodic smoothness through sophisticated arrangements, and things get really fun on a cover of the classic "Pretty Woman" (originally performed by Roy Orbison and popularized again a couple of decades later by Van Halen). It's crazy with a Frank Zappa spirit.
Modest Midget delivers another playfully inventive track on "Flight of the Cockroach". Again, Ziblat tips his hat to none other than the great classic prog band from which his band's namesake most certainly was derived by packing more joyous syncopated content into 2:39 than most bands muster during songs triple or quadruple the length.

The remaining tracks of the album are mellower, ending the disc on a softer side, starting with the progressive blues feel "Secret Lies", which musically, this seems a combination of Todd Rundgren with Spock’s Beard in a lot of ways. I'm also reminded of Queen a bit on the harder rocking sections.
"Gone Is" has a very melodious harmony with some seventies feel, while "Birth" is a more uptempo modern neo prog plenty of nuances and beautiful arrangements.
But if what I heard is truly good (the entire disc), the highlight of the album is the self-titled track "Crysis (Awake of the Sheep)". This is the longest track (7 min) and the musicality is simply awesome. Production-wise is impressive, plenty of changes and rich instrumentation: moog, mellotron, flutes, oboes, harps, saxophones, sweet guitars, atmospheric synths and tuneful vocals. A wonderful composition worth of endless praise.

MODEST MIDGET - Crysis (2014) booklet

Modest Midget is most fascinating band I discovered in a long time.
Although I've lived long enough to have survived, learned from, and perhaps even to have grown from a few Crisis experiences, I'm hard pressed to think of very many instances in which I have actually enjoyed a crisis... This album "Crysis", however, is one of those rare instances. It is the rare "Crysis" you too will enjoy repeating time and again in the weeks and months that lie ahead.
Awesome album.

01 - The Grand Gate Opening
02 - A Centurion's Itchy Belly
03 - Rocky Valleys of Dawn
04 - Praise the Day
05 - Now That We're Here
06 - Periscope Down
07 - (Oh) Pretty Woman
08 - Flight of the Cockroach
09 - Secret Lies
10 - Gone Is
11 - Crysis (Awake of the Sheep)
12 - Birth

Lonny Ziblat: Vocals, keys, guitars, synths, sound-collage
Tristan Hupe: Keyboards
Maarten Bakker: Bass, keyboards
Willem Smid: Drums
Dimitar Bodurov: Accordion
Yael Shachar: Violins & Viola
Jurriaan Berger: Keyboards & Midi programming
Eduardo Olloqui: Oboe
Emiel de Jong: Soprano, alto & tenor Saxophones
Sanne Vos: Horns
Anna Zeijlemaker: Flute & alto flute



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TRAGIK (Phil Vincent) - Path Of Destruction (2014)

TRAGIK (Phil Vincent) - Path Of Destruction (2014) full

* Complete, no missing tracks

One of the many Phil Vincent's projects TRAGIK comes with a new album, "Path Of Destruction", a collection of tunes that visits an eclectic variety of styles from melodic rock to hard rocking sounds.
Whether solo, with Legion, D'Ercole, or in this case, TRAGIK, Phil Vincent keep coming like there is no tomorrow. Tragik is perhaps Phil's most melodic rock band / project where he lends to a more personal material, even in an earnest manner than on the solo albums under his own name.

Vincent is a prolific songwriter, but when you expand your arms like an octopus on too many projects at the same time, it puts you on risk to repeat yourself. Well, Mr. Phil Vincent is a clever musician, as he is absolutely focused separating the wheat from the chaff.
First of all, the man maintains a stable line up for every project. Tragik consists of Phil Vincent on vocals, bass, keyboards and occasional guitar, Damian D'Ercole on guitars and Dirk Phillips on drums, the same crew since the band born. Of course Damian D'Ercole is also bandmate in the group of the same name, but Phil is some kind of side member there, not the main director.
So Tragik works, rehearsal and record with its own identity, commanded by Vincent's more classic inspired songwriting, quite far from Legion's heavy Dokken-esque side.

When we talk about classic inspiration, Tragik mean Foreigner, Boston, some Styx, Kansas, and even The Beatles. It is definitely melodic rock oriented as always, but the arrangements are more adventurous, the keyboards play a larger role and the guitars riffs are smoother.
Tracks like "The Last To Know", the great "All The Time In The World" (a highlight), "Look At Me Now" (Night Ranger comes to mind) or the highly melodic "What A Fool I've Been" (some Winger on it?) are high quality enthusiastic '80s melodic rockers, full or catchy rhythms and harmonies. This is really, really good stuff.

Then, all these are interspersed by different, and varied material.
The acoustically filled "Reflections (Walk Away)" has a bit of Cheap Trick sensibility, "Destination Unknown" is a straight hard rocker with a pulsating rhythm, and "Right By My Side" is some how build by a Beatle-sque melody and reminds me Elefante's work with Mastedon.
And we have the 16:46 song "Lake Of Tears" which should raise some eyebrows with its prog leanings and changing time signatures. Don't be afraid, this is a fantastic song with some '80s Kansas feel, a middle section with nice keyboards and a melodic rock ending full of nuances. There's some tasty guest guitar solos from Legion's Vince O'Regan to spice up the pot.

TRAGIK (Phil Vincent) - Path Of Destruction (2014) back cover

Phil Vincent never disappoints you. "Path Of Destruction" is another great product from his inexhaustible factory.
Vincent has been working hard lately to improve one important flaw initially present years ago on all his bands / projects: the uneven production (Phil is at charge always).
Well, as happened with Tragik's previous album, "Path Of Destruction" is another triumphant effort on this department. Where the drums used to sound flat and mechanical, now all come crisp & clear, while the abundant keyboards and sharp balanced guitars are perfectly mixed with the fluid lead vocals / harmonies.
Highly Recommended.

1 - Look At Me Now
2 - The Last To Know
3 - All The Time In The World
4 - What A Fool I've Been
5 - Reflections (Walk Away)
6 - Lake Of Tears
7 - Destination Unknown
8 - Right By My Side
9 - Thank You

Phil Vincent - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, add. Guitar
Damian D'Ercole - Guitars, Percussion
Dirk Phillips - Drums, Keyboards
Vince O'Regan (Legion) - guest guitar solo



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